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Part 207: Mission 13(New Game+) - The Fellowship of Funny Animals

Kazuma relates to the log that Wärter’s activities have been going on at full capacity over the past two weeks.
However, the Zondar, Dr. Hell, Radam or Eviluders haven’t performed any significant attacks and things are strangely tranquil.
Bless told him that this unusual calm could indicate that our enemies are preparing for a large-scale attack.
Of course, Kazuma hasn’t been resting this whole time as Mao and Noin are constantly dragging him off for more training, leaving him exhausted on a daily basis; that said, today is everyone’s day off and, as such, he quickly apologizes for cutting this entry short but he’s in a rush to make good use of this day.

We cut to the JSDF’s Narashino Base, where Kaname is telling Sousuke that when he said he was eager to do something to make up for that Culture Festival mess, this was not what she had in mind…
Her protests are interrupted by Kazama, who’s ecstatic over seeing Birdmen and Arm Slaves up close like this – Kaname yells that this is a JSDF festival, though, and CERTAINLY not the kind of event that high school girls would be interested in.
Sousuke doesn’t see a problem, though, seeing how this still is a festival – Kazama agrees and is especially interested in the display of old-school US Bombers.
Sighing, Kaname excuses herself saying this whole event doesn’t interest her one bit, frustrated that she took a train all the way from G-Island for this.

Kyouko’s attempt to have Kaname have fun and check out some of the festivals’ stands are interrupted by Mamoru and Hana calling out to her and Sousuke.
Kaname is glad to see them both, asking if the kids’ “relationship” is going well – Hana half-says yes before freaking out and getting embarrassed; Kyouko thinks that the city is a long way and asks how the kids came over here.
That would be due to Mamoru’s father, who’s acting as a guide to the festival’s attendees (using his best engrish introduction, too).

Speaking of which, the current client is Fahra, who is wishing for everyone to have fun and enjoy the current peaceful scenario.
Kyouko asks who that is and Mamoru stammers that she’s the princess of the COUNTRY of Altea, who’s came into Japan to do some sightseeing; Kaname tries further selling the story saying that the news were talking about how the Princess was later going to tour the Space Development Company’s building later, as evidenced by Shihomi, a company employee, accompanying her!
Their conversation is interrupted when the Golion team shows up, surprised to see that Sousuke and the others also came here.
Sousuke says that they should keep a closer eye on the princess, to make sure there aren’t any problems; still, even though they always guard her, Kogane says they all kinda hoped to allow her to relax a bit by coming here – Fahra was looking depressed during the stay on G-Island.
The GGG folk were available to hold the fort, so they brought the princess over along with Kazuma and his sisters.

Kazama asks who these people are and Sousuke is in the middle of revealing their identity when Kaname slaps him with her paper fan and says they’re members of a famous rugby team, who come here to train!
Kurogane slowly concurs and figures these must be Sousuke’s friends; whispering, Sousuke asks what that was for and Kaname has to explain to him how revealing that Fahra and her entourage came from Space – or that Kogane and the others are Golion’s pilots – would cause major problems for them.
Kyouko catches them whispering and asks what it’s about but Kaname feigns ignorance.

Back to Fahra, Shihomi is offering her food from one the stands, hoping she’ll like it.
The princess is quite impressed with the festival – the snow, the sweets, everything is so different from Altea.
Mihiro then brings her a scone of ice cream, with syrup, which Fahra proceeds to eat after being impressed by its appearance.
Kazuma tries to warn her not to eat it so quickly but it’s too late and the princess frowns in pain.

A worried Raibul approaches asking what’s wrong but Fahra doesn’t know – her head “suddenly hurts”; Raibul quickly yells at people to call a doctor!
“Kogane! Seize this “ice cream salesman” immediately! He may have tried to poison the princess!!”, he yells.
It falls on Shirogane to explain to both her and Raibul the concept of brain-freeze, going as far as to explain how it’s derived from the brain misinterpreting the low temperature of the top of your mouth and causing its blood vessels to contract and swell rapidly.
Fahra now understands and will eat slowly but Raibul still thinks that this place, among the common masses, isn’t a fitting location for an Altean Princess; Fahra wonders if she should be called that ever since Altea’s ruin.
Regardless, they’ve been living on Earth for a while and she’d rather be just another person and not a princess as long as they’re here – Shihomi is impressed with Fahra’s elegance.

Suzuishi and Kogane see that they were right when thinking that the Princess was feeling down and think she’s been straining herself ever since the Galra’s attack.
It’s clear to Seidou that, to this day, the events of Altea weigh heavily on her; Kazuma asks if them bringing her outside with everyone didn’t work but Shirogane says that recreation will only work for a short while – it won’t heal the wounds in Fahra’s heart, though.
Still, he tells Kazuma that it’s fine – he’s sure that, despite this, them bringing the princess here to be with others will have helped a bit.
Kazuma tells him not to worry, as he also wants the princess to feel better, reminding himself of the Trailer Maxim: “He who gives unto others, bestows on himself and compassion soon brings good fortune”!
Of course, Mihiro mentions that, in Kazuma’s case, this trip was merely an excuse to avoid Mao and Noin’s training; Kazuma yells that’s beside the point and quickly changes the subject, asking the Golion team what else the princess likes – what foods, music, animals, etc.

Kurogane says that the princess does like animals and there’s one that is her favorite: a Space Mouse, from Altea.
They tell Kazuma that there was a Space Mice family that lived in Fahra’s castle, the father mouse was called Platt and the mother mouse was Chichule, and they were Fahra’s only friends during her childhood – she can even understand their language as if they were other humans.
Kazuma remembers hearing about a Mouse mascot of a certain amusement park; this is Sousuke’s cue to show up, having overheard their conversation.
He says he “knows” who they’re speaking of and he says it could be possible to get him to cooperate with us; Kazuma refuses, though, saying how he’s suffered enough these past two weeks without getting involved with any of Sousuke’s usual craziness.
Shirogane thanks Sousuke for the thought but warns him: there’s a suspicious man approaching Kaname right now…

It’s Akagi, who asks Kaname where she’s from and, when she says G-Island, mentions that it’s the place where he was deployed at two months ago.
However, he mentions that his original base is from this area – the Nerima branch (Nerima and Narashino are two wards of Tokyo, separated by some 20 miles) – and asks if Kaname would like to see his Arm Slave.
He wants to show everyone here the splendor of the Nerima Red Dragons and introduces himself as the commander of the team; Kazama has heard of him as one of the best AS pilots in the Nerima base’ corps of soldiers and Akagi figures him for a fan, judging by his insight, but Kazama says it’s due to his father, who is a secretary at this here base.
Akagi knows Kazama’s father and wonders why he didn’t see it sooner, as the kid has the same meager appearance as his old man; Kazama stays silent but Kaname isn’t about to accept this guy’s attitude, asking what right he has to insult her friend and his father?
Kazama tells her it’s fine, though, as the disrespect is common due to the Narashino base’s constant string of contest defeats to Akagi’s Nerima base.

When Kyouko asks, Akagi says the it’s a mock AS battle between the two bases.
And, indeed, his Red Dragons currently hold the record for consecutive victories and they fully intend to keep their streak going today – said battle starts in the afternoon and he hopes for us all to come see their magnificence!
“Sadly”, Kaname says she still hates Arm Slaves and anyone else that’s stupid enough to get so hooked on them; regardless, Akagi says he hopes she’ll come if only to see his victory and excuses himself.

Kazama is way depressed and Sousuke notices it.
He tells the kid not to worry, though: there is already a strategy to resolve this whole situation and all it needs it to be put in action.
Kaname asks what strategy he’s talking about but he’ll say later; for now, he would only ask that Kaname also bring Fahra and her posse to the tournament grounds in the afternoon.
As they leave, Hana notices that Mamoru seems worried – he’s feeling something nearby…

Mission 13 (New Game+) – The Fellowship of Funny Animals

The battle begins and Akagi and the Red Dragons quickly move on the offensive; executing their “Red Stream Attack”, they make short work of the opposing team, who are forced to retreat.
Akagi proudly yells at people to behold the Red Dragon’s magnificent formation!
Kyouko can only sigh that the Narashino team got defeated again but Kazama is already used to it; Kaname tells him to keep his chin up and to not let that smug idiot with the sunglasses get him down.
Of course, it’s hard not to do so after seeing yet another defeat; Fahra walks over to Kaname and asks if this mock battle was the reason she called them over but Kaname says that it was Sousuke who told her to extend the invitation.
Raibul thinks that, if that’s all, then the princess and her entourage will be leaving, while Akagi prepares to deliver a speech.

: Day and night, we, the Nerima Red Dragons, are training to be capable of protecting the peace and security of our citizens.
: To everyone attending! The Red Dragons will never lose, no matter what comes!
: As long as we’re around, there is nothing to fear!
: Heh…a victor with that degree of strength should not put on airs…
: In any case, I should get going before this gets any more tedious.
: Tch, look at him talk. Anyone from Wärter would be way stronger than him…
: What are you saying, Kazuma?
: Those people also fight to protect the world, so you shouldn’t speak about them like that.
: But, sis…
: C-commander! A strange object is approaching us from the front!
: The protectors of the people show no fear! Who is it!?

: Fumo!
: W-what is that?!
: A giant Earth mouse?!
: That’s not it, Princess Fahra! It’s Bonta-kun!
: Bonta-kun…It’s so cute…
: D-don’t tell me that…!
: Eh…my transmitter?
: Do you copy, Chidori?
: Sousuke! I knew it…is that you in the suit?!
: I need you to translate my words to him. I have set your transmitter to his frequency.
: Him…you mean that Sunglasses guy in the AS?!
: It will help the others. I ask for your collaboration.
: Eeh, you there! This isn’t the place for show attractions!
: Fumo!

: Commander! It’s attacking! Even though that rat’s firing dummy rounds, we have to fight back!
: Urgh…! Bastard, who are you?!
: Fumoffu!
: Hear me, Nerima soldiers!
: We’re getting external communication! It looks like it’s coming from the rat!
: Fumofu! Fumo, mofu!
: Do not think you can protect the citizen’s security with your degree of skill!
: What!?
: Fumo, mofu. Fumofu!!
: There are no military gains when your victory comes from a contest.
: From now on, I will teach you about real combat.
: Damn you…! The Nerima Red Dragons never back down from a challenge!
: C-commander…Do you think he might be a terrorist?!
: In that case, use live ammo! This may be the final act of defiance from the Narashino base.
: However, little rat, you are but one man…err, animal – what can you hope to do?!
: After all, you are nothing but a pathetic rat standing against overwhelming power!
: That Bonta-kun…he is quite similar to us…
: Princess Fahra…
: We face against overwhelming power and we may well be defeated and killed…He could’ve lived quietly if he hadn’t chosen to fight recklessly.
: Fumofu, fumofu, fumo, fumoffu!
: I am not alone! I have all my dear friends!

: There are so many Bonta-kuns!
: It’s almost like a dream.
: Looks more like a nightmare to me…
#1: Fumoffu!
#2: Fumo!
*Bonta-kuns move forward*
: They move in perfect formation…it seems these aren’t mere rats!
: You’re damn right…! These aren’t rats, they’re Bonta-kuns!
: Cornered rats will bite dragons…! All units, don’t let your guard down!
: Well then, Princess Fahra. Let’s cheer on those Bonta-kuns.
: Yes! Hang in there, Bonta-kun!!
: Don’t lose, Bonta-kun!!
: Bonta-kun! Take out those Red Dragons!
: Fumoffu!

All enemies are sporting weak-ass Bushnells, so let’s have Lord High Bonta-kun go have words with Akagi.

: Fumoffu! Fumo, fumofu!
: Tch! To think I would fight against such opponents in a mock battle…!
: Well, at the very least, I get to wipe them out with my own hands!

Would’ve been a oneshot if it was a critical hit but it’s fine.

All other five Bonta-kun move forward, each one picking another Bushnell to leave weakened.
Of course, none of them get hit.

Enemy Phase!

All of Akagi’s cronies rush legit Bonta-kun but get swatted away, one by one.

Oddly enough, Akagi stays put.

Player Phase!

Victory to team Bonta-kun!

: W-what are these rats…to wipe out the Red Dragons…
: Eeh! These rats aren’t costumes – they’re monsters!
: So…that’s Bonta-kun, huh?
: Fumoffu!
: Yay! The Bonta-kuns won!
: You’re so strong, Bonta-kun!
: Amazing! You’re amazing, Bonta-kun!
#1: Fumo…
: Thank you, Bonta-kun…I was able to remember what courage is about, if only a little.
: Heh…it appears those rat people are the superior warriors.
: Zondar Metal! This is the opponent that you should defeat!
: Ah!

: Wah! There are still many robots coming out!
: Kazuma! Those Arm Slaves are possessed by the Zondar!
: What?!
: Fumoffu!

: He says it’s no problem…
#1: Fumo, Fumofu!
#2: Fumo?!
#3: Fumo, Fumo, Fumo!
#4: Fumoffu!
#5: Fumoffu!

: The Bonta-kuns...!
: The Bonta-kuns are fighting the Zondar!
: Fumoffu!
: Got it! Clear the area, everyone!
: Everyone! Please, calmly evacuate the area!
: It’s likely that these models of Arm Slaves were stolen by someone!
: Mihiro! Let’s also help with the evacuation!
: Got it, brother!
: Well then, rats…if you’re true warriors, then show me your strength!
: Fumoffu!

It’ll be simpler if we just let them come to us, so we’ll hang back this one turn.

Enemy Phase!

As the Bushnells draw closer, a couple get in attack range: one gets weakened while the other attacks Shin Bonta-kun and gets oneshotted.

Player Phase!

: You’re not doing too bad, rat soldiers. However, victory will soon be ours.

: Those…! They’re the bombers that were on display!
: Ah, the sky…even amidst this filthy atmosphere, I can still feel it…
: Now, rats. Fear the attack of the skies!
: I won’t allow it!

: GGG!
: These are…GGG’s Mobile Troops!
: Even after G-Island, I’m still being helped by them…
: Tch…so, you also came over here…!
: We heard there was a strange animal lurking in the Narashino Base, so we came to investigate…
: No way we’re gonna ignore a Zondar, though!
: OH! My friend Bonta-kun! It’s been a while since Okinawa!
: Fumoffu!
: Mamoru, Princess Fahra and the others are safe?
: Yes, those attending have already completely evacuated.
: Leave it for after we beat the Zondar! Let’s go!
#1: Fumoffu!

Truth be told, the Bonta-kun posse could clear the rest of this map on their own but let’s see if we can’t have GGG join in.
As they move forward, Mike sings to Gai.

Because why not?

The MP Bonta-kuns charge forward.
It should be noted that, due to the large amount of positive terrains in the area, those Bushnells can pull some decent evasion numbers (not accuracy, though).

Using the Melee attack’s high accuracy modifier with the Bonta-kuns innate friendship bonus with each other is the way to go.
All five of them take out two weakened Bushnells and do good damage on three others; Bonta-kun, the 1st, leaves his alive with piddly HP.

Enemy Phase!

It seems like the game’s AI is hardwired to go after Bonta-kaiser as they all make a beeline for him.

These two EI-21 will fall shortly.
Except for those two and one Bushnell that stuck to a positive terrain, everything dies.

Player Phase!

Let’s give GGG something lest they have wasted the trip!

Gai overkills stuff, as usual.

An MP Bonta-kun takes out the remaining Bushnell.

And Volfogg charges after the last EI-21.

And that’s that!

: It’s like we were playing today… We’ll meet again, Gaogaigar.
: Thank you, Bonta-kun! I…I like you very much, Bonta-kun!
: Fumoffu!
: The courage of these Bonta-kuns has saved us all.
#1: Fumo…
: These mice fought against an almighty power… I must also search for that courage - for my own path…
#2: Fumoffu!

We cut back to inside of the base, where Bonta-kun is standing proud before Kaname smacks him with her fan, telling him not to act to self-satisfied.
Taking the suit off, Sousuke tells her that things went a bit rougher but he was still able to help people; Kaname allows that he was right on the Zondar part but asks how he was “helping people” by attacking the Nerima Dragons?
Sousuke tells her that he learned of Fahra’s fondness for mice and, in that case, he thought that Bonta-kun’s similarity to a mouse was just the way to brighten her mood.
Kaname starts to understand that, in Sousuke’s own way, he was worried about Fahra and she assumes that his business with the Red Dragons was for Kazama’s sake?
Sousuke confirms.

Kaname is forced to apologize, saying that she misunderstood his reasons.
She sees that he brought Bonta-kun over for those two…however, something soon strikes her as odd: why did he bring Bonta-kun here in the first place? Also, who were those other five Bonta-kuns?
Sousuke says that he had told her before: he was ready to sell his Mass Produced units and, as such, came here with the intent of selling them to the JSDF.
He went to Kazama’s father, a secretary at this base, to get his permission to do so – the condition for his support was that Sousuke would use today’s mock battle as a way to showcase the usefulness of his units and it seems to have sufficed.
He says that the current state of affairs of both Japanese territory and the urban centers had to be rethought and, due to that process, the JSDF started considering new kinds of land warfare weapons to replace the Arm Slaves as the mainstream units – Sousuke hoped his compact, person-sized model would fit the bill.
Perhaps, after some years have passed, the Bonta-kuns will take up the responsibility of protecting Japan…his wishful thinking is interrupted by Kaname yelling at him not to make her country all weird without her permission (earning him another paper fan slap)!

Back at Akito’s restaurant, he’s being filled on what happened; sadly, he couldn’t get the day off to accompany them on the trip.
Yurika sighs that she wanted to wear a Bonta-kun suit and asks Akito if it’d be OK for her to wait tables in one; Akito figures she can wear it for today, seeing how he’s having a personal battle with his food's flavor and needs all the help he can get.
As he Akito delivers the food, Kazuma is silent and Akito wonders what’s wrong, adding that he doesn’t need to restrain himself because it’s his treat; of course, from what Kouji told Mihiro, Akito’s ramen isn’t exactly the most delicious meal but Akito swears that he’s making progress and that it’ll be better!
Kazuma decides to bite the bullet along with the Golion team and brace themselves as they dig in…Shirogane thinks it’s good, saying that it clearly tastes like proper Ramen and Kogane says that it has depth that belies its simple appearance.
Kogane’s especially fond of how Akito use glutamic acid to enhance the flavor and the first class soy sauce made from Marida peas.

Yurika is quite surprised at Kogane’s culinary acumen and he quickly apologizes, saying that he got a bit overexcited.
Akito is glad at his praise, though, saying that it’s his dream just to perfect this “simple” ramen and Suzuishi is impressed, having figured that he indeed makes a better cook than a pilot – Akito can only agree that the current situation is less than ideal.
Yurika figures they should prepare some ramen to-go, so they can give some to Fahra; Kogane says that the princess has been deep in thought since today’s battle, trying to recover at least some of her courage.
Shirogane says that her problem will take a while to resolve, though, and asks for Akito and Yurika’s support on this subject.
Yurika is glad to help saying that, as the captain, she won’t stop until Fahra’s feeling better; Kazuma thinks he could do something too but Mihiro asks if he shouldn’t be worried about something else.

As Kazuma thinks about it, Mao and Noin enter having been waiting for him to return.
Now, they can begin their training once again; Kazuma is a bit stunned but they confirm that his little R&R is done, which means he goes back to work.
Kazuma turns to the group and asks who it was that told them where he was and, of course, it was Mihiro who apologizes but says she thinks the training is necessary as it’d be quite bad if the Valhawk was shot down because of his neglect.

Mao agrees with Mihiro’s insight but Kazuma begs them to spare him this hellish traning.
Noin and Mao aren’t listening, excusing themselves and dragging Kazuma off to the Bay Tower base; Kazuma asks “why me” but Mao orders him to march quickly as, today, they’ll study the basic Pattern C tactics for dense forest zones.
Kurogane can’t help but feel sorry for him but Shirogane thinks it’s worth it if it’ll keep Kazuma alive.
Yurika doesn’t understand what was Kazuma’s problem, thinking what kind of man wouldn’t want hang out with those ladies; Ruri tells Shirogane that he might want to find someone else to talk to Fahra about her problems…

Looking over this mission, I think I may have been overzealous with my translation; still, I'd rather it have too much information than skim over an important detail.

Nevertheless, this took damn long to complete but I'm happy with the result.
I'll get back to updating the remaining mission soon but I'll be taking a few days to relax my head!

See ya'll soon!