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Part 208: Mission 32(New Game+) - Determination of the Part-Time Job

Kazuma’s log is the same as before, recounting our return to Orbit Base, Taiga’s wish to reform Wärter and Kazuma wondering what the Japan-based folk are doing and whether they would come back; also, like before, Kyouko gets jumped when returning home late at night.

We cut to Jindai High School, where Minato has joined as a new teacher.
She takes special note to remind Boss and Sousuke to deliver their supplementary homework by next week, making Boss sigh that he had hoped she would cut some slack to old friends; Hayato points out that, right now, she’s not the Minato they knew on the Nadesico – she’s Minato, the teacher!
Sayaka’s surprised that Minato would quit her job at Nergal to become a teacher, though; Kouji figures it can’t be easy for her to have such a complicated husband, too.
Minato hears that but says there’s no need for concern as everything’s going fine – despite his quirks, she wouldn’t have anyone other than Tsukumo to be her husband; more importantly, she knows Kouji and the others are busy with the occasional skirmishes but she reminds them not to neglect their student duties.
With that said, she leaves to return home; everyone else decides to go as well and Kouji suggests making a detour to the ramen restaurant to get something to eat before heading home.
Kaname, however, has other plans.

Kyouko hasn’t showed up in class today and Kaname wants to stop by her house to see if everything’s ok.
As before, Nuke and Mucha warn them to be careful about running into Poniman while walking around late at night – Hayato fills them in on the urban legend of a half-man, half-horse being that stalks woman at night while only saying “Poni”.
Hayato figures he got the name because of that speech quirk but Benkei thinks there’s another reason it: apparently, Poniman sole reason for stalking women is to style their hair into Ponytails; either way, Kaname is sure she can outrun whatever pervert she might run into and, worst case scenario, Kouji figures she’s got a very capable bodyguard watching her back and Sousuke says they can leave it to him.
Of course, it won’t do to have Sousuke prowling through the city with a bunch of firearms what with a bunch of gun-regulation laws in place but Sousuke is quite capable with his hand-to-hand combat.

Cut to the restaurant, Kouji is bored out of his mind.
Sayaka advises him to be content with the relatively peaceful state of Japan, in which they only have to sortie and blow away some small-time hoodlums once a week; still, it’s hard to relax and ignore all the other problems happening out in the world – Ryouma figures they should find themselves lucky that, while there’s a massive war happening between Earth and Plant, Japan has been spared from the bloodshed.
Of course, just because the bulk of the fight is in space, doesn’t mean the effects haven’t been felt even here: Zaft’s usage of Neutron Jammers resulted in a worldwide energy crisis and both Professor Yumi and Saotome have been working double-time to find a way to use their energy sources to ease the problem a little; furthermore, the rationing of energy called for the cancellation of the school’s Cultural Festival.
Kouji and Ryouma are both frustrated at being unable to do anything to help fix this issue - a feeling that they didn’t have when they were out there with Wärter; despite it all, Hayato thinks they should appreciate the small peace they have right now.

Sousuke, however, is dispatched whenever Mithril sees fit, so he doesn’t have as much free time as everyone else.
Still, he’s learned to temper himself during these periods of boredom, in preparation for when the next mission arrives – Kaname didn’t expect him to be jittery like Kouji and the others, though.

Right then Tsukumo eagerly enters the room and serves everyone their dishes, surprising Sayaka that he’s here.
He’s glad to see everyone again and tells Sayaka that he couldn’t remain idle any longer, so he looked for a new job; Hayato thinks it’s somewhat underwhelming to see the formerly hot-blooded warrior doing this and Ryouma mentions that Yukina was worried for Tsukumo as well.
Tsukumo insists that he’s fine, though, and even thinks this might be his true calling – Kaname has a hard time picturing him doing this, though; either way, Tsukumo tells them to eat before the ramen gets cold and, before doing so, Kouji turns to Sayaka and asks her to lend him some cash.
Sayaka quickly complains of why he suggested we come eat here if he couldn’t afford to pay for his share but Kouji says that he only checked his wallet once they were here and realized it was empty…she doesn’t have time to complain as Boss also asks her for money, making Sayaka ask why he ordered such a large dish in that’s the case.

Tsukumo starts to get worried that they won’t be able to pay and Ryouma apologizes; he says they’ll foot the bill for those two but Hayato vetoes the idea saying that he shouldn’t pamper them.
What Sayaka wants to know is on what did Kouji and Boss spent all their money on; why, on what all healthy high school students crave for: bike parts, comic books, food, clothes, shoes, etc.
Sayaka admits that she does the same but she doesn’t spend ALL her money on that; Sousuke thought Kouji received some sort of salary from the Photon Power Lab but not at all – they’re all volunteers.
Of course, as one of Mithril’s mercenary’s, Sousuke gets some good payment but he’s been spending it all on modifications to Bonta-kun; his scheme to participate in a recent defense expo and popularize the design nearly got him and Mithril blacklisted as terrorists, though...
Hayato sighs, saying that it’s a pity that everyone is incapable of hanging onto their money…of course, he doesn’t get to keep poking fun at people when he quickly admits that he’s also broken (he did say EVERYONE).

However, a familiar voice heard out distress and Hikaru reveals herself to lend us a hand.

Tsukumo returns home and finds Yukina waiting for him.
She's heard about his problems at work, including an accident that broke quite a lot of dishes – sadly, he’s lost yet another job; she suggests that he rejoin the military, since all his former training with the Jovians surely won't let him be content with a normal life.
He doesn't want to join the Federation army at the very least, especially now that the Martian Successors are active; still, Yukina says that he can’t stay unemployed and end up being a burden on Minato.
Tsukumo says he knows that and promises that he has a plan though he runs off without telling her what it is...

Hikaru has your team helping with her newest manga and, even though Kouji is somewhat confused with the usage of a screentone, Sousuke actually seems to be doing alright.
Kaname is curious at Sousuke’s technique, using some sort of rhythm to do the shading – that would be due to his Morse code practice; Hayato can read Morse code and inwardly realizes that Sousuke is actually tapping out: "I wanna get out of here."
Hikaru apologizes for making everyone assist her, but says that her normal helper has come down sick and she's got a deadline tomorrow (Izumi also has another job, so she wasn’t available).
Her biggest issue right now is writer’s block, though, as she admits that she can't figure out how to execute her storyline of a hero who cheats death and wins; it's gotta be realistic: her readers won't tolerate some cosmic power deus ex machina saving the day or whatnot.
If it’s not good, she’s at risk of being deserialized!
Kaname has more immediate problems, though, as Kyouko's mother phones and says her daughter was attacked by Poniman.
She and Sousuke rush to the scene, quickly apologizing to Hikaru for running off like this.
Kouji gets pissed at that creep targeting high-school girls now but Hikaru isn’t listening – a proverbial light bulb has lit on her head: she orders everyone to ditch the artwork and go catch Poniman so she can use it in her manga.

Tsukumo is out drinking at a bar where Izumi is playing host.
Izumi cuts him off after only one glass, knowing he's not accustomed to drinking and telling him to find some other way to assuage his sorrows; after a pause, Tsukumo calls himself pathetic and Izumi tells him to spill his guts (figuratively) since that's what this bar is for.
He reiterates his insecurities about being worthy of Minato even after coming to this world, unable to hold a job to this day; he relates Yukina’s suggestion to join the army but wonders how he could serve another organization that’s been twisted by the will of a few people.
Even Genpachirou is working for the Feds, but Tsukumo just can't bring himself to.

Izumi suggests that he simply try fighting on his own: he doesn't need to save the world, just someone he loves.
She tells him of the half-man-half-beast who's got the city in an uproar, and adds that she doesn't want Minato to go through what she has in terms of having someone precious to her lost.
To her advice of starting nearby to solve his problems, Tsukumo brightens considerably and vows to solve the half-beast problems; when he charges out the door, Izumi notes that Tsukumo has left without paying, and decides to put it on Minato's tab instead.

As with the other path, Kaname meets Kyouko on the hospital and sees that she’s doing fine.
She has Sousuke round up everyone, gather his weapons and prepare to go Poniman-hunting.

Mission 32 (NG+) – Determination of the Part-Time Job

Poniman is at it again and, as before, his next target was Hana.

As she yells for someone to help her, Bonta-kun quickly enters the area.
Poniman is cloaked in darkness but Kaname steps up to challenge him – she orders the half-man, half-beast monster to get on the ground with his hands up…
As she gets closer, she sees less a monster and more a guy in a horse mask – this, of course, is a major letdown to her after all the horror stories she heard of his monstrous form.
Either way, she tells Bonta-kun to look after Hana while she makes this dude pay for terrifying Kyouko – Poniman quickly runs off and Kaname goes in pursuit.

: Fumo…
: Thank you, Bonta-kun! And thank you for being everyone’s friend, too!
: Stop!
: Fumo?
: I have found you! The half-man, half-beast monster that has been disturbing this town!
: Fumo?
: (Are you talking to me?)
: Run away, child! I will seize this fiend!
: Fumoffu, Fumo.
: (Wait, Lt. Commander Shiratori. It’s me, Sousuke Sagara.)
: Fumo? Fumofu!
: (Foul? I don’t remember saying anything like that…!)
: S-stop it! Cease your babbling!! MONSTER!!
: Fumo…fumo, fumofu.
: (He’s not stopping. I’ll fire a warning shot and then retreat.)

: Urk! So, you were equipped for something like this, eh?!
: Fumo?! Fumofu!
: (Crap…! I forgot I was using a Grenade Launcher during the previous drill!)
: But I also have a trick up my sleeve!!
: Let’s go! Scramble – emergency deployment! Mechanic, Switch On!

: Chief Taiga had this Tetsujin prepared in case things went bad…
: The voice activation system is also good to go, too!
: B-but Bonta-kun is…
: Do not be afraid! This is my Mech of Justice…yes, it is my GEKI GANGER-99!
: Get back, child! I will now eradicate this monster!!
: Fumoffu!
: (He’s coming…! I have no choice but to stop his Tetsujin!)
: Non, non, non, mon petit mouse…it seems you forgot to protect your precious mademoiselle.
: Well, then. This is my chance to do my job.

Oh, Tsukumo…

Oh, well, nothing we can do about it. We’ll just pummel him until we can set things straight.

: Fumo, mofu, fumofu, fumo!
: Stop making excuses and man up!
: You little rat, I'll teach you how men do things the hard way!

Alright, that’s pretty good.

Enemy Phase!

Sadly, Tsukumo closes in and forces us to leave him barely alive (Bonta-kun’s melee attack doesn’t hit airborne enemies).

Player Phase!

Either way, we’re good.

Poor Tsukumo.

He’s not done, though; to protect the people that he loves, Tsukumo is determined to win.
He is sure that the filthy beast has no idea how important this battle is to him.

The rest of our crew rush to the scene, hoping to find Poniman and, instead, running into a Tetsujin fighting Bonta-kun.
Tsukumo is glad to see everyone but asks for them to leave everything to him; Hana begs everyone to stop Bonta-kun and “Mr. Geki Ganger 99” from fighting any more.
Kouji tries to tell Tsukumo of who’s inside the suit but Ryouma stops him, knowing that Hana’s dreams would be crushed if she knew Bonta-kun wasn’t real and that it was Sousuke all along – Hayato figures it’d scar the child for life.
More importantly, Boss wonders about Kaname and Bonta-kun points ahead.

Kaname has just caught up to Poniman and taken him down.
However, a problem quickly presents itself once Gimlet intervenes, taking the time to introduce himself before claiming he’s here to kidnap her; our people try to intervene but they’re blindsided by someone throwing knives at them from afar – it seems Gimlet has someone backing him up.
Things further escalate when the mysterious attacker starts conjuring bombs on top of our people.
Kaname now remembers hearing about Bionet as a crime syndicate; Gimlet praises her for being well informed and prepares to capture her quickly while our people are occupied.

Bonta-kun breaks off from Tsukumo and intercepts him with a hail of gunfire.
Tsukumo is surprised that he’s protecting her and Hana tries to convince “Mr. Geki Ganger 99” that Bonta-kun is their friend, not a bad guy; it slowly dawns on Tsukumo that he may have made a mistake.
Kaname quickly thanks Bonta-kun and Gimlet is frustrated that such a strange “chevalier” would step up to fight him; still, he figures he could use the exercise.

So, he summons a bunch of Bionet mechanoids, including Federation Army units.
With these, Gimlet plans on putting Bonta-kun in his place before returning to his job of kidnapping Kaname; Bonta-kun quickly “speaks” to Tsukumo and he promises to help Bonta-kun protect his “loved one” (though Kaname objects to that last bit).
Tsukumo proclaims himself to have been mistaken and, to make up for it, will help out Bonta-kun for the sake of justice; Kouji wonders if Tsukumo actually understood what Bonta-kun said there but Sayaka figures he may be up to something – especially with that “loved one” bit.
Bonta-kun just goes “Fumo” to her question and she can’t even tell if that was an affirmative or a denial; either way, Benkei tells Hana to get somewhere safe and leave the rest to us.

Our units are back at the Bay Tower base, so everyone rushes over there to pick them up.

We move Tsukumo forward a bit and that’s all we can do.

Enemy Phase!

All mooks start homing in. Bonta-kun gets attacked by a Mistral and a Bushnell, killing the Mistral.

While Tsukumo gets hounded by a Savage and Taurus.

Aaah, so close…both of them survive.

Gimlet stays put.

Player Phase!

The rest of the team soon shows up to help.
Gimlet is confused at the absence of Mazinkaiser which, Kouji says, is undergoing maintenance - Mazinger will be more than enough to deal with this.
Either way, Kouji has been hoping for a chance to let loose and this will serve nicely!

The Super Robot crew will need some time to get here; while they do so, Bonta-kun and Tsukumo keep doing their thing.

Enemy Phase!

Everything gangs up on Tsukumo but I either have him dodge or avoid killing stuff as I’d rather the rest of the team gain some morale.

Gimlet starts coming over.

Player Phase!

Kouji is barely able to reach a nearby Savage.

Good man.

Following that, Hayato moves ahead and wrecks one of the Serpents.

Boss, being able to outrun Kouji due to accelerate, is able to reach more targets.

Hrm…even fully upgraded, I don’t see much difference.

Either way, Tsukumo takes the last Serpent while Bonta-kun chains three units, killing the weakened Taurus.

Enemy Phase!

Of course, Boss is swarmed by everything and he can only counter one – at least it’s a kill.

Gimlet, you son of a bitch…

: Non, non, the battlefield is not the place for your comedic antics.
: You know what? Borot and I don't hold back in comedy OR in battle!


Player Phase!

A quick chain-attack and the last mooks go down.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Gimlet!

: Non, non. You mustn't...
: Fumo! Fumofu, mofu!
: So many things you mustn't do, but worst of all is your charisma!

: Non, non, why did you Jovians not continue your war with Earth? Our job would have been so much simpler...
: You prey on war to do your evil! In heaven's name, I, Tsukumo Shiratori, will pronounce your judgment!

: Non, non, you should remain with your Mazinkaiser while it is repaired...
: Shut up, you freaky clown! I'll show you what the original super robot Mazinger Z can do!

: Non, non, such an ugly technique, dividing and rejoining so...
: Sorry, but that's how Getter rolls!
: Show him what the Getter can do, Ryou!
: Come on, Bionet! We're taking you down together!

Did I ever show off Shin Getter Vision’s dynamic finish? I don’t think I did.
Also, yeah, I am keeping that music on Shin Getter since Gai Daigouji and Tsukumo have dibs on the Geki Ganger song!

Gimlet is worth a Study OS and a Gunfight +1.

Also, Sayaka has a line against Gimlet but she was way too slow getting up there.

: Non, non, a pretty little belle like you musn't be so rough.
: Thanks for the compliment, but no thanks for the crimes!

Gimlet is very frustrated at the idea of failing on both space and Earth but knows his only option is to retreat for now.
However, there’s no time to celebrate as Sayaka quickly detects another group of enemies approaching.

It’s a large pack of mechabeasts, which takes our people by surprise as they didn’t expect Bionet to be using those.
Tsukumo declares that wherever there is darkness, there is light, wherever there is evil, there is good, and asks for everyone to help destroy the rest of Bionet’s attackers on the city; Kouji and Ryouma are right with him, happy to see him back to normal.

Further help arrives in the form of Tetsuya and company.
Jun has arrived in the updated version of the Venus A, while the twins Lori and Loru bring their Million Alpha; Tsukumo doesn’t know the two of them, so Sayaka introduces them as scientists of the Photon Power Lab.
Kouji is now pumped that entire Photon Power team is together – with this, no enemy can stand up against them!

Atop a nearby building, “mysterious man #300” is observing his mechabeasts fighting, hoping to see how well they’ll do against the demons.

Enemy Phase!

The Mechabeasts start closing in on us and this Doublas gets in range of Tetsuya.

: (That's weird. I've never heard of Bionet using Mechabeasts.)
: (But if they're not Bionet's, whose are they?)

Would’ve been better if it was underwater but…

Player Phase!

Tetsuya gets sent right into the middle of the enemies to start softening them up.

Since this is a water battle, Benkei finally gets another chance to shine.

Much better.

Bonta-kun takes that kill while Tsukumo turns his attention to an underwater Doublas.

Down below, the twins are gunning for Tetsuya’s weakened Doublas.

: It's you and me, sister... and Million Alpha!
: That's right, Loru! We'll show them how in sync we are!

What about those fully upgraded weapons…I suppose I shouldn’t expect much since it was underwater.

Fine, Sayaka finishes it off.

Might as well have Jun do something since this will be the last time we see her on the field.

: Venus A is a retuned version of Sayaka's machine.
: You wanna see how much more powerful it is?

Power-up, indeed…

Kouji does better at least.

He took a bit of a pummeling from Gimlet, though, so Boss patches him up.

Enemy Phase!

Benkei draws the attention of both nearby Drago and Doublas.

You’re my MVP here, man; the Doublas got killed, mind.

Of course, Sayaka gets attacked by two mechabeasts and fails to killed any of them.

Much better is Tetsuya, who gets the attention of the four mechabeasts down south – he takes a good chunk of health off them.

Player Phase!

Sayaka gets healed up because, even fully upgraded, she’ll still prone to taking big hits.

Following that, Bonta-kun finishes off her previous attacker.

This trips Kouji’s Mazin Power and he should be in good shape to take down this Garada.


Switching to Ryouma, both southern Dragos get killed while also leaving a Doublas barely alive.

Which is easy prey to the twins.

Boss will handle the last northern enemy.


We could’ve wrapped this right now if Sayaka had cooperated but nope; Tsukumo takes a quick punch to the Drago.

If anything, at least we’ll get rid of this last Garada.

Thankfully, we have ONE pilot that isn’t holding back for whatever reason.

Enemy Phase!

Both Mechabeasts attack Kouji and die. The end!

As the battle ends, Tetsuya asks Lori for some input: it seems that these mechabeasts weren’t being controlled by Bionet’s usual AI at all.
It seems it was a third party and Kouji quickly wonders if Dr. Hell actually did survive the explosion of his island and sent these units here; whatever the case, Loru asks us to collect their remains for analysis.
As that happens, their mysterious master muses that our people are far more powerful now than when we defeated Dr. Hell and is also impressed we managed to evade knives and bombs.
Plus, there’s the fact that Mazinkaiser is even stronger than Mazinger – if they’re going to win, he thinks they’ll need to find a way to take it out of the picture.

As before, Bonta-kun has succeeded in capturing Poniman and starts talking to him.

: Fumo…
: Pony…?
: Fumoffu.
: Pony? Pony?
: Fumoffu, fumoffu.
: Ponyyy…
: Fumoffu…
: Stop talking like you can understand each other!
*Paper fan slap*
: Fumo…
: Amazing... magnificent, Bonta-kun!
: Um…Mr. Shiratori?
: You convey thoughts rather than words... Going beyond evil and straight to the heart!
: You're a true warrior of justice, Bonta-kun!
: Fumo...
: (Negative. I am only a soldier.)
: I see, Bonta-kun... You'll inspire me in my darkest hour?
: Fumofu, fumo.
: (I wasn't planning on it…)
: I see... Yes, of course! You're telling me to fight for the sake of those I love!
: Fumofu, fumoffu.
: (That's something for you alone to decide, not me.)
: Thank you, Bonta-kun. Your words make complete sense. I will fight once again!
: Fumo, fumo, fumomo...
: (No problem, though I don't understand what happened...)

Minato shows up too, glad her husband has finally made up his mind to rejoin the fighting.
She knew this would come from how he stared at the world news every night while working his string of part-time jobs; she tells him to go ahead with his head held high, while she and Yukina wait for his return.
With that done, Kouji suggests Sousuke get the Arbalest and when he does so, Poniman quickly yells in surprise that there was a man inside that suit – if a grown man acts like that, image what would’ve happened to Hana if she had discovered the truth.
Either way, we’re off to bring Poniman back to Hikaru and to finish that job; Kaname sighs that the whole half-man, half-beast thing wasn’t true but Sousuke mentions that he might’ve seen a half-man, half-tiger creature near the battle.
While everyone figures he’s joking to cheer Kaname up, they do wonder what kind of hairstyle a Tigerman would put on girls that he captured…

Back at the restaurant, Kouji relates how Hikaru’s manga got completed right on time and it seems to be a major hit!
However, Hayato isn’t so sure about the protagonist gaining his powers simply by wearing a cartoon costume…it certainly took the readers by surprise, though.

From here on, things continue the same as before: Tsukumo is headed to space with GGG to fight the biggest enemies, Kouji and the others decide they can’t sit still while the world is going to hell and decide to do something about and Tetsuya recruits them to secure the upcoming UN convention in Paris.
Kaname would like to go but probably can’t as she’s not an official Wärter operative anymore – so, Sousuke invites her to a trip down the southern islands with a promise of a lot of normalcy.

This here was the second to last mission that gets changed by New Game+. Only one left and it's aaaaaaall the way at the end: mission 55.

See you all then!