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Part 209: Mission 55 (NG+) – Never-Ending Journey

Mission 55 (NG+) – Never-Ending Journey

Our people have finally reached the interior of The Database’s fortress.
Mao and Yumi mention that, for a central databank, it looks far from the computer room we expected; Regulate says that it is, in fact, a fortified city, modeled on the capital of the Es people who dwelt on the fifth planet.
Regardless, Kazuma yells out to The Database that we’ve come to stop them.
Cagalli notices that they aren't doing anything and asks if they are too high-and-mighty to face us and admit their mistakes.
Athrun says that there’d be little point in hiding when they’re aware that our invasion has reached this place and Gai (Shishioh) realizes this must mean they're very confident in whatever counterattack they’re planning.

: That’s right, Earthling.
: Inference…!
: First of all, I’d like extend my welcome to you.
: You’re the first humans from another culture to have ever entered this recording plant.
: Why…thank you.
: Stupid Horis! This isn’t the time to get friendly with the enemy!
: Hehehe…however, you’re all uninvited guests…
: So, I’ll personally deal with you by any means necessary.
: Lord Inference, please stop this!
: There’s no reason for us to fight! Somewhere along the line, we made a mistake in our mission!
: …A mistake?
: SHUT UP, YOU! Someone who betrayed us has no right to lecture me!
: Inference…!
: Heh…the leader of The Database, eh? Looks like that smug attitude of yours is coming down!
: Shut up, Kazuma! Don’t get so full of yourself just because you’re Blessfield Ardygun’s son!
: I’ll destroy you for Applicant! That’s the reason why I’m here!!
: You better get ready too, Regulate! It’s your fault that Applicant betrayed us…this guy’s corpse will make up for it!!
: You keep saying “Applicant this, Applicant that”…
: But you’re the one that broke away from our father’s wishes!
: Kazuma Ardygun…if I had vaporized you in Jupiter, none of these feelings would have showed up…!
: Feelings…?!
: Even though Inference is a program, he also developed emotions?!
: Inference’s tone of voice…this will be a problem…
: Does he also…have a heart?
: That’s it, Sousuke!
: Chidori!
: Kaname!
: This guy’s heart is the same as a human’s!
: When his father, Applicant, fell in battle, he felt sadness and anger!
: Father? What do you mean?!
: Lord Inference…! As I thought, Lord Inference is the same as me!
: We were both created by Lord Applicant, so we thought of him as our Papa!
: Shut up, you! You’re embarrassing me with all your nonstop talking!
: N-no…the way he spoke now…!
: Dad created Regulate in the image of our mother…in that case, Inference would be…
: My big brother…?!
: I... sure, maybe he's like me now, but I never tried to put up that cool act he does!
: Yes, you did.
: That’s right! While you were Kite, you acted just like that!
: Really, he tried to act cool but most times it blew up in his face!
: That’s it. Usually, when that happened, he would start going frantic around us and we would just smile and nod.
: Urgh…this isn’t the time to open that old wound…!
: I dare say that this was Captain Bless’ doing…
: He kept a portion of Kazuma’s personality inside Inference’s intellect and it seems that it’s being drawn out and affecting Inference’s own personality.
: But going by what he's like now, it seems like he's picked up some things from the real Kazuma.
: When you hold it in like that, once it comes out you can't take it back.
: So, you mean this guy is becoming another me?!
: HAHAHAHAHA, Kazuma! Once you get used to it, these emotions actually feel pretty good!
: Like any human, I can laugh, I can be angered, I can be saddened – I am truly alive!
: That’s right and, in that case, you should stop fighting!
: Chidori…
: Don’t you understand?! All this fighting will accomplish is destroying your entire heart!
: Inference, don’t let your ear to the likes of them.
: Remain calm. Your reckless enthusiasm is slowing your processing speed, leading to errors in judgment.
: Shut up, Critic! Don’t try to order me around!
: That's so typical, you false critic; you can’t do anything but complain!
: Inference, you…
: Don’t worry, though. I’ll crush these guys…and then I’ll deal with you!!
: Summon Scientia!!
: Wh-wha?! An earthquake?!
: How? Is there even an underground in this region…?!
: It’s coming…
: What’s coming?!
: The ultimate weapon, created eons ago to protect this recording plant…
: Scientia…!

: They’re sending only their troops this time, huh?
: The information collected from your civilization was used to fortify these units…
: Our…civilization?
: This star system’s weapons’ technology is vastly superior, despite the immature state of mind of its inhabitants.
: Genetic engineering, cybernetic technology, unusual energy sources, relics from the Ancient Solar Culture…
: Furthermore, your battles against the Radam, Eviluders, Zondar and Sol Lords yielded new data as well.
: And you just couldn’t resist using that gathered knowledge to strengthen your weapons more and more…!
: Then, if you had these fortified weapons all along, why didn’t you use them sooner?
: That was Applicant’s decision…something I still fail to understand.
: We won’t underestimate your power. Thus, we've eliminated any possibility of your victory.
: A precise analysis…seems like you weren’t unprepared for this moment.
: Well done, Critic. That’s an impressive strategy…
: And, that unit…it’s the same one we saw a year ago!
: As expected, it belonged to The Database.
: B-but…it was so powerful! Can we win against it?!
: Dumbass! “Can we win”?! We HAVE to win!!
: That Scientia is both the ultimate weapon of the Scribes of Knowledge and its main system.
: It also houses Inference and Critic’s systems.
: Then, if we defeat it, we can stop The Database!
: Yes. Conversely, unless Scientia is destroyed, the Scribes of Knowledge will continue to exist.
: In other words, that thing’s their trump card?
: That’s right, Kazuma! Now that Scientia has deployed, you’re finished!
: I’ll destroy you until there’s a single cell…no, until your very atoms are broken!!
: Cut it out! You still won’t admit that what you did was wrong?!
: The archiving of knowledge is the wish of both my father and the people of the 5th Planet! I cannot turn my back on it!
: I will take all information and memories of this universe and carry it into the next!
: You damn idiot! Sure, memories are important but the way you’re doing it isn’t right!
: It’s one thing to simply create records of things! But to do that, you’re taking away the lives of those that you recorded in the first place!
: Kazuma! You would try to break my father’s wish?!

: It doesn’t matter if it’s your father – wrong is still wrong!
: Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re another me; I’m not gonna let you do evil stuff like that!
: Interesting! We’ll have a mirror match, one hundred and fifty million years in the making!
: Let’s go, Inference! Like my father once did to me, I will teach you in his place!
: The terror of space, the weakness of the individual…and the importance of life!!

Well, well. This mission already starts a whole lot harder than the other.
On top of the mass of Database mooks, you’ll have to deal with Scientia from the get-go – all of which are boosted by the NG+ modifier.

Fun, fun! Thank god I have my own mass of fully upgraded units.

This part of the fight doesn’t change that much from the first mission (build up morale, prioritize killing the Arm Arcus and Arm Storers due to their debuffs), though, so I’ll just skip ahead until it’s time to go after Scientia.

Player Phase!

Alright, this here’s turn four and I’ve just finished clearing up the original group of mooks (prompting a wave of incoming reinforcements).

Morale’s good all around, so let’s do this (FYI, Inference already took a bit of stray damage from the times he decided to attack J and Kouji)!

: Let's not waste time talking. I'll defeat you and take back Chidori.
: You know that annoying Whispered? Well, I don’t need that stupid woman anymore!
: I’ll deal with her after I’m finished with you!!
: I won't let that happen! Chidori's rescue is my absolute highest priority!

: I'd be glad to help if you just wanted to record things...
: But I can't let you attack our Earth!
: Sounds good! Do it, you!
: We’re after the same thing so fight me for it with everything you got!

: You're full of bugs and you're not doing your job as a program. Time for a cleanup!
: There's nothing wrong with me! I am Inference…the commander of this recording plant!!
: Anyone who tries to stop my and my dad’s mission is gonna get erased!!

: Golion, the legacy of the Leo Culture! It's been 3,519 years since we fought!
: I don't know how it ended then, but we're not going to lose now!
: This is our duty as warriors of Golion, defender of the universe!

: We already have all the data on your machine's systems!
: Zero? Unfortunately, it's not good enough.
: Because as humans, we can change the future.

: Stop your attacks! I thought all you wanted was to record the Earth's civilization!
: You don’t get it! Knowledge only matters when it's the only copy!
: But don't worry! We’ll keep your memory safe for eternity.

: You think you can force your way through anything with enough technology, huh?
: Old man Un Nou taught me that there's nothing to a piece of tech without heart!
: Heart? Then I don’t have to worry because I already have one!
: And my heart is telling me to beat you all and get revenge for dad!

: You've journeyed all over space, so why don't you know how precious life is?
: I do know! At least, I know it has to end!
: That's why I'm recording it, so it will live forever!!

: So you're strong enough to control the work of the ancient solar system!
: That thing ruined my future.
: But it made me stronger. Strong enough to fight anyone who wants to control OUR future.

: A Tekkaman built independently of the Radam?!
: Interesting! I’ll be taking one to study!
: That's no way to talk to a lady! I'll make you sorry you said that!

: The G Crystal that we held as insurance against those damn Sol Lords…
: Another thing you got from Regulate's betrayal!!
: Genesic GaoGaiGar is a weapon of the courageous!
: You wouldn't have been able to use it with your ignorance of the weight of life!
: Instead, I'll use it to destroy your misguided mission!

: The Tekkaman that escaped the Radam. And a Blaster, too!
: You'll make a good experiment!
: You may know all about my power, but you don't know me!
: I am Tekkaman Blade, and I will destroy you!

: Your planet’s information and techniques for combat are way better than the rest of the universe! Especially you mercenaries!
: And I suppose you think that means you know all about us.
: Let me show you some things humans can do that you could never know...

: The Eviluders also got their hearts back during their fight with you!
: Now, they’ll lose the purpose of their existence and will be ruined!
: That’s why I’ll capture and record you before their extinction!
: This body is a gift from a proud warrior! I won't let you have it!

: Well, this is a surprise! To think I’d just run into this universe’s Getter in a place like this!
: He... knows something about Getter?
: But this Getter hasn't awakened yet!
: It'll be some time before the end of his universe comes!

: Come here, Kazuma...! At least I’ll eliminate you with my own hands!
: Seems like he’s in his really “pissed off” mode!
: Let’s go, Inference! I've got a lesson for you from my dad!
: The terror of space, the weakness of the individual, and the importance of life…I'll teach you with my fists!

You'll find Inference's line against Bonta-kun is a bit different from before:
: Fumofu, Fumo, Fumoffu!
: Hrm…?!
: Fumo, Fumofumo, Fumo!
: I get what you’re trying to say but I cannot accept it!
: Besides, you’re a……what’s it called…? You’re a…thing…
: Whatever! You are dangerous and when the recording is complete, I’m going to erase you completely!!

: How do ya like that! It’s over, Inference!!
: Don’t underestimate me, Kazuma! I still have another trump card to play!
: WHAT?!
: Do you mean this?
: This tremor…it’s just like when Scientia appeared!
: You mean something else is coming?!

: Wh-what is THAT?!
: A golden unit, even bigger than Scientia…!
: No way! How can Sapientia have activated by itself?!
: It wasn’t “by itself’. I activated it.
: What!?
: Inference…you tried to hide this unit’s construction but I was always aware of it.
: After all, you’re still a puppet dancing at the end of my strings.
: Damn it! You awakened your emotions even before me?!
: Did I transform from Recorder to Inference simply to be used as a tool for your greed?!
: Hmhmhm…it seems like you suspected a little.
: However, you still faithfully carried out the revised mission; truly a son, following his father’s wish.
: Shut up! How dare you use Applicant…use my father as a way to manipulate me!
: Regardless, you’re no longer necessary.
: Over the past 3000 years, I’ve completely seized this recording plant’s systems.
: I can carry on the mission of the Scribes of Knowledge without you and Regulate.
: This guy…he’s trying to steal control of The Database?!
: Like hell you will!
: No way I’m gonna let you use this recording plant to satisfy your filthy greed!
: Heh…It seems I’ve completely broke free of my restraints.
: And this Sapientia is meant as proof of your feelings, yes?
: However, I can use it effectively. I’ve already transferred the master system and my body into Sapientia.
: What?!
: You’re the only one inside Scientia now. Disappear, Inference!!
: I am the Scribe of Knowledge and I will exterminate you!!

: Lord Inference!
: This is bad! If it goes on like this, Inference will be destroyed!
: This is the end, Inference. Curse the day your heart was born.

: Inference is no more. And after you’re dealt with, there’ll be no more obstacles to my mission.
: Shut up…
: Hmph…did you get angry at the annihilation of the “other you”?
: The human heart is truly strange…
: Even though you were trying to kill each other not long ago, now you grieve your enemy’s destruction.
: I was fighting Inference to stop him…!
: Even though he was being manipulated, I couldn’t just allow him to do what he wanted.
: Then, what will you do? Do you intend to destroy me?
: That’s right, ya bastard! This has nothing to do with him being another me, with his mission or with any Programs!!
: I’m never gonna forgive you! I’m gonna give it my all and I WILL beat you!!
: You struggle in vain. How effective will your bravado be once you see this?

: S-so many Scientias!
: I’ve taken precautions for the completion of my mission.
: With this Sapientia, something like collecting the knowledge of the entire galaxy will present no challenge.
: Is that so?

: That’s…?!
: The Valarm – Applicant’s unit?!
: How?!
: Hey, Kazuma Ardygun. I’ve come to help.
: You’re still alive, Applicant?!
: H-he must’ve used one of the Captain’s 2000 techniques: “Playing Dead”!
: There’s still something I should do. Until it’s done, I cannot die.
: That’s right, Critic! Don’t get all arrogant just because you have my Sapientia!
: I-Impossible! How do you still exist, Inference?!
: I merely predicted your actions, just as you did to Inference.
: So I took precautions and created a backup of Inference’s data from Scientia into the Valarm.
: Kick ass, Applicant! You really inherited all of my dad’s cheap tricks!
: Heh…so that’s how being praised feels like.
: He’s happy to be called cheap…?!
: That’s my Papa!
: Silence, Applicant! If you’ll side with the Earthlings, then you’ll also be completely destroyed!
: We’re the ones who should be angry here! Get real, old man!
: There’s no heart inside him. There’s only a dark ego that wants to satisfy his own greed!
: Yeah…a human wouldn’t belch out cheap words like that!
: Critic! You’re not a program, nor are you a human!
: You’re just another villain!
: We’re gonna join each of our powers together and we will beat you!!
: We feel the same way, Kazuma!
: This world…we will not allow it to end.
: No matter what happened millions of years ago, this universe isn’t going to die just yet!
: Until that day comes, people should be able to live their lives to the fullest!
: If you think we’re gonna let you have our lives just like that, you have another thing coming!
: So we will stop you; this is our…this is Neo-Wärter’s mission!
: Hold on, Chidori. I’m coming…!
: For the sake of all life in the universe…
: For everyone to keep on living!
: And also, for our own sake!
: The Database…no, this man must be stopped! By our power!!
: Let’s go, Critic! I’m gonna punch one last piece of knowledge into you!
: The terror of space, the weakness of the individual…and the importance of life!!