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Part 205: Post-Mission 55 - Finale

Ship's Log, Federation Space Calendar 101.2.15

We have returned from Pluto to Earth, victorious in our fight against The Database.

According to Chief Taiga, the existence of The Database is to be kept secret from the public, to avoid sowing unnecessary confusion.
Therefore, I'm leaving a record of the Neo-Wärter's battle in this ship's log.

Albeit gradually, I think the Earth and mankind are going to change.

The Plant has elected Eileen Canarver, of the Klein faction, chairwoman of the supreme council in an emergency session, leading to official plans for peace talks with the New Federation's representative, Secretary General Rose Abrovall.
Though tensions between Coordinator and Natural will continue for some time, they ought to be solved through discussion - and these peace talks should be a crucial first step.

It also seems that the Orb, scorched by the Federation Army's assault, is to be rehabilitated.

I've heard that foreign minister Relena Peacecraft is leading an international aid campaign that has already procured enough supplies to allow the first wave of refugees to return home.

I also understand the Orbital Ring, which the Radam destroyed, is to be rebuilt - and plans for orbital elevators have been restarted.
This will definitely foster better relations between Earth and space.

Speaking of space, the Altean Raibul has sent word that the anti-Galra Leo Alliance has succeeded in taking over the planet Galra.
Among their guerilla troops was Shirogane's younger brother, who Kogane and his teammates are eagerly looking forward to meet.

The Leo Alliance has also reported sightings of the Eviluder's battle-moon Zomar.
But instead of attacking, the Eviluder forces simply slipped away into the darkness of space.
Though it'll take time, I'd like to believe that the Eviluders, who have learned what it means to have a "heart", can one day join hands with the peoples of other worlds.

Everything is headed towards the future. Ourselves included.
With all threats to the Earth and mankind overthrown, Neo-Wärter will likely be disbanded.

However, our individual battles will continue, in many places and with many objectives.

That includes me, and the new goal I discovered in the course of this war.
I plan to fight that fight, in my own way, in the days to come. And as I do, the pride of the Trailers my father bequeathed me will burn in my heart...

"Pride of the Hawk"
Excerpted from the final page of "The Trailer Truth"


A month after hostilities ceased...

Here’s another BGM that only plays once throughout the entire game – I believe this one’s from SEED.

This is Kira's first time to take a leisurely look around Plant.
Duo asks how come, seeing how he is a Coordinator – Kira says that he never saw this place as he was raised in Heliopolis.
Still, Yzak says that since Kira is taking part of Orb’s diplomatic mission, he’ll get a lot of time to look around.
Cagalli is also here and Quatre knows that she’s also been spending time looking around Plant, though he wonders if she shouldn’t have gone back to Orb to help with the reconstruction.

She says that she’s been trying to get some sense of the world as it changes before her eyes.
Heero approves of that, since her experience and resolve are as yet incomplete.
But if she builds on what she learned during all the fighting, Heero and Kira are sure that she'll make a fine leader for Orb.

Even Wufei believes that Cagalli will one day be strong enough to face Mina Sahaku on equal footing.
When she does, he’ll be there to witness whose vision of Orb is the correct one.
It's the least he can do on behalf of everyone who's died to get them this far.

It won't be an easy road, with other countries still looking at the Orb with jealous eyes, and some even trying to foment renewed strife between Natural and Coordinator.
Cagalli, and Athrun, will have to put up with the five Preventers as their bodyguards for quite some time as they work together to help the world trail this newfound path.
Athrun at least promises to stay by Cagalli’s side and protect her all the way.

Lacus has also come along, but many people in Plant haven't forgiven her for her “treachery”, even though it was done for the right reasons and with their best interests at heart.
She, like Athrun, has lost her home and will have to leave - but she'd like nothing better than to see the world at Kira's side, either way.
And when she finally finds something new she can do to make the world a better place, Kira will be right there with her.

Flay then comes over to call Kira and Lacus back to the Archangel – everyone is waiting for them.
Kira quickly bids Athrun farewell, as they both promise to do see each other again soon.

Now, for the game’s own victory theme.

Aboard the Re-Home, Lowe has helped Gai Murakumo tune up the Blue Frame once again.
Lowe is going to be gone for quite some time, helping out with the project to revitalize Mars now that the Earth has settled down, so he made sure to give it an extra-special service.
With any development project that big, junkmen will be indispensable, and the Re-Home is far better suited as an asteroid-hopping courier than a warship anyway.

Prayer tells Kazahana that he’ll be going along too, with Malchio's blessing.
He has no idea how long his health will hold up, but he plans to see as much of the world as he can in the interim.
Kazahana wishes him a good trip but asks that he calls every now and then.

However, Prayer does have a job for Kazahana though: deliver his X Astray to Canard.
He says he no longer needs it, and is sure that Canard has now learned enough to put it to good use. Kazahana and the crew will have to actually track the guy down after he went missing, but Gai and Reed promise that there’s no one they can’t locate.
Kazahana accepts the job in Serpent’s Tail’s name and Prayer thanks everyone for the time they spent together with them and the rest of Neo-Wärter.
Lowe echoes the sentiment, saying that even if they never see each other again, he will never forget any of us for as long as he lives.

The Nadesico C is still being used for peace-keeping patrols, much more lonely than when it held all our people.
Some of the pilots, including Ryouko and Gai Daigouji, could have returned to the regular Army, but they're understandably skeptical of the claim that all traces of the Blue Cosmos faction have been eliminated – they prefer to stick around until they hear back from Murrue and Muu about the situation.
Some of the crew have returned to their civilian lives, including Hikaru (back to being a manga artist), Izumi (a waitress), Minato and Yukina (a teacher and student), Uribatake and Genichirou (went back to working with Negal Secret Service), and even Ines (returned to Nergal’s HQ).
Yurika is also gone, but that's because she and her uncloaked prince are finally off on that honeymoon.

Lapis then reports to Ruri that the Earth Tekkamen are the first reinforcements to have arrived, ahead of Ed, Zechs, Noin and others – newly assigned to the Nadesico to make up for the lost crew.
Saburouta would’ve expected Yumi to have went after D-Boy but she says she has made peace with not being together with him, resolved to find her own love as an adult... which presumably means Hayato has no shot given he hasn't attracted her notice yet – David can only tell the kid to step up his game before it’s too late.
Natasha volunteers to give Hayato some advice sometime, seeing how Aki has left her in command of their team.

Inwardly, Ruri wonders if Akito will use the thing she gave him...

Said thing is that old ramen recipe, who is being tested by the Getter and Mazinger team back at Akito’s old restaurant.
Yurika is still helping him run the place, and everyone, including the harsh Hayato, admit that it’s getting better by the day – Sayaka asks if Akito has perfected a new recipe.

However, the improvement is mostly due to the fact that Akito has been steadily recovering his senses thanks to Liger’s rehab – his taste has recovered enough that he could cook again.
Yurika is only too happy to be called the "missus" of the restaurant, and Akito is grateful she's been by his side during the month of treatments.
Those treatments will continue for a while but he's confident that one day he'll be able to remove his sunglasses for good and show his natural eyes to the world again.

Kouji volunteers to keep on taste-testing until that day comes and Boss is readily available, too – free meals are never something either of them will refuse!
Tetsuya then enters, telling Kouji to come with him – Kouji says that Tetsuya should’ve called instead of coming all the way here.
However, Tetsuya also wanted to check on Akito’s recovery and Yurika says that she invited them over so she could serve them lunch before deployment.
Benkei sights that it’s been tough taking all those make-up tests and still finding time to do their patrols but Hayato understands that these are all par for the course.

Tetsuya asks if Sousuke is around but both him and Kaname are away at Merida Island for a certain conference.
Regardless, there are some stray mecha-beasts to dispatch, and Ryouma's is quite energized to fight them - his curry-inspired leaderly conduct even has Hayato impressed.

The conference has finally wound down, and Tessa tells Kaname that she can now return her to a normal student life... though how normal that could be with Sousuke guarding her is up for debate.
Sousuke's continued guard duty has been formally approved by the Mithril brass, and he vows to do his best as always.

With that, Kurz and Mao bust in and announce that it's time to party, hauling Kaname off to give Sousuke and Tessa some time alone together.
Sousuke asks if there’s something the matter but Tessa, rather flustered, says that there’s no problem whatsoever!
She quickly gathers her composure and tells Sousuke that the Tuatha de Danaan is almost ready to return to its normal mission.
Their enemies are still at large, even though the world is nominally at peace.

She's sure that Amalgam's Whispered means to settle the score with her one day, if not with Sousuke and Kaname too.
Inwardly, Tessa tells herself that it’s for the best that she just step out of their way and let Kaname and Sousuke be.
She apologizes to Sousuke for all the rough stuff she's put him through, and hopes that they can still remain friends.
Sousuke says that, if they’re friends, he’d like permission to speak bluntly which she gives him.

Calling her Tessa, he asks for her forgiveness; he says that she's an amazing girl and not just his superior officer.
She is more important than that and, should something happen, he promises to do anything he can for her.
Sousuke quickly starts stammering, and apologizes for presuming to speak so bluntly before leaving in a huff.

: Tessa…Tessa…?! He called me Tessa! Oh my god, what do I do?!
: And he said I’m important to him! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! AAAAAAAAAAAH!

Mardukas runs in, asking what this shouting is all about and Tessa quickly says that he was imagining things and requests a report on the Danaan.
Inwardly, she realizes that she has to battle both her military foes and her rival in love, but she is up to the challenge.

Sousuke meanwhile has taken Kaname to his secret fishing hole, somewhere he always goes when he comes to this island.
This is the first opportunity he's had to take Kaname here, which actually has Kaname at a brief loss for words.
She tells him that she's never really thanked him for saving her until now.

He replies that he was keeping his "promise", not just carrying out a "mission" as Kaname notes.
Sousuke also tells her that he's sorry for the things he said to her during the Danaan party, and Kaname is quick to say that that's water under the bridge.
If he really wants to apologize, he should catch her a great big fish - like a whale or something.
Sousuke replies that those aren't fish but Kaname tells him to not get hung up on technicalities and he quickly acknowledges the order.
Inwardly, Kaname hopes that these days continue forever.

Back at G-Island, Mamoru and friends have just finished the last quarter of their school year, with a new year starting in April.
That will also mean flower-viewing season, and Kaidou will be glad to accompany Mamoru and his family to go see.
Hana is really glad that both Kaidou and Mamoru can attend regular school again and they’re both happy to be back.
Inwardly, Mamoru realizes that it’s about time for Gai and the others to depart.

At the Orbit Base, Taiga is debriefing those present about the upcoming mission to perform a second survey of Jupiter and for the building of a base around Saturn.
Hyuuma will be the local commander, and, while Gai says that Mikoto needn’t leave Earth behind, she insists on accompanying Gai wherever he goes.

The Space Knights will be part of the mission, and Freeman assures D-Boy and Miyuki that he and Mike will take out the last remaining Radam trees in their absence.
Happily, it doesn't seem that D-Boy will have to Tekset any time soon, and Shinya's crystal is helping his body stabilize entirely – should any problems arise, Balzac volunteers to deal with it alongside Fuuryu and Rairyu.

Aki reminds D-Boy that he doesn't need to fight anymore, but D-Boy isn't one to withold his power when it can do someone good.
Aki and Gai still feel the same and, should they need to risk their lives, you'll still have the both the power of our courage and the Genesic power on our side.

The Golion team plan to return to Altea, bearing memories of the warm hearts of the Earthlings.
Taiga passes along a message from the Secretary General, that once Altea is well and truly stabilized, they'd like to begin formal diplomatic relations.
Fahra tells him that he won't have to wait too long for that day to arrive, since there are few remnants of Galra left to deal with.

Fahra asks J to accompany them, but he politely declines by saying that the J-Ark has yet to fly its fill.
But should the day comes when its endless flight loses its luster, he'll make sure to head for Altea.
And by J's side will be Renée, until the day his wings finally seek rest.

Swan promises J that she'll look after Kaidou, at least until he grows to adulthood when J will come to pick him up again.
At that time, it will be entirely up to Kaidou to decide what he wants to do with his life.

Tomoru wishes them all well, determined to figure out what Orgun's essence within wants him to do with his life.
He'll have Michi's help there, and he's already decided one thing he wants to do eventually - journey the stars in search of the newly self-aware Eviluders.
He wants to greet them, not as a hated enemy, but as kin.
D-boy knows that the Eviluders will change, as will mankind and even himself.

No longer bound by the destiny of the Radam, he's got a request for Aki: to call him Takaya.
Free of his mask, he tells his family and other friends from the Argos that this is how he'll live out his days, and that he certainly won't waste the life they helped protect.

Just then, Galent calls up to tell the “Golden Tiger” that "they" are ready to depart.
It’s time to begin their journey towards the future.

: Inference, it seems Sapientia’s repairs have gone well.
: …
: Still not one for compliments, huh. You haven’t forgotten how we lent you a hand with those repairs, did you?
: You were the ones that broke Sapientia in the first place. I really don’t think I need to be thankful after that.
: What…?!
: Stop, you two. It won’t do us any good to begin our journey by arguing with one another.
: Understood, mother…
: Heh…listening to you say that to Regulate shows how far you’ve come.
: Yup, Inference seems to have accepted Regulate as his mother.
: It seems like The Database is becoming one happy family.
: Of course, they’re like our family…
: Then, Akane…would you like us to become a family of our own?
: Sure…if you want to…then, I could be your wife and…
: Ack! What did I just say?!
: Um…Ms. Akane…
: What, Carret…I got a little distracted from all this happiness around me.
: I would first offer my felicitations but I was going to inform that the communication lines are set to ON.
: Congratulations, you two!!
: Hee hee…it seems like Akane beat me to it.
: Then, Horis will be another brother to me!
: Hm…So this was a human proposal and its acceptance.
: Oh Akane, you’re going to be a bride! That is soooo cuuuute!
: N-No Way! I had changed the signal to OFF!
: Yup but I changed it to ON. I wanted everyone to hear this special occasion.
: That’s that, I think. It’s too late for you to refuse my proposal.
: After all, the Trailer maxim says: "Hold fast to that which is spoken once, and he who makes the other speak first wins."
: Applicant…what will you all be doing after this?
: We have been guilty of irreparable errors…
: It’s possible that remnants of civilizations that we attacked in the past are still alive and, if so, we would like to support those survivors to the best of our ability.
: We will use the technological data stored in our records to do so.
: I think you’ll pull it off, Applicant.
: The way you stopped Sapientia’s explosion was every bit as amazing as my own father.
: Heh…hearing you say that makes me twice as eager for the mission ahead.
: Be well, Aria. Please don’t forget us…
: Of course not, Mihiro. After all, you’re my precious younger sister!
: Let’s go, Aria. We will be your family from now on.
: I understand, Lord Inference.
: We’re family now, so you can drop that “Lord” thing.
: Then, would it be ok if I called you big brother?
: That’d be nice. And, in that case, I would start to call you sister.
: Alright! I love you, big brother!
: Well then…I believe it’s time for us to go.
: Hold on for just another second…

: Neo-Wärter!
: Looks like we arrived right on time, lass.
: It must’ve been exhausting work to get everyone back together like this, Galent.
: Thank you, Warriors of Earth. For coming here to see us off.
: I will remember every single one of you…and not as an entry in the databanks but as a memory of my own.
: Alright, Inference! You hang in there, ya hear?
: Thank you, Kazuma…I hope that we can meet again.
: Our new journey begins now! Let’s go!
: Yes…all preparations are complete.
: Thank you, everyone! We will meet again!!
: You bet! Neither of us will forget each other!
: Also, make sure you remember: the terror of space, the weakness of the individual and the importance of life!!
: All units, forward! We’ll sail towards an endless future!

: They’re all gone…

: Well, we also have a new voyage to depart to.
: A new voyage?
: Hmm…we don’t have a specific destination but they say that “the journey is its own reward”.
: Not at all, there is one thing that we all agree must be done.
: We still need to do everything possible to avoid that 37th bankruptcy.
: You mean we’re still that poor?!
: Cheer up, Mihiro! This day, we begin our Trailer business once again!
: There is money all over the world! We’ll be lining our pockets real soon!!
: You’re right! We’ll hang on, big brother!
: (Someday I’ll go on a voyage of my own…there are still so many parts of space that no one has seen before…)
: (Father…It wasn’t just the Valstork that you’ve left us.)
: (You also left your dreams and your pride…and I will use those in whatever battles that may come…)
: (This is how I’ll live, as a Spaceman of this universe.)

And that is that; it took well over a year but we’re finished with the regular game.
However, that does not mean that we’re done with the LP!

As I mentioned before in the thread, there are some new missions that open in New Game+, alongside some other potentially game-breaking features.

One of those features is the fact that, when you do a New Game+, your units carry over the upgrades that they got in the previous game.
So, I’m gonna load my test run file, and I’ll plow through the game with fully upgraded units!

While I work to reach the new missions, I will also comb through the older updates and spruce them up some, adding dialogue and story details that I may have skipped – I’ll make a post detailing what was added so people don’t have to read through the updates if they don’t want to.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the next LP, too – I’ll be making it tomorrow!

See you all soon!