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Part 204: Mission 55 - Set Sail To an Endless Future - Part 3

Here we are, folks – the finale.
Before anything, let’s take a look at Inference’s new toy:

It seems Inference’s discovery of his own heart has not only changed his attitude – his already massive stats have all gained a 10 point boost.
As for the unit, Sapientia is all that Scientia was but even stronger: he’s a total of 300k HP and 2000 Armor.
Like Scientia, he carries a debuff immunity and 30% EN Regen.

Sapientia’s weapons are damn powerful and dangerous: his Aeternum Lumen comes in both MAP (3-8 range, spreading out in a circle) and single-target variety, both apply the Movement Down debuff and it’s likely that you’ll be bombarded by the MAP at least once while approaching Sapientia – it’d be advisable to keep your slower units at the MAP’s edge so they can enter the blindspot in one go.
His Fatum Creare is, as expected, the strongest boss attack in the game and it’ll also apply the 30% Armor Down debuff; as before, Inference is very likely to focus both attacks on a single unit and, if said unit is unprotected, it will HURT.
Finally, both his attacks have massive Accuracy Modifiers so even your dodgy robots face a possible risk if you don’t use Confuse.

Conclusion: Inference is an even greater danger than before – approach him with everyone and throw everything at him.
Provided you took care to store your SP while fighting Scientia, all your units should have enough to cast Valor/Soul plus one defensive measure.
Don’t let him get a turn while that Prevail L9 is running or you will probably lose a unit if he decides to focus-fire (he probably will as he still prioritizes using both his movements to wreck one target over using his MAP).

Athrun still has his movement, so he sets on ahead while taking aim at a nearby batch of mooks.

Two kills – we would do well to avoid killing more than we need to max out everyone’s morale, lest we trigger another wave of reinforcements.

To get himself closer to 170 morale, Sousuke chains another four mooks and kills a couple of Opus.
Gai Daigouji takes an assist from Kazuma and kills a Reus.

Blade will make short work of this other weakened one.

Good man.

Last movement is J’s, who pulls another chain attack and kills an Opus.

Enemy Phase!

We don’t need to waste any more resources on hardy mooks, so all the attacks are either dodged or defended against.

I have noticed that the Nadesico was drawing a lot of attention lately – I took a gamble and moved it right into the middle and, indeed, a LOT of mooks wasted their attacks against an Iron Wall’d Distortion Field.

A couple of Stomas tried to attack Tetsuya but, with Confuse running, he dodged them both.

Even though I placed Kazuma inside Inference’s range, hoping to trigger a single attack, he decides to MAP.

He does it twice and hits the Nadesico and Golion – thankfully, they were all protected (and Golion has Accelerate to cover the reduced movement).

Player Phase!

This one Stoma is blocking Tetsuya’s path, so as Lowe moves closer to Inference, I have him take a shot at it.

Gai Murakumo is right behind him and will take this kill.

There we go.

Only one more Confuse cast available and Suzuishi wastes the rest of his SP on it.

As I said, I don’t want to trigger Inference’s Prevail, so everyone gets in attack position for the next turn.

Enemy Phase!

Another wave of wasted attacks against both the Iron Wall’d Nadesico and Gaogaigar.

Oddly enough, now Inference plays ball and uses both his attacks against Valzacard.

: Kazuma! This ends now!
: Inference! Figure out if you hate me or if you just want to do your job!
: What?!
: Captain Bless knew how to separate his personal feelings from his duty.
: You're just like Kazuma used to be.
: Don't lose yourself. Remember what's really important to you.
: What is truly important...
: Inference. Life is precious.
: She’s right, Inference! Life is amazing! It really is what is precious and important...
: Be silent! You would never understand!
: Please, Inference, you have to see what life is!
: He won't listen to us...
: What?! But Aria and Regulate are saying those things because they care about you!
: Give it up, Mihiro! All we can do is smack him back to his senses!
: You've really got his number, Kazuma.
: Of course. He's just like our Kazuma when he gets mad.
: Go get him, brother!
: Step up, Inference! I've got a lesson for you from my dad!
: The terror of space, the weakness of the individual, and the importance of life…I'll teach you with my fists!

Valzacard had Alert cast for the first attack.

The second hit was mitigated by Shihomi’s Iron Wall.

Player Phase!

Here we go…hit the music and FIRE EVERYTHING!!!

: Golion! Our battle of 3,519 years ends here!
: Can we defeat him? He's too strong!
: Princess! If we hesitate, we've lost for sure!
: He's trying to do his mission, but so are we!
: We're fighting as Golion's champions for Altea, the Earth, and the whole universe!
: Suzuishi, Kurogane, Seidou...
: You back with us, Princess? Because we're with you, and so is Golion!
: Yes!
: Golion will stand and fight anyone who threatens peace in this universe!

: Thanks for being honest with us...
: But we still can't let you harm the Earth!
: I don't need you to let me! This is my mission... my life!
: He's all fired up!
: If you're putting your life on the line for the Database, we'll put ours down to defend the Earth!
: All there is left is to fight it out! I can definitely outlast you!
: Inference! Get a load of the preciousness of life and our willpower!

: Courage?! If that was all it took, I would have wiped you all out by now!
: You don't know the true power of courage... of life!
: A soul that never stops fighting... the power of life to struggle on gives it unlimited energy!
: You already gained emotions. Now you just need to understand the weight of life!
: Gai! End this war with your courage!
: Let's go, Inference! I'll show you the absolute victory of life!

: You have a heart too. You're not just a program anymore!
: I am Inference, the last recorder in the universe!
: Damn, his emotions are taking control. We can't get through to him!
: Tomoru! You have to stop him! BECAUSE he has a heart!
: I know, Michi! He's lost himself to his newfound emotions!
: That's why I have to stop him! The warrior Orgun, the Eviluder who rediscovered his heart!

: Do you still insist on fighting?
: Like I said, I won't let anyone stop me!
: So you're determined to fight no matter what...
: But I... I can't afford to lose! I have to stop you!

: Target locked: Sapientia.
: You think I'm stupid enough to just sit there and let you shoot me?
: Yep, that's our angry Kazuma, all right.
: Like a hunter on the plains, he'll move directly for his prey.
: Then there's nothing we can do...
: There's only one way to handle people like him!
: Take him by the horns and force him to back down!
: This is all we can do for our beloved planet...
: No one can stop me now! I will live on as the recorder, even if I am the last!
: We will not eliminate that determination. However, Inference, we will eliminate your twisted mission!

: No weapons and tactics will help you win against the Sapientia's power!
: Winning and losing is irrelevant.
: What does that mean?
: We're mercenaries. We fight for what's important to us.
: Whether that's money or ideals depends on the person and place.
: But we always fight for it with all we have... and we will win.
: Excellent! But you're not the only ones putting everything at stake!

: Getter Robo! You are a threat to this universe, and I will destroy you!
: Getter is a threat to the universe?
: What does he mean? Is that in the Database's records?
: Is that what ended the previous universe?
: Wake up, Ryouma. Getter's always been there for us.
:'re right, Hayato!
: I trust all our fights with Getter more than whatever's written in the Database!
: Come on, Inference! All three of us will fight you as one with the power of Getter!

: We have nothing to say to one another! All there is left is for us to stop you!
: How priceless! None of you can stop Sapientia!
: Well, you can't stop the Neo-Wärter either!
: That's right! We're fighting for all the life on Earth...
: And for the whole planet's future!
: Here we go, Inference! I have no fear because I'm fighting to defend my world!
:I’m going to beat you with my own hands and put an end to this fight!

: Out of my way, you...!
: ...Wow, he gets pissed off exactly like Kazuma.
: Well, since Bless isn't here, I'll have to tell you off for him!
: Wha?!
: Men don't pitch a fit when things don't go their way!
: I can't let you get away with what you're doing! I'll stop you even if I have to do it by force!

: Out of my way! I am a recorder, tasked with preserving the memories of the universe into eternity!
: He's fighting following his heart...
: But he's such a nuisance!
: When life's a beach, get new sands. Hee hee.
: This is no time for jokes!
: But we're following our hearts too.
k: And we can't let him get away with what he's done.
: Indeed! Lost One, see the light!
: Guess I'm playing the hero too.
: Come, Inference. I will show you the importance of life.
: I will truly cast aside my black garments of anger and hatred...

: Pathetic. You're so caught up in your mission you've forgotten what's important.
: You, calling me pathetic? I control all the memories of the universe!
: Oh, come on. You're just acting out 'cause your daddy's gone!
: Drop it, kiddo. Surrender now and we might go easy on you.
: Be silent! If you don't understand my mission, I will make you understand by force!
: Sagara! It's up to you to stop him!
: Go, Sagara!
: Roger! I will eradicate all obstacles to the final mission!

: I can't lose! Not to you, anyway!
: Enough squealing! You can't defeat me with just noise!
: Neither can you. Not even with all your brute force.
: You're giving it all you've got, but so are we!
: We are the Space Knights of Neo-Wärter! We'll fight any threat to our planet!
: Here we go, Yumi!
: This is everything Mr. D taught me... my anger, my dreams, and my conviction!

: Move, Tekkaman! You've fought hard for your life, and you needn't throw it away now!
: Or don't you understand the value of your “precious life”?
: Some things are worth laying a life on the line for! A man taught me that by laying down his!
: Bernard...
: I won't stop fighting! I'm laying my life on the line for my planet!
: We're with you, D-Boy! Right by your side!
: This is the final battle... then I'll stake everything I have!
: I'll fight too! This is worth my new life!
: Be silent! My life is on the line as well! Just like yours!
: Not like ours! You fight to take others' lives!
: We fight... to stop you from wasting the preciousness that is life!

: I have to protect the world...
: Oh, shut up! If you want to say something, stop mumbling and say it!
: Be quiet! Kira's trying to say something important!
: Speak up, Kira! Tell that spoiled brat what we all want to say!
: Uh, I...
: Stop muttering! You're just making his head swell! (of course, this line only appears if you’ve recruited Yzak)
: If you ever needed to say it loud, this is the time!
: Just say whatever's on your mind. We're behind you.
: ...Inference, this isn't how you should use your feelings and your power.
: Feelings and power?
: You just want everyone to know how you felt when your father died...
: That's why I have to stop you! I have to protect everyone on Earth with MY feelings and my power!

This is it but before we take him out, here’s the requisite Bonta-kun dialogue:

: Fumo, mofu, fumoffu, fumofu!
: What in the universe are you? Tell me!
: Fumofu, fumo, fumoffu!
: What do you mean, you’re the Trash Monitor?! STOP SPEAKING NONSEEEEEEEEENSE!!

Now, time to end it!

All Database units explode upon the Master System’s defeat.

: It’s over, Inference! Now pipe down!
: Alright…
: Oi, are you gonna go or not?! Sousuke!
: I will accomplish my mission…!

: Shit…I’ve been completely defeated. I can’t even move my body anymore…
: Lord Inference…
: Don’t pity me. This was a war, and I lost fair and square.
: I gave it my all along with Sapientia’s full power…
: I only regret that…all the stored memories will vanish with me and Sapientia…
: Get out of there, Inference! If you admit that you were wrong, then you can still redeem yourself!
: You don’t need to die here!
: You’re wrong, Kazuma…I have become one with Sapientia…
: I am already finished…

: Sapientia’s internal energy is rapidly increasing!!
: If it keeps going like this, the resulting explosion is going to destroy us too!
: I’ve received confirmation that Kaname has already been rescued!
: Captain Shihomi…!
: Everyone, retreat! Get out of the fortress!
: Lord Inference!
: Inference!
: Farewell, Kazuma. At least once, we are able to speak to each other as one human to another…
: Maybe, in a different life, we could've been friends…

: The importance of life, huh…Father, what I hate the most is the fact that you never taught me that…
: …I have never been one to die with people still hating me, Inference.
: WHAT?!