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Part 96: Mission 27 - Towards an Unending Tomorrow

Mission 27 - Towards an Unending Tomorrow

Down in Japan, Mikoto (now having fully transformed into Zonuda Robo) has landed right by the area where Hana, Kaname, Kazama and Kyouko were hanging out.
While Hana is confused, Kaname knows that, whatever it is, is dangerous and tries to get everyone to run away.
The Zonuda Robo is mechanizing the entire area around it.

Akagi and his JSDF Red Dragons show up in short order to get rid of it.

However, their mecha are all quickly drained of their energy, forcing them to eject.
As Kaname studies this, she mumbles to herself that it's not energy drain per se, but almost more like matter sublimation.
Is this robot trying to sublimate all matter around it, she wonders; at the very least, anything near it ceases functioning entirely.
Right then, Hana points out that a ship is approaching.

It’s the Nadesico, and Gort is aghast that these are all the troops we’re able to deploy: it seems Mikoto’s escape from Orbit Base has left all the Brave Robots and Gai drained of energy, meaning we will not have their support.
The Valstork is also suffering some sort of unknown problem and is undergoing emergency repairs to get here ASAP – afterwards, Mikoto controlled one of GGG’s Division ship, used it to escape here and then combined with it to form that robot ahead.

Kouji asks what’ll happen if we get touched by Mikoto in this form and Ines says that, from the information sent by Orbit Base, it’ll be the same as what happened to the Red Dragons.
Any matter, organic or inorganic, is sublimated if it goes near her; Mamoru doesn’t understand how this happened since, with Z-Master’s defeat, all Zondar and Zondarians shouldn’t be active.
And since Mikoto is actually fused with this new menace Ines cannot provide even a proper idea as to how we’re going to rescue her – problem is, if we don’t do something about it, she’ll sublimate all matter on Earth.

We may not be able to simply stop her, though: as Tetsuya points out, even if Mikoto’s inside, it's one life versus the lives of everyone on Earth.
Gai Daigouji cries out that he can’t accept that reasoning but Blade knows that we probably have no choice.
However, he still cannot bring himself to do this – he’s not going to give up just yet and wants to try rescuing her!
Everyone else agrees and Ines warns that we’ll have to stick close to the Nadesico, whose Distortion Field is about the only defense against sublimation.
Even then, we’ll need to leave the field in order to attack which means everyone will only get one shot.
Everyone will just have to make that shot count and, hopefully, hold out until Gai gets here.

This why I’ve deployed these people: with only 10 slots, they amount to the strongest possible combination I can make - prioritize people with Valor and/or Spirit because you need to, as it was said, maximize the damage you do with one hit.

Before anything else, though, make sure you keep everyone inside the Nadesico – you’ll thank me later.

Enemy Phase!

Kaname warns everyone to watch out, as the Zonuda fires a wave of matter sublimating energy.
It seems the Zonuda Robo emits a field that can sublimate things at long range but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to get close enough to attack: Ruri detects that it takes around 1 minute/turn to charge the attack.
This means that, if our units leave the safety of the Nadesico’s field, we'll lose one unit from the line of battle each minute/turn and losing one machine could be the difference between winning and losing this battle.
Hayato is worried at the severity of this battle but Tetsuya yells that we’ve no choice here: if we lose, it’ll mean the death of the entire planet!

Player Phase!

That was why you keep your units inside the ship while you get into attacking range. Also, here’s a quick look at the Zonuda:

It has a decent amount of HP but its armor isn’t all that good (on par with the Venus A).
Being the only enemy in this stage means you can toss everything you have at it so the base-line morale of our guys won’t matter much.

It’s attacks are of little consequence as it shouldn’t be able to oneshot anything short of an unlucky real and, if your unit survives, it’ll be sublimated and leave (mind you, if a unit gets killed it will still have a cost to repair so make sure they leave only through the sublimation).

Mind you, the Zonuda has HP / EN Regen of 10% and is also immune to status effects, so don’t even bother with Rust Hurricane.

It should be noted that the Zonuda Robo DOES have Pilot Skills:
Of course, most of those skills will be irrelevant as it needs to die quick. Use all your SP and throw the strongest attack available at it.

With that in mind, let’s toss everything we can at her:

: Don’t forget you courage, Mikoto! We won’t give up on you until the last second!
: We couldn’t bear to tell our schoolmates that the legendary couple of the Fuji Space Academy has died!
: Hang in there, Mikoto! Gai will surely find a way to save you!!

: Urk! Golion can’t go on! Everyone, please! Save Earth and Mikoto!!

: The fate of the world or the life of one person…it should be a simple choice to make but…
: ...I’m still going to fight to the very end! I won’t give up on Earth or Mikoto!

: Unable to continue fighting…retreating. Fight well, my friends.

: Material Sublimation…even the Tek-System or the G-Power will be unable to withstand something like that.
: However, I won’t give up! For my mission, for the world, I cannot allow this to be the end!

: Hurry, Gai! You are the only one that can save both Earth and Mikoto!

: Gh…UUOOOOOOOOOOOH! Gai, the man with the same soul name as me…Everything is in your hands!

Inside the Orbit Base, Gai asks his father why this nightmare is happening even after the Zondar were defeated.
The Shishio brothers think back to the time that Mikoto lost her parents in the initial crash-landing of EI-01.
They theorize that at that time EI-01 planted some kind of new seed in her, one that gradually fused with her nervous system and evolved into a being with powers comparable to the G-Stones – a new type of machine life, stronger even than the Primevals.

: Why are the Valstork and Valhawk, right when we need them the most…why aren’t they moving?!
: Horis and Carret are looking for the source of the problem right now. We can only wait.
: But aren’t there any mechs that are working?! We gotta hurry to Earth and help everyone out!
: Kazuma…I am going…
: I will beat that New Machine Species and I will save Mikoto – that is a hero’s duty!
: But…the Gao-Machines and the Brave Robots have also been sublimated and can’t move…
: Gai, I know how you’re feeling but…there’s no way Gaigar’s power will be enough to fight that thing…

: No…there’s still a way to fight…!
: Gai…I understand what you’re saying.
: We’ve no choice but to bet everything on you!
: Thank you, guys…
: We’re counting on you, Hero! Final operation – BEGIN!

: Gai! And Mike, too!
: But Gaigar’s power won’t be enough to win against the New Machine Species!
: Hang in there! Our courage isn’t dead yet!

: The Gao-Machines are safe!
: Don’t wait around, then! Hurry up and do the Final Fusion!
: Roger that!
: We will not give up!
: We will show you…
: …the last of our power!
: The Brave Robots are the Gao-Machines?!
: They transferred their Super AIs into them?!
: Both we and the Gao-Machines were sublimated but we couldn’t wait around doing nothing.
: So, we decided…to sacrifice what little remains of our life on this battle!
: Go, Captain! Save Earth…and Ms. Utsugi!
: Entrust your lives to me, guys! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!
: …..
*Zonuda Robo moves closer to Gaigar.*
: Not good! It’s realized what they’re doing!

: Mike!
: You idiot! This isn’t the time to show off!
: …I am glad that even a useless robot like Mike could have all of you as friends…
: Thank you…

: Mike! I’ve received your courage for sure!

: Gaogaigar’s G-Stone should be able to protect him against sublimation to some degree.
: Gai! You and Gaogaigar are our last hope!
: Gai!
: Mamoru…I will save Mikoto from that thing...! I promise you this!!
: …..
: New Machine Species! I’ll take Mikoto back from you!!

Orchestral awesomeness!

: Wait just a bit, Mikoto! After we’ve knocked this monster out, we’re gonna help you!
: And I’m hoping to get some chocolate from you tomorrow!

: Damn! I can’t go on! The rest is up to you, guys!

: Don’t give up, Mikoto! We’re gonna give it our all until the end!
: We defeated the Primevals; we’re gonna save both you and Earth, no matter what!!

: Tch…we can’t move anymore. Now, we place our bets on the heroes!
: Hang in there, Mikoto! Gai and Wärter are sure to find a way to help you!
: Even Shin-Getter is getting sublimated. Sorry, guys – the rest is up to you!

: Damn it! We defeated the Primevals and something like this happens right after…!
: Mikoto, if you can hear us, please answer! We’re going to rescue you!!

: Gai! You’re the only one that can rescue Mikoto! I leave the rest to you!!

: Damn…stop it already, Mikoto! We…we don’t want to have to kill you!!

: The life of our friend versus the world…no matter the choice, we lose something precious.
: No time to overthink this, though! I’ll just give it my all!

: Tch…this is as far as I go. I beg of you, my companions: save Mikoto AND Earth!

: Forgive me...I may not be able to save you…
: However, I cannot allow this world to end…!

: Retreating… I leave the rest to you.

: …..
: Is our…is our civilization mistaken?
: Is it because we don’t treasure others? Because we turn everything into garbage? Do we need to be destroyed?
: Will our material civilization grind to a halt…?
: The one who denounces our existence...
: Is he the Devil…Or God…?!
: Is this what it truly means to be purified...?!
:The GS-Ride is already reaching its limit…!
: I have this world…and in myself!
: So, I will fight. FOR THE SAKE OF LIFE!!

: Kick its ass for sure!
: Enryu! Answer me, damn you! Enryu!
: Damn…DAMN IT! Enryu! We’ll fight just like you did!

: Move forward with courage!
: Fuuryu…you were a hero…
: Your life will not have been in vain!

: Our hearts are one!
: Hyoryu! HYORYUUU!
: We can cry later, Milly! Right now, we need to fight for Hyoryu’s sake!

: Idiot…to say something so cliché at Rairyu’s final moments…!

: Victory is at hand!
: Damn it…! Weren’t you a ninja?! Why didn’t you use some technique to avoid that attack?!
: Just you wait, Volfogg…I promise that we’ll carry out your last mission!!

The Zonuda is worth a whole lot of levels, a Solar Cell (Grants EN Regen 10% and an Exploding God Curry-Pan (Consumable – fully restores SP), as well as a SP Usage -5%, Infight +1, Gunfight +1, and Morale Limit Break.

The levels also give the brothers Support Defense L3.

: Did we do it?!
: Not yet…! It’s starting to regenerate like before!

: …..
*Zonuda Robo charges at Gaogaigar*
: Watch out, Gai!
: Don’t do it!!
*Nadesico intercepts Zonuda Robo*
: We charged right where Captain wanted but…
: …Even the Distortion Field can’t protect us at this distance…

: Yurika!
: Don’t do it…Mikoto…you and Gai are too precious to each other…
: …It’s too sad to see two people like you fighting each other!!
: Captain Misumaru… I won’t let those feelings go to waste!
: New Machine Species! Give Mikoto back to us!!

: This time, did we do it?!
: No…even in core form, the matter sublimation will go on.

: Mikoto…
: Gai…kill me…hurry…kill me!
: Mikoto…
: Please…kill me. Use your hand, hurry…
: Mikoto…I’m coming…wait for me.
: Before it’s too late…kill me…!
: If it’s time to die…we’ll die together.
: Mikoto…I’m sorry. I couldn’t…protect the person…dearest to me…
: Gai…
: I…love you…
: And I love you…thank god…
: I’ll never let you go…I promise…I promise we’ll be together!
: Gai…
: Gai…Mikoto…
: Please, lend me your power…Mamoru…
: Curatio…teneritas…section…salus…coctura…

: A miracle has happened…
: I’m…Gai…!
: Welcome back…Mikoto.
: That body…
: It’s like a gift from God…as a reward for our victory…
: Gai…!
: Mikoto…I’ll never let you go.
: Gai…!

: Gai…Mikoto…
: It’s a miracle...
: Yes...the power of their love made it happen…things are finally starting to look up a little…

: Oh…Captain Bless, you managed to get the Valstork moving again?
: There’s no time to talk!
: All units get into the Valstork! Hurry!
: What happened, Captain?!
: …The UN’s Security Council has decided to take armed action against Plant.
: What?!
: Plant…the Space Colony that’s home to the Coordinators?!
: It has come to light that the Jovian’s invasion of Earth was being secretly supported by the Plant government.
: This revelation was used by the Federation Army to leverage a preemptive strike against Plant.
: Not even granny Abroval and Relena would be able to stop the Security Council after that!
: …However, since it’s an official UN decision, we are not able to interfere…
: That’s not it! It seems that this Federation’s attack force is going to use nukes against Plant!
: Nuclear weapons?!
: They would use such weapons in a fight against fellow humans?!
: It seems like the decision to use them was not made by the entire Security Council but by a single, on-site group.
: Then, we’ve been given orders to stop that nuclear strike?!
: Hurry! The Nadesico can’t move and Orbit Base’s systems are still down, which means…
: …Right now, the Valstork is our last hope!
: Let’s go, guys! We’ll show these idiots that they can’t do whatever they want with human lives!

: Hurry up, Horis! We have to catch up to with the Federation fleet!
: Roger, Captain! This isn’t about just making money right now!
: I guess we should be glad the Valstork wasn’t moving before!
: Wait! There’s something in the ship’s path just ahead!

: Radam!
: It’s been a while, Blade! But, at last, the day when I get to kill you is finally here!
: You idiot! We don’t have time to waste with you right now!

: D-Boy!
: Captain Bless! I’ll keep the Radam at bay! You go on ahead!
: Sorry, D-Boy! We’ll leave this to you!
*Valstork dashes past the Radam.
: There’s something else approaching! This is…?!

: The Eviluders are here!
: And Orgun, too!
: AHAHAHAHA, Orgun! To think I would find you while chasing the Radam troops!
: What a great opportunity! I get to bury you and the Radam in one go!
: I will go on, though! Even if this is my last fight!
: What can you do, Orgun? Even an Eviluder as strong as you has been injured by the frequent battles…
: This place will be your grave! You and the Radam will be turned into space dust!
: You’ve come at last, Eviluder! This Solar System seems to have become the place for our decisive battle!
*Evil moves forward.*
: Orgun!
: Tekkaman Blade…there’s something I still have to tell you…
: How naïve, Orgun! You shouldn’t face away from your opponent on the battlefield!!

: Orgun!
: Step aside, Eviluder! Blade is my prey!!

: D-Boy!
: Aki! There’s something coming from Earth!

: Miyuki! Why are you here?!
: Evil! I won’t let you hurt my brother any more!
: You still live, my little survivor! You know that your days are numbered, though, so you came here to have one last fight!
: What?!
: You didn’t know, Blade?! Rapier is an incomplete Tekkaman…because of that, her life span won’t be very long!
: Shut up, Evil! I will use what little life remains in me to help my brother!!
: Miyuki!!
: Break through their lines, Horis!! We must keep going or their sacrifices will be in vain!
: Roger!
: Wait, Horis! There’s something intercepting the Valstork!
: !

: Wh-what is that?!
: I’m going out! Leave that enemy to me!
: Dad! While I’m keeping it busy, you charge right past him!!

: Kazuma!
: Heh…some unknown variables… I’ll just eliminate them altogether!
: Hrm!
: Tch!
*Evil and Rang move away.*

: Urgh…! Miyuki…!
: You seem to be suffering, Rapier! Then, I’ll just put you out of your misery!

: Brother…

: DAMN IT! If someone doesn’t stop that guy, everyone’s gonna die!
*Kazuma charges after Inference.*
: Kazuma, that’s crazy! STOP!!
: Even if it’s crazy, I’m still doing it! If not...
: You’ll just be put down, you moron!!

: Brother!
: Kazuma was thrown out of the cockpit!
: Shihomi! Take the captain’s seat!!
: Father!!

: Dad…
: Hang in there, Kazuma! Those who give up in space are as good as dead!
: All components are gathered! Now, our endless voyage will begin!
: That guy is charging for another attack!
: Father! Kazuma!
: Are you sad, Blade?! Such feelings have long been unnecessary to a Radam!!
: Shut up, Shinya! I will never forgive you!!
: Blade! You must not die here!!
*Orgun charges at Inference.
: Orgun! Do you intend to use your Ahnk Attack with your body that injured?!
: AHAHAHAHAHA! Disappear, vermin!!


This is the only time this song plays in the entire game and it’s amazing.
I recommend listening to it at least once.

: It’s beautiful…both the planet and the people who dwell in it with their hearts…
: It is something we, Eviluders, have abandoned…
: The rest…is up to you……

"The Holy Valentine Light" and the New Battle

2/14/100 of the Federation Space Calendar

The New United Nations elected to use force against the Plants, who had supported the anti-Earth organization known as the Jovian Union. An attack fleet was dispatched at once to the L5 point but under the isolated discretion of certain soldiers aboard the fleet, it was armed with "nuclear weapons", forbidden from use in battle between human and human.

The New United Nations executive branch, upon obtaining this information, sent its special Wärter battalion with orders to stop the use of the nuclear weapons. However, depleted from their battle with the new species of mechanical life, they were repulsed by a combined attack by the Radam, Eviluders, and another mysterious mechanized foe.

The sacrificial attack by the mysterious Detonator Orgun allowed the Wärter to escape by the slimmest of margins.
During this battle known as the "Holy Valentine Light", Captain Blessfield and one other civilian, as well as Tekkaman Rapier, disappeared and the Wärter, whose flagship Nadesico became immobilized, were for all practical purposes obliterated.

With no one to stop them, nuclear weapons destroyed the Plant agricultural colony Junius 7, along with 243,721 sacrifices.

Mankind, about to embark on a path to peace and righteousness in the wake of the Marimea Army's oppression and the Lizard War, was plunged once more into the depths of conflict by this tragedy.

- Space Development Corporation, Historical Notes "Space Development Report", excerpted from Chapter 1 final page.