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Part 21: Post-Mission 6 Upgrades, Skill Parts and Unit Frames menu

Time for our usual post-mission tasks. As always, let’s check our top aces:

Getting Kazuma and Bless some love paid off. They both got enough kills to catch up to everyone in levels.

BP Upgrades

I think it’s high time we spent a little bit of our BPs in accuracy because there will be quite a few dodgy enemies down the road and we want to boost our attacks at least some.

Blade gets 1 power-up in melee, 2 in Shooting and 1 in Accuracy.

Quatre gets 1 in melee and 2 in accuracy.

Bless gets 2 in Accuracy and 1 in Shooting.

Unit Upgrades

We got a whole bunch of cash last mission (even more so after I sold the Propellant Tank).

So, let’s go to town!

Blade gets a boost to Weapons, Mobility and EN.

Gaogaigar gets one in weapon, EN and Armor.

Valhawk/Valstork get a point each in HP, Armor and Mobility.

Unit Parts

We got two parts from Dagger: first is an Aqua Module (アクアモジュール) which raises the equipped unit’s Water Terrain Rating to S (this makes it so it doesn’t lose movement and mobility inside water – Weapon Ratings are also affected which means that unit won’t do piddly damage anymore).

I’ll give this one to Big Volfogg simply for lack of a better option. If someone else needs it, I’ll switch.

Second, we got an Apogee motor (アポジモーター). This is your standard equip for a real but it can fit a dodgy super. Boosts your Movement Range by 1 and Mobility by 5.

I’ll be switching Kazuma’s booster for this one since he’s about the only one that can make proper use of both stats (Duo and Blade have Accel so they doesn’t need the extra movement). The booster that was taken away goes to Gaogaigar.

Skill Parts

We got a very useful skill part last mission Multicombo (マルチコンボ)+1. This skill goes up to level 4 and allows a unit to use a Chain attack (only certain weapons can do that; they are marked with a C icon).

If you’ve played Original Generation 2 on the GBA, you’ll know that a chain attack allows you to hit more than one enemy with a single attack, provided that they are next to each other up to a max of 4 chains (one per skill level). Each chain gets a damage penalty, mind, but it’s still very useful to weaken several mooks in one go.

I’ll be giving this to Kazuma because he has, by far, the most Chain capable skills – 2 in each form (Beam Shot Launcher + Ley Blade in Cross Combat and Beam Shot Launcher + Heat Edge Exploder in Airforce Mode). Pretty much everyone in the game learns this skill on their own so this will only get Kazuma started a little bit earlier.

We also got a Gunfight (ガンファイト)+1 but none of our current pilots are very ranged-focused (either they focus on melee, like Gai and Duo, or they’re hybrids, like Kazuma). I’ll be saving this for later.

Now, before we wrap this up, a new option has become available in the post-mission menu. This option is Unit Frames.

It is in here where you can change a unit’s form by equipping or unequipping frames. As of right now, we can only change Blade (with or without Pegas) and Volfogg(Normal or Big Volfogg).

Finally, Anothergamer requested this and I saw no problem in doing it. I’ve renamed the attacks of the Valhawk/Valstork to their translated names to make it easier to read.

Do note that, due to name size limits, I had to drop spaces and abbreviate a name here and there.

That’s all for today. Next update, we’ll check on what craziness happened with the Nadesico and these “mysterious aliens” on Mars.