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Part 20: Mission 6 - GGG, by the skin of it's teeth! - Part 2

Little heads up before we start: the 1st page has been updated with an OST list of the songs we've heard so far to make it easier for people to locate the ones that they enjoy.

When we last saw our heroes, they were getting tag-teamed by Zondars (led by EI-15) and Radam (led by Tekkaman Dagger).
How unpleasant…

The big unit to take notice here is the “Kaokaikar” Zondar – EI-15.

With 23000 HP and 1500 Armor, it’s decently bulky but it’s got a big, exploitable weakness: his range.
It’s longest ranged attack is his Zondar Magnum which is only 1-4 range and also his weakest move, so a whole lot of our guys can attack without fear of a counter.

Dagger is the same as he was in the other mission so he won’t be a problem.

The Zondar group comes with 2 Birdmen, Taurus, Garadas, Doublases and Gernsbacks.
All weak, grunt units that will go down in two hits even if they are underwater(you can’t see it in the picture but the EI-15 is right under the cursor).

I’ll be spreading my group out somewhat. Duo, Quatre, Gaogaigar, Blade, Big Volfogg and Kazuma will go after the Zondar while the rest will handle the incoming Radam. Take note that Dagger will, of course, gun straight for Blade.

Duo (with Accelerate) and Quatre inch a bit closer but they won’t be seeing any action this turn.

Big Volfogg hops onto someone’s penthouse and aims his shiny new gun at an M6.

Good, good.

Now, time for Blade’s first fight in a while.
Let’s see how his Tek-Lancer does against this birdman. Click the image below to see it.

Very nice.

This is also a good opportunity to send Kazuma over to nab that last Birdman before it has a chance to go after someone that can’t dodge very well (I’m looking at you, Noin!). I’ve just realized that it’s been a long while since I’ve done a GIF for Kazuma, so click below to see an oldie but goodie.


Our bottom group is done, so let’s start working with our top guys.

Moving forward, however, will mean that our guys will be in attack range of most of the Radam after they’ve moved (That’s one of the bugs movement range up there).
As such, I think it’s best if we hold our ground.

I notice that all those support defends have been taxing on Mao, though. I could heal it with Noin but I don’t want her running low on SP and risk running out of Focus casts.
Best to have her repair Chouryujin and have the Blue Earth repair Mao.

Enemy Phase!

Here they all come. Had I gone further, they would’ve attacked but, right now, not a single one got in range.

Down below, it’s a different story. Specially with those goddamn M6s sniping outside of Kazuma’s range…*grumble*
The same also happens to Duo.

This M2 Doublas isn’t as careful, though.

The Zondar need to work on their AI some because this guy just came after the Ninja-Cop-Robot that nearly killed him in oneshot using his 2nd weakest attack.

Should I tempt the RNG gods as a K7 comes after Volfogg with surprisingly high accuracy? Hmm…Click the image below to see if it bites me in the ass.

Hell, yeah.
The Doublas also guns for Volfogg, who dodges and counters nicely.

The Taurus tries to snipe at Blade but he’s just gonna feel the wrong end of a Crash Intrude.

That’s good enough.

Finally, EI-15 moves and guns for Duo…whom I did not expect to see any action and, therefore, has no Focus…

Well, at least Duo hurt him back for some nice damage.

Player Phase!

Shihomi to the rescue once again.

Now, this is just too perfect to pass up.
These mooks have lined up in a perfect pattern for the Valstork’s MAP Missiles. Using Bless’s Fighting Spirit command, he’ll get guaranteed crits against them all which will result in all of them dying painfully.

Normally, I don’t like for one single unit to get so many kills at once but the Valstork folks are still lagging behind a bit. Click the image below to see it


Everyone gets a level and Bless learns the “Spirit” (気合) spirit command. It raises the pilot’s morale by 10 points at the cost of 40 SP.

With all those out of the way, let’s start cleaning up the rest before going back to the Zondar. Kurz gets to do the honors.

Good man.

Mao is out of range so I’m just gonna position her close to Kurz to spread her command aura and have Chouryujin tag along.

The bugger counters by spitting snot at him but I had cast Invincible beforehand.

Noin heals Mao up some more. I got her with Focus so she can probably dodge when the Radam inevitably try to drop her sucky Taurus.

Time to deal with the Zondar. Gai starts off by going after the weakened Doublas.

Kazuma is sent after that cowardly M6 that hung back taking potshots at our folks. Click the image below to see it.

Now, that’s what I like to see!

I don’t want Quatre to take unnecessary risks by going in deep into enemy lines since he can’t afford to cast Focus (I want to start using his Bless to double our money and it costs a whopping 60 SP – he has 69 SP total).
He can finish that mook Volfogg weakened.

Duo zooms in with Accelerate and Focus to take a swing at that full health Taurus.
The reason for Accelerate is that, even though he could reach it without, it would’ve left him outside of the M2 Doublas’ range and I don’t want that thing sniping away to survive another turn.

This K7 is the last full health Zondar and is the perfect opportunity to show off Blade’s new attack: Pegas Formation. Click the image below to see it.

Good. He should go down next turn.

Never mind. He goes now.

Enemy Phase!

That Radam Chouryujin weakened comes after him searching for revenge.
Mao parries the attack and Chouryujin takes a free kill; another bug also kamikazes against him.

Oh, color me surprised. They went after Kurz.

Is this a bad time to say that I neglected to give Kurz focus during our turn?

Uh, oh…I had forgotten that Dagger was so close.
Thankfully, Quatre dodges.

Both a Doublas and a Taurus attack Kazuma and get dropped.

This not a smarter choice, mind (truthfully, the only smart choice for an evil mook in SRW W begins with a gun to the head).

Holy. Crap. This guy actually managed to pierce the Protect Shade – what a trooper.

The EI-15 goes after Big Volfogg and this is actually what I wanted all along. Volfogg has Flash which means he’s gonna dodge the attack and, at point-blank range, he can use his strongest attack. Click the image below to see NINJA AWESOMENESS.

Damn, I love that attack.
As an added effect, it reduces the enemy’s accuracy by 30% possibly due to them being temporarily blinded after seeing something so badass.

Player Phase!

That Zondar won’t be a problem to take down after Volfogg’s attack: Blade and Duo do a number on it.

Let’s get Gain on Gai before he finishes off this copy-cat.

Gai nabs a level along with an Aqua Module, Propellant Tank and Gunfight+1.

Like before, the Zondar regenerates all damage.

Leo tells Gai to use Hell and Heaven again to pull the core out in order to properly destroy the thing. Click the image below to see it.

Removing the Zondar's core causes all the other Zondar Metal to self-destruct (That is, if there were any left alive.).

Penchinon and Pizza have no choice but to withdraw, but not before Pizza vows that he'll one day settle the score with the cyborg Gai.
D-Boy then tells Dagger that, now that the Zondar are gone, it’ll be the Radam’s turn next
Dagger tells Blade not to be absurd – everyone here has but one choice: accept the Radam or face destruction.
Blade, of course, refuses and Dagger vows to destroy personally.

We don’t have a lot of guys close enough to Dagger to attack him this turn.
Might as well have Bless take down this last bugger and move the rest of our Radam exterminators closer.

Enemy Phase!

Dagger attacks Blade but I don’t like the odds so I choose only to dodge.

: Dagger! Our battle ends here!
: Oh, it will end, Blade!
: The other Tekkamen are awakening. I cannot afford to fail again!
: The other Tekkaman? You mean...?
: But there's no need to worry, Blade, because you're going to die first!

Player Phase!

Dagger’s only saving grace is that he’s dodgy. Because of that, I’ll have Horis cast Analyze on him to drop his dodge rate by 10%.

This is a perfect chance to show off Chouryujin’s strongest attack, with an assist from Mao.[/u]Click the image below to see it.[/u]

That went even better than expected!

Duo and Volfogg quickly cut Dagger down to size.

Now, normally, I’d let Blade take down a named Tekkaman enemy but Dagger is a pretty insignificant “boss” and Blade has more than enough levels.
Kazuma deserves to take him down after he went through the trouble of boxing with Dagger using a power loader.

First off, let’s have Quatre spend that SP he’s been saving up and cast Bless on Kazuma to double our incoming cash.

Everything looks good. Off with ya! Click the image below to see it.

: You sticky bastard! I still owe you for the Orbital Ring!
: Annoying whelp! It would be so much easier to destroy Blade without your meddling!
: Don't you know taking the easy way out is what leads people to ruin?
: Oh wait, I guess it doesn't matter how it works for people, 'cause you're a Radam!

Kazuma and Mihiro get a level along with some really nice goodies: Apogee Motor and Multicombo+1.

He can't believe that he, one of Radam's Tekkamen, could be destroyed here - after all, the Radam are supposed to be the one chance life forms have for survival!
This gets Leo's attention, but all Dagger will say with his parting breath is that Blade's refusal of the Radam will lead to his ruin.
Either way, our people are quite satisfied with their work: we’ve killed our first Radam Tekkaman but Freeman is certain he won’t be the last.

D-Boy thinks to himself that one day he'll go to wherever Fritz is... but before that day, he's got things to do.
As Mikoto confirms the destruction of both groups, Ms. Swan also tells us that Mamoru has already purified Inubousaki.

Lady Une never expected the joint operation between the GGG, Space Knights, Preventers, and Mithril to get started like this.
The good news is that Tessa is now convinced how effective this can be - an interesting fringe benefit of the enemy assault.
Still, our group will need to grow more powerful if we’re to protect Earth from all the threats.

Inubousaki is doing much better now that Mamoru and Entouji have opened his eyes.
Mamoru tells him that he didn’t do much and tells Inubousaki to remember his newfound strength of heart.

Sousuke asks Mamoru more or less routinely where his power comes from, but Kaname is more inclined to be spastic towards the green-glowing, high-flying, monster- dissolving kid.
Mamoru himself has no idea if it's ESP or whatever, but he thinks that God must have given it to him to protect his family and friends, and indeed all mankind.
He begs the two of them not to let on that he's a GGG secret agent, lest said family and friends get all worried.

Kaname and Sousuke agree, and as he leads them back to their friends, Sousuke remarks approvingly on the young warrior's resolve to not mix other people up in his own problems.
As Kaname listens, nonplussed, Sousuke mutters that this mission has made him painfully aware just how low on the power scale he is.
He's got to learn better how to pick his time and place, and has got to improve his guns'n'ammo and other gear; that is, until Kaname slaps him again, and demands that he not cause any trouble during the Okinawa Trip.
He assures her that he'll carry out his mission to the fullest, but she doesn't sound very reassured at all, about a great many things.

Tessa's finishing final preparations to officially help the plan, adding a group of experts in terrorism, regional revolt, and other shadowy topics to your forces.
The precise extent of their capabilities is shrouded in mystery, but it'll be great to have them on your side.

The mood is shattered when a mysterious blond man walks in, sorry to have missed the beautiful Mithril commander: it's war-correspondent Balzac Asimov, here on orders from the Federation army.
His appointment was tomorrow, but he claims he simply couldn't sit still when there was a chance to see Tekkaman Blade and Colonel Testarossa in action.
Freeman is unimpressed, and tells Balzac to mind his manners and not abuse the free pass he carries: he's barged into a combat command facility, not some cushy lounge.

He excuses himself, and Lady Une is left with the grim realization that the Federation Army is keeping a close eye on us all.
Freeman figures that Corbett is angling to assimilate all the forces gathering here into the military.
It's a real interesting question where he gets his backing from, but fortunately your list of allies is long too.
Among them is Leo's brother; however, he isn’t quite sure how useful his robots will be in combat.

Leo and Freeman will leave the official contract signing with Bless up to Taiga, while they continue analyzing what your enemy's organizations are up to.
For instance, it appears the Radam and Zondar are actually at odds from today's battle - and their faceoff seems to be on a galactic scale.
Add in the Eviluders and the research team will have a very sticky triangle to try to analyze.

News of Dagger's fall to Blade & friends has reached the other Tekkamen's ears.
One of the other Tekkamen tells the leader that it's his turn to try his hand on Blade
Lord Omega will let him go, with the admonition to hurry: the Eviluders' main force approaches, and the Zondar grow stronger with each passing day.

Should they find out that the legacy of the Green Planet lives on on Earth, they might activate their Master Program.
All this means that the Earth will become the battlefield to determine the rulership of the galaxy.

Omega gives Tekkaman Evil free rein to settle his personal score with Blade first, and orders him to make the Radam's blossoms bloom the world over.
When he does, then the true battle will begin. Evil, for his part, is sure he can claim Blade's head...

Bless gathers all the Valstork family together so Taiga can address them.
He offers his thanks for the previous battle, but Akane says he doesn’t to be so formal – we were just doing a job that was offered to us; still, Horis says Taiga would be negligent if he didn’t at least say something, comparing it to a Pro Wrestler that does not keep his form.
The conversation gets a bit sidetracked as Akane and Hyuuma compare notes about power moves but Shihomi gets things back on track: very composed, just like her mother.

Taiga offers that no spaceman his age doesn't know her and the Valstork Family, but Bless nudges the conversation forward, seemingly out of some mutual agreement not to discuss their past.
In any case, the vaunted GGG, known as one of the biggest organizations on Earth, has a new mission for the Valstork Family: fighting alongside them to protect the Earth. ...
During the past weeks, he’s sure we’ve seen the various threats that endanger our planet and Taiga knows how much we’ve helped fight them; as such, he’d like to extend the same invitation that he gave the Space Knights, Mithril and Preventers.

Bless thinks the idea sounds a bit nice but Kazuma doesn’t agree: he's damned if he, a Trailer, will become the military's lackey!!
Sure, he'll help people in trouble, but he doesn't plan on fighting someone else's war.
Akane and Mihiro don't want to fight either, and that makes things at best 3 against 2 for signing the deal.

An unfortunate result from Taiga's standpoint.
Hyuuma's amazed that Taiga would just let things slide, given how urgently Project W needs help outside the military - but Swan interrupts with a message for Bless from Bit.

It's Galent, with a message he wants both Bless and the Golden Tiger to hear.
It seems there's been an accident on Mars, and Taiga asks the "Devil's Arm" to clarify.
Seems there's some trouble brewing between the Nadesico and some new group of aliens, though he doesn't yet know what.

He advises everyone to keep their eye on what Nergal does next, and Taiga thanks him for his assistance.
Kazuma wonders aloud what's to become of the Earth with yet more aliens menacing it.