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Part 37: Mission 10 - The Red and White Demons - Part 2 (Includes Boss Analysis #2 - "Evil Twin" Edition)

Noal quickly gets on D-Boy’s case for taking Pegas and running ahead of us but he’s interrupted once Milly sees the new red Tekkaman.
Mike also points out the other robots that look like Enryu and Hyoryu but the Chinese robots aren’t thrilled at the arrival of GGG’s “rescue”-oriented robots; they order them to stay back and leave the fighting to them.
Enryu takes offense at their tone but Hyoryu quickly calms him down, saying that they’ve more important matters to be concerned with; Mikoto sees that they’re similar to GGG’s units, in that they include a GS-Ride and Super AI but Horis thinks the personalities are very different.
Sousuke is having his first AS battle in Space but the Apogee Motor that Mao installed should work for propulsion; inwardly, Sousuke is a little hesitant to use the Lambda Driver, as he still doesn’t understand the mumbo-jumbo behind it’s workings - he figures its best to avoid it for now.

When Evil tells Blade to follow him away from these interlopers that would get in their way and D-Boy does so all too readily.
Milly tries to call him back but Kazuma knows D-Boy isn’t even listening; more importantly, due to his premature Tek-setting, he’s only got four minutes before he goes berserk.
Gai volunteers to fight the Tekkaman in D-Boy’s place but is refused.

Blade doesn't want anyone coming between him and his fight with the Radam Tekkamen.
Gai doesn’t understand his obsession with this mission and only wishes D-Boy would tell us why.
Evil taunts D-Boy's, an incomplete Tekkaman, time limit, and openly doubts that his "brother Takaya" is capable of defeating him by then.

Bless tells everyone to blow away the enemy, and to bring Blade within those four minutes - by force if necessary.
Bless orders Yurika to help, and Balzac orders his robots to show the Wärter just how much they are worth.

Ho-hum…Tekkaman Evil may just be the only thing capable of giving a slight challenge in this stage but he’s no Gauron. Nevertheless, he’s still a boss so let’s have a look at him:

Evil is not as dodgy as a Tekkaman would lead you to believe - probably because his low-ish mobility should’ve been compensated by his SS size if it worked – and his armor and HP are surprisingly high for a “real-robot” boss but it’s not THAT much.
His Skill stat is rather high so he’ll pull off some counters and parries if you don’t use Strike; he does have high Melee and Shooting, so you’d do well to set up some sort of defensive measure.

Like Gauron, Evil comes loaded with Pilot Skills on top of his Unit’s 10% HP Regen and 30% EN Regen:

Finally, his attacks follow the same style as Blade’s. His two weaker attacks are accurate but short range, his Voltekka and PSYVoltekka are both VERY long range (3-8 and 4-9, respectively) but have piddly accuracy and high morale requirements. Mind you, he gains morale for every Radam you kill so he will get there eventually.

Conclusion: Evil would’ve been a whole lot scarier if he had shown up before Gauron. He’ll focus solely on Blade who’s dodgy enough to survive easily - provided he has Focus; we’ll build morale on the buggers first and then we’ll swarm him for a relatively easy kill (just be sure to use some defensive measures once his HP gets low or your reals might be in for a good pummeling).

Secret Alert!
Tekkaman Blade has a rather big secret and, overall, there are 3 steps to this secret.
The first one being that you need to beat certain specific enemies in certain missions but you only need to do ONE of them; defeating Evil here before D-boy's timer runs out will count as the first step.
Mind you, running out of time is NOT a Game Over but defeating Evil is rather easy and you get some nice goodies.

Blade and Evil went off to have their duel but that’s hardly appropriate considering Blade’s morale.
We’ll send him into the Northernmost pack of Radam to work on that (and we’ll also draw Evil closer to our main group – remember that we have 4 turns to wrap this up).

Good enough.

Youko is sent to weaken a nearby one. For whatever reason, he picture didn’t run but she did around 1800-2000 damage. The bugger will regen around half of that.

The bigger part of our group will need to spend around 1 to 2 turns moving closer but that’s not bad. We want the Radam to gather ‘round.

Enemy Phase!

Most of the nearby Radam either close in or attack Youko, including the one she weakened last turn.

That’s one more kill towards her secret; everything else takes decent-ish damage.

As I hoped, the one closer to Blade sticks to attacking him.

Evil can’t attack from that distance so he just runs closer towards Blade.

Player Phase!

Let’s keep leading Evil over while building morale.

Gai is one of the first to reach an enemy so let’s have him offer his welcoming card.

Since that thing is close to death, we might as well let Kazuma nab a free kill but we’ll chain it off a full health one to maximize the effect.
I might as well leave Balzac there to assist should the healthy one survive.

And it turns out to be a good call…shame that the kill went to that prick.

Next, the Nadesico is parked just in range to pop a Gravity Blaster on that Radam Mother without suffering a counter.

Rairyu’s support adds some nice damage.

Let’s take this time to finish it off with a Gekigan Flare.

Now, Ryouko can handle one of the Monsters with an assist from Izumi.

Like so.

Izumi then weakens another one, leaving Hikaru to take the kill.

Fuuryu can come closer to show off his Robo Kung-fu.

Bah, it leaves him barely alive. You’ve disappointed me, China!

Youko takes that as another kill to her secret counter.

Akatsuki and Balzac get working on another targets, getting them primed to be fed to our actually useful units.

Rairyu steps in to finish it off.

Enemy Phase!

The Radam Mother comes in to dance with Gai.

A monster decides to take a shot at Kazuma and barely survives.

Two Radam Monsters and a Mother gun for the Nadesico; none of them do lasting damage and the weakened monster gets taken out.

Evil keeps homing in on Blade and all’s according to plan.

Player Phase!

Volfogg can make quick work out of the Monster the Nadesico weakened.

Good job.

That Radam Mother the Nadesico blasted is in prime position for Sousuke. He’ll finish it off with an assist from Mu.

Another weakened Mother is nearby. I’ll send Gai over and he should be able to take it down with an assist from Akatsuki.

Or he can crit and kill it by himself. I forgot who I was dealing with here!

Gai nabs a level and his Prevail grows to L3. He’s even more invincible now.

Heero is, finally, in range of something. His Twin Buster Rifle will make short work of the Monster.

Now, I want to finish Evil off with Blade but the bastard will ALWAYS try to come as close as possible to his brother. As such, I’ll move Blade over here so that Evil will be blocked by our guys and have no choice but to stay at, at least, range 3 (Voltekka Range). Tactics!

Meanwhile, Kazuma slices a bugger.

That’s all of the mooks dead and a turn sooner than I had planned. We might as well cast Scan on Evil (to lower his Evasion) and start wailing on him with our remaining troops.

Chouryujin has the honor of the first blow.

He wastes it by getting parried but at least he had Invincible; thankfully, Izumi was nearby to assist.

Bless uses Strike and Fighting Spirit and lets Evil taste his Dual Proton Cannon (no innuendo in there, I swear…):

He gets countered and now you see that PSYVoltekka HURTS.

All Aesti girls have enough morale to use their weakest Formation Attack so let’s do it.

Fuuryu and Rairyu also let him taste the power of Chinese Teamwork with a side-helping of Youko.

Evil does not approve of Youko’s shenanigans but the brothers did nice damage…

Izumi is out of juice to do another Formation Attack so let’s just have Hikaru weaken Evil the normal way.

Worst still is Akito, who eats a big hit and barely survives.

Balzac will show these kids how Pro he is.

BALZAC, YOU CANT EVEN OUTDAMAGE HIKARU! You don’t deserve to use the same BGM as Blade!
From now on, this will be your BGM:

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m gonna end the turn here.
Everyone else is either out of SP(which will result in them getting hit) or out of EN to use anything worthwhile.

Enemy Phase!

Evil regens a bit and, as always, guns for Blade.

: Beating a chump like Dagger doesn't make you a big hero, Blade!
: Shut up, Evil! You're going to join Dagger soon enough!
: Don't get full of yourself, Blade! Struggle all you like, but you can't escape the Radam!
: I'll send you to Hell myself, Blade!!

Even with Prevail active, he still can’t touch Blade and gets duly punished.

Player Phase!

Gai will go in to keep weakening Evil (Strike and Invincible are used, of course). Ryouko is set for an assist.

: The legacy of the Green Planet! I never thought I'd find it here!
: The Radam know something about Galeon?
: Heh heh heh... now this is an interesting planet! Unique among all the worlds in the galaxy!

I’m a bit disappointed that Evil didn’t get bounced back by the Protect Shade.

Just a little bit more. Kazuma should be enough.

: Damn it! He's even more annoying than Dagger!
: I'm not even in the same league as that mook, kid!
: Come on, red things aren't supposed to actually be three times faster!

Eeergh, maybe not.


We’re all set with Cheer cast. Get him, Blade!

Evil drops a Hybrid Armor, a Propellant Tank, a Support Attack +1, a Gunfight +1, and a Hit&Away. Very nice.

Evil says he won’t be beaten as easily and Blade rushes to attack him again; the two Tekkamen begin emitting strong Fermion signatures as they power up their Voltekka weapons.
However, Carret detects something unusual with some of the particles – Horis quickly looks over the data and realizes that…

Blade’s Voltekka had no effect and Horis explains: Evil's PSY-Voltekka uses antimatter particles capable of neutralizing regular Voltekkas' fermion particles.
Evil moves to put Blade out of his misery.

Acting quickly, Gai scrambles Chouryuujin and the Eraserhead.
Chouryujin promises to protect D-Boy but Evil is hardly impressed that they think to stop his Voltekka.

Chouryuujin barely manages to deflect Evil's attack, whom he figures got weakened after being used on Blade.
Chouryujin is aghast at Evil’s power – if he didn’t have the Eraserhead, he would’ve been destroyed.

Blade then starts screaming in a frenzy.
Evil figures that Blade’s time is up, which means he’s the victor anyway; he says that, no matter how hard Blade tries, he will never escape from the Radam destiny of wreaking destruction.
Right after, he leaves the area.

Shirogane can feel the rage and hatred radiating from Blade – Kogane hadn’t realized he D-Boy carried these feelings in his heart.
Balzac orders the Chinese dragons to forcibly stop the berserk Tekkaman.

Chouryujin yells at them not to hurt their friend, but Fuuryu says that stopping the Tekkaman is now his first priority; saving the life inside that Tekkaman comes in at #14.
Rairyuu adds that Professor Yang taught them that there's no need to fret over unavoidable sacrifices when devising strategy.

Sousuke notes that that logic is correct, but Heero adds that conversely, there is no need to cause avoidable sacrifice.
If you all can stop D-Boy, there's no problem.
Mind you, stopping him isn't a given due to Blade’s erratic attacks, and Akatsuki wonders if the green and yellow robots have it right after all.
What's worse, a large Radam force is heading your way, trying to use the chaos to steal back the Block 6 energy plant.

Corbett then calls Yurika, ordering her to take Blade down and focus on the incoming Radam.
Yurika thinks a moment and then has the Nadesico head to Point 24X: their only chance to halt the Radam offensive.

She then quickly fires a Gravity Blast, wiping out the Block 6 energy plant herself.
This seems to have stopped the Radam, who are no longer headed our way - apparently they deem this spot to have no further strategic value.
Heck, Mao notes, given that it was in Radam hands to begin with, you might as well think of it as written off from the start.
This is an amazingly good decision to protect lives of all her allies and they are impressed with her decision, though Corbett is livid at her actions.

She then orders the Nadesico to help get D-Boy back, and Ruri conveniently cuts off Corbett's ranting mid-sentence.
With the Radam returning, all that is left is stopping Blade.

Unfortunately, he is zooming towards the Valstork, and there's no way Horis will be able to dodge his quick attacks.

That is, until Orgun shows up and takes a quick potshot at Blade.

Blade goes into a bigger frenzy and runs off into the Orbital Ring, with Orgun quickly pursuing.
It's not clear if Orgun was lying when he said he wanted to watch over D-Boy's battle, but we'd better move it if we want to catch up.
Bless tells everyone to rush inside and stop their fighting right away.

Our people follow D-Boy inside the ring, and Kazuma wants to know why his dad so urgently wants to stop D-Boy from trashing the place.
Bless explains that the Ring is held in place not by any kind of thrusters, but by sloshing fluid around.
Should that get disrupted, the Ring would break up and plummet to Earth - and there's no way it would burn up completely before landing.
Everything near the ring's landing would get obliterated, and this means you've got to stop D-Boy... or if that fails, off him.

Milly of course doesn't want that to happen, and she and Mihiro have come into the warzone in the hopes of somehow saving their friend.
Bless asks the two of them if they're prepared to lay down their lives to save D-Boy, brushing aside Kazuma's objection for endangering his sister, and both of course are.
Shihomi then gets pinged by Gai, indicating he has located D-Boy and everyone rushes to his beacon; as they move, Milly promises Aki to do her best, no matter what, and asks to lend her courage.

Gai is locked in combat with Blade, and is having a mighty hard time restraining him until the rest of our people can make it.
Akatsuki is getting ready to give up and have this spot Gravity Blasted, but Akito still holds out hope; still, Gai knows that if this doesn’t stop really soon, the Orbital Ring risks being destroyed.

Orgun then shows up, wondering if indeed nobody exists in this universe who can escape the destiny of the Radam.

Mihiro and Milly plead with him to stay his lethal hand.
They walk up to D-Boy totally unarmed but for their earnest pleas for him to return to the guy they know - every one of his friends in Wärter wish for him to return.
Bless knows this is a dangerous gamble, but says it's the only way to get through to D-Boy underneath the Tekkaman shell.
Had they sent in a mech, it would just arouse the Tekkaman self-defense instinct.
The girls know that he hasn’t lost his heart and the kindness inside it; they beg him to stop as his sister would’ve be very saddened if she saw him like this.

The imploring girls seem to be making the rampaging Tekkaman's will waver, which is precisely what Orgun has journeyed so far across space to witness.
Amidst his cries, D-Boy utters the name "Miyuki" before retracting his weapons.

Noal quickly has Pegas retrieve D-Boy, and it seems the operation is a success.
Akatsuki seems drily amused by this victory of heart over berserk bio-mecha, and tells you all not to expect any warm fuzzies from his direction.

Orgun intones that he has once again witnessed Tekkaman Blade's strength, and flies out of the area at high speed.
Mihiro and Milly are thankful for his help and so is Aki; while Milly justifies it saying that it was Aki and Wärter’s wishes that made this happen, Mihiro breaks down crying and makes Kazuma comfort her, saying that it's over and she did good.

But just as everything seemed to be going so well, Balzac demands we hand D-Boy over to the military, having somehow secured Freeman's permission.
Kazuma can't believe this would happen after the girls went through so much trouble to bring him back.

That's for watching. See you all next update!