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Part 38: Post-Mission 10 Intermission and Mission 10.5 - Route Split

Here we are again. There’s a route split incoming so this update will be the post mission 10 activities as well as the pre-split text. Our top aces are:

Do note that Blade has left our team since Balzac has arrested him. As such, Gai’s bumped to the third place!

BP Upgrades:

Gai doesn’t really need accuracy since the Hero pilot skill covers that so he gets his 3 points into melee.
I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna increase his melee for the rest of the game

As before, Hyoryuu and Enryuu share their BP so they get a bonus of 3 to their Shooting.

Unit Upgrades:

Volfogg’s gonna be useful for a long time so let’s bump his weapon power up a wee bit.

Arbalest can always make use of more mobility and I’ll toss in an HP upgrade because it was dirt-cheap.

Wing Zero gets more EN to enable his guzzling problems and gets a weapon level.

We might as well give Mike some extra Armor and Mobility to increase survivability.

I also take this time to add 1 point to the Valstork’s redeployment option. This’ll allow us to substitute a deployed unit with another one (the number of substitutes increases with each upgrade – to a max of 3).

Finally, Golion gets some more HP.

Skill Parts:

Evil dropped some nice stuff and Heero’s gonna hog most of it. He gets the Hit & Away (invaluable to all snipers) and one more level of Gunfight to increase his damage.

Sousuke gets one level of Support Attack. Very nice.

Unit Parts:

Sousuke gets a Thruster Module simply because. This’ll bump his terrain rating in space to rank S (giving him extra attack power, crit chance, evasion and accuracy in that terrain).

Golion gets the Hybrid Armor that Evil dropped.

With all that finished, let’s check how things are going for Wärter:

Taiga certainly sees the Wärter's first mission as a success and extends his congratulations.
However, Bless wants Freeman to explain what he's got in mind, especially why he handed the Tekkaman data or D-Boy himself over to the army.
Freeman is well aware of "Eagle Eye's" reputation for discerning the truth through any and all prevarication, and tells him to ask any questions he will.
That answer is good enough for Bless to understand Freeman's commitment, but he's sure many of the young hotheads on his team will want something more substantial.

Freeman doubts any good will come from laying all the cards on the table at this stage: it's the responsibility of the aged to keep aces up their sleeve until needed.
Taiga figures he'd better postpone introducing your crew to its new members: the Nadesico, who got drummed out of the military shortly after the last operation.
Destroying the energy plant would usually have been a court martial-able offense, but given the mess the regular army types made of the invasion and the results Yurika got, their punishment got fortuitously commuted (with a little input from Nergal's president).

As for the Nadesico's old role as a transport for army special forces, Nergal has already agreed to deliver the Nadesico's successor to the army.
Yurika is a bit depressed at being told there's no further use for her, but Bless shares with her the Trailer maxim that "The largest vessels find their own resting place, so don't sweat it."
By this he means that the Federation army wasn't capable of properly utilizing the Nadesico's talents, but he cautions Lady Une that there's another Trailer maxim that "Even the largest sieve can't hold water, so don't keep it."

In any case, the Nadesico has accumulated a wealth of combat data that Nergal hopes to use in the Nadesico's successor, so it's only natural that it be posted to the GGG.
It and its Aestivalises will certainly increase Wärter's sphere of operations, leading Freeman to recommend having our next mission be fetching D-Boy from the Salt Lake base in North America, where he’s being held.
Even Hyuuma is in ill-humor over Freeman's apparent ping-ponging of D-Boy, but Taiga and Bless realize he's got a plan and do what they can to help.

Taiga notes that if the military doesn't just cooperate, things might get a little rough, and while Hyuuma is ready to bust their heads, Lady Une reminds himthat the Federation army aren't actually the enemy as such.
Just then a message from the Danaan arrives: Tessa and crew have run into an unexpected magnetic storm some 300 meters beneath the surface of the Pacific.
The odds are good that this might be the signature of Dr. Hell's movable fortress, and Tessa says that she'll continue investigating.

Should it really be Dr. Hell, she cautions that an invasion of Japan should be imminent.

Once again, you've got to divide your forces between retrieving D-Boy and guarding Japan.

Teams heading to Japan are:

Teams rescuing D-boy:

Hyuuma will be the GGG forward commander during the North America mission, and Taiga warns Yurika (and Bless, if you choose the Japan route) that Dr. Hell will have momentum in his assault on Japan after his defeat of Mazinger Z.

Route split means it’s voting time. What do we do first? Protect Japan or Rescue D-boy?

Be sure to bold your vote to make the counting easier. The vote will remain open for 48 hours after which I’ll post the prologue of the chosen mission. See you all then.