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Part 39: Mission 11 (Japan Route) - Prologue

Votes for the Route Split are officially over. Here are the results:
Yeah, this was as close as they come…I did not think Japan would win since so many people were voting for D-boy from the start but there you have it.
Here’s the prologue to the chosen mission:

Kazuma records in the ship's log that those left behind at the Bay Tower base are on edge waiting for the massive assault Dr. Hell will supposedly bring.
The rage over Mazinger's defeat, now two months past, is still enough to heat his blood, and he vows to do whatever it takes to avenge Kouji's death when given the chance.

Speaking of Kouji, he vaguely regains consciousness amidst some sort of flaming red haze.
Kouji is a bit confused, remembering snippets of Mazinger’s explosion – a hidden voice tells him to awaken and venture forth along with a new devil - one greater in strength than Mazinger.
Kouji seems to recognize the voice as his dead grandfather’s.

The voice mentions that, given the fact that Mazinger itself could have led Kouji's own soul to become demonic, this new devil must be formidable indeed, and the voice instructs Kouji to surpass even God and smite all other demons with it.

Awaken, Mazinkaiser!!

In the real world, at Saotome Labs, the Getter team is fretting over how long the repairs to Getter Robo are taking(That guy up there is Ryouma).
As far as anyone knows, Kouji is the second dear friend that they've lost (Musashi having died in the final battle against the Dinosaur Empire), and no means to avenge him are available.

However, they're about to become available in the form of a new Getter that professor Saotome(The mustachioed man) claims to have been slaving over in his lab.

Hayato, sharp as ever, quickly realizes that no entirely new Getter could be created in a few short months, and asks what's really going on.
In fact, this new Getter has been finished for a long time, thanks to a certain person's help.
But Saotome fears its immense power, and kept it hidden from the team.
He and his collaborator agreed that this Getter's activation key was to be sealed with a limiter device - which should only be broken when Getter faces its uttermost foe.

Saotome finally decided to oppose Dr. Hell's assault with this new, forbidden Getter, and has been working on making final adjustments.
But when he decided that today was the day to manually remove the limiter, he discovered that it had removed itself - meaning that that uttermost enemy has appeared and it’s the Getter Team’s duty to fight against it.

Dr. Hell's current plan kicks off with a brisk assault on the hated Photon Power Laboratory, led by a Baron Ashura quaking with emotion.
Diversionary raids are keeping the Feds and JSDF busy, Wärter is at half strength, clearing the path for Hell to grab the secrets to Photon Power and destroy both the lab and Great Mazinger in the process.
Once that power is his, not even the Radam, Zondar and Eviluders will be able to withstand his might and Earth will, at last, be his.

As Ashura marches off to battle, a certain guest of Hell's says she's looking forward to seeing what Hell's proud mecha-beast forces can do.
Hell tells this guest that he owes the Photon Power folks much payback, and doesn't want any help - his scientific prowess will surely carry the day.
Bold words, the visitor thinks, for someone who's merely picking at the scraps left behind in the ancient culture's ruins.
Still, it's true that these primordial ruins, scattered across many worlds, are the key to the Galra's galactic domination strategy...

Summer vacation is drawing to a close for the high schoolers, leaving behind a legacy of terrorist attacks, hijackings, and close brushes with mecha combat.
Despite her weakening protestations, Kaname is becoming considerably more intimate with Sousuke, and some of their friends are wondering if the two of them "became adults" during the summer.

Sousuke soberly says that he's been a full-fledged adult since age ten, explaining when Kaname pulls him aside that that's his first time stepping onto a battlefield (she sounds relieved).
Sousuke figures that the general public must be figuring out their secret, and talks about giving Kyouko a lobotomy to erase her memory - far fewer side effects than drugs.
Kaname of course tells him not to be a moron.

As Kaname continues to lament accepting this whole secret agent thing, she runs into someone she momentarily mistakes for Mamoru: Kaidou Ikumi, one of Hana's classmates.
Hana bumped into him while walking Joseph; she had hoped to pick up Mamoru, but he was away from his house on some kind of errand.
Now that everyone has a good look at Kaidou, Kaname can't figure out why she mistook him for Mamoru, but Kaidou slowly says that it may not be that strange an error.

Just then, the theme music changes, and Kyouko wonders where she's heard it before.
Kazama is apparently old enough to remember a certain US TV series that it *strongly* resembles.
The theme music is also Sousuke's ringtone, and after taking the call Sousuke explains that he's being called away to his "part-time job".
Kaname tells him not to be late for the start of the new semester, and the two actually exchange civil goodbyes.

No sooner has he disappeared than the air raid sirens sound - Kaname hopes that everyone in Wärter will be okay in whatever battle approaches...

Some classic stuff going on here. We’re gonna party like it’s the 1970s again come next update - well, technically the Mazinkaiser OVA is from the early 2000s but never mind that since the plot has been the same since the 70s! See you all then.