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Part 130: Mission 37 (Orb Route) - The Thunder Of A Peaceful Nation - Part 2

Alright, before we do anything let’s have a quick look at Gates:

He’s pretty much Gauron but with a crazier attitude. His Plan 1058 Codarl-i features high HP, average defenses and medium-range attacks, while sporting a Focus/Zeal spamming Lamda Drive (and we don’t even have Volfogg! ).

As for skills, his set is identical to Gauron’s, after his return on mission 35:

Just work him the same way you worked Gauron. Since we don’t have Volfogg, use high-power, barrier-piercing attacks and take him down in one go, because that Prevail L8 is gonna skyrocket his damage once it gets going.

For the time being, we’ll focus on clearing out most of the trash and, hopefully, get rid of at least one sister before Gates and Dead come over (keep people spread apart to avoid chain-attacks).

Most mooks are damaged from attacking Sommer, so we’re just doing clean-up.

Duo does a quick-chain attack, heavily damaging a mook Shadow and doing some slight damage to Yu-Fan.

By the by, Yu-Fan and Yu-Lan’s Shadows are just regular units but with an HP boost. They do, however, come with a nice batch of skills (same for both twins):

These girls can prove to be annoying if they get themselves a good mech to match their humongous stats (they have Gates beat on Melee, Defense, Skill and Evasion) but, for now, their Shadows won’t give us much pause.

Kazuma fails to get a critical hit, leaving a Savage barely alive. That’s OK, though…

Mainly, because I only wanted him to move by Shihomi, so they could bomb the twins.

Aye, that works.

Considering that Sousuke is being a bitch a second-rate warrior, we’ll use him to simply hunt mooks.

The adults can deal with the twins, starting with Yu-Fan.

Have I mentioned how I really, really like this attack?

So much so, that I’ve no qualms with having Blade use it again.

With Prevail going, it’s unlikely that Yumi could kill her with a normal attack.
So, a quick Spirit usage from Hayato and she can blast Yu-Fan with a Voltekka.

That’s that.

Yumi and Hayato profit a level for the kill and Hayato learns Assail.

Yu-Fan takes care to leave the battle before she gets too badly damaged.

We’ll deal with Yu-Lan in a jiffy but, for now, I can’t think of anything better to do with Clouseau (his Falken is unupgraded).

With that taken care of, Quatre finally bypasses the forest and is able to start working on a Mistral.

Kurz leaves the comfort of the Nadesico and takes a shot at the last full-health Shadow.

Think Ruri could take it down?


Fine, we can have David kill that sumbitch; I planned on moving him there anyway.

For the time being, we’ll weaken Yu-Lan in whatever way available.

No Full Metal Panic boss regenerates health, so we can take it slow.

Enemy Phase!

The few remaining mooks start a bumrush that only serves to speed our job.

As for that one, Quatre will kill him in humiliating fashion.

A Mistral soon follows and gets wrecked as well.

Gates casts Focus and Zeal and goes after Clouseau. I half-expected that, so I had him cast Alert.

: How dare you do that to me, you damn crow!
: My unit’s a falcon…if you don’t watch out, you’re in for a lot of pain.

Aw, no help from the RNG gods.

Gates second attack isn’t protected against but, thankfully, Clouseau dodges.

As for Yu-Fan, she tries a chain-attack against Mao and Kurz but we’ve too many +Evasion effects stacked for her to get a hit in.

As for Dead, he starts moving over but isn’t in attack range.

Player Phase!

Dead is, in a nutshell, what you’d expect from all Tekkamen bosses we’ve fought: average defenses due to his broken SS size, high stats and long-range, powerful attacks (and a MAP); mind you, unlike other Earth Tekkamen, he does have a Crash Intrude (more on this later) which allows him to get some extra range on his post-movement attacks.

His skills are quite similar to Evil’s build:
With his weak defenses, just swarm him quickly and he should go down after some Valored attacks. If you can’t kill him, just keep an eye out for his MAP because it can be quite accurate once his HP is down.

We’ll start working on him with Mao, taking an assist from Kurz (mind you, unless it’s the killing blow, don’t attack him with our Tekkamen or it’ll trigger his retreat).

Kurz uses his Support Request and has Trowa lend a hand for his own attack.

See? Two attacks and his already down to 60% Health.

Kurz takes a level and learns Exhaust.

Now, let’s bury him under Tekkamen fire.

: This guy…he was formatted in a different way than Yumi and the others!
: You’re Tekkaman Blade, huh… Hehe, we’ve met before.
: What?!
: I’ll defeat you and claim the title of the strongest Tekkaman! Prepare yourself!!

: Well, isn’t it nice that you can work together with your buddies...
: Showing me that is only angering me, though!

Dead drops no items but is quite generous with the experience and cash.

He doesn't seem impressed with our skills, and says he'll have to have his fun later.
He leaves, figuring he's already repaid his debt to Gates, and tells him to give his regards to the silver-haired guy.
Gates thinks he can discipline the Tekkaman after the battle.

Sommer demands that he wait and tell them all who Battle Formatted him, and Dead says "blue water and silver galaxy".

Bye, Yu-Lan.

She, like her sister, retreats before the damage goes critical.

Now, let’s go deal with Gates.

: Oh, happy day! To think I would meet the famous Arbalest so quickly!
: This guy…it’s not Gauron?!
: Gauron? Ah, Mr. Iron! That man’s fish food by now!
: But if you want to meet him, I’ll help you! Once you get to Hell, you’ll find him waaaaay at the bottom!

: Ohooo! Enter the white demon! He’s so handsome, I might just fall for him!
: What is he…?! It’s like his mind is broken!
: Don’t worry about it! You just can’t take this world too seriously!

: I don’t care if it’s a Lambda Driver or whatever - I won’t lose!
: Ah, such a cute little kitten! Just the sound of your voice sends Uncle Gates to heaven!

: Whew! For a second there I thought Gauron had come back from the dead!
: I know! That man was such a pain to work with…
: But don’t worry! I’ll play with you in his place!
: No thanks! If I’m gonna play with anyone, I’d rather it be a cute chick!

Gates is worth a whole lot of levels, an EN Megachip and a Gunfight +1.

Horis also learns Exhaust.

He decides to head home before his "mama gets mad at him", cloaking his exit behind high-level ECS.

As everyone starts looking for survivors from the Zaft battle, Clouseau departs, saying we'll be formally introduced tomorrow.
Saburouta wonders if he’s a Mithril soldier but Kurz never saw the guy before; meanwhile, Sousuke is left to ponder being a second-rate warrior.

Lowe then resurfaces, happy to help out in the Replace With survivors.
Hiver is quick to chide him for making us worry like that when he’s all fine and Lowe can only apologize; inwardly, he wonders what the heck Malchio is up to, asking him to keep Kira's rescue a secret.

Kisato tearfully regreets Lowe, having been worried sick since she heard there was a battle and didn’t hear from him.
He apologizes for worrying her but insists that he’s OK.
Nearby, a saddened Juri realizes that she might not get a romance in edgewise and needs to be consoled by Kazahana.

We found only one survivor, the Zaft warrior that took down the Strike.
Our immediate concern must be who we'll be fighting next, and it's likely to be the terrorists who have the Whispered - probably still somewhere in Orb judging by the ambush you ran into.
Any terrorists with their own Tekkamen are much to be feared, though Dead left that strange code for us to ponder for more info about them.
Kazuma isn't nearly as fast to decipher the riddle as Duo and Horis; the “riddle” is a mere rearrangement of words and if you invert their positioning, you get: Blue Galaxy, Silver Water.

“Blue Galaxy” gains meaning once you look at some of terrorist’s past activities: hijacking Relena’s plane and assisting the Marimea Army.
The “terrorists” seemed more like mercs in both events and would’ve ended up taking the peace-loving ambassador out of the picture; the biggest winner would’ve been the military hawks at Blue Cosmos.
As for “Silver Water” a quick google database search, points Harry towards the Mercury element and it’s combinations with other metals; Ruri then quickly asks for Harry to Replace With any info regarding “Amalgam”.

Information is quickly obtained from Mithril’s top secret database (which Mardukas allowed us to access), displaying Amalgam as being the world’s biggest terrorist organization.
These formidable mercenaries, arms developers and merchants have technology at least as high as Mithril itself, and would seem to be in the pay of Blue Cosmos at this rate.
However, Amalgam is known for having their own store of Whispered (which enabled them to develop the Codarl and Behemoth AS), so it's unlikely that they hired Bionet to get more - there's yet some fourth party involved in the girls’ kidnapping.
We now know we've got to lock down Amalgam's assets in Orb ASAP and, hopefully, get some info regarding the buyer of the girls.

As for Sousuke, Kurz knows he cut the Lambda Driver in the previous battle.
Mao is sympathetic to Sousuke's desire not to use the black magical gadget (especially considering that it was because of it overheating that he lost Kaname and Tessa), but everyone remembers the statement that unless he can master the thing, there's no chance of victory.
As things currently stand, it's doubtful he could use it even if ordered to, and Duo figures that the perennial order-follower Sousuke has no hope of figuring that one out.
Thinking about it, Mao notes that circumstances have never given Sousuke a chance to chart his own course - and the occasions he tried, he always seems to overthink things and trip over his own feet.

Trowa proclaims that as long as he remains a mere "soldier", he'll never be able to make his way forward (the same issue that afflicted Heero in the past) - the very picture of Wufei's "soldier knowing nothing but battle".

It seems Tekkaman Dead was the mystery "man", and Gates tracks him down with word that Mr. Silver no longer needs him.
The area is surrounded by MS's, and Gates orders the man wiped out before he can transform, but some force wipes out all the MS's in an instant.

The blast was a Voltekka, and Tekkaman Evil is on hand to shoo Gates away.
Gates gets pissed, demanding to know if Evil’s Mama never taught him not to steal things; Evil smirks at the word “mama”, saying that he has no family – Gates runs off, promising to remember this.
Evil transforms to Shinya and says the Radam can give Dead a place to put his powers to good use, and a chance to take down Tekkaman Blade...