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Part 146: Post-mission 40 Intermission and Mission 41 - Prologue

WELL, something odd happened today: while starting this update, I’ve suddenly realized that my save file for mission 40 had not been properly saved.
No worries, though, asI plowed through the mission quickly but some things may be slightly different.

More importantly, during my speed-run, I managed to get Mike to 140 morale and have him show off his new attack!

Very cool, indeed. Now, for the intermission:

Gai is slowly catching up but I don’t think that’s a gap that he can close unless I give him a lot of attention.

Skill Parts:

Since Shihomi is my go-to supporter, I’ll be giving her both Maximum SP+5 and SP Cost-5%.

Sousuke takes Starting Morale+2 in order to get his Lamda Driver going faster (when he decides to stop being a bitch and use the damn thing again).

Finally, this is something that I should’ve done a LONG time ago: giving Kouji Support Attack+1 allows him to get a free use of Rust Tornado onto unsuspecting bosses.

Unit Upgrades:

Selling all the Database consumables, we get an extra 40000G!

Golion’s return reminds me of how far behind it was on upgrades: that’s fixed with more HP and 2 Weapon upgrades.

Mike is also surprisingly low, so he takes upgrades on everything: 1 HP, EN, Armor, Mobility and 2 Weapons.

Red Frame, our premier Real Robot, gets more EN, Mobility and Weapons.

Unit Parts:

Golion takes a Cobham Armor and Great Generator as a “welcome back” gift.

Valhawk has its Booster replaced with a Mega Booster, for extra movement range.

While Volfogg takes one of the High Performance Thruster for extra mobility (not that he needs it but no one we use needs it badly).

Sousuke replaces his Flight Module with the Lifter Module, gaining an S-rating in Air and +2 Movement!
His old Flight Module goes to the Falke.

Finally, Mike takes both a High Performance Thruster and High Performance Radar for more mobility and range.

With all that done, are you ready for another huge plot dump? Well, you’re getting one!

At the Radam base, Fong Lee (a.k.a. Tekkaman Sword) has heard that Dead took down Blade.

Indeed, even Molotov (Tekkaman Lance) has to admit it wasn’t bad for an abomination! Though, he asks, if he can really follow their orders from here on out.
Dead makes it very clear to his new companions that he will take orders from no one as will do as he pleases; which is fine with Shinya, as it was his own power has allowed him to defeat Blade.
Dead smirks at Shinya's praise, knowing full well that beneath his smile he plots Dead's murder just as he plotted for his brother’s; Shinya tries to deny this, and Dead says he doesn't care - he's sticking with this ragtag band until the Earth-made Tekkamen are toast too.
Fong Lee finds his vendetta amusing but Dead continues, stating that once he’s done on Earth, it’ll be the Radam’s turn.

Things quickly go sour when Molotov takes offense at Dead’s antics and Tek-Sets.
Dead wonders if they’ll come at him “3 on 1” but Shinya calms everyone's nerves; regardless, Dead says that he was joking and makes to head to Earth to finish his hunt.
As he leaves, Sword wonders aloud why Shinya allowed the abomination to take his brother down.
Evil sniffs that his brother isn't so puny that someone like Dead could defeat him; in fact, Blade is going to get even stronger by overcoming Dead, making him even more worthy of Evil taking him down and, once the deed is done, Evil will be the strongest Tekkaman alive.

Sword protests that Blade’s life should be nearly out of time, and Lance adds that they've got to concentrate on eliminating obstacles to the development of the Radam Trees.
Evil leaves that job to Lance, which Lance ominously says he's going to accomplish in his "own way"...
Inwardly, Evil tells Blade to wait for him and to keep getting stronger.

Elsewhere, some Zaft soldiers are searching for someone who managed to steal the latest Plant mobile suit, apparently with some assistance from Lacus Klein.
The orders are to destroy the mech if they can't capture it.

It's Kira, marveling that the new machine is over four times as powerful as the Strike was.
He's certainly not going to let anyone stand in the way of the Freedom Lacus entrusted to him; the soldiers open fire as he begins to dodge, not wanting to fight the Zaft soldiers.

Just then a transmission arrives from Mister Silver, pertaining to Athrun.
Kira now knows where he's got to head next and he needs to get there FAST.

Just then the Serpent Tail and the new Re-Home appear and start fragging the Zaft.
As the soldiers falter, Gai tells Kira to hurry on his way, since they've been hired to guard him.

Kira gratefully zooms toward the Earth, asking Lacus to sing her songs of peace while he fights on.
The Serpent Tail are impressed at the speed of the new mobile suit, and Professor has noted a very interesting gadget it's been outfitted with, which explains why the Zaft were so desperate to get it back.
Elijah and Gai are worried that by bringing the Re-Home with them, they’ve just been tagged as enemies of Zaft but Professor says that it's thanks to Malchio they've been teamed up like this so neither she nor Liam see issue with helping out.

Professor then tells "Captain GG" to show her what he's got and he’s more than ready to begin.

Meanwhile, Kazuma notes in the log that arrangements have been made for Kaidou to fortify Orbit Base against the Sol Lords.
The rest of our team has come to Alaska to report to High Command about the Pas-Q Machine mess; so far it's been a week full of Ruri and Taiga listening to Corbett's bitching, interrupted only by the arrival of the Archangel.
Most of Alaska's troops have been sent to Panama to fend off the anticipated Zaft assault, leaving a miscellaneous skeleton crew to hold the fort...

Among them is Youko, who's surprised to run into us again after the Gigafloat incident.
Her posting here is apparently part of lingering accusations of disobeying orders and insubordination; Ryouko figures that Youko would fit right in with our team, which doesn't sound so bad to Youko just now.
For that matter, just about everyone gathered here is on similar footing: skilled in battle, and hated by the brass for one reason or another.
The whole Neo-Wärter fits the bill, as well as the newly arrived Archangel team.

This has Clouseau's antenna up: why gather such a group of misfits in Alaska, while the Atlantic Union forces that make up the bulk of the Federation army are sent elsewhere?
He doesn't know what's going on, but strongly suspects it has something to do with the tactics that are keeping us all stuck here.

As Clouseau frets, Duo happily introduces himself to Edward "Ed the Ripper" Harrelson, who’s surprised that someone from Neo-Wärter knows his name.
Harry seems to be a fan, knowing Ed as an Atlantic Union pilot famous for being stained in the lubricants of his enemies, as though it were their very blood; Ed merrily makes to autograph Harry's shirt, puzzling Kouji with his merriment.

He tells Kouji that he checks his fearsome warrior schtick when he leaves his cockpit.
He tries to get our people to join in the fun, and unluckily picks Trowa and Sousuke to start which, of course, doesn’t work.
As for what he's doing here, he explains that his homeland, Eurasia, was absorbed by the Atlantic Union during the Revolutionary War - his commanders never seemed to like him much; though he can't say so too loudly, he's pretty sure that the Atlantic Union folks look down on pretty much every other part of the Federation.
Just what we need with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance, eh?

As they talk, Jean Carry introduces himself to Lowe.
This is the infamous "Shining Comet J", a Coordinator raised on Earth which surprises a few people; this surprises a few people but he sees no fundamental difference between Coordinator and Natural, and even tried moving to Plant when the anti-Coordinator sentiments got bad.
But he liked the Plant's way of doing things even less, and instead joined the Federation military.
The military never managed to look beyond his genetics(Fahra and Lowe see no point in this segregation, having learned to judge people by their actions not their origins), and here he is with the rest of the misfits.
Either way, it turns out that when he's not fighting, his real job is as a R&D engineer, and he's very curious about Gerbera Straight.

He knows full well what a masterpiece it is and is hoping for a closer look.
The Go-Lion crew also wants a peek, naturally curious about katana due to their Japanese upbringing ; as Lowe leads the tour group off, Fahra notes that the man seems to be a genius at making friends.

Elsewhere, Kazuma has gone to chat with a guest: Flay.
Kazuma struggles with the words, but says he’s heard about what happened since they dropped her at Artemis and recommends to her that she go apologize to Sai for everything that happened; Flay doubts that Sai could ever forgive her, especially now that Kira is gone.

She explains to Kazuma that she hated the Coordinators for killing her father, and was using Kira to get revenge on them... regardless of how much it hurt Kira, or Sai.
After a moment, Kazuma recommends she try to be that open and honest with Sai, whether or not Sai finds it within himself to forgive her.
He reminds her of the message he sent her when she went to the Archangel about the terrors of space, the weakness of the individual, and the importance of life: next to these, everything else is as nothing.
Flay finally begins to smile, telling him that his grown-up act from before doesn't seem to have been an act after all; she agrees to try, and soon, since she's shortly to be transferred off the Archangel.

Meanwhile, we find Yumi and Hayato, having managed to get lost wandering around the vast base.
Before they meet the others, Yumi makes Hayato promise not to tell the others why she ran away from home - she's sure they'll all laugh at her if they knew how she cried from the shock of what befell D-Boy.
He tells her that everyone was equally shocked, and she inwardly apologizes for not telling him the real reason, which she's already promised a certain someone to keep a secret.

The two of them then run into Tomoru, still brooding over his exploits as Orgun.
He's only here because Michi had some business at the base and dragged him along, but at least one other person has been looking for him: Gai (Shishioh); Gai reminds him that he was asked to wait in his room until Michi got back, and then marvels to see Yumi back again.
She hastily apologizes for running away and promises not to cause any more trouble, running off to rejoin our people when Gai tells her the way.
Tomoru marvels at her enthusiasm, and Gai tells him that she's the kind of girl who can face her fate without fear or hesitation.

Tomoru is still trying to get his head around the fact that the monstrous Tekkamen can be so bright and innocent,
Gai insists that neither the Tekkamen nor Detonator Orgun are monsters either: Tomoru is Tomoru, regardless of everything else.

Unsurprisingly, Michi has no intention of handing Orgun over to the army: it is the fear of it, and it’s power, that led to her posting to the GGG.
Forreston acknowledges that the Federation military has greatly diverged from its mission as peace-keepers, but points out that mankind is nevertheless under terrible threat from outside.
What Forreston proposes is that the Solid Armor be used to unify mankind by force - wiping out the Blue Cosmos faction and forcing a military reorganization from inside.
He thinks that the most obvious enemies are the ones they should be taking on first, but Michi is not at all happy about the Plant residents who have already died as part of such dreams.
While Forreston understands that her “Comprehent” origins make her worried about the fate of the Coordinators, he promises that forcing an end to the conflict will help “mankind as a whole”; she, however finds Forreston's talk to be a mere rationalization to justify his own coup d’état.

But further debate will have to wait, as a detachment of Zaft troops is spotted heading towards Alaska.
Yes, Alaska, NOT Panama as the feds’ intelligence about their Operation Spit Break would have suggested; it seems that the entire Federation has been fooled.

The game gives us a smaller-than-usual deployment room which calls for voting time.
As usual, Kazuma still has dibs on a slot and this leaves you guys with 12 slots to choose among the follow units:

Voting will remain open until Sunday and make sure to bold out your votes to make tallying easier.

See you all then!