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Part 153: Mission 43 - From the Depths of Memory - Part 1

Mission 43 - From the Depths of Memory

I dun goof’d…Kazuma is also launching as an event so there WAS room for Dearka in the deployment. Whoops!

The Galra ship has left the area with Golion, which leaves the rest of our forces to duke it out with the Radam..
Kazuma yells out in rage that they never should’ve trusted those damn Galra but Quatre tells him to relax as this was all expected; Akane, Cagalli and Yumi didn’t get it either and it falls on Duo to explain to them that, despite the risks, our people decided to take the bait for a chance to learn more about our enemies – also, they didn’t explain it because they felt it was self-evident...
Kisaka, Hayato and Mihiro apologize for not saying anything but Horis says it’s not their fault is these people are so dense.

In any case, Ruri tells our people to trust in Fahra and worry about taking out the Radam for now.
D-Boy seems a little unwell and he's really starting to wonder if he can hold out until all the enemy Tekkamen are defeated...

Aki leads the charge and draws first blood on a Mother.

Yumi can probably handle the rest.

Yup, yup.

Gai’s next and he punches a huge chunk of health off the next Mother.

Which, in turn, gives Volfogg an easy kill.

Like so.

Dearka’s post-movement attacks aren’t all that, so he merely weakens a Monster.

Cagalli can finish the job.

Just a little bit more…

And there we go.

A second wave of Radam quickly shows up, led by Evil himself.
Dead is surprised to see Evil finally take to the field but Evil doesn’t care – he doesn’t even acknowledge the “defeated imitation”; of course, David gets pissed off at how Evil used Dead and simply threw him away.
Blade has him back off, though, as this is his fight.

Evil came here because he heard Blade had acquired a new power.
Now that that’s proven to be true, it’ll be his greatest joy to defeat his even stronger brother!
Kazuma is aghast at how this guy’s even crazier than before and Shihomi figures it’s the result of the Radam continuous distortion of his once-deep affection into abiding hatred.
Regardless, Evil is eager to get his fight going!

What's more, Sinclyne decides to join in on the side of the Radam, figuring that with Golion and Fahra in his hands, all that's left is killing us off.

Kogane gets pissed at Sinclyne for using his “peace-talks” as a ploy to capture them but he tells Kogane that he did what was necessary to defeat the Sol Lords and the Scribes and put an end of the conflict... he’ll be using Golion to do so!
The Golion's pilots berate his tactics for being so underhanded, but Sinlcyne claims he's got no ears for the yelps of whipped lions.
He's so carried away that he plans to steal a victory kiss from Fahra, but lo and behold, Fahra quickly berates Sinclyne for having no discernment regarding women, despite owning a harem and whatnot.

Surprise! It was Saburouta in disguise all along and he says they weren’t about to hand over the beautiful princess to the evil prince!
A Galra Soldier yells that the Blue Lion started to attack in the hangar; Honerva yells at Sinclyne to give orders but he’s still a little too shocked to do anything – understandable to Saburouta, if he had just discovered that he nearly kissed another man (he’s not feeling all too good, either).
The Golion team makes a run for it, but not before Kogane vows to eventually kill Honerva in revenge for Shirogane; he also finds time to remind Sinclyne that Golion is Altea's and the galaxy's guardian spirit - not his plaything.

Kogane and the others have already managed to escape and they’re also bringing Saburouta aboard with them.
Harry quickly sends his Aestivalis over.

: I won’t let you escape, Golion!

: Kogane!
: HAHAHA! You’re not going anywhere, Golion!
: I’ve activated a Gravity Anchor stronger than even Space Ulf’s! It’s impossible to escape!!
: Silence, Sinclyne! Neither we nor Golion will be defeated!
: Guys, we must focus our power! Remember King Raimon’s words!
: Golion’s power is drawn out by the strength of us five…!
: If we can use the power that’s sleeping inside Golion, we’ll win for sure!!
: Golion! Lend us as much power as you can!
: Father! Golion’s true power is here!!
: Roar, Golion! So we can protect this universe!!

: That goddess…! She was there when they escaped from Space Ulf!
: Kogane! The monitor is showing a new weapon!!
: Let’s go, guys! 100-Ton Punch!!

Gai Daigouji is ecstatic at such a burning display of passion and King Raimon is also impressed, showing up on Golion’s monitors to praise the five heroes.
He exhorts the Golion team to fight on using Golion’s true power and to use their courage to finally bring an end to the battle with the Scribes and Sol Lords – a conflict that's continued down through the ages and across the cosmos.
They’ll have to start with Sinclyne, though, who’s decided to simply kill everyone present, Human and Radam, and then set his sights on the Sol Lords and Database.
Kogane tells him to come over, then, and feel the wrath of a lion!

One thing at a time. First off, we’ll have Mike help Kira.

Gotta get that SEED running quick-like.

By the way, when you kill either Evil or Sinclyne, the other will retreat; I’ll focus on the Radam.

Kira and Athrun quickly take down a Monster.

While Blade sets his sight of another one.

Damn it…

The RNG gods decide to screw me over, as Orgun gets hit with a 7% attack.
At least his Prevail is tripped.

Lowe will finish the job.

I like how Lowe simply drops on top of the enemy...

Hayato takes care of Blade’s monster.

While, using Assail, Shihomi goes for a target of her own.

It’s a weird day when a battleship can oneshot these things but Blade fails to do so.

Before we end the turn, Kazuma flies ahead and gets working on a Mother.

Enemy Phase!

A tiny monster decides to tangle with Gai.

That shit doesn’t fly.

Yumi is also picked on but she falls just short of a kill.

The alien tekkamen don’t waste time going after our folks.

Hm. Not bad.

Dearka can’t use his best tricks at this range so his monster lives.

This Mother goes for Cagalli and she’s ready to bust out her sword.

Good, good.

Three Radam decide to go after Hayato, of all things.
There were no kills but they were left very wounded.

Now is your chance for you to redeem yourself, Kira.


Lowe draws the attention of a Mother and her baby Monster.
The Mother hangs on but the kid got squished.

Next, it’s Kazuma’s turn.


All these kills get Kouji’s Mazin Power going.

Evil runs a chain attack that manages to miss Hayato but hit Kazuma…go figure.

The Galra start moving and this Garushia makes a run for Gaofighgar.

He is promptly slapped away.

Kouji gives the usual treatment to an incoming Fighter.

A couple of Fighters also manage to get close to Golion.

It doesn’t work out.

Sinclyne also wants revenge.

: Sinclyne! Tell us what you know about the ancient civilizations!
: Silence, Golion! Once I’ve captured you, I will use your power to destroy everyone who's in my way!
: I will surpass Dai Bazaal and the entire galaxy will be mine!!

Sadly for him, Golion had Iron Wall cast so that did jack.

Player Phase!

Cagalli pulls a triple chain-attack and, taking a support from Dearka, manages to kill both a Monster and Mother.

Dearka can handle the last one.

Good man.

Moving south, Gai takes the time to smell the roses and kill a Monster.

As for Aki, she’ll handle Gai’s leftovers.


Volfogg also does his part for the clean-up.

Which boosts Kira’s morale and activates SEED.

This is actually perfect because it allows me to MAP the shit out of these Radam.

Everything but Evil gets blown to bits.

Saburouta finishes off a Mother and Tetsuya gets working on one of those surfing Tekkamen from Kira’s MAP.

I’ll have Mike take him down and, if necessary, he’ll use a Support Request.

Heeey, didn’t even need to use it!

I failed to mention this during last mission but Blade’s Blaster form works like SEED and the Zero System: it gives him a bonus of +10 to all his status (on top of gaining a power boost to fit his new, stronger attacks).

We’ll deal with Evil now.

: You may be Mr. D’s brother but I won’t go easy on you!
: Hmph…brat. Don’t think that your enthusiasm will be enough to win this!
: I’ll tear you to pieces in front of your idol!

: I’m so happy, brother! You’ve gained a new power just for me?!
: That’s right, Evil! The power of the Blasterization exists to defeat all of you Radam!
: This battle is to see whether I’ll completely burn my life or destroy you all first!

: I don’t really care for your color! I’m the only one worthy of being the red Tekkaman!
: I am proud to be a Tekkaman…! Unlike demons like you, I’m fighting for the one that I love!

Evil is worth a Large Generator, a BP+1 and an Initial Morale +2.

: It’s not over yet! I came here to defeat Blade!
: Evil!
: Show it to me! Your Blaster power!!
: EVIL!!

: Th-this is…Takaya’s new power…?!
: I can’t win…! If this continues, I’ll…I’ll…!

: You did it! You took Evil down with one shot!!
: (Commander Balzac, you’ve suffered too much at Tekkaman Evil’s hand…)
: Sinclyne, now that the Radam have withdrawn, a frontal assault would be too dangerous!
: We must pull back!
: I’ll remember this, Golion! I’ll defeat you and clear away this humiliation – this, I promise!

If you take Sinclyne down, he's worth a Chobham Armor and a Max SP+10 – Evil’s event happens the same way.

: Those Galra…they always promise to come back as they’re running away!
: Well…one way or the other, we did manage to get the information we expected on The Database and Sol Lords.
: Yes…now, let’s take this information back to the Orbit Base for analysis.
*Beep, beep, beep.*
: What is it, Carret?!
: It’s coming!
: What’s coming?!

: The Database!
: It’s not just that battleship this time – I’ve never seen those weapons before!
: …
: That’s…the guy Aria called Applicant!
: Look here, stupid Kazuma! Now that Lord Applicant is here, he’s gonna blow you to bits!!
: We are mankind’s self-governing Special Forces, under supervision of the United Nations Secretariat: Neo-Wärter.
: Please state your name and affiliation.
: We are of the galaxy’s Omega cluster’s 13th system, 5th planet’s autonomous recording plant…
: You call us The Database. Our mission is to record all the civilizations of the galaxy.
: Well, thank you for that honest answer. It seems we can talk to each other after all.
: I was merely following your style of communication. I do not speak like that.
: Did you come here to pick a fight?!
: Even if it’s deprived of its war power, a civilization can still be recorded.
: We’re slightly accelerating the collection of records before this Solar System is destroyed.
: I knew it; the reason why The Database joined the Solar Lords is because they want to destroy the Solar System!
: I don’t understand why you’re recording civilizations…
: But if doing so means Earth will be harmed, then we’ll fight you.
: Stop, sister! Please come with me and Lord Applicant!
: Get real! Why the hell should my family go with you?!
: Seems Kazuma and I are being left out again…
: Shut up, stupid Kazuma! There’s no place for me because of you!
: I’ll defeat you and then Akane, Shihomi and Mihiro will come live with me and Lord Applicant!
: I don’t care to know the reason why you’re doing this!
: If you came here to fight for that crazy idea of yours, then you're our enemy!!
: And in that case, we won’t hold back!
: Let’s go, Mr. Ship Captain! There’s something I want to check with you!
: We’ll see if you can, Kazuma Ardygun…

Several people had lines with Sinclyne or Evil but, due to either being too far or undeployed, weren’t able to get in range:[/i]

-Dead Vs. Evil-
: That’s too bad, Shinya. I…kind of liked you.
: Who do you think you are speaking to? A filthy imitation like you shouldn’t think of being my equal!
: Even now, you’re still the amazing…! And that’s why I want to kill you!

-Balzac Vs. Evil-
: Evil! I have much to pay you back!
: However, thanks to you, I realized that my fall from the “elite soldier” life wasn’t so bad.
: For that, you have my gratitude!

-Saburouta Vs. Sinclyne-
: I’ll never forgive you! For the crime of deceiving me, the only suitable compensation is your life!
: Oh, that’s cold, Prince! We almost kissed and you’re acting like there’s nothing going on?
: AARRGH, SHUT UP! Don’t remind me!!
: Hey, I don’t even want to remind myself!

-Gai Shishioh Vs. Sinclyne-
: User of the Green Planet’s legacy! Do not think you can win against me without your lion!
: Galeon may not be here but his spirit lives on within me!
: As long as it’s there, I will not yield to the likes you!