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Part 179: Mission 49 - Unfurl the Sails of Courage on the Sea of Battle - Part 2

Alright, we’re back and we have a pack of Part Cubes to deal with before dealing with Mr. Palps.
They all have a level in Support Defend, so chain-attacks are the way to go.

Shouldn’t take very long.

I’ll be feeding this kill to Mike, so Ruri attacks to take away the support.

There we go.

Little bit more and Mike can pop Disc X.

Akito starts a new chain with his Distortion Attack.

Followed shortly by Gouryujin.

This doesn’t come up oftenly but when mooks get to low enough HP, they will not support defend an attack that would kill them.
Many SRW games don’t have this limitation, mind – as recent as 2nd OGs, you’ll find suicidal AI that will gladly explode to protect a buddy (that gets killed two seconds later).

Enemy Phase!

I guess the AI doesn’t appreciate me abusing the system with Valstork’s support attacks – two mooks go after the ship and force Genryujin to defend them.

This one here, however, attacks a healthy ship.

Seeing how Lowe keeps his 150m Gerbera Straight on the side of the Re-Home, shouldn’t they have a ramming attack?

Either way, the last attack is after Golion who answers the damage appropriately.

Player Phase!

Someone needs to deal with these out-of-the-way cubes, so Sousuke takes the job.


Fine, Tenryujin can also help; this is followed by J teaming up with Gouryujin to wreck another Cube.

Picture of pre-battle numbers didn’t run for this next one but Gai went after that Cube that is right in front of Akito.

I didn’t chain-attack because, if allowed, Gai would kill everything in this stage single-handedly.
He needs to leave some for everyone else!

For instance, Mike, who is in position to bombard Palparepa’s armor as soon as he gets a bit more morale (which will happen when the other mooks die).

How long has it been since I used this attack?

There, Suzuishi, you got to do stuff.

Blade and Gouryujin destroy another cube while setting themselves up to attack Palparepa on the next turn.

Re-Home heals the Valstork just because.

Only one Cube left!

Nearly there.

Sadly, Volfogg doesn’t get a critical hit and leaves the mook barely hanging.

Enemy Phase!

This problem fixes itself as the Cube attacks the Nadesico.

So does Palparepa…

Well, I suppose it’s no big loss as this isn’t an attacker.

Player Phase!

I changed my mind! I’ll leave Mike there for a bit and use Enryu/Kouji to apply the usual debuffs.

Get in there, Mista J.

: Soldato J.
: It was a mistake to allow you to live, the last surviving warrior of the Red Planet.
: There is a mistake here, indeed, but it is your very existence.
: Upon the honor of a warrior of the Red Planet, 11 Sol Lords... I will destroy you!

Haw, Haw!

Sousuke conserves his SP but still deals nice damage due to Palparepa’s weakened armor.

Honorary GGG members, represent.

Good show.

Next up is Blade, just for a little bit of damage.

No need to rush in here.

Tenryujin and Volfogg leave Palparepa barely hanging.

Now, it would be criminal to kill him with anyone other than Gai!
Even better, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the AWESOME Genesic Hell And Heaven!

: The God of Destruction... no, the Demon who invites ruin! Be banished by the power of a true God!
: I have the love of my mother, father, and Cain with me, and the courage Mamoru and Mikoto fought to defend!
: Their power will be your destruction in the form of the Genesic Aura you fear!

Palparepa is worth an Ultra-Large Magazine, a BP+1, and a Support Attack +1.

: Urgh…Demon, how dare you!!
: Palparepa! Feel our power!!
: Wait! Something’s coming out of Ganymede!

: The Scribes of Knowledge!
: Finally, they’re coming out!

Inside the Ganymede base…

: Please hurry. The 11 Sol Lords will destroy this facility very soon.
: Lady Regulate! Your functions weren’t interrupted?!
: I anticipated such an event and transferred my functions to the Arm Storer.
: Now, please hurry. Your friends have already escaped.
: …
: Kazuma, what’s wrong…? You must escape, quickly.
: Don’t act all chummy with me! You’re one of the Database!
: B-but, brother…she helped us…
: And Aria was going to be destroyed, too…
: Be quiet, Mihiro…!
: Kazuma, I understand that you don’t feel like you can trust me.
: However, I’m letting you go due to a debt of mine.
: Lady Regulate! Are you thinking of betraying Lord Inference?!
: Listen to me, Aria…!
: Y-yes…!
: Currently, Inference is displaying abnormalities in his functions.
: In that case, I have no choice but to stop him.
: …
: Then, can I ask something? Why do you look so much like my mother?
: This woman…she looks like our mother?!
: That’s—
: That’s because this autonomous recording plant was designed by Blessfield Ardygun.
: Father!
: Aria…I thought I ordered you to wait on standy.
: But, Papa…
: You are a doll of my creation. I decide what’ll happen to you…it is not your choice.
: Bastard!
: You’re still an amateur, Kazuma Ardygun.
: He stopped my punch…!
: I’ve updated your behavioral data. It’s useless to attack.
: Shut up, not-dad! You can’t do whatever you want with me!!
*Punch. Break!*
: What?!
: Screw your data! Don’t think something like that can give you a read on me!
: Kazuma, we must leave this place…!
: Regulate… I don’t know what you’re thinking but, for now, I ask that you help us…!
: I’m gonna pummel not-dad some more with the Valhawk!
: Aria, let’s go! If you stay here, he’s going to kill you!!
: But…
: Come on, Aria! You’re alive, too! So, hurry!
: Stupid Kazuma…
: I’m gonna teach you! The terror of space, the weakness of the individual…and the importance of life!
: Stop, Aria!
: Come on, Aria!
: Sorry, Papa! I…I want to live!!
: Arm Storer, covering fire!
*Shots fired!
: Argh…the Arm Storer is being remote controlled?!
: Listen here, not-dad! I’ve given up on you for real!
: So get your ass outside! This is my last act of mercy as a Spaceman!
: We’re gonna settle this out in Space!!

: Valhawk! Kazuma?!
: Sorry to keep you waiting, folks! Mihiro is also OK!
: Shihomi, Akane, Horis! You’re alright!
: Kazuma…Mihiro…
: Thank god…! They’re both safe!
: Eeeh...are those the Database’s robot and battleship?!
: It’s a long story! First off, they’re not our enemy!
: Brother! Dad’s chasing us!!

: Lord Applicant!
: Here you are, not-dad!
: This Arm Storer is the final production version. It’s performance far exceeds the original that Regulate is controlling.

: Hey, come on! That's dirty and you know it!
: Enough with the surprise robots outta nowhere already!
: Horis! Cover the Valhawk!
: Yes, ma'am! Today, I finally finish things with “Captain Bless”!

: Whoops, never mind. We're hosed!
: Stupid Horis! If you're going to play the hero, at least commit to it!
: Kazuma Ardygun, Shihomi Argygun, Akane Ardygun…
: Mihiro Ardygun, Horis Horion and, also, Regulate and Aria…
: I will delete you all...
: Hey, sweet! My name's on the list!
: Stupid Horis! That isn't a good thing!
: Damn it! If we had a mech that could stand up to theirs, I'd punch my stupid not-dad's face in!
: Coming right up.
: Horis? What are you talking about?
: We've got all the keys together! Carret, you're up!
: Ok, Mr. Horis!
*Beep, beep, beep, boop.*
: What... I wasn't aware that the Arm Storer contained these systems!
: My Arm Arcus is responding too!
: Battle Formation, Pattern: Final…
: This is…!
: Sisters, Regulate, Aria!
: Code Drive!

: The Database’s battleship and mech, along with Valstork and Valhawk…
: They’ve combined!!
: This is the final power of the Valstork, that I found during analysis…
: Rather, it’s the Valstork’s original form!
: Stupid Kazuma…what is this?!
: Just take what you get! Its name is…VALZACARD!!
: It’s our new power!!
: I’ll control the Main Systems. Shihomi will act as the commander.
: Y-yes!
: Akane will control the weapons, Horis will oversee engineering and its systems.
: O-OK!
: Roger that!
: Aria will control point defense, while Mihiro will control the radar and communications.
: I-I got it!
: I’ll do my best!
: Finally, Kazuma, you will control it as a whole.
: Alright!
: It’s complete...Valzacard…!
: Come on, not-dad! FIGHT MEEEEEEEEEEE!

: Urgh…that’s Blessfield Ardygun’s counter…?!
: Brother, look at the bridge!
: Dad…no, that’s…!
: …
: A mechanical body…! He’s not human…?!
: He’s some kind of android…?!
: Further combat is impossible. Retreating.

: Lord Applicant…
: He’s not a human…then, he really isn’t our father…?!
: Kazuma! Right now, we have to defeat the enemies in front of us!
: Y-yeah! I’m gonna show them Valzacard’s power!!
: Whoa…that’s AMAZING, Kazuma!!
: Awesome…!
: ALRIGHT! We turned this around in one move…!
: Let’s go, Palparepa! We’re gonna finish you off, first!
: I cannot allow that.
: Abel! You came back!
: Retreat, Palparepa. Leave the rest to “him”.

: That’s--

: Z-Master!!
: No way! We defeated him a year ago!!
: Your mistake was not purifying the cores.
: We obtained them from the Scribes of Knowledge and simply revised a few abnormal points.
: What?!
: The Z-Master system was created in the Trinary Solar System…
: It was probably created using the same techniques as the 11 Sol Lords.
: Now that he’s cast away that unnecessary system, the Master Program is our loyal subject.
: Neo-Wärter…once again, you’ll fear its power.
: God of Destruction…! We’ll settle things the next time we meet.

: Weak-hearted ones. Do not think it’ll be the same the second time.

: His power’s in a completely different league from all other enemies we’ve fought.
: Can we…even win against him…?!
: Damn it! Those bastards…this is the worst parting-gift ever!
: No need to be scared!
: Kazuma…
: We’re way stronger this time, with new powers and new friends! There’s no way we’re gonna lose this!
: Kazuma’s right! We’ll win for sure…we have to!
: Let’s go, guys! Let’s destroy this guy once and for all with our full power!

Z-Master is the same as before but with WAY higher stats.
He’ll still regenerate a bit of damage done, so let’s wait one turn.

Enemy Phase!

Z-Master doesn’t have enough morale to do his MAP, so he goes for the Nadesico.

Player Phase!

Actually, Z-Master has SUCH low morale that our team is going to easily rip him a new one.

Thank you, Mike.

Now, for the big guns.

Very nice.

Get to it, Gai!

I’m actually quite impressed that Maximum Tou-Long did nearly as much damage as this.
Of course, they attacked when Z-Master’s Prevail wasn’t nearly as activated but still…

Golion is readily available to tag himself in to assist Gai.

Good man.

I didn’t need to do this but it felt wrong to not have J contribute to the effort.

Alright, that’s good enough.

This is it – the end of this amazing mission and what better way to wrap things up than with the best trick of our newest toy?
Valzacard is the only other unit that can compete against Genesic Gaogaigar for the title of best mech in the game and I’ll go into detail on the next intermission.

For now, behold: EXA Nova Shoot Over!

: I can feel... everyone through the Valzacard!
: Shihomi, Akane, Mihiro, Horis... even Regulate and Aria!
: I'll put your energy to good use! Valzacard, hear my call!

Z-Master is worth a Super Alloy New-Z Alpha.

: UUUOOOOOOOH! We…we’ve been destroyed?!
: That’s right, Z-Master! And you won’t be resurrected a second time!

: Mamoru, you’re up!
: Got it, Gai!

: Gemu, Giru, Gan, Go, Gufo…

: It’s over, Gai…Z-Master will not be able to come back again.
: Thank you, Mamoru…You’ve saved me once again.
(And, also, dad, mom, Cain…I’ll keep fighting even after this.)
: (I’ll keep the courage you saved in my heart.)
*Akito starts to move away.
: You’re going again?
: …
: There’s something I want to return to you once you return. So, please, come back someday.
: Understood… I’ll remember this promise…

: Akito…
: You’ve changed, "mister"…
: Everyone…the 11 Sol Lords and the Scribes of Knowledge have withdrawn from the Jupiter Sphere.
: In other words, we’ve completely lost their scent…?
: We’re also exhausted. We should return to Earth.
: Then, please recover all units; Neo-Wärter is going home.
: (Kaname…I’ll surely find a way to help you…)
: (Dad…no, Applicant…Sooner or later, we’re gonna settle everything.)
(With the help of all my important friends and family…and Valzacard…!)

Inside an ES Window, The Sol Lords have a lot to think about, having been betrayed by the Database and had their Pas-Q machine (mostly) copied.
They had them completely fooled by killing a Replijin of Latio and Galeon, while the originals were left hidden and safe until they could fight back; add to that the G-Crystal and its Genesic Aura and things could get dicey for their restoration plans.
Abel is fairly sure the Database won't actually strike until their records on the remaining Sol Lord technology are complete, though: Neo-Wärter remains the immediate threat; at least, the fragdown on Jupiter has given Pisa Sol time to get into position, and it's doubtful that the Earthlings could detect him until it’s too late.

They can furnish Pisa Sol with unlimited amounts of THE POWER from Jupiter using an ES Window, and it'll only take a little over a month for the charging to be complete.
Might be a good idea for the rest of the Sol Lords to go guard him, though.
One thing Pilnus wants to know is precisely why THIS solar system, of all places, was chosen for the reconstitution of the Trinary system; even Abel doesn't know why, and doesn't really care with their objective so close in view...
The only important thing right now is to hold out long enough for their mission of the Trinary System’s regeneration to be complete.

Sword informs Omega that the process of raising their mothership to the surface of the moon has completed.
It's only about ten days until all the Radam Trees on Earth bloom at once.
After that, even the entire Eviluder fleet combined won't stand a chance against the billions of newly created Earthling Tekkamen; that assumes of course that someone takes care of Blade and those damned Neo-Wärter, and Sword recommends that Evil get the assignment.
She'll take the order herself while Omega turns his full attention to the final growth of the trees.

Sword thinks to herself that there's nothing she wouldn't do for her beloved Kengo... including depriving his younger brother Shinya of his life...

By the by, I’m gonna keep this as Valzacard’s theme because it’s awesome and I love it!

One final thing: it’s not very evident from the in-game model but Valzacard is THE biggest playable original mech that Banpresto has made to date.

How big, you ask? This big:

Yeah. At 212.7 meters, Valzacard is as tall as Gunbuster!

Click here if you want to see the full-sized version of this image