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Part 178: Mission 49 - Unfurl the Sails of Courage on the Sea of Battle - Part 1

Mission 49 - Unfurl the Sails of Courage on the Sea of Battle

It's Akito who's been raking the base with gunfire, his version of paying our people back for their help.
Despite the fact that there are still people inside, this group’s first priority was to get Tessa out such as to not waste Kaname’s help.

The Re-Home is nearby and Clouseau swings over in his carrier to drop off Tessa.
Mao at least promises Tessa that they will not stop until they make good on their promise to rescue Kaname, as well; Leo relates that he’s already called the rest of our troops over – we need only to wait a bit more.

This is made harder when a ship launches from Ganymede: it’s Abel, riding on Pia Decem Pit and looking for some payback for our interference.
Liam is aghast at the size of the ship but Kisato detects another equally big ship headed this way!

The J-Ark takes to the skies once more and, for this, J thanks the woman.
Renée has about had it with J calling her “woman” and properly introduces herself; J recognizes the Shishioh name and realizes that she’s related to him.

Abel accuses Soldato J-002 of being defective for opposing him, the leader of the Red Planet.
J claims that it is Abel who is defective, no longer the leader of the Red Planet but one of the 11 Sol Lords - it is J’s duty, as a warrior of the Red Planet, to put an end to his ambition!
Abel tells J that, once he’s defeated, he'll do to him what he's done to Arma; J asks where he is but Abel says we have more pressing concerns to worry about.


: Gaofighgar!
: And Gai’s piloting it?!
: Then, that unit’s a copy created by the Sol Lords?!
: But…! I only feel destructive intent coming from that Gaofighgar!
: With Palparepa’s chemical bolts, the Hero of the Blue Planet is now our loyal subject.
: Now, his power will destroy all those who would get in our way!

: Is this how they controlled Mamoru’s Replijin?!
: Gai! Wake up, Gai!!
*Gai starts attacking.*
: It’s no use…! Gai is now destruction incarnate!
: What do we do?! If this keeps going, we’ll…
: Then, we have no choice but to fight…!
: But…!
: J’s right…There’s no other option!
: Prof. Shishioh…
: Do it, men…! Gai…Gai is…
: Wake up, Gai! This isn’t like you!
: Think of a way to help him! But we’ll die if we go easy on him!
: Gai…! Do we have no choice but to defeat you?!

At least everyone starts with a decent morale boost, so we can already use our best tricks.
One thing must be noted about this fight, though:

Secret Alert!
This particular secret is quite easy – defeat Gaofighgar in less than 5 turns.
Even if you don’t waste your SP (though, you CAN, as you’ll recover it all soon), you can do this by turn 2 if your folks are upgraded (J-Ark takes upgrades after Gaofighgar, so he’s already quite boosted).

I don’t need to rush this, mind, so let’s take it one step at a time.

: Snap out of it, Gai! Your courage saved us all! Is it dead for good?!

By the by, Gai’s only Skills are Multicombo L2 and Prevail L8.

Which means he won’t last long against our fine folk.

: GaoFighGar is now a herald of destruction. We may not even be able to stop it.
: But he is still one of us. We must do everything in our power...

You gotta put more “oomph” into it, Sousuke!

How about you?

: Gai! I learned what courage is by watching you fight!
: So I'll do whatever it takes to save you! Wake up, Gai!

Blah…but I guess Gai’s Prevail is already acting up.

Akito is, by far, the least upgraded unit here but he can still pull his weight.

: Gai... remember. Remember that you're a Hero...


Also, Renée will be hitching a ride with J from now on – thus, he gained a new spirit command list to use!

: How could you fall under control of the enemy, Gai?!
: It's useless, woman. Even if Gai can hear us, he can't stop himself.
: What do you mean?
: Gai's consciousness still remains, but his body is under the Sol Lords' control.
: So he has to watch his friends suffer at his own hands?!
: There is only one thing we can do for Gai now. Defeat him, and shorten his suffering as much as we can!

King J-Der is as powerful as ever.

Enemy Phase!

Gai tries to chain into Sousuke, Orgun and Akito but only gets a shotgun blast to the face.

Player Phase!

Good night, sweet prince…

: It’s no use! Destroying Gaofighgar isn’t enough to stop Gai!
: Then, our only option is to pry Gai out of Gaofighgar!
: Hurry, D-Boy! When you’ve rescued Gai, we’ll pull out of this sector!
: I’m getting energy readings from this Gaofighgar that are, in some ways, larger than the original’s.
: If that thing explodes, everything nearby will take severe damage.
: Hold on, Gai! I owe you for saving Miyuki!
: So, I promise I’ll save you, no matter what!
: That won’t happen.

: Palparepa!
: The Chemical Bolts have been completely implanted into Evoluder Gai…
: No matter how strong is this man’s will, his physical body has no means of escaping our control.
: Chemical Bolts…! So, that’s how they’ve been controlling him?!
: However, as a fellow user of the power of the Trinary Solar System, I cannot bear to see the Apostle of Destruction suffering…
: Perish, Apostle of Destruction! And help our cause!
: Is he trying to destroy everything in this area by blowing up Gaofighgar?!
: That’s…! If that happens, he also wouldn’t be safe!
: Not good! All units, pull back!!

: Where are you going, Professor?! That’s crazy!
: Gai is my son! I won’t let him die in front of my eyes!
*Leo charges at Gai.*
: Don’t interfere…!

*Leo’s shuttle crashes into Jupiter and vanishes.*

: Sol Lords! YOU BASTARDS!!
: Disappear, demons!

: …Am I dead…? My courage is gone; I’m an apostle of destruction…
: Gai…your life was protected by your father.
: Mom…mom…?!
: Your father’s voice has awakened me inside The Power and I was able to protect you…
: Mom… your soul continued to live within the power…
: Thank you, Gai…you became an astronaut to come look for me…
: Gai…we are so proud to have you as our son.
: Dad…because of me, you…
: Do not blame yourself. It’s only natural for a father to protect his son.
: Besides, now I can be with your mother again.
: But, Gai…There’s not much time left…
: Right now, The Power’s infinite energy is being fed to the Pas-Q Machine.
: They want to use The Power to restore the Trinary Solar System…?!
: That’s right, Gai. You must fight…to protect all life in the Solar System.
: Because, you’re…
: Stop, dad. I hurt my friends and I could not protect my father…I can’t do it.
: I could not protect Mamoru…I’ve lost everything…the meaning of my fight, my oath sworn through courage…
: You haven’t lost anything.
: Gai…you are not alone.
: Mamoru...Mikoto…
: Gai, we still believe in you...
: But, Cain, the one who gave me life and strength is our enemy…
: Have faith.
: Back when the Trinary System was mechanized, the G-Stone was created as its last source of life.
: Mamoru…
: You’re the man that gives me the hope to keep living…Gai.
: Mikoto…
: I was born to protect life.
: My life was meant to fight those who would steal it.
: I exist to be your support!
: So, fight…to find the true courage!
: True courage…
: Let’s fight together…to find the truth!
: Galeon will surely answer you too, Gai.
: Galeon... Galeon is alive?!
: That which can stop the power of regeneration…is the power of destruction.
: Destruction is the hope for a new start from a new zero. It’s the challenge that infinite possibility brings.
: Let’s go, Mamoru! By our newly sworn oath!
: Gai! Let's make a miracle happen!

: Everyone ok?!
: Somehow. We were saved by the Generating Armor’s full output…
: Did Palparepa also disappear…?
: There’s no way anyone could’ve survived that explosion…

: What…?
: Palparepa…! How is he alive after that?!
: Naturally. Our regenerative power cannot be stopped.
: That’s…the regenerative power of the Pas-Q Machine?!
: If I defeat you, Soldato J and the remaining obstacles, everything will be over.
: We’re all damaged…is there nothing we can do…?!
: Wait…something’s coming out of Jupiter.

: Is that Galeon?!
: I thought the Sol Lords had destroyed him!
: Guys, Galeon and I are safe!
: Mamoru! Is that really you?!
: Yes! Mikoto is safe, too!
: Then, Galeon is…
: Gai! I knew it, you’re alive!
: Don’t worry, D-Boy! I will live on…
: Like you, I will not be defeated before I’ve carried out my mission!!
: 11 Sol Lords! It seems your natural enemy has resurrected!
: Warm…I can feel his warmth, in my body and soul…!
: He was able to free himself from the hold of the Chemical Bolts? Inconceivable!
: The oath sworn through courage surpasses the limits of the body!
: Gai…
: Thank you, Mamoru, Mikoto…I’m Ok!
: Impossible…! We destroyed Galeon!
: And Latio, too! How are you alive?!
: Galeon and I have been kept prisoners of the Scribes of Knowledge all along…
: We were kept as insurance, as a way to oppose you should it be necessary…
: We were hidden inside the last legacy of the Green Planet: the G-Crystal!
: But, we confirmed that you had been eliminated…
: No…they were Replijins…! They’ve recorded even the Pas-Q Machine?!
: We got away from the Scribes of Knowledge with the help of one of them…
: All so I could tell Gai the truth!
: Palparepa! My reborn courage will destroy you!!

: This power…?!
: That’s right! It’s the Genesic Aura that you fear!
: Our driving force…your G-Stone surpassed our Loud G-Stone…
: Not only that – it’s losing power by being exposed to the G-Crystal’s Genesic Aura!
: And, by being inside the G-Crystal, Galeon has awakened his true power! My courage was answered!
: True power…?
: At the time of the mechanization of the Trinary Solar System, Cain, the ruler of the Green Planet, bequeathed unto his last hope, his legacy.
: That’s Galeon…!
: Once the mechanization ended, the Trinary Solar System’s regeneration program would activate.
: And Galeon was the anti-program made to counter the Sol Lords should they go berserk!
: Galeon protected Mamoru when they came to Earth and fought the Zondar, but his real mission was to destroy the Sol Lords…!
: That’s why you feared Galeon and his controller, Mamoru!
: Silence, God of Destruction! Feel my full power!!

*Palparepa starts blasting Gaigar.

: Urk…!
: Gai!
: That which can stop the power of regeneration…is the power of destruction.
: Professor Shishioh…!
: This is…THE POWER…?!
: Destruction is the hope for a new start from a new zero…it’s the challenge that infinite possibility brings.
: Come, pour your wishes into the fragments of the G-Crystal.
: You're...
: Gai... we'll send you The Power just this once...
: Gai, wield this infinite power... to restore hope to the future.
: Gai, Mikoto... Latio... have courage!
: Please…Gai! Save Mamoru…save everyone!


: Protect Gao! Spiral Gao! Broken Gao! Straight Gao and, also, Gadget Gao!
: These are the real…Genesic Machines!



: This is the strongest God of Destruction. It’s the ultimate shape of courage.
: We’ve struggled greatly for this great inheritance…
: His name is…The King of Braves: GENESIC GAOGAIGAR!
: Genesic Gaogaigar…!
: The strongest God of Destruction!
: The power flowing through my body…it is Genesic!
: As expected, the fates of the gods of creation and destruction are intertwined…
: I will no longer hesitate…no matter the enemy! I am an Evoluder and this is the proof of my courage…!
: God of Destruction…no, Demon who invites ruin! Your existence cannot be allowed!

: All units, support the new King of Braves!
: Gai! Leave the surrounding enemies to us! Focus on Palparepa!
: Got it! Mamoru, please take care of Mikoto.
: Leave it to me, Gai!
: Let’s go, 11 Sol Lords! I will destroy…ALL OF YOU!

Holy shit, I love this mech – Genesic Gaogaigar just may be the strongest unit in the whole damn game (there is just one other that can give it competition for the title…).
If Gaofighgar was already tough to damage, Genesic Gaogaigar might be completely invincible: aside from a strengthened Protect Shade (blocks all damage below 1800 – costs 10 EN), it now has the almighty Genesic Armor that reduces ALL incoming damage by 1400 at the cost of 5 EN!
Pair that with a boost to all his stats and attacks and there isn’t a single thing in the game that can threaten Gai aside from, maybe, the final boss.

We don’t want to kill Palparepa just yet, instead let’s just have Akito nick him once.

Abel soon reenters the fray, very annoyed that not only the God of Destruction has been restored but the Database has also fooled them and left them to fend for themselves.
Regardless, their mission remains and they will not tolerate our intrusions – he plans on eliminating all of us right here.
Renée wonders if they’re actually capable of doing it, because…

The rest of our people have just arrived to lend a hand – Clouseau has Mao and Kurz get inside quickly so they can grab their Arm Slaves.

Secret Alert!
You would do well to deploy all four Dragon Brothers right now.

Everyone is quite impressed to see Gaogaigar’s return as the reincarnated God of Destruction!
Kouji, for one, is damn happy to see the Hero return to his perfect form.
Abel calls us to fight, determined to put an end to our interference with their plans once and for all; Ruri quickly gives the order to assist Gai and eliminate every Sol Lord present.

If you’ve deployed Enryu, Hyoryu, Fuuryu and Rairyu, they’ll notice that THE POWER is flowing through Genesic Gaogaigar.
This means that they can, once again, combine into Genryujin and Gouryujin for as long as they remain close to it!

The Valstork can't engage in combat, but it can serve as a safe haven for our team.
They can’t stay put while Kazuma and Mihiro are still captured and Horis will show everyone just how much his special forces training is worth.

We’ll focus on taking out Abel first, so let’s have a look at what he’s using:

Mind you, Pia Decem is the real pilot of the Pia Decem Pit and he’s actually pretty damn good, having surpassed Palparepa on all stats but Evasion.
Its bigger problem is, like the Arm Storer, the broken Size Modifiers – the thing only has 1500 armor to compensate for what would’ve been a 2L size to mitigate it; nevertheless, that low armor is somewhat compensated by the Generating Armor.
Like the J-Ark, any incoming damage will be reduced by 1400 AND, when Pia Decem’s morale is above 130, it can trigger its ES Window to avoid attacks entirely.

Pia Decem only has two attacks – the first sends out a swarm of kamikaze planes that’ll cut the target’s attack in half, so watch it.
It’s more powerful, post-movement attack is a straight up Ram that offers nothing else aside from decent power.

As far as boss Skills go, Pia Decem is surprisingly lacking:
He doesn’t have a chain-able attack and you’ll usually kill the mooks before he has a chance to bounce Supports off them.

Conclusion: That Generating Armor will be an annoyance, especially as his Prevail kicks in – hitting it with Rust Tornado (it’s unlikely Mike will get the morale to use Disc X unless you either boost him or let him kill a ton of mooks) would probably be a good idea since we need to use SP sparingly.
Unlike most bosses, attacking him up close is actually favorable if you’re not confident that your unit can dodge the debuffing attack.

The mooks are these weird Part Cubes that have rather high HP but very low armor.


I try feeding this kill to Mike but he doesn’t get a critical; as such, Golion grabs it.


You really needed to get a crit there, girl…

Orgun and Blade each pick a target and start slicing.

By the by, Genesic Gaogaigar’s animations are AMAZING.
While its first appearance was in SRW Alpha 3 (for the PS2), W is the moment where Banpresto REALLY got things right and realized how much power this thing is packing – as such, I’m just gonna show every single attack!

I’m moving Gai over to Abel – Palparepa will be a nice fella and wait until we’re back.

Enemy Phase!

Most Cubes need to spend time getting closer but his one is in range to shoot Akito.

Still, he can handle himself.

A bunch of cubes aim at Gai (half of them from out of range) but these three close ones are in for a world of hurt.

Mind you, only the weakened one got killed.

On Abel’s front, most Cubes are staying put to snipe at people (especially J) – this one chooses one of the few people that can hit back

Hee, hee, hee.

There’s also this Cube that goes for Golion – truthfully, I half expected them all to gun for him (what with his mook-magnet powers) so he had Iron Wall cast.

Finally, the last cube aims at the Nadesico.

Valstork can’t attack on its own but it sure as hell can still support.

Abel has a bone to pick with J – hopefully, defending will prevent his attack from being lowered.

: Surrender, Soldato J. You will be readjusted and assimilated into our forces.
: I am a warrior of the Red Planet! With that planet gone, my duty is to use my power for good!
: And to stop you: the twisted legacy of the Trinary System!


Palparepa tries hitting Akito but it only serves to lower his HP a bit more.

Player Phase!

By the by, remember when I said that the Valstork could still support a few moments ago?

I guess someone at Banpresto failed to check this because Support Attack works just fine!

Murrue and Newman each grab a level, with him learning Confuse.

Akito moves closer and starts working on the northern side of Abel’s posse.

Gai will deal with the rest.

Moving along, Golion and Sousuke (plus Blade) each grab a kill.

Go get ‘im, Orgun.

Aw, come on.

Fine, Mike needs the morale; after him, Volfogg gets working on one of the two Cubes closest to Abel.

Gouryujin needs some screen-time after being away for so long!

Damn it. Again?
At least the barrier part I gave him is holding nicely…

Tenryujin takes that kill and Blade nearly finishes off Abel’s second-to-last Cube.

We’ll leave that one to J, then.

Nothing wrong with a bit of overkill.

Enemy Phase!

Palparepa’s cubes as struggling to do anything – most try sniping at Akito, who can dodge that stuff in his sleep.

Pia Decem takes the bait and wastes his move attacking an Alert’d Valstork.

Player Phase!

What better way to open things up than with a yelling competition?

: God of Destruction... you may have been reborn, but it's still too late to stop us!
: Our quest is entering the final step as we speak.
: I'll never give up... I'll keep fighting until the very last second! Because I...
: I am a Hero!


As expected, Mike can’t use his Disc X – so, let’s go with plan B: separate Gouryujin and have Enryu attack (weakening Pia Decem’s weapons) while using a Support Request to grab Kouji!

Very good.

The game thinks so, too: all brothers now have Hero L8.

Orgun nabs an assist from Tenryujin to keep the damage rolling nicely.

Golion still has plenty of SP, so he can afford to spend a Valor.

Almost there.

Blade’s attack misses due to an ES Window but at least Volfogg’s support hits…

Tenryujin can’t use her Dance of Light and Darkness, so we’re stuck with her Flexible Armed Container.
Thankfully, Genryujin can support.

I was so glad when neither of them missed.
Pia Decem’s boosted Skill means that he can trigger ES Windows quite oftenly.

My luck holds out as Sousuke and Volfogg hits…and then it promptly vanishes when the game crashed and forced me to restart the fight against Abel from scratch.

Nevertheless, I replayed my moves to the letter and nothing was missed.
Now, let’s have J stick it to his old boss!


Abel is worth a Power Extender, a Support Defense +1, and a Gunfight +1.

J also levels up and maxes out Hero.

: With Pisa Sol’s current location, the regeneration can’t keep up the pace. We must retreat.
: You’re not getting away, Abel!
*J charges at Pia Decem*
: Soldato J…I wouldn’t attack Pia Decem if I were you.
: What?!
: You should be able to sense him. Arma is in Pia Decem’s core.
: …
: Arma…!
: Arma is now Pia Decem’s biological computer.
: So what!
: Oh my, how cruel!
: Do you wish to kill Arma, J?
: Yeah, that’s right. Arma is also a warrior…he wouldn’t want to survive if it meant our defeat.
: J…you…
: We still have one last card to play! Now, let us join our G and J power!
: J…I trust you!
: Generating Armor – full power. All limiters released.

J strike hits with surgical precision and he’s able to retrieve Kaidou!
Abel is appalled that J used the J Quath effect on his entire body, claiming it proof that he is defective after all.
Renée yells at Abel that a failed program like him can't begin to understand the courage that each one of us carries.

J tells him that the flames of the Phoenix are reborn from within!
With no choice, Abel flees to activate "that" while Palparepa holds the fort here; J assures Renée that while Abel can run away, his days are already numbered.

That’ll be all for today; come next mission, we’ll deal with Palparepa and see what we can do about rescuing the people still left inside Ganymede Station.

You think this mission is done being awesome? Wrong, it’s just beginning!

See you all next time!