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Part 113: Mission 34 (Space) - The Famed Sword of the Graveyard Rises Again

Mission 34 (Space) - The Famed Sword of the Graveyard Rises Again

Outside, Trowa has been handily stymying the other Successors.
The annoyed Successors quickly decide to call their entire force over to kick his ass but Trowa is hardly impressed – he’s not alone against them.

At that moment, the vengeful Ghost shows up before the Grim Reaper can even come forth.
Trowa assures Akito that he's heard all about him from Nergal's chairman, and means no interference to whatever Akito has planned.
Together, they prepare to fight the Successors.

Akito gets to move before anyone. With Focus on, he’ll probably handle over half of the Successors by himself.

It’s a slow start but it matters little.

Unless you’ve massively upgraded Trowa (I haven’t), you’ll want to use Iron Wall lest he get wrecked in one turn.

Some damage upgrades would’ve helped here, though…

Enemy Phase!

Things get split up quite nicely: the eastern mooks will converge on Trowa, while the western ones go for Akito.
Luckily, the first one is a Batta that gets critted; the weakened Batta also gets taken out but pretty much everything else survives with varying amounts of health.

Soon enough, the rest of the crew emerges in pursuit of Hokuten's men.
Kazuma is glad to see both Duo and Trowa are the same as always but neither of them expected to find Kazuma and the others in a place like this; Kazuma thinks this is good as it allows them to help each other with their work.
The reunion will have to wait, though, as the cornered Successors try to counterattack.

Another quick snip here as Akito will never be hit and will, most of the time, just deal some heavy damage in return.
The only exception is a Batta that gets in range of his Distortion Attack and gets oneshotted.

That there Katonbo decides he wants to go after a target that he can actually hit.

Of course, even Trowa has to dodge every now and then.
Following that is a Batta that also gets taken in one shot.

As for the three Rokurens, they waste their moves by going after a Defending Valstork.

Player Phase!

Akito moves again, nearly killing that Katonbo.
Everything on his side is nearly dead, if they attack him (and they probably will), they’ll get dropped.

This Successor conga-line makes for a nice target for Trowa’s gatling gun.

Down below, it’s time to work on the Hokuten groupies.

: This guy…he’s one of those Successor’s elite troopers that we saw on Artemis!
: Before your voyage to the underworld, I will tell you.
: We are the Six Soldiers of Hokuten! I will take you all to Hell!

Not so tough now, eh?

Using the Professor’s new Fury spirit, Home is able to bypass the Distortion Field and finish the job.

The Home’s crew wins a couple of levels, an Aqua Module and a Support Defense +1.
Liam also learns Spirit.

Shihomi calls for Valguard and we get set-up to have Duo assist us.

Neeeearly there.

The Valstork crew grabs a level and Shihomi learns the ever-useful Rouse (increases adjacent ally’s morale by 10).

Duo takes him out easily.

This one had a Hovercraft and a Support+1 but I forgot to take pictures.

Enemy Phase!

Trowa doesn’t get lucky crits against the last Batta and also does some decent damage against a distance Sekishiki.

As for Akito, he just kills everything around him.

I had a momentary brain-lapse and decided to attack both Katonbo’s with Full-Open Attack - it’s best to just ignore them now!

The last Rokuren goes for a chain-attack and manages to tag Duo…unpleasant.

Player Phase!

Akito further weakens a Katonbo but he won’t be able to do anything else…

Let’s wrap this up nicely.

Aaaah, Duo has been away for a while – he should get some extra screentime!

: Hey, old man! You can’t bring your murdering into the Earth Sphere!
: Duo Maxwell…! As a reward for your meddling…I will send you to the underworld!
: No thanks! I’d be a joke of a Grim Reaper if I let someone else reap me!


This last one gives Duo a level, a Flight Unit and a Support Attack+1.

Trowa was busy holding the other Successors and it’d be a bitch to get Akito’s AI to attack the Rokurens, so here are the lines they had against the Hokuten cronies:

-Trowa Vs. Hokuten Soldier-
: …
: Urk…I sense only nothingness inside this man!

-Akito Vs. Hokuten Soldier-
: ….
: Avenger…! Look upon the dream of your beloved as you depart to the underworld!

: I will not be destroyed!
: Tch! You stubborn bastard!
: If it’s come to this, then I’ll just have to break through them…!
: He’s trying to get away!
: Hold on, old man! You’re gonna have to deal with me first!

: Lowe! What were you doing?
: Just putting some finishing touches. But it’s all good now.
: The Gerbera Straight is complete!
: Yup! The one and only!
: Oh…so, you have a blade.
: In that case, my Jovian Quickdraw technique will reduce you to sword rust!
: This…
: Be careful, Junkman! That guy’s technique isn’t your run-of-the-mill style.
: Don’t lose focus, boy!
: Gramps…
: You’ve already learned all that you need! Now, remember it!
: Like I could forget…! I busted my ass for this!
: Do not wield a sword with just your arm. Use your entire body…that way, it won’t shift your balance.
: While we didn’t reduce its weight, we sharpened the edge enough to make use of that leftover power.
: With that, you can cut anything in half with a single stroke!
: Heh…I got the gist of it. Now, to try it out in a real fight!
: Say your farewells to this life! Die!!

: I-impossible!
: You did it! Amazing, Lowe!!
: Splendid! You cut straight through him!
: Hehe…looks like I really got the hang of it.
: Thanks, junkman. That guy would’ve gotten away if you hadn’t stopped him.

Our celebration is shortlived as a bunch of Zaft show up at this moment, allowing the remaining Successors to flee.

Akito leaves in pursuit.
Shihomi radios to the Zaft commander that your people are here on a junk-gathering mission and have no plans to fight them.

Unfortunately, Mikhail Coast and his men have already seen our arms, and order us to surrender at once or face immediate attack.
Duo figures this is an excuse as they seem more likely to be acting to support the Successors.
Mikhail efficiently declares your people to be the enemy, which infuriates Lowe no end: he sees it his mission to take down all those who can only judge things through destruction.
As for Mikhail, he’s rather bored after this long patrol and hopes that a pack of Trailers, Junkmen and two Preventer agents can entertain him.

This seems like a good spot to end the update. Up next, we’ll wrap things up on this path and take a look get ready to see what happened at the GGG route.

See you all then!