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Part 92: Post-mission 25 Intermission

Well, that went sour in record time.
There’ll be no prologue for mission 26, so I’ll just do the intermission and tally the votes afterwards. Before that, your top aces:

Those MAPs have really helped Bless and Gai, I see.

BP Upgrades:

J is still hanging out with Wärter, which gives us the opportunity to buff up his stats a bit.
He takes 15 points in Shooting (his strongest attacks are ranged-based), 6 points in Melee (probably the most I’ll give him) and 6 points in Defense (Invincibility due to Generating Armor is always nice).

Gai has also built a decent amount of points. 5 points in Melee and 1 extra in Defense.

As always the brothers share everything. That batch of Primevals gave them enough points for 4 in Melee and 2 in Defense.

Yurika is still focusing evenly on Shooting and Defense.

Mao takes 2 points in Shooting, 1 in Evasion and Accuracy.

Ryouma adds 3 points in Melee and 1 in Skill.

Hayato and Benkei go for extra balance. 2 points in Melee, 1 in Skill and, respectively, 1 in Evasion and Defense.

Kogane takes an even spread in Melee and Defense.

While Kazuma adds all of his 4 points into Melee. The extra two points from BP+2 (see below), were split in-between Melee and Shooting.

Skill Parts:

As is customary, Kazuma takes the BP+2.

And, seeing how Ryouma is L3, Kouji starts building up on his Infight.

Unit Upgrades:

I reckon Gaogaigar deserves a reward for being so goddamn competent. Let’s spend around 1/3rd of our cash to give him a boost in HP, EN, Armor and Weapons.

Tetsuya is still lagging a bit behind on weapons for how useful he is to Kouji. He gets a boost on those and some extra HP, too.

Of course, we don’t want Kouji to feel left out; he gets a point in weapons, too.

As for Shin Getter, we’ll get everything all evened out with a boost to HP, Armor and Weapons.

By this point, I’ve realized my mistake in neglecting the brothers on my previous runs of this game. As such, they all get a boost to HP, Armor and Weapons (no need for EN right now as they still have THE POWER).

Unit Parts:

Kazuma replaces his old Learning OS with the new Pierrot’s Mask, taking his bonus critical-chance to +20%.

Shin Getter also replaces it’s old Cobham Armor with a shiny Super Alloy Z.

Following that thought, Bless upgrades the Valstork’s EN Chip to an EN Megachip.
He can now play Skyrim at ultra-maximum settings and the increased efficiency gives hi -20% EN consumption.

Gaogaigar exchanges his old Booster with a Megabooster, increasing his Movement Range further.

The old Booster is placed on Mike.

Once again, due to the fact that Gai (Daigouji) never learns focus, he takes the Multi Lockon System for +20% to his Accuracy.

Shin Getter’s old Cobham Armor will work on Boss Borot.

Blade ditches his Learning OS for Bless’s EN Chip. More Voltekkas all around!

Finally, to avoid wasting the parts, both Learning OS are placed on Ryouko and Izumi.

With that done, here are the results to the poll:

Mind you, the reason why I didn’t call for a quick-draw vote to decide the last spot is that whichever the result, only one unit would make it in – Golion by himself is much more useful than a lone Nadesico Angel. Sorry to their fans!

I’ll get working on the next update and I’ll try to get the first part rolling by Friday/Saturday.

See you all then!