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Part 91: Mission 25 - The Battle for Jupiter! Ultra-Gravity Arm - Part 2

Alright. We’re currently surrounded by the entirety of Sinclyne’s invasion fleet and all the remaining Primevals in the galaxy.
However, I have no fucks left to give because we’ve just gotten THE POWER (!) and have a miniature “Buster Machine 3” inside all our GGG units.

All I can say now is: !

The GGG units will deal with the Primevals, starting with Gaogaigar.

Mind you, THE POWER has given them Trombe-Override status and Ultimate Brave Robot Battalion will be playing for the entire stage.

Take that as our civilized greetings, fucker.

Mike sets himself up for a future MAP Disc X but for now, it’ll just be a regular Disc M on ZX-26.

Gouryuujin and Genryuujin were set too far away due to Ulf, so Volfogg is the only one left with an attack.

Not bad at all but Murasame Blade chose the perfect time to not get a critical…

Everyone else will focus on the Galra Battleships (I could take Sinclyne out right now and force their retreat, but I want some ).
Kurz and Mao get to work on softening our first target.

With both of them in position, Sousuke calls for an Uruz Strike with an Support Request to Tsukumo.

It won’t be long before we deal with all of these, see?

For the other ship, we have BOSS POWER!

Good man.

Akito nabs an assist from Hayato to take away half of its remaining HP.

This sets him up to pull a Double Gekigan Flare with Gai (Daigouji)!

Ergh…I wanted to use Valor with that.

Oh, well. I reckon a Double Rocket Punch should suffice.

…or not. Where are all my crits today?

Tetsuya is forced to move on over to finish the job.

I don’t feel like taking any more chances, so I send Ryouma over to kill the other one.

Kazuma flies over to Mr. Super-Long Range and slaps him around some – problem is, he only has that one attack and he’s got the clever AI that defends when he can’t hit back.

Blade fires a Voltekka at one of the remaining ships but the important bit is that I use his Hit & Away to set up a MAP on three of them.

Golion needs to sit around a bit before taking out Sinclyne, so let’s have him wail on the Death Hell.

Stop resisting and die, asshole!

Enemy Phase!

Both regular ships go for the Nadesico. The first one misses due to Alert and the second gets a small hit in; both get shot back by the Phase Transition Cannon.

Sinclyne also tries going for the ship.

: Heh... so that pilot is an Earth female...
: Are you serious?
: How terrible can you get?
: Pervert!
: Space creep!
: Ick! More like Crown Freak!
: You little ****!
: You're not getting away with just detention!
: You'll experience our fury firsthand!
: We'll come up with a nasty punishment for you!
: Wh... what happened?
: You got what you deserved.
: Sinclyne, with an ever-growing list of sins, crimes...

Then they proceed to not-disintegrate his ass…

Eh, one of the generic Primevals (north of Arm) guns for Gaogaigar and I forgot to take a picture of the pre-battle numbers.
It won’t matter, though, as none of them will be here very long.

ZX-07 takes the worst possible option for his target and suffers for it.

I’m letting Bless tag along because I plan on feeding him some kills. Hopefully, enough to get him to level 30 in order to learn Rouse (thanks for reminding me, Dis).

Following the above generic primeval, all other northern ones move in closer.
A couple get close enough to attack Gai but…yeah.

The southern group, however, seems to prefer Genryuujin.

I have no qualms against spamming Thunder Blizzard because, as I said before, GGG units recover all HP and EN at the start of our turn.

Choosing Mike will not make this any less painful.

Nope, not even Mike can override the song.

Arm once again goes for the Valstork but I was ready.

: Such power…! How did you get your hands on the infinite power inside Jupiter?!
: Get ready, Primeval! This is the end for all of you!
: Silence, Cyborg! Someone like you could never defeat us!
: That’s right…! Because I will be your opponent!

: You’re…!
: Too slow!

: Urgh!
: Come, Arma! MEGA FUSION!!
*King J-Der deploys.*
: Soldato J!
: I knew you were alive, J!
: Ha…Cyborg Gai, I cannot afford to die before we’re able to settle our duel.
: J…we’ll lend you The Power’s strength!

: So, this is unlimited power…I see…not bad.
: You’re both here, G and J! In that case, I’ll put an end to both of you!
: Let’s go, Primeval! I’ll show the difference between you and a warrior!

Player Phase!

Only one small thing to do before I really go to town.

Now, let’s have Gai toss a Valor’d MAP right in the middle of the pack (with Cheer and Bless, mind).

Boom. Everything but that one Primeval dies horribly.

Gai gets a level out of it, along with a crapton of cash and a Pierrot's Mask (from ZX-26 – boosts critical ratio by 20%).

Kurz takes a small potshot at ZX-19 to get him down a lil’ bit more.

Which opens the way for another MAP.

Only these two small primevals live and they’re hanging by a thread.

Aw, so close. All those kills give the family 2 levels, another huge pile of cash and a Multi Lock-On System (from ZX-19 – increases hit ratio by 20%)

Keeping our MAP spam going, Mike gets the three farthest away down to around half HP and kills the one that attacked Gai before.

Moving along, there are plenty of full-health Primevals down there. The brothers will deal with them, starting with Genryuujin – calling for some help from Heero.

Away with you.

Gouryuujin parks right near the other brothers, and whacks another Primeval upside the head.

Now, to deal with the Galra. Blade gets his Valor going and takes aim…


Tetsuya will take one kill and, this time, I remember to show off his stronger, non-combination, attack: Great Booster!

Gai (Daigouji) will also make short work of the other battleship.

Good man.

Kouji goes waaaay overboard on the damage (yeah, yeah…mea culpa) but still leaves Sinclyne barely alive.

Whoops, I nearly forgot to show off Sinclyne’s tricks before killing him off:
As you can see from the overall fight, he really suffers from how crappy the Galra Battleships can be.
Had he a better unit, he could be a threat as his stats are actually quite high and his skills are impressive – as is, just go to town on him and use some kind defensive measure to avoid taking some powerful-ish hits (especially once his Prevail gets going alongside 170 morale).

Kogane gets Fighting Spirit going, Kurogane casts Lucky and Fahra uses Gain.

: Come on, Sinclyne! We'll beat you and take back Altea!
: Silence, Golion! I will overcome you and your strange powers and offer your heads as a war prize to my father, Emperor Dai Bazaal!
: That won't happen! The only prize you're going back with is failure!

Sinclyne is worth four levels for everyone and a Super Alloy Z.

All the level-ups taught Prevail L5, Multicombo L1 and Valor to Kogane and taught Vigor to Suzuishi.

With no choice, Sinclyne angrily orders a full withdrawal from the Solar System.
Suzuishi pokes fun at him running away after all his previous bravado – on top of all his faults, he’s also a liar; the team gives him and Honerva a message for his Dai Bazaal: we will never be defeated and we’ll certainly defeat the Galra and restore peace to the galaxy!
Sinclyne submits for today but promises to pay them back tenfold then next time they meet – he bids us farewell and leaves; Tsukumo thinks Sinclyne to be a poor loser, judging from his angry threats as he retreated – Gai Daigouji agrees, thinking a crown prince would have better manners!
With his retreat, the Galra have been pushed off our Solar System for good but is only a temporary victory; until they’re truly beaten, the Golion team can’t afford to lose here!

Enemy Phase!

If attacking Gaogaigar is the worst available option, this is the close 2nd.


Genryuujin tries but the Primeval manages to survive his Wanrei.

Mista J doesn’t fuck around like that, though (especially when you take into consideration that King J-der mirrors his Unit Upgrades from Gaogaigar).

I had used Iron Wall with the brothers, so they have no problems getting mobbed like that.

As for J…

He doesn’t need Iron Wall. He either evades the attack with an ES window or blocks it with his Generating Armor (incoming damage reduced by 1400).

The GGG pain-train doesn’t stop. The next primeval is gonna get a dose of Gouryuujin’s Dragon Scroll.

No problem at all.

Finally, the last one, once again, attacks Genryuujin.

Easily dealt with a Wanrei.

Arm is still wasting his time with the Valstork.

Player Phase!

Time to end it. Using Iron Wall, we should be able to negate the brothers suffering from Disc X.

As a bonus, Mike also cleared the two surviving Primevals.

Time to bring Arm down to the ground – hit the music!

: Soldato J! You should've been destroyed along with the rest of the Red Planet!
: So you realize now, but it's too late!
: Today, on this very battle, I will destroy the Master Program...
: To carry out my duty as a warrior!

: There you are with your big dumb 'stache! Hey, maybe you should call yourself the Moustache Primeval!
: You impertinent little...
: Wanna wrestle? Because I'm up for it! Before Gai ashes you guys, I'm gonna rip that moustache right off!

: Dad... I'll use this power to fight, and defeat the Primevals!
: Come on, little lost Tekkaman! I'll crush you and rid the universe of that Tek System!
: I have a new mission now! I refuse to let anyone kill me until I've finished it!

: Are you in a growing phase? Each time we see you, you're larger than before.
: That's right! Soon, we'll be vast enough to consume the whole universe!
: Then start with me. I'll give you an enormous stomachache.

: People live on Jupiter! You get away from it!
: Do you think your tiny robot can damage me even with that unlimited power?
: Shut up! Every time you see an Aestivalis, you keep calling it small! Can't you even say anything else?

: I admit you're quite strong for a human... but this is the end for you!
: Shut up, 'stache man! I'm this strong because I'm human!
: You'll see how strong humans can be with their backs against the wall!

: I'm sick of your face! Sit down and wait for your purification!
: Shut up, human! I will show you why I am known as the strongest!
: I'm sick of your bragging, too! You're going down for good today!

: Unlimited power, Getter's power, and the power of us three!
: With all of them working as one, we have nothing to fear!
: Fools... your hubris will be your undoing!
: Fu...You must be busy thinking up all those threats.
: But you won't have to do it ever again real soon!

: As I thought! Those five lions are the defenders of Altea!
: Wrong! Golion's the defender of the whole universe!
: Arm Primeval, destroying you is our duty as the five pilots of Golion!

Being Genryuujin (Phantom Dragon God), he gets his own version of Hyper Jammer with Aurora Illusion.

Finally, let’s take this bastard down. Cheer and Bless are cast (as is valor, of course!).

: My body is overflowing with power! Power to destroy all of you!
: Gh... the G-Power of the legacy of Cain increases even now!
: Mom, watch me from Jupiter! I'll be the Hero that defends this world!

Arm's worth a level, an EN Megachip, a BP+2 and an Infight +1.

Heero didn’t join us today but he did have stuff to say to Arm:[/i]

-Heero Vs. Arm-
: That unlimited power belongs to us! It is not for humans to touch!
: But we will be using it... to destroy you.

Arm cannot believe that they’re to be defeated on this place and J tells him that it’s over: the Master Program will be completely eradicated today!
Swan confirms the destruction of all Galra and Primeval enemies – all the cores are safely inside King J-Der, awaiting purification.
There's still a question of what to do about Ulf, though.

That is, until Golion glows again and starts acting on his own.
He moves near Space Ulf and Ruri detects a massive Boson Jump field being formed over it; Ines realizes that Golion is using the Unit from the martian ruins to Boson Jump Ulf back whence it came.
Raibul doesn’t understand how it has such ability, though; Leo wonders if it’s just a coincidence that Golion is reacting to the machinery of the Ancient Solar Culture but Mamoru doesn’t think so.
That Goddess that we saw today manifested itself when Mamoru touched the Blue Lion.

Ines finds it all very interesting, as this seems to indicate a theory that the Altean, Green Planet and Ancient Solar Culture share some sort of connection.
Regardless, Ulf is quickly jumped away and Suzuishi hopes they never have bump into that thing again; Seidou thinks today was a really amazing day and Kogane says that they’ve now learned that Golion conceals powers they weren’t even aware of – they’ll need to keep working to unlock those secrets.

With all that, J asks Arma to wrap things up – the joins powers with Mamoru and they purify all collected cores in one go.
Now, all Primeval Cores have been converted into Zondar Crystals but…

: Hold on…! We only have 30 Crystals!
: Then, is there one more Primeval somewhere…?

: That machine…Aria?!
: …

: She stole the crystals?!
: Damn you! What are you doing?!
: …
*Aria moves over to Jupiter.*
: Hey! Weren’t you supposed to be our friend?!
: All of the records of knowledge...are our duty...
: What?!
: Records of knowledge…no way, could Aria be…
: One of the Scribes of Knowledge that Cain spoke about?!
: Study subject nº 8986513287421057: infinite energy – The Power…
: Jupiter’s energy…Analysis of The Power, complete.
: That clown woman…is she also a Primeval?!
: Then, what’s gonna happen now that all crystals have been gathered?!
: Begin Infinite Regeneration…
: A super-high-density energy source has been detected on Jupiter’s surface!
: Super-high-density energy?!
: What?! What’s happening?!
: Run away, Valstork! Before this area becomes…