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Part 90: Mission 25 - The Battle for Jupiter! Ultra-Gravity Arm - Part 1

Sinclyne’s daydream is interrupted but not before we all get an earful of his delusions.
Sayaka asks what was up with that and why Sinclyne seems so obsessed with her; the rest of the Go-Lion team knows quite well that this dates back to when they were on Altea, and Fahra gets the shivers at Akatsuki's observation that the whole princess-evil prince angle is romantic.
Fahra says that Sinclyne is in no way a romantic, revealing that he’s made a habit out of taking one woman from every planet he’s captured and adding them to his harem.
This quickly pisses off the women, who deem him a pervert, a lech and an enemy of womankind – he puts on a heroic voice but he’s the worst villain of them all!

Mao hopes that the silent Kurz isn't somehow jealous of Sinclyne's lecherous ways, and Kurz stoutly maintains that any "enemy of women" is an enemy of his.
And hey, maybe one or two... or three... of the women he saves will be grateful for the assistance!
In any case, Bless knows that the Galra are depleted after fighting the Primevals, and badly in need of returning home.
Aim for the flagship and we'll be able to get away without too many casualties, though that would be tough as people are having a hard time taking Bless seriously after seeing him get interrogated on Naze Nani Nadesico.

Kazuma snaps them out of it, reminding them to get their serious faces on – we gotta push the Galra out of Jupiter!
Kouji thanks Kazuma for slapping sense into them and Kogane calls the Galra to fight.
Sinclyne actually wishes for Golion to move in closer but he’ll bide his time until the right moment…

Well, the Galra are waaaaay down to the southwest and we’re up by northeast.
The whole team moves forward but only Mike is able to do anything useful.

Hey, 5 morale is 5 morale and he gets some experience from it.

Enemy Phase!

Most enemy mooks start moving forward, though the battleships stay put.
None get in range to do anything, mind.

Player Phase!

We’ll just meet them halfway. Blade is more than capable of getting close enough to work on a couple mooks.

Off to a good start.

Kazuma is also able to get close to chain up all three guys, killing Blade’s weakened Fighter.

As for the remaining two, they’re gonna get punched to death by Gaogaigar.

Very good. For a second there I thought the Garushia would’ve survived.

Killing that pair gives Gai (Shishioh) a new level, raising his Hero skill to L4.

With Focus and Accelerate, Hayato moves up front and chains a Garushia and Fighter.

Ideally, Volfogg would’ve used Murasame Blade for a free crit-kill but I need to make do with 4000 Magnum…

It’s less than ideal, indeed…

The bigger part of the group still needs to move in closer. While that goes on, Mike rocks out with Sousuke.

To finish off this turn, Chouryuujin blasts the Garushia and wounds the other full-health Fighter.

Enemy Phase!

Honerva tells Sinclyne that it’s time and he orders his battleship to the front.
Ryouma doesn’t understand what the guy is thinking but Fahra sees it as a chance to stop Sinclyne – Kogane agrees and gets ready to charge at it.
Gai yells that it’s obviously some kind of trap but the warning comes too late.
Once Golion is close, Sinclyne signals Honerva to work her magic.

Honerva takes the chance to summon "Space Ulf" from the far reaches of the void.

"Space Ulf" is an entire planet, which easily takes our team off guard – not even Leo expected the Galra to be able to summon something like this; worse yet, Golion starts getting dragged towards it but even with full power to the thrusters, the gravitational pull is too much to resist.

Even the Galra’s troops are affected by it.

Bless orders Horis to pull full power to the engines but it’s useless: it, the Nadesico and all units are being pulled towards it.
Raibul has actually heard of this wandering planet, renowned for its ultra-gravity – the “wandering” bit has now been explained, as it was probably summoned by the Galra to other places as a weapon – this is a real unfair trick, Hikaru thinks!
Leo says the planet falls a bit short of having the pull of a real black hole but, regardless of that, it’s still enough to keep us pinned down and unable to leave its field.
Boss thinks we’re done for but Tetsuya yells at him not to give up – we must steel ourselves and wait for a way to escape.

Sinclyne prepares to strike the final blow with a Beastman equipped with special super long-range guns.
With Ulf’s gravity holding us, we can’t even strike back at this range; Sinclyne laughs, saying telling us to choose whether we prefer to be crushed by Ulf’s gravity or die by his attacks but Fahra tells him to shut up as we’re not planning on giving up yet!
That suits Sinclyne just fine, who says he’ll enjoy seeing her pretty face contorted in fear and agony – he orders his troops to concentrate their fire directly on Golion!

This knocks it into completely into Ulf's clutches and it vanishes.
They’re not answering our calls and Benkei knows that if we don’t think of something, we’ll end up just like them.
Hayato thinks that we need more power to escape from this gravitational pull…

This gives Leo an idea, and says that the Nadesico should be able to Jump towards Jupiter.
Yurika confirms, seeing how she can see the planet right there, she’ll be able to visualize it just fine – that’s perfect and Leo says it should allow us to escape from Ulf’s pull.
Taiga warns that nearby units will also be Jumped with the ship: Gai and Blade were the ones that got picked up.
Leo quickly launches in a shuttle, preparing to head into Jupiter to bring THE POWER to help us escape Ulf’s gravity; Freeman tells them both Gai and Blade to go with him – we’ll hold out until they return.
As they head in, the Nadesico is once again pulled by Ulf, causing Honerva to yell that it’s useless to try to escape as we’ll get pulled by Ulf’s mass no matter what we try, while Sinclyne says we've fallen for the same trap that they used on J; the attack is starting again and Bless tells everyone to hang on and to have faith on Leo and the others!

Behold this mission’s gimmick. Space Ulf will sit there, untouchable, and all units are unable to move.
Mind you, the position in which it sets your guys is random (and I counted my blessings when I saw that Boss was far away from the front lines – the Galra would’ve jumped at the chance to gang up on him).

Don’t be afraid to use your SP (as I was) with any necessary defensive measures – especially Iron Wall.

A Death Hell comes over and Hayato is way ahead of everyone.

Sadly, Kouji has taken all the RNG luck – even with Focus, Hayato can’t fully compensate for how accurate these melee attacks can be.

Kazuma also has focus but it’s his time to get screwed by the RNG.

Remember that Death Hell Beastman that Sinclyne called? He, indeed, has super-long range weapons (Danaan-level) and he WILL abuse them.

Thankfully, some of Kouji’s luck spills over to Tetsuya.

One of Hayato’s weakened fighters manages to zip past our “defense” line and guns for the Nadesico.

Sadly, going against the Nadesico packing beam weapons still isn’t a good idea.
The other weakened Fighter tries the same thing and also dies.

Resulting in another level and Yurika learning Accelerate.

Only two other Beastmen get close enough to attack Hayato but he manages to dodge them both before hitting back for half their health.

Player Phase!

Carret soon detects approaching Meteors and, while Akane doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, Mamoru and Kaidou quickly sense them: the Primevals.
They arrive but are not affected by Ulf’s gravity; Hyuuma wonders why and Volfogg sees they’ve all combined with Asteroids from Jupiter’s belt.
Arm has a laugh at us being caught by Ulf, calling it unsightly – Kouji notices that the “moustache’d bastard” is even bigger than in Mars and Ryouma figures their increased power and size is what’s allowing them to resist Ulf.
Sinclyne is a bit annoyed from their return but figures they’ll be focusing on Wärter first and Honerva finds it very convenient.

Bless cringes at th worst-case scenario of being caught between the crossfire of the Galra and Primevals being realized but Taiga tells everyone to hang in there – we need to buy time for Leo and the others.
Sinclyne says it’s useless and that we’re as doomed as our friend who followed them before while Arm says that now that J is beaten, we’re the only obstacles that remain!

Well, we’re first gonna have to wait until the Primevals actually get close enough to be attacked. While that goes on, maybe Kurz can take down that Death Hell.

Or not.
Also, this is the 2nd time today where I managed to take the screenshot at the split second where the beam beam flickers…

Hayato uses his missiles to further weaken that Garushia near Kazuma.

Which allows him to move in for the kill.

This is for that previous hit, bitch.

Gekiryuujin and Chouryuujin easily take down that other Garushia that went for Getter 2.

As for the Death Hells, Bless can take care of one of them.

How long has it been since we’ve seen this dynamic kill? I’ve missed it…

Chouryuujin finishes off the 2nd Death Hell but everything else is out of range.

Enemy Phase!

Both nearby Death Hells go for Hayato and pull some not-insignificant hits.
Thankfully, Shin Getter regens 10% HP per turn so it’ll be compensated a bit.

While that goes on, Mr. Ultra-Long Range forces Tetsuya to get help from Chouryuujin.

ZX-19 (Primeval Knee) decides to be clever and snipe at Kouji.

His attack comes with the added -30% Accuracy debuff but it doesn’t hurt too much.

Arm, however, is still packing some bigger firepower.
The other two Primevals move in closer but don’t have post-movement attacks.

Player Phase!

Nuke tosses a heal over to Shin-Getter as he was still hurting, even after his regen.

Mike is still doing what he can, boosting Tetsuya’s morale a bit.

Hopefully to the point where he can take down this Death Hell.

Whew. Barely made it.

Switching over to Getter 1, the other Death Hell poses no threat.

Arm is pretty much the same as ever; he’s, naturally, a step-down from the Combined Primeval with his lesser stats but everything else remains nearly unchanged.
He lost the Combined Primeval’s missile attack but kept both MAP and regular versions of his Gravity Wave (the regular version now has 1-10 range instead of 3-9).

As for skills, the only new one is the last:
Mind you, unlike in Alpha 3, all other Primevals are generics and have no Pilot Skills (though they all have a regular and a MAP-version of the same attack).

ZX-16 (Primeval Wings) has actually gotten rather close.
We’ll probably need two turns to take him down due to the limited number of units that can hit him, mind.

Luckily, Mao is able to pull an assist from Bless to maximize the Valstork’s usage.

Very nice.

Kouji is also able to do some damage thanks to his Kaiser Boomerang – I have him cast Iron Wall seeing how he seems to be the preferred target for two primevals.

Bless, with Invincible, is able to take away another good chunk of ZX-16 but we’re running out of units to attack with.

Indeed, with only the Nadesico left, it’ll only be killed on the next turn (which is no problem since, as I said above, only Arm has Prevail).

It will only regen 3000 HP, too.

Enemy Phase!

Even with Hayato’s focus, Ryouma is unable to avoid getting sniped.
The Galra ships finally start getting close to our troops.

ZX-16 decides to pay back the pain we caused…

…and promptly misses everyone, INCLUDING Bless (Boss had Alert/Invincible cast, mind).

ZX-19 slaps Kouji some more but it’s much less bothersome with Iron Wall cast.

ZX-26 (Primeval Kidney) is a bit smarter and guns for the Nadesico.

Sadly, being a generic pilot, his weapons suck and only manage to slightly nick the ship.

Arm gets a reminder on Kouji’s amazing luck.

Player Phase!

Mike is still channeling Basara, keeping the rock concert going.

This has the added effect of getting the Lambda Driver going…which would be cool if Sousuke wasn’t stuck and unable to attack.

Mao’s Grenade Launcher removes ZX-16’s regened HP and Bless’ Multibeam Launcher takes everything else.

ZX-16 is worth a level and a Megabooster.
I really should’ve used Shihomi’s Bless here but noooooo…I had to be careful with my SP.

Enemy Phase!

I’m really starting to get annoyed by that guy…thankfully, Tetsuya dodges.

ZX-19 is still taking potshots at Kouji but this has the added bonus of giving him the morale to activate Mazin Power.

I had Yurika cast Alert this time so ZX-26 wastes his attack.

Kouji is still lucky.

Player Phase!

Honerva is enjoying our struggle but Sinclyne figures it’s time to put an end to this; he orders the ship forward and has all units attack, to push us into Ulf.
As the units are struck, some are already faltering and being pulled; Kazuma gets pissed that, after the long time it took to get to Jupiter, this place is simply going to be our graveyard.
However, Mihiro quickly spots a flash of light shining from within Ulf!

Just then, the figure of some kind of goddess appears to us all.
Kurz thinks she must’ve shown herself to welcome us into Heaven but Akito sees something inside all that light!

It’s Golion and they quickly charge after Sinclyne!

Sinclyne thought it impossible for anyone to resist Ulf’s gravity but Kogane also doesn’t know where this power comes from or who was that Goddess of Light; right then, a vision of Fahra's departed father Raimon comes up on their screens.
He calls out to Fahra with a warning: there are many evil forces at work in this universe and Golion’s power exists for the sake of protecting the people that dwell in it; he asks the five of them to awaken Golion’s true power.

It’s kinda hard to see Raimon’s face due to the way the DS emulates “monitor” faces, so here ya go.

He also tells them to beware the "Scribes of Knowledge", who will surely appear wherever culture exists.
His image starts fading and Kogane asks him to wait – there are still many things they want talk to him about; more important to Suzuishi, he wants him to lend us that power again to help the others escape from Ulf.
Raimon says it’s unnecessary, though, as the unlimited power is awakening…

Meanwhile, in Jupiter…

: This is…? So, I died when entering Jupiter…
: I wanted to help Gai and the others but…
: No…you’re still alive.
: That voice…!
: Yes…dear…
: Kizuna…you’re…
: After my accident in Jupiter, my heart became a new life-form by using a mysterious power.
: The Power…
: And now…I give this power to you and Gai…

Elsewhere, in Jupiter…

: Can you hear me, Gai Shishioh…
: That voice…who…?
: I am but a copy, stored inside Galeon’s body…
: Now, thanks to The Power, I can finally speak to you.
: Inside Galeon…? Then, you’re…!
: Yes…my name is Cain.
: Cain, from the Green Planet...Mamoru’s…
: It is thanks to you that Latio’s mind and body have grown so strong…
: However, his fight is far from over…
: I have become one with The Power and I’m aware of the crisis that will occur in this Universe.
: Tell me, Cain! Just what is The Power?!
: It is one of the many infinite energy sources that exist in this universe.
: Before this energy, aspects such as time and distance are completely meaningless.
: Wait, Cain! There’s still something I must ask!
: What is this crisis you say will occur in this universe?!
: Be wary of the Scribes of Knowledge…

In yet another place…

: Father…I am so glad to see you again, even if only for a short while…
: When the Radam mothership was traveling through the Solar System, towards Earth, both myself and the Argos fell into Jupiter...
: Then, you became one with The Power as a result…
: Forgive me, Takaya…my previous actions have burdened you with a terrible fate…
: What are you saying, Father? If anything, I am thankful to you…
: The thought of being controlled and subjugated by the Radam like Shinya and the others, I…cannot bear to even think of it…
: Takaya…I’m afraid that I must impose one more mission upon you…
: Hm...?
: I am to blame for the Eviluders’ existence…
: Takaya…you must free them from the curse of their past…
: Wait, father! What do you mean?!
: What happened between the Radam, the Eviluders and our family?!
: Takaya…do not lose to your fate…seek the tears beneath the mask…

: Gai! And the Professor, too!
: D-Boy!!
: We believed in you, Heroes!
: My friends, please take it! The Power’s strength!!

Along with the effect of restoring everyone’s SP and raising our morale to the maximum (GGG units get a boost to 250 morale and, at the start of each turn, they get a full refill of their HP and EN! )

: Wh-what is this strength?!
: My body…my body is ablaze in energy!
: This is the strength of The Power of Jupiter…! Its energy is infinite!
: Captain, let’s go! We can break through this gravitational pull now!
: All units, spread out! Use The Power’s strength!
: Alright! With this power, we can beat easily beat Space Ulf!
: (With this power, we can do it!)
: (Let’s go, Fuuryu!)
: (Come over, Rairyu!)
: (Right! It’s time to combine once again!)


: Fight on…use this power to the best of your ability…
: However, be careful…do not rely solely on the strength The Power gives…
: Father…I will do it…!
: Mother…Cain…As your children fight, please watch over us until the end…
: Sinclyne, we must leave this place! We know nothing about this power they’ve acquired!
: Silence, Honerva! I am the Galra’s Crown Prince Sinclyne! I do not retreat!
: In that case, come, Sinclyne! With our and Golion’s power, we will kick you out of our Solar System!
: Grrr…damn humans! Then we’ll unleash all of our power as well!

: Hear me, members of Wärter! Concentrate all of our fighting strength! BEGIN OUR COUNTERATTACK!!

We would’ve been subject to an Alpha 3-style “system activation spam” but, sadly, only Tetsuya still hadn’t gotten this stuff going.

With all that done, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to cliff-hang you guys as this is about big enough.
Come next time, we’ll continue Gaogaigar’s Season 2 finale!

See you all then!