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Part 151: Mission 42 - The Flash of Dawn - Part 2

We’re gonna have to spread our people around a bit to deal with both Radam and Eviluder troops.
Shin-Getter gets appointed to the Radam and Hayato already kills a Monster.

Kouji also goes that way, though his first target is a bigger one.

Not that it matters.

Hiver and Aki each pick a Monster to weaken.

Seeing how Heero is already close to the Eviluders, it makes sense for him to go there.

Yay, Vulcans!

Gai moves next to him and weakens another Eido.

Which allows Athrun to move in for the kill.

I’m gonna keep this as Athrun’s theme, because I don’t think “Fly! Freedom!” suits his JUSTICE very well.

Still, it’s an easy kill.

Kazuma forges ahead, oneshotting the newly-arrived Eido II.

Which prompts the return of the Zero System!

Using Assail, Shihomi takes aim at one of the farthest Eidos.

All other available units moved closer but couldn’t attack.

Enemy Phase!

The Radam do not like Mazinkaiser, as shown by their repeated attempts to sacrifice themselves to dent its armor.
In the end, six Radam fall victim to Kouji.

A single Alien Tekkaman thinks that it’s a better idea to attack Yumi, instead of one of our resident kill-bots.

Sure, that’s slightly better for him.
Another Monster attacks shortly after but he didn’t have the HP to survive a Lancer.

Ah, this’ll allow us to show the other trick of Gai’s Tactical Arms: Gun Mode.

: This Blue Frame Second L is the only unit in the entire world that has been customized for me.
: As long as I’m piloting it, I will not be defeated…!

Very cool.

No need to worry about Lance, yet, so I just have Kouji defend.

Hm…that’s some not-unimpressive damage when your target is a defending Mazinkaiser.

As the battle rages, Uzumi decides to do one last service to his country; he entrusts Kisaka with looking out for Cagalli and ensuring the people don't lose their ideals, even if their nation dies.

Lance meanwhile says that Dead did some good by accelerating Blade's decline.
He figures Blade is recovering around here and decides to burn the entire city in the hopes of finishing him off.
Leave guesses from the violence of Lance’s attack that Blade must be nearby; she moves after him (the screen fades before anything happens).

On the ground are Michi and Kuzzey, who is afraid for his life but also afraid for the lives of his former shipmates.
He wants to help but can't bring himself to keep fighting; just then, Uzumi comes by and tells him that he's already done plenty just by living this long.
He tells this child of Orb to flee and live on, even if it means hating him for burning Orb.

: That’s not going to happen as I’ve already decided to slaughter everyone in this city.
: Tekkaman!
: I’ll begin with this woman…now, die!
: Look out!!

: Tomoru!
: Oh…You protected this woman despite the danger… You’re an amusing one, human.
: Get out of here, Michi! Hurry!
: Why…why did you come back, Tomoru?!
: I don’t know…I don’t know why I…!
: You came here to die! And I’ll do as you wish!
: Not good…I’m done for!

: I won’t let you…!
: Tch…Eviluder!
: W-why is an Eviluder helping me…?
: You’re the heir of Orgun’s life-data…you are Orgun…
: Huh…
: Move, Eviluder! I’ll destroy anyone who gets in my way!
: This guy…his whole objective is to take the lives of other people…?!
: I won’t…I won’t allow it, demon!!
: Tomoru!

: How…that earthling fused with the Eviluder’s Solid Armor…!

: Urk!
: Leave! Is that Orgun?!
*Rang charges at them.*
: The Head Detonator!
: You’re the commander of the Eviluders?!
: Orgun, you’ve changed your appearance…
: I see…! You foresaw your defeat and used the technology of this planet to build you a new Solid Armor!
: Rang…he was Orgun’s superior…he also came here…!
: Orgun, why?! Why would you, who was called a hero, do this?! What’s in this planet?!
: Earth has something the Eviluders have lost!
: The only thing we need is power! That’s the wish of Kouzou Aiba – this strength is his gift to us!
: There it is again…! Why do the Eviluders think of D-Boy’s father as their founder…?!
: And how did his father even MEET with the Eviluders?!
: Once Lord Miku arrives, this planet will become our battlefield with the Radam and all will be destroyed!
: Orgun! Before that happens, I’ll perform your last rites with my own hands!
: Hrm!

: Leave! Why did you protect Orgun?!
: Leave…you were Orgun’s teammate…but, why did you…
: Orgun…I think I also found what you were searching for in this planet…
: Leave!!
: Orgun…I had hoped to fight for my own sake like you did…
: Huh…

: Damn you, Leave…! Protecting someone else to the point of dying? Did you lose your mind?!
: Shut up, Rang!

: You, who have no heart, blood or tears, are all demons!
: Eviluders and Radam! I’ll never forgive any of you!!
: Tch! He’s still an ally of the humans?!
: Come, Orgun! I’ll eradicate both you and the Radam!!

Moving along, it’s the Eviluders turn to throw themselves into the meat grinder.

Well, a slower grinder as not everyone can be another Mazinkaiser or Gaofighgar.
Another three Eidos attack the Valstork: one of them dies while the other two take similar damage as above.

This one decides to be clever, though.

That shit don’t fly.

HEY! Remember Muu? I tried deploying him in the ultra-slow Launcher Strike and he’s spent the entire first half of the mission slowly inching towards anything attackable.

This is why I don’t particularly care for the Launcher Strike in big battlefields – the thing takes forever to reach a target and, by then, it’s probably been killed by our faster and stronger folk.
Either way, another Eido attacks him and has similar results.

Player Phase!

Rang will go after Orgun and they’re both pretty far away.
So let’s have Orgun drag him northwards, while also taking out this Mother.

Good job.

While that happens, Yumi kills everything.

There are only a handful of mooks left – Gai will take this Monster.

The Radam front is practically empty but there are still a billion Eviluders left...

Radam front is now completely empty.

Well, let’s get going.

We’ll get a Hit & Away for Kira later in this mission and it’ll be much easier to set up his MAPs.

The new Eido II gets promptly crushed by Lowe.

Also, the Eviluders are spread out enough that Micro Missiles can’t do much help.
Still, it can be used to kill one and weaken two of this pack.

Let’s see if Kazuma can’t take this thing down in one go.

Damn…so close.

Gaofighgar moves down south lest these mooks stay sniping from afar.

Dearka can lend a hand, too.

: Tch…I was hoping to grab my Buster and run off in the middle of this mess.
: I must be going crazy…!
: She tried to kill me while I was captive…I shouldn’t care about that Natural woman!

He’s not as powerful as the Freedom or Justice but he can pull his weight as a mook-destroyer.

Muu and Heero each pick a target and fire away.
I’ll give the Strike some attention now that the Freedom is well upgraded.

Athrun will handle this new Eido II.

Aye, no problem.

Enemy Phase!

Lance will focus on whatever is closer – in this case, Rang, who botches the counterattack.

Kira is picked on by an Eido but, at that range, nothing can attack him without receiving some serious punishment.

Mind you, attacking Lowe at range doesn’t mean that you’re safe.


Kazuma’s Eido II falls to his Vulcans, during a counterattack.

All southern Eidos gun for Gaofighgar and, while a full HP Eido may be able to survive…

Weakened Eidos or Eido IIs are killed outright – in the end, Gai takes down four of them.

The kill bumps him up a level and teaches Hero L8.

The Valstork gets singled out by a couple of Eidos but Ruri is nearby to protect.

The result is the same for both battles.

Player Phase!

It’s a bit of an awkward position for a MAP, so Gaofighgar will take matters into his own hands.

More importantly, he moved a bit out of the way.

Kazuma also does the same, whilst killing an Eido II.

I do this because it allows Heero to let loose with his own MAP.

Sadly, it underestimated the Eido IIs and they all hang on with 19 HP…

We’ll deal with this problem directly: Cagalli and Dearka each take a kill for themselves.

While Ruri takes aim at one of the surviving Eido II.

Hey, I wasn’t expecting that to hit!

Athrun takes down another one and that’s that.
Our Radam side is getting set-up to deal with the approaching Rang – Orgun has joined their ranks.

Enemy Phase!

As expected, Rang moves right where I want him.

: How pathetic, Orgun! You were once called a hero and this is the limit of your skill?!
: Shut up, Rang! I’m fighting to protect what I found in this planet! I can’t lose to apostles of destruction like the Eviluders!
: Strength is the Eviluders creed and, with this strength, we must eliminate the Radam from the galaxy!
: Such is the wish of our founder Aiba!

His beam gun isn’t very accurate.

Couple more Eido IIs suicide against Gaofighgar.

Player Phase!

Let’s see how you like this![/i]

: Urk! If it keeps going like this, we’re not going to make it…! (Don’t be a drama queen, Orgun…)
: Hmhmhm…the Head Detonator of the Eviluders…It seems you can be slightly useful.
: Silence, Tekkaman! After I’ve dealt with Orgun, I shall tear you limb from limb!
: I’ll leave Orgun to you, then. Meanwhile, I’ll take care of what I came here for!
: I won’t allow it!!

: Morgenleite!!
: Impossible! He blew up his own facility!
: This country will not allow itself to be used by others! Preparations were made for that reason!!
: Neo-Wärter! Your friend is safe – I’ll protect him!
: Dad! Why are you doing this?!
: Hear me, Cagalli! There is hope that this chaotic world can be saved in Neo-Wärter!
: People who side with no one, who yield to no one…they are the only ones with the power to save this world!
: Mr. Uzumi…
: I am a failure as a leader… However, as a father, I wanted to tell you this before the end.
: No! Dad, you can’t die!!
: Sacrifice yourself if you want but don’t think I’ll go along with it, human!!

: Argh!!
: DAD!!

: D-Boy!!
: You idiot! Why did you Tek-Set?! Are you trying to die?!
: I will not die…! Just as this man is entrusting his daughter with something, my life was given to me by my father!
: So, you didn’t die from your injuries! Your tissue decay has already begun, though, and you think you’ve the power to win against me?!
*Lance charges at Blade.*
: D-Boy!
: You will not kill Blade!

: Urgh!
: Dead! Why are you here?!
: I’ve decided… to defeat Blade.
: You’re…
: So, you cannot lose here! If you don’t become stronger, then it’s all over!

: Mr. D! Please, show us your power!
: The power of the White Demon that we looked up to!
: D-Boy!
: Now is the time to evolve by your power!!

This just might be my favorite BGM in the entire game…


: Th-that’s…!
: An evolved Tekkaman…a Blaster Tekkaman!
: Blaster Tekkaman?! Impossible! There can’t be a more evolved form of us!
: I…I understand! It’s the power of his will…the power of his heart!!
: The power of Blade’s heart allowed him to evolve!!
: Impossible! Such a thing is unheard of in the history of our fight with the Radam!
: Orgun…It was this power of Blade’s that impressed you so much…
: I don’t believe it! I’ll never accept such a thing! I am the ultimate Tekkaman!

: Lance! In that case, I’ll prove it to you! THIS IS MY NEW POWER!!

We’ll deal with that in a sec. For now, Yumi further weakens Rang.

Which allows Orgun to apply the finishing blow.

Rang is worth three levels, a Booster and a BP+2.

Orgun also learns Prevail L8.

Rang tells Orgun that while his reborn powers may be significant, all his best efforts will be in vain when Lord Miku arrives in two months.
Once that happens, this entire planet will be destroyed; he departs, leaving Orgun to ponder what’ll happen to humanity once that countdown is through.

Normally, I would drag Lance over to our people but we’re dealing with Blaster Tekkaman Blade!
We’re just gonna pop Assail and Soul, and let loose on this motherfucker!

: Blade! I’ll prove that I’m stronger than Evil by defeating you!
: That’s what you’re fighting for, Lance?!
: I’ll destroy all of you Tekkamen before my life burns out!

Lance is worth a bunch of levels, a Servo Motor and a Hit&Away.

: I…I’ve been defeated…?!

: Molotov…this power exists to defeat all of you…
: But don’t worry… I’ll be following you all soon enough…

The Radam and Eviluders are defeated but our weary troops are faced with another wave of Federation reinforcements.
It seems they were merely waiting for us to get exhausted by fighting the aliens.

Uzumi yells at our people to evacuate the area immediately.
He says our actions have allowed the people of Orb to escape but it’s only a matter of time before the nation itself falls – as such, he’ll take it upon himself to see his nation through to the very end.
He tells us that Muruta Azrael, the leader of Blue Cosmos, is the man controlling the Federation from behind the scenes; Uzumi says both Azrael and Patrick Zala's plans will lead the Earth into ruin far faster than the Radam or Eviluders will.
He tells us to head for the light of hope, however small.

Cagalli does not wish to leave her father but he tells her that his sacrifice will be for naught without someone to carry on his ideals – which he entrusts to her.
Kira tells her we must go, for the sake of everyone’s future.

Seina and Wufei try to stop the massacre and get any of the soldiers to evacuate, but Seina gets blasted for her pains.
She tells Wufei that there's other ways to fight besides holding a gun, and says that the whole world is fighting in its own way.
And it will continue - although not in the form he might want - as long as there's life.
As she dies and Wufei gets PISSED OFF and charges after the Feds.

Uzumi says this is as it should be – he won't let his nation become the tool of evil.
He entrusts the future of all the people and the world to Cagalli and Neo-Wärter, as the entire island explodes...

In the satellite Ame-No-Mihashira, Gina Sahaku(we finally see the pilot of the Gold Frame! Mind you, they ARE twins but Gina is the one without lipstick.) notes to Mina that their homeland has finally fallen, and the surface of the planet is now completely into Federation hands.
Relena however, doesn't buy their idea that Uzumi's ideals have come to naught.
One thing they're worried about is Cagalli being in the way of their taking over what remains of Orb; however, Gina thinks he can nip trouble in the bud, even though our people have headed to Orbit Base.

Mina muses over the thought of the world creating the people, but quickly asks Gina to forget she said it.
Gina thinks victory is assured and, soon, the entire world will bow before the true nation of Orb and the Sahaku Family!
Relena begs her brother and Heero to make it clearer where the world is headed: she can't see the light to our future anymore...

By the by, here’s Blade’s transformation along with Blaster Voltekka as seen on the show:

I’d say the only thing W could’ve added to the attack was to have the original, microphone-destroying voice.