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Part 58: Mission 16 - Two, Enclosed - Part 1

Mission 16 - Two, Enclosed

The Zondarians make quick work of the Radam that were inside their barrier.
As expected by Shinya, really, who didn’t think regular Monsters would be enough.
He tells Kazuma that the Radam and Zondar are at odds, and says the Radam would be rather inconvenienced if the Zondar Mechanize the world now.
Kazuma figures that Shinya will turn on your people as soon as the Zondar are out of the way, and Shinya agrees with surprising matter-of-factness.

He figures the Earthlings have two choices: be Mechanized, or Radamformed.
Kazuma isn't having either of these options for humanity, but Shihomi tells him to calm down as we still need Shinya’s help - Sousuke notes that escaping this present mess is job one and getting Kaname’s information to the scientists outside.
D-Boy is smart enough to know that Shinya's words have merit and that they need to work together.

However, he still reminds Evil that this changes nothing and he’ll still kill every one of the Radam.
That’s fine with Shinya, who still wishes to butcher his dear ol’ brother once things are settled.
Kazuma is pissed that this guy, formerly another human and D-Boy younger brother, doesn’t have a shred of humanity left in his heart but Shinya tells him to shut up, as neither he nor his brother want him meddling in their affairs.
Shihomi is appalled how Shinya distorted his former love to his brother, wondering what could make it take this shape; she claims to be able to see the smoldering emotions inside his heart and says he is the complete opposite of D-Boy – he has no way of knowing what he’s thinking.
Shinya angrily yells at the woman that she doesn’t know anything about his heart, prompting Kazuma to yell at the guy to back away from his sister.
D-Boy stands up and yells at them both to stop, as we can’t waste time fighting each other.

Sousuke says that, according to Kaname, to break out of this barrier, we’ll have to go after the two Zondar that are sustaining it - at the same time.
That will fall to the Tekkamen, and Kazuma's job will be to send the information outside the moment the Zondar are disrupted.
Our only choice is to bet on the scientists, and hope that D-Boy and Shinya don't kill each other before a solution is found.
Shihomi figures the two of them are in their own little world of love and hate, which no others can intrude into.

Sousuke will keep Kaname safe in the meantime, which will be tough given how badly the Zondarians want to keep the nascent Plant safe.
Nevertheless, D-boy and Shinya Tekset and Kazuma launches the Valhawk.

Primada and Polonaise notice the two Tekkamen, surprised that there are still Zondar alive; they know that both White and Red Tekkamen are on opposing teams but figure they’ve joined forces to stop them.
Regardless, this Metal Plant is under their protection and they’ll suffer no intrusions – quickly spawning some Zondarized units.

Shinya remembers what it used to be like playing with his brother, and tells him this will be their first and last joint battle.

Not a whole lot we can do. Evil and Blade need to damage Primada and Polonaise at the same turn but Evil cannot reach either of them in one turn (Blade can since Pegas has Accelerate).

We might as well weaken some of the tougher enemies until the next round.
Kazuma handles the Garada.

Hm. Not bad.

Evil will go for Primada, attacking whatever gets in his way.

Good, good.

Blade will take Polonaise’s side, weakening that there Doublas.

Enemy Phase!

The three mooks on Blade’s side rush him .

The full-HP ones survive but the weakened Doublas is finished.

Same on on Evil’s side – three mooks go after him.

Again, two mooks survive.

Following suit, Kazuma is zerg rushed by six mooks.

Bushnells are as weak as ever but everything else either snipes from outside attack range or survives the attack.

Both Polonaise and Primada take potshots at Blade and Evil. You can probably guess the result.

Player Phase!

No more playing around. Evil swings over to Primada.

: (Heh heh heh... looks like it's the final battle, Zondars.)
: (But that's just how I want it...)

What the hell is that thing she turns into?

Primada’s odd shape-shifting techniques notwithstanding, Blade comes over to have words with her husband.

: The Radam data in my head is reacting to the Zondar Metal plants...
: Wh... what is this? What's going on?!

At least Polonaise is a train so his attack makes sense; also, Blade, you should not be OK with the fact that your evil twin has out-critted you.

Still, he nabs a level which gives him a boost to his Prevail.

Once both Zondar are damaged, they reel from the attacks and the barrier is destabilized; Blade quickly orders Kazuma to send the message.
Carret does so and both Zondarians realize what we were up to; regardless, Polonaise says they will not allow it to happen a second time.

They regenerate, and Primada vows to rip out the Tekkamen's Tek Systems and Mechanize whatever is left
Blade will not have it, saying that neither he nor Evil will be beaten here; Evil is glad to hear that Blade is as eager as he is to their fight to the death.
Kazuma calls the Zondar over, saying that they’ve placed a bet on their friends tenacity and they won’t die until it pays off!

Kazuma stands right in the middle of all mooks and weakens the Serpent; come the enemy phase, he’ll destroy all of them but one (this will make our life a lil’ less worrisome).

Enemy Phase!

There go the two remaining mooks on Blade’s side.

As for Evil...

He has no problems dealing with his targets.

Finally, the Garada goes down and the Tekkamen are done for the turn.

Down south, all mooks go for Kazuma. The Mistral will be dodged, everything else will end up like so:


Kazuma and Mihiro get yet another level (Kazuma also gets Prevail L4).

Primada and Polonaise will just regenerate whatever damage is done now so I’ll just have the Tekkamen leave them be.

Player Phase!

Now, with everything done, let’s have Kazuma finish the Mistral.

Once the smaller Zondar are destroyed, a large explosion rocks the area – Carret quickly relates the destruction of every single layer of the barrier.
Polonaise calls Primada and tries to get it back online but...

Gai will not allow it and rushes Polonaise.

Primada tries to intervene but both Tekkamen run interception.
The barrier-generating parts have been completely destroyed and, right after, Nadesico and the Valstork enter the area.

Sousuke reports to Mao that Kaname is physically uninjured, and will give his full report later.
Mamoru passes Hana to him and asks he to protect both her and Kaname; he leaves saying that the bad feeling he's been having all this time is getting stronger and he wants to investigate.
Somewhere around here is a terrifying foe such as you've never faced before.

Once more, the pre-deployment of Blade and Kazuma has left no need for a vote; of the important units, only Enryuu and Hyoryuu have been left behind (don’t panic, they'll be there for the big battle!) as Duo was still behind on levels and Kurz is required for the Uruz Strike.

Kazuma is glad their gamble paid off and Ines wiping out the various barriers was possible through the various skills of our team, striking at specific points based on Carret’s data (given by Kaname).
Golion’s Proton Energy Cannon blew the first barrier, the Eraserhead popped the second barrier, the combined Gravity Fields of the Nadesico and its units blew the third one and Goldion Hammer broke the last one.

Even Pizza hadn't forseen such an impressive, synchronized show of force.
Gai tells him to behold our fully united power!
Evil figures that we can handle the rest from here but Blade yells at him to wait – as he said before, once the Zondar barrier was down, they would finish the fight.
Evil, however, doesn't want to settle the score with Blade just yet, preferring instead to look forward to a certain sight in the near future.
He says their fight will happen soon and orders Blade to survive until then.

A ton of Zondarized units deploy, including Penchinon – all Four Machine Kings vow to protect the Zondar Metal Plant with their lives and will eliminate anyone who gets in their way.
All four Zondar commanders have arrived and that’s perfect for Kouji, as it allows us to take this whole threat down in one huge battle!
Gai calls the Zondar to fight, as this’ll be the moment where they’re all broken down; Pizza calls him back, saying that he’ll repay him for breaking their barrier.
Meanwhile, the aforementioned Kaidou looks on from the shadows...

This is the reason why I said it’d be easier if you held off on killing the last enemy. Gai will stay right by Polonaise and many mooks will make a beeline for him; he can probably survive but it’s much easier if you can move in troops to lure some Zondar over (and set Gai on something of a positive terrain).

Come next update, we’ll deal with the FOUR MACHINE KINGS™ as we move closer and closer to the Gaogaigar season 1 finale.

See you all then!