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Part 99: Mission 29 - Red Soul, Blue Flames

Mission 29 - Red Soul, Blue Flames

Elijah sees the Mobile Suit leave and Gai radios in to say that the junkmen have already found the target.

The Professor isn't surprised that Lowe's guts and good luck have kept him out of the mercs' clutches thus far.
Elijah asks if he should intercept but Gai stops him; he wants a bit of payback for being duped by Lowe, so he orders the ship to pull back in order to fight Lowe one-on-one.

While that goes on, 8 helps Lowe get the mech online.
Lowe sees that the unit is armed and decides to give it a try; Gai deploys on his Mobius and Lowe quickly takes aim.

However, Gai is easily able to dodge the shot. (trust me on this one, that screenshot ran on the split-second time it took for Gai’s Mobius to move up a square).
Gai criticizes Lowe’s shots as poorly aimed and timed, making them predictable; nevertheless, he still plans on completing his mission to destroy the unit.
Lowe won’t take that sass sitting down and says that battle between professional mercenary and professional junkman is on!

The Astray Blue Frame is more than capable of taking down a crappy Mobius in one shot. However, Gai auto-casts Focus and Alert on his turn so this attack will need to be a freebie.

: Come on! I'll show you how the Junk Guild does things!
: A reckless charge? He doesn't know how to use his machine.


Enemy Phase!

Another round of Spirit spam but we have to attack in order to get his Alert gone.
Thankfully, Lowe dodges the attack.

Player Phase!

No more joking around. I have 8 cast Strike and Beam Saber should do it.

Yup, yup.

Gai is worth a level, an Apogee Motor and a Support Attack +1.

Realizing he's outgunned, Gai concentrates his fire and leaves Lowe wondering how the hell a mere Mobius could move that fast.
8 warns that your opponent is very skilled, and that another hit like that will spell the end.

Lowe decides to risk it all and exits the cockpit.

Gai gets closer to investigate but he doesn’t know that 8 is ready to fire when he drops his guard.
His Mobius gets blasted, but Gai uses the same tactic to jump to the mech and enter the cockpit.
That would be check-mate and it seems the Serpent’s Tail will get to complete their mission to destroy all traces of the mobile suits.
Lowe isn’t willing to let that happen without a fight - after all, it would be a waste of valuable salvage.

This attitude actually interests Gai, but he asks how long Lowe thinks his good luck, by itself, will keep him alive in wartime.
Lowe in turn says that Gai’s “cool head” alone won’t be enough to win him the day.

Their talk is interrupted, however, when a bunch of unknown units show up – Elijah is right behind, saying they were attacked suddenly by these guys.
Gai quickly recognizes them as bearing Orb colors and Lowe figures these guys are here to finish off the expendable mercs as well – in line with their wish to “eliminate any proof of the units’ existence, including people”.
One thing Gai hates is being betrayed, and he kicks Lowe and 8 out so he can go and get some payback; 8 thinks this is their chance to run away but Lowe still yells to Gai that he’s merely LENDING him his machine and promises to kick his ass should Gai as much as scratch it.
Elijah is a bit surprised to see Gai using the unit but they can talk later – after they’ve dealt with these snakes.

Elijah’s the only one that can move seeing how Lowe’s attack has set the Astray Blue Frame as “used”.
Nevertheless, all he can do is move up, getting inside Heliopolis’ positive terrain.

Enemy Phase!

Still unupgraded, Elijah’s numbers suffer from his lack of Gai’s command aura and friendship bonus.

: Damn it! I'm a member of the Serpent's Tail!
: I'll show you I'm not just a pretty face!

Still, he manages to dodge but his morale isn’t high enough to compensate for the JINN’s rather low attack power.

Another Mobius. This one actually gets a hit in but it’s still fine.

Finally, the Serpent wastes its shot at gets blasted away.

Player Phase!

Things get worse yet when Mihiro launches in the Valhawk, demanding to know why everyone wants to fight so badly.
Gai sees that she’s clearly disturbed and doesn’t even realize when an enemy Mobius sneaks up on her.
She notices it too late and there’s no time to dodge the attack!

She’s saved in the nick of time by Lowe and 8 showing up in the other secret mech.
He tells her to keep her head cool – what would happen to her sisters if she died on them like that? Lowe thought Gai might try to run off with his unit, so he came over to keep an eye on him – which is fine with Gai, who knows they’ll need to work together if they’re going to survive this.
That works for Lowe, who promises to show everyone his “devil’s luck”.

Time to take the offensive. Gai has Multicombo L2 which means those three mooks there are sitting ducks.

: Not a bad unit. It'll do just fine for me.
: With this mech, I can't lose!

Very good.

Next in line is Lowe and his shiny Astray Red Frame. He can move in to chain the other two that survived.

: Okay! After sparring in the Blue Frame, I've figured out how this thing ticks!
: Here we go, Red Frame! Let's scrap 'em into some real junk!

Fun fact: Gai fires three shots and all of them hit, Lowe fires six and only two hit. Whoops!

Mihiro is still out of range, which means Elijah gets to snipe at the remaining full-health Serpent.

Enemy Phase!

The pre-battle numbers didn’t run on this one but the result is pretty self-explanatory.
All other units hang back and snipe at Elijah.

Player Phase!

Mihiro angry!

: If you want to fight so badly, then I'll oblige!
: And you should find out how badly it hurts to lose someone you love!


There’s only one enemy left and it is quickly blown away.
However, it wasn’t by our people and Gai quickly points out a new enemy approaching.

It’s the Eviluders, led by Detonator Leave.
Lowe notes that these things have been increasing their attacks in the Earth Sphere recently and Gai notices the enemy commander.
The Eviluders quickly begin indiscriminately firing, and Gai thinks we’ve have no choice but to fight back; he asks Lowe if he’s up to it and, of course, Lowe isn’t about to get killed before he gets his hands on his treasure.

Mihiro is especially zealous to extract vengeance for her father and brother.
Leave meanwhile is wondering what's so special about this planet that Orgun loved so much.

Six months haven’t done much for these Eidos. They’re as weak as they were on mission 1.

We’ll just weaken some and take them out with counter-attacks.

Aye, that works.

Well, the only enemy in Lowe’s range is that guy so he might as well finish the job.

Enemy Phase!

The first two Eidos go after Elijah and Gai, respectively.
They’re close enough to each other that the friendship bonus completely negates the mooks’ hit %.

Another one comes by but this time he’s in range of a stronger attack.

Of course, “stronger” is a relative…

The other weakened Eidos keeps going after Elijah and gets shot down.

Yay! Lowe gets to do stuff this phase!

The “Lowe Guele school of marksmanship” is lacking in critical ratio…

Two more Eidos miss Elijah and get shot back.

Finally, the last one goes for Lowe and quickly regrets it.

Here comes Leave, chaining Elijah and Gai.

Well, at least Gai got some mileage off his shield…

Elijah figures if this keeps up, the colony, Loretta and the others will be at risk; Lowe tries asking Mihiro to retreat and go after them but she refuses.
Mihiro realizes that, since only Elijah and Gai are out here, her brother must be in the colony; she's bound and determined to protect him now the way she couldn't back then.
Leave stops at the word “protect”, sensing strong feelings with that word.

Inside the Colony…

: It seems the fight outside is getting worse…
: Kazuma! Mihiro is also fighting there! Knowing that, you’re still not going--
: …Stop it. I…I can’t fight anymore…I can’t…
: Kazuma…you…
: I’m afraid…of all that fighting. That’s why…
: I see, the phantom of what happened to you and Captain Bless still haunts you…
: Horis…
: I imagine both that fear and a sense of debt were the reason why you disappeared for half a year. But, I must tell you something…
: Captain Bless died to protect you…!
: …
: Stop…Stop it, Horis!
: No, this needs to be said. You have to face it, Kazuma…this is the hard reality!
: Dad…was protecting me…he died simply because of my immaturity…
: Which is why I cannot fight anymore… what if my power isn’t enough again… someone else could die…
: Sure, what you’re saying is a possibility.
: However, if you stay here, not doing anything, lives that COULD be saved will certainly be lost.
: Lives would be…lost…
: I’ll tell you one more thing. While it’s true that Captain Bless is dead…
: …I think he would’ve been OK with it. Because it meant that he had protected the life of someone dear to him.
: Dad…
: Kazuma…What happened during that battle wasn’t your fault. It was just bad luck.
: However, your refusal to fight right now is clearly your own weakness showing.
: And I will not allow Hawkeye’s sacrifice to have been for the sake of someone so pathetic.
: What you’re doing is same as killing Captain Bless again!
: I’m killing my father…
: A hawk giving birth to a kite…many people would say that is not a good thing.
: However, you ARE the son of Blessfield Ardygun.
: Have you not inherited his pride?
: …
: …Enough, Horis…
: I understand the reason why Kazuma avoided us and combat…
: When we went back to the Valstork…my sisters and I didn’t think we could fight by ourselves…
: …Please stop, sister…I’ll have to borrow your salvage pod for a bit…
: Kazuma…
: The terror of space and the weakness of the individual….
: I may be a weak person… but I haven’t forgotten the importance of life!!

Back outside…

: (I must ascertain it… what Orgun was searching for…)
: That Eviluder…it’s coming after me?!
*Leave charges at Mihiro and attacks.*
: Mihiro!
: This is bad, she’s flying towards the debris!

: Mihiro! Arms – extend!
: He caught the Valhawk with the salvage pod’s arms!
: He calculated the inertia, adjusted the relative velocity…timing, balance, shock damping…the whole movement was nearly superhuman!
: Brother…? Brother?!
: Yeah, it’s me…! Open the cockpit hatch, please!
: Yes!
*Salvage Pod disappears, Valhawk re-deploys.*
: Brother!
: Sorry… I caused you so much grief…
: No…! It’s ok…it’s all good now…!

: Our sisters are here, too!
: Carret! Battle Formation: Pattern Cross! Can you do it!?
: Roger! Code Drive!
: Battle Formation: Pattern Cross!
: Valstork, roger!

Hell, yeah! Valguard combines and we finally get its real theme!

*Valguard is formed!*

: Alright…!
: Whoooooa! So that’s the famous Valguard!
: (Watching them…I feel an unknown emotion welling up inside me… What could it be?)
: (Could this emotion be what Orgun was searching for…)

: The enemy commander retreated.
: Maybe she got scared after seeing that combined robot.
: Leave it for after we’ve dealt with the other enemies!
: Valhawk has the controls! Everyone else will take a job to do!
: Roger that! Leave the targeting systems to me!
: Sounds good! I’ll handle the power output!
: Sisters…
: There’s no need to say anything. But, isn’t there something you should be doing now?
: Yeah…! I’ll protect the lives of everyone! And I'll also protect my pride!!

Player Phase!

Oh, this won’t be long at all. Three weakened Eidos had the misfortune of lining themselves up for a chain-attack.

: Ahh, this feels nice... the Valhawk's cockpit's the place for me!
: Kazuma... I know it's been a long time. You think you can handle it?
: No problem, Mihiro!
: I didn't stop thinking about you guys and the Valhawk for a single day!


Well, since the Home is there, we might as well show it off a bit.

Yup, it tosses pieces of scrap at the enemy.
It’s a bit weak but it’s loaded with useful Support Pilots.

As for the remaining Eidos, Gai easily takes one out.

While I take this chance to show off Elijah’s strongest attack: Buster Sword.

Mind you, that white flash is when the enemy bursts into dust.
How do I get so “lucky” with these shots…?

Whatever. Lowe dispatches the last one.

: That’s the last one of them.
: Yeah…
: Welcome home, brother…
: I’m glad to be back, Mihiro…though, I have much to apologize for…
: It seems we’ve survived, Junkman.
: What did I tell ya? Do I have the devil’s luck or what?

Gai doesn’t answer, turning his attention to Reed who arrives in a shuttle; he muses that the fight between the Zaft and the Feds must have happened far faster than the Orb expected.
The loss of Heliopolis must have panicked the Orb and led to their betrayal, and left both the junkmen and the Serpent’s Tail with no real place to return to.

Lowe tells Gai he's welcome to keep the blue mech, as thanks for helping save everyone's life.
Helping each other and rewarding such help is the spacemen costume, after all – they both trade names and hope to see each other again.
The various teams will be going their separate ways for now, with Kazuma back in the Valstork Family's embrace; when Kazuma thanks Kazahana for all her kindness, it's the first real smile she's ever seen on his lips.
As they leave, Kazuma inwardly thanks everyone from Serpent’s Tail and hopes that they’ll meet again.

Lowe and Kisato are the first ones to grill Kazuma on making his sisters worry so much; he is pretty apologetic, recalling six months of odd jobs and playing mercenary, all to run from his supposed failure with his family.
But he somehow knew he'd have to come back, and begs them all for another chance to live as a Trailer.

: Heh…it sounds like you mean it. I’ll let you off the hook with only one punch! Now, brace yourself!
: Urgh…
: Sorry, Lowe…but doing that was my job.
: Sister, did you do that…
: …I did that in place of our father.
: Very nice, sis…that was a loud slap!
: Shihomi is scary when she’s angry…
: How long has it been…since I’ve seen my sister hit someone…?
: There’s no need to start thinking about it yet.
: Uwah!
: That one was for the whole Valstork family…
: Moving along, there’s one for me…and one for Galent, who isn’t here, and one for Carret, who can’t reach you…
*Slap, Slap, Slap!*
: Uuh…oooooh….
: Yow…look at that…
: It’s not over yet! Now it’s my turn!
: WARGH! You punched me?!
: My share would be my lecture from before but it seems to be Mihiro’s turn next…
: Excuse me, Horis!
: Mi…Mihiro…
: Brother…you idiot…I was really, really worried about you…
: U..uu…aaaah….
: Sorry, Mihiro…
: Welcome home, Kazuma-chan…no, Kazuma. You’ve returned home much stronger than before.
: Nah…not yet. I’m still a “Kite” after all…

(It was necessary to leave the honorific there lest the line lose meaning.
For those not familiar, the “-chan” honorific mostly used, amongst other things, when talking to children, so Shihomi dropping it mid-sentence is significant.

Liam phones in, interrupting the love(?)fest to announce that his crew discovered a lifepod while looking for more parts for the red-frame mech.
Shihomi is sure Liam's hold must be full up, and asks Liam to send the pod their way.

It's all hands to the hold in case medical attention is needed... all hands except Kazuma, who is about to have six months of pent-up kitchen duty come to roost all at once – and Shihomi hopes for a LOT of mayonnaise on her dish.
Horis figures the “hero’s return” didn’t quite go smoothly but, regardless, Kazuma thanks him – it was his words that helped him wake up; Horis says it was nothing, as he’s always admired Bless and his way of life.
Still, he has big expectations of Kazuma as heir of Captain Bless’ pride and, if it helps, asks Kazuma to think meeting those expectations as a way to repay Horis for his help today.
Kazuma does so, promising to even surpass his father someday.

Horis recommends he start in the kitchen: every meal this past half year, except those Shihomi cooked, have been awful.

Inside the pod is none other than Flay Allster (uh, oh…), lucky to be alive in her non-propelled escape pod.
She relates how she ran for a pod the moment the attack started in Heliopolis and asks what happened to everyone else that tried to escape – Shihomi and Akane assure her that many other Heliopolians launched escape boats and were presumably saved.

As Flay gets taken to a room to rest, Shihomi finds out that the nearest friendly spot to drop her off is "Artemis", a space fortress belonging to the Eurasia Union.
Lowe wants to come along too and see the famed "Artemis' Umbrella", meaning the Valstork will have the junkmen riding shotgun for the time being.
Akane vows mayhem if Kazuma's cooking skills have atrophied during his absence...