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Part 79: Mission 22 (Mars Route) - Returners From the Past - Part 2

Alright, we’ve got a crapton of Eidos (the Eviluder mooks) and Detonator Rang to deal with.
Seeing how most of our folks are away, we’ll start on the weaker ones.

These things may not seem as resilient as before (seeing how we’ve several new tricks) but they can still avoid a one-shot if it doesn’t crit.

Everyone that still has their move comes in closer.

Enemy Phase!

See? Even Beam Shot Launcher can kill an Eido in one go if it hits well.

As before, I’m just going to cut the repetition and give you the summary: 3 other mooks attacked Kazuma, 2 lived with 600-900 HP left and the other sniped, out of attack range.

As for the one we attacked before, it was tagged with the Mook Mark-o’-shame.

Both of Kazuma’s kills make Kouji engage God-Mode.

The rightmost group starts moving. The first Eido is in range to snipe at Gai but…

We all know that shit don’t fly.

Golion has used nearly all of his missiles so we’re forced to counter with Fire Tornado (the debuff won’t help much as that thing will die real soon).

This other mook is a nicer guy, though.

Come on…

All other Eidos come closer but Rang and his group stay put.

Player Phase!

Golion’s friend is just what Mike needs to start using Disc X.

The rightmost mooks that moved in made the mistake of staying too close to each other.
Bless’ response will be swift.


Orgun, using accelerate, zips on by to have words with Rang.

: Orgun! I couldn't believe the greatest warrior of the Evoluders had deserted us!
: You wouldn't understand it, Rang; the reason why I came back to this system!
: I don't need to! All I care to know is which one of us is the strongest!

As you can see, Rang is quite beefy.

Help your friend, Blade!

: I've heard reports of you! The Tekkaman who escaped the Radam's control!
: And you're the Detonator leader! I see you're even more fearsome than Orgun!
: You may not be one of the Radam, but I must still destroy your Tek System!
: I will take you down with my own hands!

The damage picture didn’t run but it did some 4k damage.

I guess I was wrong when I say oh-so-many missions ago that Noal wouldn’t be showing up anymore.

There. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Rang is impressed with the variety of weapons in this star system and figures this battle will be very enjoyable.
Orgun, having now seeing the Head Detonator’s power, fully understands that Rang greatly surpasses him.

It is then that the alarm sounds: an asteroid is falling through the atmosphere or, rather, it is slowly LANDING on the planet.
Kogane is dubious but Fahra confirms, the asteroid is slowly descending towards us as if intentionally!

As it lands nearby, Kazuma wonders “what the hell” when the Asteroid grows an arm and Mamoru quickly points out that it’s a Primeval.
It’s, indeed, Arm and he’s actually surprised that we came so far from Earth – though, this is actually good for him.
Blade and Gai quickly realizes that he fled here to heal from his defeat on the Moon and, while he was at it, fused himself with an asteroid.

His size has greatly increased and Arm quickly demonstrates that his power has done so as well, blasting us with a massively powerful gravity wave.
Rang recognizes one of the 31 Machine Primevals and realizes he's got to inform supreme commander Zoa about this turn of events; Orgun actually sounds worried by the possibility that the “Zomar” is coming to this star system.
Rang informs Orgun that he's just gotten a stay of execution - assuming he can survive the Primeval, of course
If he does, Rang vows to come back to take his life.

As Rang leaves, Arm is a bit surprised that the Head Detonator is here but decides to worry about him after he’s done destroying us.
He calls us to fight him and to tremble in fear before his power!

Oh well, I guess I should’ve gone after Rang first; we’ll clear the rest of the enemies first and then deal with Arm.
Before anything, though, Boss and Aki heal Golion.

This gives the girls another level and teaches Milly Snipe.

Sayaka needs to do something, so she heals what little damage Gekiryuujin had taken.

If all goes well, all these mooks will make a dash against an Iron Wall’d Kouji on their phase.

That’s one.


On the left side, Kazuma is hard at work tenderizing the remaining two Eidos.

This opens the way for a Shin-Getter double kill.

Yow, these things have weaker armor that I imagined if they took that much damage from a crit.

Golion takes the last unit of the rightmost group.

And Gai also hops down to Kouji’s group, taking one more kill.

Enemy Phase!

Kouji still has the favor of the RNG gods, I see.

And here’s the last one.

You don’t fuck with Kouji even if you can hit him.

Player Phase!

As the fight continues, Yamasaki figures that things aren’t going well for us and starts thinking of a way to escape if this keeps up.
Arm loudly boasts that it’ll all be over soon and blasts us with another gravity wave.
Gai lies aghast before Arm’s destructive power.

Gekiryuujin yells at Arm not to get cocky and charges after him; Arm calls him an idiot, asking what can a single unit hope to do against him?!
He easily swats Gekiryujin aside.


*Fuuryu and Rairyu separate*

: Fuuryu! Rairyu!!
: Ohoo…what’s that inside the ruins…
: Everyone! Look - inside those ruins!
: That’s…could it be?!

: Chouryujin!!
: …
: Wait, wasn’t Chouryujin supposed to be in Jupiter? What’s he doing inside the Martian Ruins?!
: But…Chouryujin is so damaged…
: I’m getting no response from Chouryujin’s G-Stone!
: As unbelievable as it may sound, it seems that Chouryujin has spent millennia sleeping.
: What do you mean, Horis?!
: I suppose I’ll have to explain it in Ines’ place. That stratum that Chouryujin was buried under…it is 65 million years old.
: Then, you mean Chouryujin has been there for that long?!
: No way…! Chouryujin was sent to the past just like Akito?!
: …
: Hyoryu…
: Enryu…
: What are you looking at? You’re in the middle of a fight!
*Arm moves closer to the ruins*
: Hyoryu and Enryu…
: We won’t let you take them!!

: Fuuryu! Rairyu!!
: Damnable fools... struggling to protect some pile of junk.
: Shut up, Primeval! Even if he’s lost his power, Chouryujin is no pile of junk!
: In our hearts…he’s still the great hero that taught us about courage!
: Then you’ll become junk just like him!
: Chouryujin…I beg of you, lend us your power…! As it is…as is it, Fuuryu and Rairyu will…!
: !

: I’ve detected energy within Chouryujin! It’s an amazing power!!
: What…?! This energy…it isn’t the G-Stone!
: W-What’s happening?!

: UARGH! What is that power?!
: Incredible…! The Primeval lost to them!!
: How can you do this after sleeping for 65 million years?!
: I don’t know! But, right now…my body is surging with an unknown energy!
: An unknown energy?!
: Indeed…we found it 65 million years ago in Jupiter. This miraculous force…
: Chouryujin carried this energy from Jupiter to Mars…!
: Yes…we wished to ourselves…"survive"!
: "Survive and we can meet everyone again"…
: Our wish grew stronger and stronger!
: And as if to answer our prayers, it remained in our bodies…
: The Power’s energy!!
: Thus, we were resurrected!!
: Impossible…! To think such power existed!
: Come, Fuuryu! Let’s do the Symmetrical Docking!
: We’ll give you The Power’s strength!
: But we’re not programmed to combine with one another!
: You don’t understand! The SympaRate doesn’t rely solely on programming!
: But it’s too dangerous!
: Don’t give up before you even try!
: Don’t forget! The 125th statement of the 5th article from the GGG charter…
: “Under no circumstances must a GGG member…
: …ever give up!”
: And we are true GGG members!
: The term “give up” has already been erased from my memory!!
: Then, hesitate no more!

: Show it to me! The proof of your heroism!
: Fuuryu, Enryu, Hyoryu, Rairyu – SympaRate value passing measureable limits and still rising! It’s over 200%!!



: Genryujin…and Gouryujin..!

: Amazing! What amazing power!!
That was awesome, Genryujin! Gouryujin!
: Let’s go, Gouryujin! Let’s beat this Primeval with our power!
: Primeval! We’ll show you The Power’s strength!

Fuck. Yes. With THE POWER activated, Gouryuujin and Genryuujin will constantly stay at 250 morale(which means they will completely wreck Arm – who’s still at 100).

However, I did promise I would try to show off Mike’s Disc X, so I’m going to simply use this turn to get our guys closer and not attack.

Enemy Phase!

Arm could’ve gone after anyone and he chose Bless…

: There, he's on that ship!
: He does know something about Dad!
: Huh. Apparently, I'm famous all over the galaxy.
: Whoa! This is one of the chief's 2000 techniques: “getting serious”!
: I don't know who you think I am, but I know you're our enemy! You're going down!

Not bad damage but nowhere enough to endanger the Valstork.

Player Phase!

This fight will not take long at all, especially after this.

Not only was that decent damage, that attack took away Arm’s barrier and reduced his Armor by 30%. Let’s see how a Valored Goldion Hammer does against him now, yes?

: You've fused with an asteroid now? Where does your monstrous power end?
: Cyborg Gai! Without Soldato J's interference, this time I will eliminate you!
: No, you won't! He's not the only one with a duty to fight against you!


Of course, there’s still dialogue to be said between folks so let’s go back in time and make it seem like Arm stands a chance.

Music, please!

: Another one which has forgotten its heart and lives only to cause fear and death!
: What's the matter, Eviluder? Aren’t you and your kind apostles of destruction, bent on enveloping the entire universe in flames?!

: Little lost Tekkaman! Our loss to you on the moon will be cleared!
: You're just a buggy program! Since you've forgotten your mission, we'll terminate you by force!

: This is the end for you as wel, five lions!
: This is where we first encountered the Nadesico... a marker of a new beginning for us!
: This will not be where we fall! Our journey is not yet at an end!

: Okay, Arm formerly known as Space Cyclops! I'm gonna push you down to the mat!
: Heh... how amusing. Do you even have the strength, human?
: Shut up! I really hate it when big dudes look down on me!
: Even if you cry uncle, I'm gonna bend your arm around until it snaps!

: You stand no chance against me merged with this asteroid!
: Gh... you're definitely a lot stronger now...
: But we already beat you with all your friends combined! We can beat you again alone!

: So you were the boss of that one-eyed freak? We'll send you to join your friends!
: You underestimate me! With the power of this asteroid, I am even more powerful than before!

: You left your comrades to flee alone and now you're back for more? Don't make me laugh!
: Your laughter will become cries of fear soon enough!

Let’s end this in style with Genryuujin/Gouryuujin’s combined attack: Maximum Tou-Long.
This attack is, by FAR, the strongest one we’ve seen until now with an incredible 6680 attack power (to put that in perspective: Goldion Hammer has 5950) – it will not beat Gai’s damage as the brothers don’t know Valor yet, though.

: Come, Primeval!
: Now that we wield The Power, you will fall!
: Such infinite power! But if we can claim it for our own...

Arm is worth 2 levels, an EN Chip and an Prevail + 1.

Arm cries out at their fearsome strength - THE POWER
He quickly runs away, mumbling about unlimited power existing in Jupiter.

Orgun claims that, once again, he has seem the strength of our hearts.
He notes that this energy, The Power, which answers the call of its user's heart, is what he's been seeking.
When Blade asks, he says that there is, in this star system, something the Eviluders have forgotten, and D-Boy is the one who is bearing that thing back to the Radam.
He leaves, promising to Blade and Wärter, that they’ll meet again.
Genryujin, inwardly, tells Orgun that he understands his words; Gai praises the four brothers, saying that this victory is due to them but Gouryujin says the fight isn’t over yet!

It’s the Galra, bearing down with a very large fleet.
Seidou doesn’t understand where they got all these numbers: they only had a stipend left after their losses on Hell Island; does this mean a new Earth Invasion Force has been sent?
A voice from inside the command ship, confirms her words: Dai Bazaal's son, crown prince Sinclyne.

This “Evil Prince” doesn’t impress Kazuma, who figures he only got his position by riding on daddy-o’s back but Kogane warns him not to underestimate Sinclyne.
He got his position through raw ability - as the Golion crew saw with their own eyes while he led the conquest of Altea.
Sinclyne did not expect to see Fahra really piloting Golion but says her poise impresses him more and more.
The Galra quickly opens fire on our battered troops who are in no position to resist after our fight with Arm; Gai asks for Genryujin and Gouryujin to help us again with The Power but it seems they’ve reached their limit: The Power that was stored has run out and they’ve no choice but to release the combination.
It seems like there’s no way out for us but…

A bombardment quickly strikes the Galran troops: it's those Jovians, with Genpachirou keeping their promise to aid us.
Bless is glad to see that the principles of spacemanhood aren't dead among the Jovians; Genpachirou tells Wärter to retreat and let them handle things from here.
Sinclyne quickly gets pissed at the Earthling reinforcements and, before things get any worse, Bless has everyone pull back.

Yamasaki finds this an amusing turn of events, and lucky in the sense that it got our people out of the picture.
After all, as that buried robot showed today, the Ruins are nowhere near done showing their treasures to him.

After our people are at a safe distance, Bless hears from Genpachirou that the Jovians won't allow us to further investigate the Ruins.
Even if our orders were to investigate, the fact is that the whole planet is currently under investigation by the Jovian Union and Bless isn't willing to try and force our way in – it seems pretty obvious that the Jovians don’t want us finding what’s really hidden in those ruins but there isn’t much that can be done now.

Bless prudently withdraws for now, warning Genpachirou to beware of the Galra fleet, still lurking somewhere nearby.
Genpachirou thanks him for the warning, and adds that he personally hopes to visit Earth one day, once true peace is established.
As he hangs up, Bless can do nothing but praise the enemy's acumen.
At this rate, there's no point in heading to Jupiter - our course must be back to Earth.
At least we got Chouryuujin back, making our Martian visit not a total bust.
If this talk of a peace treaty is any indication, we can expect affairs on Earth to be pretty confusing upon our return...especially with the Marimea army still at large.

As our team travels home, Sayaka is thinking on the information of how the Jupiter Union folk are the descendants of the century-old colony mission.
Their ancestors were colonists no one wanted on Earth, or even on Mars, where they ventured first; it's a pretty sad story, which turned dangerous once they found alien tech floating around in Jupiter’s orbit.
What went around has indeed come back around, in the form of a Jovian army fighting for its own version of Justice.

The one odd thing is their mode of speech, laced with melodrama and high-sounding ideals.
It seems that one of the only forms of entertainment available to the Jovians was a recording of Geki Ganger - which with time has become something like their religion.
The person who brought them the disc was none other than George Glenn, or at least someone who was part of his team.
This presumably means that Glenn and the rest of the Coordinators have known all this time about the people living near Jupiter.

That they didn't tell the government is probably out of sympathy, since both the Jovians and the Coordinators were ostracized from Earth for who they are.
Heck, Glenn probably even hoped that the Jovians would one day become Coordinators too; not in the sense of genetic modifications, mind, but in the original sense of the name, as people who could "coordinate", or perhaps "regulate" from afar any fighting that would come to Earth.
Hayato smirks at the irony: kick someone off your planet, then task them with managing your wars?
Hopefully, this can all be put behind us from now on and Kazuma wants a big party back on Earth to celebrate the newfound peace!

Mamoru comes in, relating that the brothers are all back in one piece, but THE POWER seems to have vanished entirely and, without it, Genryuujin and Gouryuujin can't combine.
Noal is damn interested in that power, thinking it could be just the thing to push back the Primevals and the Radam – problem is, it’s located in Jupiter which is very out of the way but maybe we can make a pitstop there sometime and get enough energy to beat our enemies?
D-Boy doesn’t think it’s that simple, though since, by the end of last battle, the brothers couldn't regulate The Power completely, causing their overload – it may be that The Power is too great for man to control and, were it misused, could lead to the destruction of, at least, the user and, at most, all of mankind.
As D-Boy well knows, there are plenty of dangerous things mankind shouldn't meddle with in the universe - things of incredible destructive power - and this The Power may well be one of them.

Aboard the Galra command ship, Sinclyne has now had a taste of the power that repulsed Sadak, and he's not impressed.
Honerva tells him not to underestimate the power of Golion or his companions but Sinclyne isn’t worried; he is the crown prince Sinclyne, the one who conquered Altea and he will send both Golion and all its Earthling friends to hell with his own hands.

Honerva tells him she's looking forward to watching him succeed, for the Emperor's sake.
Sinclyne privately sneers at that “For the Emperor” business; he’ll go along with it for now but he has his own plans for the Galra Empire when this is all done.

There’s still some more story after this but it consists on stuff that involves the events on the other route split, mind.
I’ll show it after I clear the rest so everyone gets the whole story.

See you next time!