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Part 30: Mission 9 (Earth Route) - Fighting Boys and Girls - Part 1

Mission 9 (Earth Route) - Fighting Boys and Girls

As the two flee, Kaname demands Sousuke tell her who he really is and what the hell is going on.
He tells her that he's been watching over her since long before he transferred into her school, and that even he doesn't really know what's going on.
All he does know is that she's somehow special, and that certain intelligence organizations would love to use her in their biology experiments.
To prevent that, Sousuke was posted at Kaname's side by Mithril - a secret army beholden to no nation and specializing in anti-terrorist action.
As he mentions his SRT Squad, his Uruz 7 callsign and other details, Kaname asks if he's doing okay, like, if he's delusional or paranoid-schizo or something.

Sousuke then dives atop her to shield her from an explosion, earning the all-too stereotypical cries of masher, pervert, etc.

The enemy Rk-92's (which Sousuke recognizes as bearing the Eurasian colors) are firing in their direction, but Mamoru pops out with a plan to lead them to safety.
He knows he's gonna get it from his father, but he wants even more to save the people who've kept his secret safe.
Sousuke knows Mamoru must have summoned the GGG, but the question is how to hold out until they arrive.

The answer: Heero, and his Mobile Suit which at this very moment is plummeting to Earth in its distinctive container.

The unlucky mercs find themselves facing the so-called "Angel of Death".
Heero tells Relena not to worry about Trowa, who surely has plans of his own.
As Mamoru straightens Sousuke out about who's Duo and who's Heero, Heero tells Sousuke that he's saved Relena, and tells him to take his target and flee with Mamoru.
Sousuke can't do that knowing of the explosives aboard the plane, so Heero tells Relena to hang on while he repays Sousuke's kindness for the energy bar.

This is as simple as it gets. Heero’s Gundam Wing Zero is a great real and will make short work of these mooks:

Heero is like Kurz on the fact that he’s a sniper (he’s decent in melee, though) but he actually has a good mech to give him a spot in the team.
He’s dodgy, accurate and has great range but his attacks tend to eat through EN rather quickly (not amazingly quickly but still enough to warrant a few EN upgrades).

Let’s begin by moving Heero back a bit into this positive terrain (+30% Dodge/Accuracy, +20%HP/EN Regen) and fire our Machine Cannon to soften a mook up some.

Heeeeey, that was actually not bad at all!

Enemy Phase!

Might as well use that Beam Saber and see what it gets us. Click the image below to see it.

Not bad, not bad.

The weakened one comes over and will receive a machine cannon shot for his troubles.

Sadly, these buggers are all coming in way too close and Heero’s strongest attack is 3-8 (his sword is point-blank range). All we have is our machine cannon.
It’s enough to deal with these guys, though!

This guy attacks from far enough but I don’t want to kill him just yet. You’ll see why in a bit.

Player Phase!

Mamoru’s trying to lead the others to safety down below.
Sousuke tells Kaname to flee with Mamoru while he tries to hold the fort here.
She doubts that some military otaku can be of much use, and for reasons she doesn't entirely understand, she quickly understands how the bombs work, and tells the "amateur" Sousuke to leave things to her.
He demands to know what's going on, and she allows that it might have something to do with that medical scan, from which she still has a bit of a headache.

Unfortunately, when she severs the antenna for receiving external commands, the bombs switch to timed mode.
Mamoru then grabs the bombs, planning to haul them as far away as possible to protect his family and everyone.

He can't make it far before his arms start going numb, but aid comes from an unexpected source!

It’s Mike and he's very glad to see his friend again.
He quickly carries Mamoru farther away and safely drops the bombs in an empty area.
He relates how, when he learned that his great friends were in danger, he left the flight to America and homed in on Mamoru’s signal.

Enemy reinforcements pop out and Mamoru tries to warn him to run away but Mike goofily says that the time has come to bludgeon the bad guys.
Mamoru doesn’t understand how Mike could fight against them all but Mike promises to show them all his fighting spirit!

Everyone's jaw drops when he System Changes from a goofy mascot to a flying rocker robot.
Kaname wishes that Kyouko was here to see this and Sousuke promises that she’ll see her friends again but, for now, they must take this chance to move.

There we go, had we killed that guy before Mike would’ve been at risk of being swarmed without being ready. Now we can go all out.

Before that, though, it just occurred to me that I never did a quick bio on these mooks were fighting:

Both RK-92 Savage and C3-5 Mistral II are rather similar in stats though the Mistral is slightly stronger in all departments. The RK-92 will try to get up close with short range attacks and the C3-5 will hang back and pelt you with missiles.

Both units are a step above from the M6 Bushnells that we were fighting and pose a slight challenge due to the fact that they both have good accuracy modifiers across all their attacks. At its lowest, the modifier will be +20, at its highest it’ll be +40 (the Savage’s strongest attack is point-blank and has this rating, the Mistral’s 2nd strongest also has this).

Keep an eye out when going near a swarm of these guys and it’s usually a good idea to have defensive measures on (Focus for your reals and Guard for your supers) or at least place they in a good terrain.

Now, on the subject of Mike Sounders the 13th:

He’s much more capable now and is VERY useful in battles, especially this early on in the game. He has two attacks: Disk P, which is a support attack (1-3 Range and the target gets +5 morale), and Disk M, which is a proper attack (1-4 range, 4000 attack and drops the enemy’s mobility by 50%(!)).

Mike has two sets of spirit commands, one for his Cosmo Robo form and one for his Boom Robo form and he shares SP inbetween them.
The Boom Robo form has Focus so let’s use it and send him out to the pack in front.

Mike’s not very dodgy un-upgraded but he’s on a positive terrain so he should be fine. Click the image below for “CMON! ROCK AND ROLL!”

: Sound, stand by! Come on, rock 'n' roll! We're gonna blow the roof off!
: Go, Mic! Beat the bad guys!

Don’t mess with Mike.

Now, let’s show off Heero’s strongest attack – Twin Buster Rifle.Click the image below to see it.

Very nice.

Enemy Phase!

Let’s see if Heero’s lucky streak still holds up.


Ohoho, they’re gonna get it now. Heero’s Zero System just activated and this will boost all of Heero's stats by 10.

Of course, to make up for it, two mooks manage to tag both units...
A third Savage attacks Mike but, this time, he dodges and kills it in one go.

Sousuke's comrades show up.
Mao asks who’s the rocker robot and is quickly blow away when Sousuke reveals it’s Mike – Kurz can’t believe how a comedian robot transformed into a rock star.
Still, they’ll worry about it later.

Mao quickly scoops up Kaname and hands Sousuke his M9.
Kurz adds that Tessa sounded pretty worried about Sousuke, and tells him to take Kaname somewhere safe.

Sousuke has other ideas: he wants personal payback for all the crap everyone got put through.
Kurz agrees to take Kaname to safety instead, despite her (misguided) protests that the amateur Sousuke shouldn't be piloting a mech – Sousuke calmly says that he’s no amateur…he’s a specialist.
Kaname finally realizes that it was Sousuke who was on that Bonta-kun that swam into this very M9.
Sousuke then hails Heero, who says his mission won't be complete until he's got Relena safely back home.

He actually tells Sousuke to call him by his real given name.
Relena is surprised that Heero is so relaxed with Sousuke - very rare for the normally taciturn man.

More bad guys show up, and Sousuke informs them that they're going to pay for wrecking his fun vacation.
Kurz tells Kaname that Sousuke isn't given to jokes, meaning that this throwdown is for real.

Urgh, these guys always show up to prolong the enemy phase.

I’m rather worried about Heero getting swarmed but I can only grin and bear it (I didn’t expect these guys to show up so soon).

Mike gets hit once again and is left at critical HP.

Both a Savage and Mistral attack but I’d rather not push my luck, so Mike just dodges.

Player Phase!

Mike regens 20% due to the terrain but he’s still at risk. With focus, he gets sent out to take care of the Mistral.
Meanwhile, Mao gets a lucky crit and oneshots a Savage.

Sousuke and Heero deal with the remaining weakened mooks.

All enemy units are down and Mao starts thanking Mike for helping turn this around but Sousuke will intone that it's not over yet, not until he comes out.

Gauron does so, in a next-gen silver AS, which apparently took a while to boot up.

He derides that colonial representative as useless for not stopping Heero, and is all but laughing his head off at the irony that "Kashim" was among the high school students he kidnapped.
As Mike and Mamoru get confused at Gauron’s speech, Kurz is starting to *really* wish that the dustoff units were here, and Mao says that it's taking a while to make it through the Eurasian blockade, and to ferry out all the people on the jet.

Gauron starts asking about what Kashim has been up to, how Kalinin is doing nowadays and if he wants to know how he lived through a shot to the face.
Sousuke does want to know how he’s still alive and he explains that chitinous growth from an old wound was responsible for partially stopping Sousuke's bullet and saving his life.
It's all rather simple for Sousuke though: if Gauron is still alive, all he has to do is send him back to Hell – he steps up to fight Gauron head-on.

Mao tells Sousuke not to overdo it, but he hopes to disrupt the enemy chain of command by taking out its head.
Gauron calls out his challenge, having wanted to fight Kashim again for a long time.

That’s all for today, folks. Next update we’ll keep going through this mission but I might need to cut this one down in 3 parts seeing as how it’s actually one of the longest fights in the game.