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Part 117: Mission 33 (Earth Route) - VIRGIN FLUSH - Part 2

Today’s update is sponsored by the newly-released 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generations and Ariel’s amazing theme:

Yes, it’s perfectly normal to have this on loop for the rest of the day.

Now, as I pointed out before, Sword was carrying some nice goodies and I let her slip away – I’ll fix that with the power of the TIME WARP!

And here we are again. Sword and her Radam have shown up and we’ve 1 turn before she runs off.

Let’s not waste any time, then!

: Tch…this guy’s speed is on the level of a Tekkaman!
: I’ve been gathering data on you and your allies throughout our battles! Tekkaman, prepare yourself!

: Get ready, Tekkaman! I don’t go easy even if I’m fighting another woman!
: I’d rather not be reminded that I’m of the same gender as a crude human like you.
: Wh-WHAT?!
: A woman glows because of her love. All of my power is dedicated to Lord Omega…someone like you would never understand!

: Tekkaman! I’ll deal with you in D-Boy’s place!
: Hmph…then, instead of his, I’ll bring YOUR head as a gift to Lord Omega!

: Come on, Tekkaman! Feel the power of JUSTICE!
: In that case, I will meet you with the power of my love for Lord Omega!

: Heey, your body isn’t bad at all! If things weren’t like this, I’d love to see you without that armor on!
: All that I am is for Lord Omega! I’ll show you nothing!

I think that’s good enough.

Aside from the time limit, the other problem you need to deal with is the fact that she runs away when under 10000 HP.

With that in mind, we’ll overkill the shit out of her.

: Tekkaman! Don’t think that humans will fear the Radam forever!
: It’s useless to resist. It’s already been decided that the humans of this planet will become the bodies of the Tekkamen!
: No way! There are humans that will continue to fight you even without D-boy!
: And I’m one of them!

Ah…that’s as beautiful as ever.

With Cheer and Bless cast, Gai takes a couple of levels and we nab all her items: a Barrier (S) Generator, EN Chip and BP+1.

Even though Sword has been killed, the story proceeds exactly as before, with Yumi and the others showing up.
So, let’s jump ahead to the moment after Gimlet’s escape with the Q Parts.

All three Tekkamen have a backup pilot, like Blade: Anita and Hayato have Accelerate but Goliath doesn’t.
Even with Accelerate, though, Hiver is the only one that gets in attacking range.

: From this day, I am also a Tekkaman!
: Please watch over me, Blade! Here I go!!

Of course, she’s a little lacking in upgrades.

During this run, Volfogg was still over there when Sword showed up; so, I figured it’d just be best to let him help clean the Bionet mooks.

Also, as I had to focus a turn on Sword, there are many more Radam units than before.

One less now, though.

Valguard charges ahead and oneshots a Monster.

This bumps the Valguard crew up to level 39 and, like on the other route, this gives Shihomi Rouse.

As the team moves ahead, the Nadesico snipes at whatever is left behind.

Enemy Phase!

Earth-Tekkamen don’t have the necessary systems for Crash Intrude attacks but they can make do.

: Well then…I hope the Chief is watching my dedication!

Hm, I suppose that works.

With so many Serpents, Taurus and Mistrals around, there will be a lot of this going on.
Unless specified, just assume any remaining full-health unit did that (though, soon, that won’t mean much).

Unlike Blade, Yumi’s physical attacks are on the weaker side…though, really, that’s not her main draw.

One cool thing to note is that, like Blade, all three Earth-Tekkamen have dynamic kills for their Lancers – for this time, I’m just going to make a video of Hiver’s.

Most mooks don’t go after Volfogg but this Mistral does.

Like always, 4000 Magnum never crits when I actually want it to.

Ok. I accept your apology.

This gives Volfogg a level and he finally learns Multicombo L2.

Up top, Valguard’s battleship-like priority is making him the target of choice.

Of course, there’s nothing majorly bad about that.

The only relatively “bad” thing about it is that Kazuma is hogging all the kills.

Going against the grain, the farthest Monster goes for the Nadesico but Ruri is having none of that.

Now, let’s get Yumi set up with Cheer and Bless. I will show you why her MAP is the most broken in the game: first off, it should be noted that is has a 1-8 range and it’s a targetable one – any point in up to 8 squares of her is good.

Once you select your point, you’re presented with the biggest area-of-effect this side of Seven Swell or MeiOh.

Yeah. With Valor used, all mooks get wrecked and, as the cherry-on-top, the attack will not hit your allies as it’s Yumi that’s consciously guiding the Voltekka!

Now, these were some of the weakest mooks in the game and they still gave her 2 levels and around 18k money.
As we go further into the game, we’ll get even bigger payouts (provided no one is squeamish about seeing Yumi as the soon-to-be top ace…).

With nearly everything killed, Volfogg moves in to make use of his Multicombo L2.

We can’t have the newbies finish things before the veterans – time to crank things into high gear and start spamming Valor.

Thank you, Ryouko.

Gai (Daigouji) deals with one of the Monsters.

While THE Gai, sets out to Hell and Heaven the last Mother.

Of course I used Valor. When you use Hell and Heaven/Goldion Hammer, that’s a-given!

Valguard’s Micro Missiles take out the two remaining Monsters.
Now, we only need to wait for the group below.

The Earth-Tekkamen are what the original Three Angels were, in that they are all about teamwork.
As such, let me show you their first combination attack (with Vesna and Sommer): Double Voltekka!

With that one done, Vesna moves in to take out an easy prey.

: Even without the Reactor Voltekka, I am still the strongest Tekkaman! I’ll show that girl, too!

Very nice.

Enemy Phase!

I could kill this guy now but what fun would that be?

Player Phase!

Nah. I’m gonna take him out in style and show off their strongest attack: Triple Voltekka!

Victory is ours but it’s not all roses: Gimlet is now WAY out of tracking range with the stolen Q-parts.
Hayata congratulates Yumi on her first victory and, inwardly, she thinks that she’s now much closer to her dream of fighting by Tekkaman Blade's side one day.

She’s happy at the victory but still feeling disheartened at the Reactor Voltekka incident.
Still, Ryouko figures we can give her a pass on that seeing how it was her first fight and she wasn’t ready to control the attack – still, Kazuma says that she’s got guts.
Gai assures her that her positive thinking is the right way to stay.

Natasha and David then walk over, and to Yumi's surprise commend her on how well she did in battle - she's now a full-fledged Tekkaman in their eyes.
Her confidence has risen immensely, and she assures team leader Natasha that she'll do her best to hold up her part of the fighting.
This is what Aki has been counting on, and inwardly hopes that Yumi's bright nature can overcome the tragic fate of all Tekkamen...

Now for the bad news: not only has Bionet stolen one of the Q-Parts, but the base is pretty substantially damaged.
About 70% of that is due to the Reactor Voltekka running amok, though Liger proclaims that the improved ventilation is all for the good (and then promptly sneezes).
Of course, we need to find Bionet and recover the Q-Part before they do anything crazy with it; as such, we’ll need a specialist in Bionet-hunting and Liger, begrudgingly, agrees to call Renée.

Mikoto meanwhile has been caring for a certain tourist who got caught up in the uproar: none other than Tomoru.
He wasn't badly hurt, but he was far from the sightseeing path.
Mikoto supposes he's got horrible direction sense, but Tomoru says that he was actually looking for a girl about his age with glasses and straight hair.
Mikoto tells him that he must mean the genius scientist Professor Kanzaki, and praises his retro jacket: it's an authentic 20th century Luftwaffe bomber jacket, the sure sign of an otaku...

Elsewhere, I-ZACK congratulates Michi on the new Tekkamen, though she rather discuss the weapon they've been building this past half-year.
It’s based on the pulse signal they received during the Holy Valentine Light – the data is currently being interpreted and the Wilberwind computer is using it to build something.
I-ZACK doesn’t know what it is but preliminary analysis indicates that it’s a weapon of some sort.
Michi is fairly sure "he" is the one who sent it considering the information she got from Wärter but she seems hesitant – IZACK asks if she wants to stop Wilberwind for now.
After a pause she tells him that though frightened of it, she can't bring herself to stop it.
Whatever it was that our visitor from deep space saw in the Earth, he went to a lot of trouble to entrust our people with his last transmission - and it would seem impermissible to let that go to waste.
I-ZACK is satisfied by this and is sure that all will become clear once the project is finished...