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Part 116: Mission 33 (Earth Route) - VIRGIN FLUSH - Part 1

Mission 33 (Earth Route) - VIRGIN FLUSH

The attackers are a small group of Zaft troops who Ruri figures are probably here for observation.
It seems the fact that this area is under GGG control, not the Federation, hasn’t done much to stop them though Saburouta figures the Coordinators must see any Earthling as the enemy.
Either way, Ruri says we must protect ourselves and orders everyone to attack but to avoid hitting the cockpits, if possible.

Well, no point in making them wait if they came all the way here.

Yeah, this won’t take long.

Those CGUE are still sturdy enough to survive a non-crit hit.

Ryouko wouldn’t be able to oneshot them if her life depended on it, so we’ll use her to weaken whatever gets close.

Aye, that works.

Saburouta and Gai, lacking the Morale to use their Distortion Attacks (always a common problem for them), fail to kill a CGUE.

Since that thing is going to suicide against them, we’ll have Kazuma pummel one of the remaining full-health ones.

That’s more like it.

The Valstork and Nadesico move in but don’t attack.

Enemy Phase!

As the battle progresses, Natasha and David are wondering why Aki hasn’t allowed them to deploy: even if the enemy isn’t a Radam, they’ve a right to defend themselves.
Aki says that she’s reached her decision on the third Tekkaman, calling her in to be formatted to Armored Tekkaman form along with the others.
Right then, the door opens and shows that it is, indeed, Yumi François.

Here they come and Gai (Daigouji) is the first target.
Maybe he can kill this JINN with a crit?

He gets pestered by another CGUE and GINN but slaps them away, too.

That very-weak CGUE goes after the Nadesico, which is fine as I had Harry cast Alert.


Gaofighgar gets sniped right outside of his Broken Phantom range – of course, it misses.

This one, however, is not as clever.

Damn it!

The Nadesico is attacked once more but Shihomi is in line to cover the ship.

Gai puts those Hero and Infight skills to use and gets a critical – taking the JINN down in one shot.

Natasha asks why her chief chose Yumi, and Aki says only that was her decision alone.
Though given the opportunity to complain, Natasha doesn't object to her superior's judgement.
Aki says that there's not a moment to lose with the Radam getting more active in the area, and elects to equip Natasha with the newly-developed Reactor Voltekka instead of David.

He shrugs and tells Natasha that he wasn't cut out to be the strongest on the team anyway.
Yumi isn’t really listening, unbelieving that she’ll really become a Tekkaman – Hayato, at least, is there to congratulate her.

Moving along, more of the same.

Ruri and Harry gain a level, teaching Valor to the latter.

Last mook wastes his attack trying to snipe Gaofighgar…

Player Phase!

We’ll deal with this smarty-pants right now.

Thank you, Volfogg.

Kazuma flies over and downs the last CGUE.

With only JINNs left, Saburouta starts the clean-up.

Hot-Blooded PUNCH!

As the fight goes along, Michi detects an energy spike coming from above – indicating an incoming attack!
Problem is, the energy signal doesn’t match Plant weapons…

Instead, it’s the Radam that are mounting the offensive.

The Zaft flee right away, proof of the widening gulf of discrimination that is distracting mankind from its true enemy.
Tekkaman Sword is leading the attack, bound and determined to destroy the human perversion of Radam technology, but Ruri has other ideas.
She asks on the status of the Formatting Plant inside the base and Harry says it’s already underway – we just need to hold out for a little longer until it’s all finished.

Mind you, Sword is worth a Barrier (S) Generator, an EN Chip, and a BP+1 and you’ve 2 turns to kill her – of course, being the world-class intellect that I am, I completely forgot about this time limit…

Since we were so far away, most of our team moves towards the Radam.

Enemy Phase!

Most the Radam do the same, though only a few manage to get close enough to attack.

A Radam Monster does get in range of Ryouko but now she can actually use a strong attack.

That’ll learn yer.

Two more Radam go for her, though only the Mother makes it out alive.

Sword moves up but isn’t able to attack anyone.

Player Phase!

This would be the moment where I would throw everything available at Sword but…yeah.

Running around to clear the smaller mooks, Kazuma sets his sights on a Monster.

No problem.

Ryouko and Gai (Daigouji) tag team a Radam Mother but leave it with a sliver of health.

Seeing how it’ll probably die to a counter, we’ll have the Valstork use Assail and go for a Monster.

This is not funny anymore!

Gaofighgar, being invincible, nearly oneshots the Mother and blocks all damage from the counter.

Enemy Phase!

Allow me to summarize what happens with the enemies around Gai (Shishioh).

Total death count is of 3: two Monsters and the weakened Mother – the southernmost Mother is at critical HP.

Up top, Kazuma is getting harassed by some fly.

Not anymore.

The other one, in a frenzy after the death of his buddy, runs straight into Gaofighgar.

The crapton of kills bumps Gai up a level and gives him Prevail L7.

The weakened Mother goes for the Valstork and, this time, Shihomi does her job.

Unfortunately, that last kill gave Sword just enough morale to start using her MAP.

This could’ve been a problem if not for its bad accuracy.

Player Phase!

Sword is really starting to get annoyed at our people, as stubborn as the traitor Blade.
Gai (Daigouji) insists that your people will avenge D-Boy's death, but Ryouko furiously reminds him that D-Boy isn't confirmed dead, he's merely MIA.
However, Sword tells us this isn’t all of the Radam’s strength…

: Damn! Reinforcements!
: It’s alright. This is long enough.
: Yumi, Tek-Set!

: Tekkaman Hiver!

: Tekkaman Sommer!

: Tekkaman Vesna!
: The new Tekkaman! Then, the Armor Formatting was a success!
: What’s more, it seems there’s someone else with them. From the looks of the body…I would guess it’s a young girl.
: Yes! It’s me, Yumi François! I promise I’ll give it my all!
: Yumi…you mean that bumbling kid?!
: That girl was chosen as the 3rd Human Tekkaman…?!
: Hiver, Sommer, Vesna…that is, winter, summer and spring. Today’s Tekkamen are quite elegant, huh?
: Humans…! I’ll show you just how useful these cheap imitations will be!
: Natasha! The enemy is coming over!
: Give ‘er a taste of your new Reactor Voltekka!
: I…I can’t! I’m not equipped with it!
: How come?! Wasn’t the Armor Formatting a success?!
: The Radam attacked close to the main computer and caused a malfunction…!
: The Reactor Voltekka data that should’ve been given to Natasha…Yumi, it gave it to you.
: Eeh?! To me?!
: Do it, Radam Monsters! Tear that imitation apart!
: Yumi!
: If it’s like this, then I have to do it! Because I’m a Tekkaman!!
: Please wait, Yumi! Reactor Voltekka is—

*All Radam Monsters are destroyed.*

: Wh-what was that power?!
: Reactor Voltekka…this Voltekka had the power of a Crystal Field added to it.
: When the Voltekka is unleashed, this Crystal Field will form around its target…
: The energy generated at the time of impact will use that Field to create new antimatter…
: This antimatter will convert itself into a new Voltekka and attack the next target.
: That way, by controlling the Crystal Field, as long as there’s a target remaining, the attack can go on…!
: Wow…it destroyed all those Radam Monsters in one shot…!
: …All units pull back. The Voltekka hasn’t stopped yet.
: Huh?! What’s happening?!
: Ack! The hell is she doing?!
: That klutz…she can’t control the Voltekka!
: A strong mind is required to control the Reactor Voltekka…!
: It’s unreasonable to expect that of a newborn Tekkaman like Yumi!
: S-stop! Someone stop it!!

: Yumi! You must control it with your mind!
: Th-that’s easy for you to say but I don’t know hooow!!
: That’s…it’s going out of control?!
: Then, we have no choice but to make her faint…!
: If we do that, her brain waves will stop and the Reactor Voltekka will disappear!
: But…how can we attack our friend…?
: Tch…there may be no other way…!
: Yumi, stop it with your own power!
: Chief…
: You are a Tekkaman! That power was given to you to defeat the Radam and to protect the future of Earth!
: If you cannot control that strength, then you have no right being one!
: B-but…
: Do it, Yumi! The strength of a person’s heart is what allows them to break the Radam’s control!
: Aki…
: D-Boy, he…
: …I’ll do it, Chief! Because…I am…

: It stopped…
: The power of her mind stopped the Reactor Voltekka…
: Yumi, are you OK?!
: Y-yes…thanks, Hayato.
: Argh…I took too much damage from that Voltekka… I must pull back!

While Ryouko prepares to wipe out the remaining Radam, Gimlet, who's been enjoying the show from the shadows, is sure Mister Silver will find this all very stimulating.
Mikoto soon notices him and calls out to Gai (confusing Gai Daigouji once again); Gimlet gives Gai a good day, saying they never had time to say their farewells when they saw each other in space.
He hasn’t come to America on tourism, though, as Liger warns us that Gimlet stole one of the Q-Parts.

There’s no time to capture Gimlet, though; he shoves Tomoru aside on his way out, and his retreat is covered by a bunch of Bionet mecha.
Our best bet is to clear out both the Radam and Bionet units before deciding on what to do; Natasha and David are very eager to show everyone the power of the new Tekkamen and Yumi simply fights to fight as Blade did.

Hot damn! We've got Yumi and her incredibily broken MAP for us.

Come next mission, we'll quickly wrap things up and I'll have to do the entire thing again, offscreen, to nab all those goodies that Sword made off with...