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Part 115: Mission 33 (Earth Route) - Prologue

Tomoru is being haunted by images of Tekkaman Blade and Detonator Orgun – no mere PASFU broadcast.
Even Michi gets into the act before Tomoru wakes up in a cold sweat.

He’s had this dream for the past six months but his thoughts are interrupted when his friend Nokku checks in on him.
Nokku figures Tomoru is having PASFU troubles again but the shop claims everything is fine with the gadget; of course, the PASFU is made to allow you to dream whatever you want to, so Tomoru’s recurring dream can’t be a coincidence.
Maybe someone hacked into it, and is sending him a message, Nokku asks; Tomoru sighs that this isn’t some anime or sci-fi show but Nokku raises a valid point that, with the space invaders and whatnot, they’re not far off from being part of one.
Either way, Nokku wanted to confirm if Tomoru will be coming to their school’s field trip to GGG America.

Tomoru will come and promises not to be late.
As Nokku hangs up, Tomoru muses how the dream seems to be less a nightmare and more a meeting with some sort of old friends...he’s especially curious about that woman that appeared before he woke up.

No sooner does Neo-Wärter land on Earth, they get mixed up in battle with the Radam.
Volfogg warns that more reinforcements are likely, but Ruri says your side has some reinforcements on the way too.

: Tekkamen…?!
: But I’ve never seen those types before! Are they a different kind that came with the Radam ships?!
: Let’s go, David! Rout those Radam!
: Roger that, Natasha! Time to kick off our welcoming party to Neo-Wärter!
*Both Tekkamen move forward*
: Eat this, Radam!!

: Now, I’m next! You’re not getting away!

: Whoa! They took them all out!
: Many thanks, Tekkamen Vesna and Sommer.
: Eh…then, they are…?!
: Yes. They are new Tekkamen, who were given birth by the Space Knights.
: Captain Hoshino of the Nadesico B. Our chief would like to speak with you.
: We’ll escort you to GGG America. Please follow us.
: Human-made Tekkamen…they were researching that during all this time…?

At GGG America, Kazuma tells the log that these new Tekkamen are part of a new Space Knights based out of GGG's facilities.
Freeman has been replaced with another familiar face as leader, and preparations to fend off the Radam seem to be well underway.

The new chief of the Space Knights is none other than Aki, which surprising Ryouko a lot.
Levin and Honda explain that Freeman, Noal and Milly have been transferred to a Federation anti-Radam lab - as Aki normally would have been too.
But Aki instead requested a posting on the front lines, the better to fight in D-Boy's place in Kazuma's view – making it obvious to her how Kazuma has changed during this time.
Liger also helped create these new Tekkamen and his very proud of them as the new secret weapons in the fight against the Radam; speaking of, they’ve all arrived and Aki asks them to introduce each other.

First off we have Natasha Pablovicha (Tekkaman Vesna) and the pilot of her Blue Earth Alpha, Goliath.

Then, we’ve David Kruegel (Tekkaman Sommer) and the pilot of his Blue Earth Beta, Anita Brannigan.

There’s also Hayato Kawakami – pilot of the Blue Earth Gamma; Gai Daigouji finds it odd, considering that he doesn’t have a Tekkaman like the others.
Indeed, he’s still waiting on that but one should be coming soon, thanks to the Armed Tekkaman project.
To explain this puzzling development, Aki directs us to Dr. Kanzaki Michi, the Federation intelligence operative currently assigned to the GGG; Ruri recognizes her as a product of the Federation's "Comprehent" project to breed "perfect" humans, just like her and Harry.
Saburouta praises her twin blessings of beauty and intellect, but Horis wishes that Akane's twin breasts had been upgraded by the heavens to something more formidable.

Akane yells out her usual “stupid Horis” and says she has had enough of his sexual harassment while Levin adds that this guy is still the enemy of all women.
Quietly, Harry asks Saburouta if Levin is actually a boy or a girl; Saburouta recommends sneaking into Levin's bed in the middle of the night, so Levin can give him the full details.
Anyway, it falls on Kazuma to apologize to Michi and asks her to continue (making Akane mumble that he’s putting on airs); she tells us that the new Tekkamen were among the people who got captured by the Radam trees right around the time of the EI-01 incident.

Flashback time!

Mission 17 posted:

: Now, Radam trees! Bloom upon this earth!

: What?! What’s happening?!
: Look, everyone! The Radam trees in Tokyo…!
: They have flowers…! The Radam trees have fully bloomed!!
: Th-the hell are these flowers?!
: Let me go! Let me go!!

Very clever, Banpresto…

They were rescued quickly enough that their personalities were still resisting the Radam's control, but had already undergone first-stage Tekkanizing.
With the data gained from D-Boy, the humans were able to go the rest of the way by adding armaments using an earth-made Tekkaman plant.
Gai apologizes for the EI-01 incident, blaming himself that they didn’t stop the trees in time but these new Tekkamen don't seem particularly bothered by what they've become; they are happy to help out with wiping out the Radam and protecting the world with their powers.
Since the process isn't fully finished, the Tekkamen need their support pilots, who have been carefully molded into a cohesive, positive-thinking fighting unit.
Gai Daigouji, for one, is impressed at their teamwork, certain that their combined strength would easily match D-Boy as he fought alone; this of course, makes Aki frown a bit and both Harry and Mikoto shake their heads and wish he could be more tactful.
Still, he quickly realizes his faux-pas and apologizes but Aki isn’t one to hold a grudge.

As for the third Tekkaman, several who underwent initial transformation are employed at the GGG base, and one is slated to be chosen soon.
There's some concern that a certain spaced-out girl who's captured Hayato's heart would be chosen, but Levin is quite sure she's dead last on the list.
As for Mike and Stallion, they've been busily heading around the world with Disc X's, taking out more Radam trees - though they can't keep up with the rate that new ones are being planted.
Ruri's come here to help get ahead of the problem, and tells the rest of the team to relax until the analysis is done.

To pass the time, the new Tekkamen squad offer to show you around the base, a remnant of NASA and still a popular tourist attraction.
Anita is proving popular herself, as Saburouta starts vying with David for her affections.
Aki asks Natasha and Goliath to stay behind so she can explain a new weapon to them, but Natasha says she's got something to take care of first...

Nokku and Tomoru arrive for their sightseeing, duly impressed by the sight of the GGG base.
Tomoru is mainly interested in the old solid-rocket booster and last-century aircraft, and doesn't expect anyone else to understand; Nokku therefore suggests they go sightsee separately, and meet up at 17:00 hours.
As Tomoru wanders off, he muses how these state-of-the-art facilities and weapons might be best for achieving a quick victory, but may have also cost mankind something intangible.

He gets unexpectedly run into by a spacy girl named Yumi François, one of the base's mechanics.
Upon hearing that he's a tourist, Yumi figures he’s here to take a look at Neo-Wärter; Tomoru hasn’t heard much of the team outside of our disbandment after the Lizard Wars.
Yumi points out that the group is being reformed and has arrived here – she was always a fan of the group but, more importantly, she’s the biggest fan of Tekkaman Blade; she says her biggest dream was to be a Tekkaman like him.

Tomoru had heard from his Nergal-employed brother that the Tekkamen were servants of the Radam, and asks if normal people can actually make the transformation.
Yumi ostentatiously stops him, saying that that's top secret, then pauses and asks if he wants to become a Tekkaman himself.
Quite the opposite: he views the Tekkamen as monsters and asks if she wants to fight so badly that she'd do that to her own body; she protests that the Tekkamen aren't monsters, since they fight to protect mankind and all...

Michi then shows up, chiding Yumi for discussing secret matters and shooing her off to the hangar to meet with Natasha.
Michi then apologizes to Tomoru, who lets slip in his stammering reply that he's more into the girl than it might seem.
As she leaves him to his sightseeing, he muses that she seems to be around his age, and wonders if he's met her somewhere before...

Yumi meanwhile has been called on the carpet for not fixing the Alpha's communication system after the damage it sustained during training.
Natasha doesn't take very kindly to Yumi's meek words of apology as it could very well mean the life of someone in the battlefield; Kazuma and Saburouta are watching this but figure Natasha is in the right, as the Tekkamen are already at risk without having to worry about defective equipment.
After the lecture ends, Hayato heads over and tries to console Yumi, who admits that Natasha was absolutely right; she quickly smiles again, and vows to service the Alpha so well next time that Natasha praises her for it.

Hayato admires her indefatigable attitude, which is part of her dream to one day fight at Blade's side.
She prefers to believe that D-Boy somehow survived the Holy Valentine Light, and Aki wonders if she should take a risk and choose her. In fact, could she be...?

Liger has called Gai and Mikoto aside to show them a certain interesting object being discovered all over the world: the so-called "Q-Parts".
Two of them are in GGG hands, and two more are being guarded elsewhere on the globe.
It's not clear precisely what they are yet, but Liger does know they have the potential to emit the same level of energy as a G-Stone - enough to potentially solve the global energy crisis caused by the Neutron Jammers.
In fact, each part in isolation has that potential, making the scientists afraid that the objects would be uncontrollable if joined together.

Liger has shown this to Gai because he guesses they came from the same place that the G-Stones came from: the Green Planet.
Neither Gai (now a full Evoluder) nor Mikoto (a Semi-Evoluder) feel anything in proximity to the Q-Parts, and Liger is wondering if his instincts are going soft.

Just then, the enemy attack, and the Neo-Wärter go out to face them.