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Part 211: Post-Mission 55 (New Game+) - Finale #2

: Kazuma! I’ve found the location of the Master System’s core!
: Send the data, Regulate! I’ll take him out and grab that core!

: Fool! Even if you manage to disconnect the core, it’s all meaningless!
: You may have been able to protect the recording plant but none of you will escape!!
: You’re the fool here! Someone who’s obsessed with such a stupid ambition like you doesn’t get to talk like that!

: I got it! Here’s The Database’s core!
: UUWOOOOOOORGH! But, at least…at least you’re all going to be pulled into the dimensional vortex!!

: Emergency withdrawal! HURRY!!
: I’m trying…but it’s not working!!
: HAHAHAHAHA! This is the end of everything!!

: Hold on, Valzacard! We have a job to do - get this core back to them!!
: B-but, if this keeps going…!
: Mihiro! Believe in Valzacard!
: Our dad made it…! There’s no way it can’t handle something like this!!
: That’s right! Everyone, don’t give up!

: Applicant! And Neo-Wärter!
: Neo-Wärter, initiate the final strategy.
: Come on, everyone! Now, let’s join our strength!

: Guys…
: Hang in there, Kazuma! This isn’t the place for you to spend your life!
: You’re a Trailer, right?! So, you can’t die in a place like this!!
: You’re a real pain but we’ll have your back until the end!
: Don’t worry! We’ll drag Valzacard outta there!
: Now, everyone! Let’s go – with everything we’ve got!
: This is our last big mission!
: And failure is not an option!
: Yes! We’ll protect Valzacard for sure!
: Let’s join the power of all our units together!!
: Now, our hearts are one!
: Mission accepted. I’ll use all my strength to accomplish it.
: Rescue target: Valzacard…!
: The smaller units should support the weaker joint sections!!
: Roger! We can do that much!
: Don’t overdo it. I’ll support the broken parts with the Lambda Driver.
: Then…give it everything you’ve got!!
: We depend on everyone’s efforts!
: Everyone’s feelings and strength are one…
: Hold on, everyone! I’ll also do my best!!
: Everyone’s helping us…despite the danger to their lives…
: Why…? Why would they risk their lives for someone else’s sake…?
: That’s because they understand…the importance of life…
: Importance of life…
: Heh...I'd be the worst if I failed now after all everyone's done for me!


Ship's Log, Federation Space Calendar 101.2.15

We have returned from Pluto to Earth, victorious in our fight against The Database.

According to Chief Taiga, the existence of The Database is to be kept secret from the public, to avoid sowing unnecessary confusion.
Therefore, I'm leaving a record of the Neo-Wärter's battle in this ship's log.

Albeit gradually, I think the Earth and mankind are going to change.

The Plant has elected Eileen Canarver, of the Klein faction, chairwoman of the supreme council in an emergency session, leading to official plans for peace talks with the New Federation's representative, Secretary General Rose Abrovall.
Though tensions between Coordinator and Natural will continue for some time, they ought to be solved through discussion - and these peace talks should be a crucial first step.

It also seems that the Orb, scorched by the Federation Army's assault, is to be rehabilitated.

I've heard that foreign minister Relena Peacecraft is leading an international aid campaign that has already procured enough supplies to allow the first wave of refugees to return home.

I also understand the Orbital Ring, which the Radam destroyed, is to be rebuilt - and plans for orbital elevators have been restarted.
This will definitely foster better relations between Earth and space.

Speaking of space, the Altean Raibul has sent word that the anti-Galra Leo Alliance has succeeded in taking over the planet Galra.
Among their guerilla troops was Shirogane's younger brother, who Kogane and his teammates are eagerly looking forward to meet.

The Leo Alliance has also reported sightings of the Eviluder's battle-moon Zomar.
But instead of attacking, the Eviluder forces simply slipped away into the darkness of space.
Though it'll take time, I'd like to believe that the Eviluders, who have learned what it means to have a "heart", can one day join hands with the peoples of other worlds.

Everything is headed towards the future. Ourselves included.
With all threats to the Earth and mankind overthrown, Neo-Wärter will likely be disbanded.

However, our individual battles will continue, in many places and with many objectives.

That includes me, and the new goal I discovered in the course of this war.
I plan to fight that fight, in my own way, in the days to come. And as I do, the pride of the Trailers my father bequeathed me will burn in my heart...

"Pride of the Hawk"
Excerpted from the final page of "The Trailer Truth"


A month after hostilities ceased...

: Inference, how’s the new Sapientia looking?
: …
: What’s with the attitude, huh?
: We protected the recording plant and recovered the Master System’s core.
: And have you even forgotten how we lent you a hand rebuilding Sapientia?
: I never asked for such things. So, I don’t believe my thanks are needed.
: What…?!
: Stop, you two. It won’t do us any good to begin our journey by arguing with one another.
: Understood, mother…
: Heh…listening to you say that to Regulate shows how far you’ve come.
: Yup, Inference seems to have accepted Regulate as his mother.
: It seems like The Database is becoming one happy family.
: Of course, they’re like our family…
: Then, Akane…would you like us to become a family of our own?
: Sure…if you want to…then, I could be your wife and…
: Ack! What did I just say?!
: Um…Ms. Akane…
: What, Carret…I got a little distracted from all this happiness around me.
: I would first offer my felicitations but I was going to inform that the communication lines are set to ON.
: Congratulations, you two!!
: Hee hee…it seems like Akane beat me to it.
: Then, Horis will be another brother to me!
: Hm…So this was a human proposal and its acceptance.
: Oh Akane, you’re going to be a bride! That is soooo cuuuute!
: N-No Way! I had changed the signal to OFF!
: Yup but I changed it to ON. I wanted everyone to hear this special occasion.
: That’s that, I think. It’s too late for you to refuse my proposal.
: After all, the Trailer maxim says: "Hold fast to that which is spoken once, and he who makes the other speak first wins."
: Applicant…what will you all be doing after this?
: We have been guilty of irreparable errors…
: It’s possible that remnants of civilizations that we attacked in the past are still alive and, if so, we would like to support those survivors to the best of our ability.
: We will use the technological data stored in our records to do so.
: I think you’ll pull it off, Applicant.
: After all, you got my dad’s smarts and his cheap tricks.
: Heh…hearing you say that makes me twice as eager for the mission ahead.
: Be well, Aria. Please don’t forget us…
: Of course not, Mihiro. After all, you’re my precious younger sister!
: Let’s go, Aria. We will be your family from now on.
: I understand, Lord Inference.
: We’re family now, so you can drop that “Lord” thing.
: Then, would it be ok if I called you big brother?
: That’d be nice. And, in that case, I would start to call you sister.
: Alright! I love you, big brother!
: Well then…I believe it’s time for us to go.
: Hold on for just another second…

: Neo-Wärter!
: Looks like we arrived right on time, lass.
: It must’ve been exhausting work to get everyone back together like this, Galent.
: Thank you, Warriors of Earth. For coming here to see us off.
: Though we met in different ways, we wanted to be there for your departure.
: Which is why Neo-Wärter reunited once again.
: You’ll be sailing into deep space, right? Hehe…I’m a bit jealous.
: Earth will also start a journey towards space sometime…and that day may not be far.
: Our world…it still has a long way to go.
: That’s right! We still haven’t seen all that humanity has to offer!
: I will remember every single one of you…and not as an entry in the databanks but as a memory of my own.
: You’ll surely find your way as long as you keep that heart within you.
: And, next time you meet people on another planet, don’t cause trouble!
: But, now that they’ve learned about the heart, I don’t think they’ll have to worry.
: If you admit that you’ve made a mistake, you should make amends.
: There are some things that can never be recovered…However, there are also things that have been lost and can be returned.
: So, we wish you a safe trip.
: Alright, Inference! You hang in there, ya hear?
: Thank you, Kazuma…I hope that we can meet again.
: Our new journey begins now! Let’s go!
: Yes…all preparations are complete.
: Thank you, everyone! We will meet again!!
: You bet! Neither of us will forget each other!
: Also, make sure you remember: the terror of space, the weakness of the individual and the importance of life!!
: All units, forward! We’ll sail towards an endless future!

: They’re all gone…

: Well, we also have a new voyage to depart to.
: A new voyage?
: Hmm…we don’t have a specific destination but they say that “the journey is its own reward”.
: Not at all, there are things that we all agree must be done.
: First off, we have to grab a pair of Neutron Jammer Cancelers from Plant and deliver them to the surface…
: Then, deliver some cargo of Super Alloy New-Z Alpha from Prof. Yumi to Prof. Liger at Orbit Base…
: And, lastly, we’ll head to Mars on a contract from Chief Taiga.
: Those are WAY too many jobs! When am I supposed to have my wedding?!
: Hm, right…I guess we should probably wait until we’ve avoided that 37th bankruptcy.
: You mean we’re still that poor?!
: It can’t be helped.
: The repairs on the Valhawk and Valstork ate up most of our savings.
: …Is it going to be synthetic food for dinner again…? Aaah…How am I supposed to grow like this…
: This calls for some mayonnaise! If we have that, we can handle anything!
: *sigh*…It seems my wife’s homemade cooking is going to be very greasy…
: Cheer up, Mihiro! This day, we begin our Trailer business once again!
: There is money all over the world! We’ll be lining our pockets real soon!!
: You’re right! We’ll hang on, big brother!
: (Someday I’ll go on a voyage of my own…there are still so many parts of space that no one has seen before…)
: (Father…It wasn’t just the Valstork that you’ve left us.)
: (You also left your dreams and your pride…and I will use those in whatever battles that may come…)
: (This is how I’ll live, as a Spaceman of this universe.)

And that’s the end! We’ve finally reached the conclusion of the Let’s Play and, I have to say, I am damn happy with how everything turned out; it was a rocky start (mostly due to my own inexperience) but now, one and half a year later, everything is looking real nice.
This game is one of my absolute favorites in the whole series (and, really, one of my favorite games of all time) and I had a lot of fun going through it!

Before we close things off, I have a few thanks I’d like to extend:
As for the upcoming Z LP, we’ll get it started soon enough – I’ll make a post here when it does, too.

See you all then!