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Part 27: Post-Mission 8 Upgrades, Skill Parts and Unit Analysis #5 (Mercenary Edition)

Time for our post-mission activities. As usual, here are our top aces:

Those suicidal birdmen really helped Blade. That's for sure.

Skill Parts:

As before, I'm still not using that Gunfight (we're gonna get the intended user soon, though). For right now, Blade gets the Counter skill that Uppo-kun gave us.

BP Upgrades:

Mao is a mixed attacker but the M9s have a deep focus on range. As such, she gets 2 points in melee (for her knife attack), 4 points in shooting and 3 points each on Evasion and Accuracy.

We all know that Kurz is all about range and his M9 shows it by having no melee attacks at all. He gets 6 points in range and, like Mao, 3 points in Evasion and Accuracy.

Volfogg gets one point each in melee, evasion and accuracy.

Noal gets 2 points in Accuracy and 1 in Shooting (Tobias, after Noin and her Taurus, I've come to realize that the Blue Earth really isn't that bad).

Finally, Kazuma gets 2 points in Accuracy (he won't need many so let's get them out of the way) and 1 in shooting.

Unit Upgrades:

I sold the extra cartridge from Zondar Uppo. We got quite a nice amount of cash last mission, enough to buy us:

1 extra point in Mobility and EN for Volfogg;

1 extra Evasion for Deathscythe;

Also 1 more evasion for Sandrock;

1 more weapon level for Valhawk/Valstork;

2 HP and 1 Evasion level for Mao and Kurz¡¯s M9s.

Now that we're done. Let's start our Unit Analysis for Kurz, Mao and their M9s.

The M9 Gernsback is an OK unit. It's decently dodgy, has good range and their pilots are competent. Mind you, it gets value added to its dodginess by having the ECS ability (works like Duo's Mirror Image and Volfogg¡¯s Holographic Camouflage).

Its main problem is that it is average, really.
Its weapons pack a good enough punch for this early in the game but they, like many other units, will get left behind as we get stronger robots. They compensate a bit on their smaller power pool by relying solely on Ammo weapons meaning they have a lot more freedom in their usage and they have the Uruz Strike combination attack (we can't use it right now since Sousuke hasn't joined, mind).

It's a good thing for them that Mao and Kurz add value being very competent so let's go over them. Ladies first:

As it was said above, Melissa Mao is a mixed attacker. She works on both ranged and melee (though her strongest attack IS ranged); her stats are all good (her melee's on par with Duo and her Shooting is on par with Kazuma) and you've seen that she's dodgy. She is a great pilot that's stuck in an unremarkable mech.

Mao has a friendship bonus with Kurz and Sousuke which gives her a boost to Evasion and Accuracy when adjacent to them; she's also filled to the brim with pilot skills:

And here are her spirit commands:

Conclusion: Mao is pretty good. She'll serve you well for a long time but will eventually be left behind due to her average mech; nevertheless, until that happens, you can toss her in any situation and she'll be good.

You CAN bring her with you until the end of the game without gimping yourself too much but you will be losing out a bit (also, to get the most of her, you need to deploy enough units to use Uruz Strike and make use of those friendship bonuses).

Now, for the other side of the attacking spectrum: Kurz Weber.

Kurz is a sniper and should be treated as such (most of the times). Still, he's as dodgy as Mao and can handle a close up fight decently enough; he's not as useful as her, though, but you'll be hard pressed to find someone with that much synergy with Mao and he's a necessity to bring out the most of the Uruz team.

He has a Love bonus with her (and Tessa, too) which means he does extra damage when he's in a spot adjacent to her and he also has friendship with Sousuke.

Below are his pilot skills:

And his spirit commands:

Conclusion: Kurz is just like Mao but with a pure focus on range and attacking, dropping the support skills. He's not as dodgy as Mao but he is much more accurate; to compensate, Mao should always be going hand-in-hand with him to share her command aura (preferably with Kurz at her back so he can snipe while she holds the mooks' attention).

The Uruz team is all about teamwork. In my opinion, the best way to use them is to keep a formation in which they're all near each other to benefit from all the friendship/love bonuses and the support skills. Using Mao or Kurz alone is not optimal and if you deploy one, it's to your advantage to bring the other (don't forget that all 3 Uruz units are needed for Uruz strike).

That's it for today's update.
I'll be posting again either tomorrow or, at most, wednesday because we're up to our first route-split and I'll be holding a vote to see which path you guys want to see first.

See you all then!