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Part 164: Mission 44 (Patrol Route) - Child of Fate - Part 2

First things first, we better get rid of those Reus before they can debuff us. Valguard’s MAP will not kill but it’ll leave them weak enough for Gaofighgar to finish the job.


One of them goes down and, hopefully, the others will go after Gai.

Golion will stay away, focusing on the Stomas and Opus.

You little card, you…

Volfogg finishes the job.

Now, let’s have a look at the Socius and Gina:

The Socius are pretty much like the other named Coordinators: they have good stats thanks to their skill, they are dodgy and accurate but have less-than-ideal defenses.
The only important-ish thing to mention if that they have both Support Attack and Defense, so they can help the M1’s nicely (especially considering how they always deploy in a bunch).
Thankfully, they don’t have Prevail.

His unit is the Gundam Sword Calamity, a Fed-made MS based on the Sword Strike.
From that name, you might expect it to be all about melee attacks and you’d be right – up to the point where it decides to blast you with a chest-mounted Scylla cannon with 3-8 range (that also comes in MAP version).
It has an Anti-Beam Shield and Transphase Armor but your best bet would still be apply the usual Coordinator tactics: surround it to avoid the MAP and take it down quickly, before it gets to build morale.

Gina, however, ranks right up there with Creuset for status pile-up: he’s a Coordinator and has high numbers all across the board.
His Gold Frame Amatsu can be dodgy but it also boasts high armor (for a real robot); as expected, it comes with an Anti-Beam Shield and Transphase armor but it also has the Blitz’ Mirage Colloid – pair that with Gina’s high Skill stat and you better believe that you’ll need to cast Strike against him.

Most of the Gold Frame’s attacks are close range but he does have his Lancer Dart which has 2-6 reach.
Seeing how most of our guys attack from up-close, this doesn’t matter much.
Do keep an eye on his strongest attack, Maga No Ikutachi as it absorbs EN.

Gina has the standard fare for “Endgame Boss Skills”:

Conclusion: You really should cast Strike against this guy because there are a billion things he can do to avoid your attacks.
Aside from that, his HP isn’t very high when you consider that he’s fighting against all our Super Robots – especially when the other path has to fight Gates, with his cutscene powers, while using mostly real robots.
Just get in position, use Confuse and throw everything at him (using Disc X if you want it to go real fast).

With that done, let’s have Mike drop a beat to one of the Socius and company.

Reducing his mobility is always good.

Tetsuya moves ahead (with Iron Wall) and takes down one of Mike’s costumers.
The most important thing is getting him into position…

As it allows Kouji to call for a combined attack on this Socius.

Good, good. Since he doesn’t have Prevail, there’s nothing to worry about.

Hayato pops a chain-attack but two M1’s, in turn, pop their Shields.

Now, let’s have Lowe finish this job.


With another chain-attack, Heero kills one M1 and leaves the others even more weakened.

Go, Duo!

Getting there slowly…

Still, the kill bumps him a level and teaches…Strike. How underwhelming.

ReHome takes a shot at another M1.

And Wufei, using Accelerate, can hop over there to take it down.

The Altron Gundam takes upgrades after Wing Zero, so it joins with a good buff.

Enemy Phase!

That’s it…you keep going along with the plan.

Sadly, this one decides to be clever. Golion manages to dodge, though.
Following that, Golion’s magnetism attracts a million database mooks to attack him.

Most get weakened but there’s this one Opus.

He just gets wrecked.

Fahra also learns Bonds as a result.

Aria moves after Kazuma but only gets in range of Volfogg, who dodges.

Like Canard, Gina will prioritize his weaker attacks because he can chain with them.

: You seem like the kind of man who would do as you please with the world from behind the scenes…
: Sooner or later I must step onto the stage and make use of the Earth/Plant war!
: If that’s your ambition then I will stop you! I’ll do this in the name of everyone who desires peace!

It does not do much against Iron Wall’d Mazingers.

The last Socius tries to chain Duo and gets punished; an M1 follows his lead and gets cut in half.

Couple of M1s go after Heero. The second was weakened and doesn’t survive.

This one tries to go after Hayato.

He quickly regrets it.

All four eastern M1s gun for Lowe and only one manages to avoid getting crushed.

Player Phase!

Gai doesn’t need to dirty his hands with Aria.

It’s better if he just sticks to his Reus-Hunter job.

For the sake of extra , Golion uses his Lightning End Sword to kill one of them Stomas – I also have Suzuishi cast Confuse.

Also, did you know that Volfogg’s best attack has a dynamic finisher? I didn’t and I used him so often on past playthroughs!
Click the image above to see it!

This last kill gives him both Bravery and Hero L7.

Splitting off Valstork and using Assail, Shihomi takes aim at the last Stoma.

Been a while since we’ve seen this dynamic finisher, too.

Like before, Aria is no threat when she’s by herself.

Hell, yeah.
After using this twice, Aria is barely hanging on.

Also, here’s another level and Prevail L7 for the brothers.

Valguard may be split off but Kazuma can still finish her off.

That’s that.

Aria is worth a Hyper Sensor and a Support Request +1.
She runs off in the same way as the other path – getting pissed at not being able to record the data and get on Inference’s good graces.
She then drops the reveal of being a doll made out of Kazuma’s data and her wish to eliminate him in order to gain a family for herself and her Papa.

With that done, we turn our eyes up to the Orb front.

Very good.

With Valor, Duo chains both the last Socius and a random M1 into submission.

While Gai Murakumo has finally made his way up to a target.

He really needs something to boost his movement or attack range.

Finally, Tetsuya kills the last M1.

And it turns out this was all he needed to max our Prevail! Hurray!

Now, it’s time we turned our attention to Gina.

: Heero Yui, you should know what was born of Asuha’s rule of Orb.
: …
: The people who lost friends and family in that battle will hate the name Asuha. Do you accept that?
: If they want to hate Asuha, that is for each people to decide.
: What I won’t accept is a person like you, who tries to create a world where even the peoples’ minds are controlled.

: You came, P03! How did you dare get in my way at Gigafloat?!
: That was a defense contract that I had received. It was just business.
: Then, you’re fighting me today as a job to someone…?!
: I’m employing myself now. This isn’t about the world; I just cannot forgive someone who tried to take my life.

: People like you would bring sorrow to everyone! I’ll never accept you!
: The ruled do not need to accept the ruler.
: It is my decision whether or not your life can even exist…!
: My life is my own and this is your final day!!

: Know this, Gai Shishioh! Your power far exceeds that of a normal human!
: What?
: Lend me that power! Use your strength to make a better world!
: I only use my power for what I believe in! For what I believe is right!

: There’s no longer anything to be said to you.
: I agree, Rondo Gina Sahaku. However, I must thank you.
: I thought…that I was fighting to give a battlefield to the soldiers who had lost their place to live.
: But I understood…! Living is a battle in itself…!
: Foolish. Something like the life of a subject is worthless before the whole world.
: You would try to steal the meaning from life…! Rondo Gina Sahaku…my justice will destroy you!

: You’re after Cagalli?!
: Indeed. She may be a young girl but she’s Asuha’s daughter…if she’s left alive, it could be troublesome!
: I won’t hand this world over to a man who would take someone’s life for his own greed!
: Let’s go, Gold Frame! Getter will be your enemy!!

: I’ve many reasons why I don’t like this but number one is that I don’t feel like becoming a subject to a guy like you!
: You do not have a choice! Anyone who refuses my rule will be struck down by the Heavens!

: It’s useless to resist. I will defeat all of you who lack vision for this world’s future.
: Vision, schmision! I have my own thoughts about the future!
: And, at least, the future I want doesn’t need a selfish ruler like you!

: Let’s go, P02! I’ll also settle things with you!
: You bugger…! You’re really motivated today, huh?
: There should only be one ASTRAY in existence!
: Now, it is time for our last dance!

Gina is worth a Super Alloy New-Z and a Support Defense +1.

: It’s not over yet! I am the chosen one and my end won’t be in such a place!

: Tch…it sounds crazy but it looks like this man still has some drive left!
: This man is royalty…burdened since birth with the destiny of ruling…
: However, this world doesn’t need a ruler.
: Stop it, already! The Gold Frame doesn’t want to cause all this pointless destruction!
: What are you babbling about?! Both the Gold Frame and your P02 are WEAPONS!
: As weapons, they were made to cause destruction!
: What?!
: The destruction of Heliopolis was the ASTRAY’s first cry as they were born into this world!
: Since birth, its purpose has been to draw blood from others! Destruction is its fate!
: You’re wrong! Their power is to protect what’s important!
: I…I understand Gold Frame’s sadness!
: They should be fighting for peace. That wish for destruction isn’t there!
: What a joke! I’m done listening!
: In that case, let’s settle this!

: Hm…Hmhmhm…
: HYAAHAHAHAHA…AHAHAHAHA! FOOL! Do you intend to show mercy and not kill me?!
: That’s just not who I am. But, what I said before…you should think about it.

: Ah...
: ...When you can defeat your enemy, do it... That’s the mercenary way.
: Impossible…

: Rondo Gina Sahaku…you erred on the use of that power…
: The world itself would not acknowledge you. This is the end you deserve.

Duo now wonders what will happen with the rest of the Orb’s troops that were following Gina and Jean, not quite situated in his planned career as a space junkman, comes out to says that the rest of the troops have no wish to fight.
The words of Heero and "her" have availed and the Sahaku coup is over; Jean's remaining mission is to take the troops, and the remains of the P01, to their rightful place.

Lowe has a message for whoever the P01's real pilot is: he doesn't like fighting.
In thanks, Jean gives Lowe some data he'd been researching about a power-cylinder module; these could be applied to the basic Red Frame’s body and would allow Lowe to use his immense sword without the power loader.
With that Jean, leaves with wishes to see us all again soon.

Gai Murakumo will be heading out too, and hopes that he won't have to fight Lowe.
Lowe wonders what he meant by that and Kisato asks why Gai thinks the Serpent’s Tail could become your enemies?
Prayer seems deep in thought ever since seeing the Blue Frame.

Jean takes the word of Gina's death to Mina, who is in shock over losing her twin brother at such a pivotal moment.
Mina assures her brother that she'll make his dreams of world domination come true, and asks him to watch over her from heaven as she remakes the world.

Relena informs Mina that she's going back to Earth to fight for the form of the world she believes in.
When Mina asks if their paths are diverging, Relena offers her a chance to shoot her for Heero's killing of her brother; Mina sniffs that she's a ruler, and doesn't move over individual emotion and she'll only consider shooting Relena once her ideals have taken shape.
Relena believes Heero's words of the world turning for individuals working together have had an impact on Mina's heart, and hopes that she picks a different path besides forcible domination; Mina then releases Jean and tells him that Relena's worldview is closer to what he hopes for than hers is.
They both leave, hoping to meet again in better circumstances.

Garcia takes Canard to task for messing up the previous battle, but Canard maintains that it was merely a prologue to his singular fight with Kira.
Besides, it was Garcia who issued the recall order and, indeed, the new mission is for Canard to pursue a mech with a certain device installed inside.
Canard thinks this is a waste of time; Garcia's people want him to fight the most capable foe, the better to get good data from his Hyperion, and the only person that could pose a challenge would be Kira.[

Garcia fumes over the moodiness of the failed Super Coordinator, who thinks he’s going to magically be redeemed just by defeating Kira, the only successful example.
Canard tells Garcia to give Balsam this pursuit job, but Garcia protests that he doesn’t understand the importance of this mission: it will give the Eurasia Union total control over the Federation, breathing new life into their overlooked territories.

See, the device in question is a "Neutron Jammer Canceler", and the Eurasia special forces group X wants to capture one from the Zaft prototype and mass produce it to their armed forces.
Canard is finally up for the mission, mainly in the hopes of improving his odds against Kira.
Garcia meanwhile is still fuming over being held responsible for the failed Whispered capture and the mess at Artemis, and figures if he plays his cards right with Canard, all will be forgiven.

Prayer is breathing hard after the battle.
Hayato notices that despite his looks, he held up pretty well on the battle – perhaps he’d consider becoming a full pilot?
Despite that, Prayer isn’t interested in anything other than staying as Malchio’s disciple.
Mikoto is worried about him but Prayer says it's just a little tiredness from the combat; meanwhile, Lowe's attempts to contact the other half of our team aren't working due to the Neutron Jammers.

No way to tell Kira about the rival Gundam just yet, though our people quickly deduce that it's being fielded by the Eurasians – any other Federation group would be using Daggers.
Judging from his skill in battle, Lowe figures the guy must be a Coordinator and it might explain why the guy has a vendetta against Kira, fighting against Plant.

Kazuma isn't exactly thrilled to take Wufei on board after all he's fought against us – Quatre and the others insist that he is trustworthy, though.
Kazuma merely shakes his head, saying that it seems like all the Gundam pilots are a bunch of weirdos.
Either way, at Zechs’ request, Wufei explains about the Sahaku Orb faction and its opposition of the Asuha faction; it is they who are rumored to have developed most of Orb's Mobile Suits, and their influence is global enough that even Plant must take heed.
What's more, the people at the top of the Sahaku clan are impressive enough to have even shaken Relena's convictions during her protracted stay among them... as well as Heero's and Wufei's convictions too.

The reason Wufei left is that neither side of the Orb faceoff could claim the justice he seeks, leaving him no choice but to create that by his own hands.
He adds that if our group proves to be "evil", he'll take us down from inside; Heero isn't particularly worried, especially since Relena should be reaching her answer any moment now.
Lowe notices that Prayer seems worried but tells him that GGG will be sending replacement parts for the Dreadnought soon.
Prayer is more worried about the stolen parts, though, and he’s sure if they are misused, the battle between Earth and Plant will become hell incarnate.

That would be the Neutron Jammer Canceler.
The device would surely solve the world's energy crisis and that’s why Malchio was interested in it – he had Prayer go to Plant on his behalf to bring the prototype over.
The bigger issue is that the mech that stole it during the battle, had the same Mark as Gai’s Blue Frame, which means that it belonged to Serpent’s Tail; Prayer begs our help to steal the gadget back – its power is too dangerous to be allowed to remain out of his sight.