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Part 119: Mission 34 (Earth Route) - Wavering Feelings and Small Resolves - Part 1

The alarm sounds and Michi detects another Radam assault incoming.
Aki figures they’re very determined to destroy these Earth Tekkamen.

As everyone deploys, Aki asks if Yumi’s up to the task and she honestly answers that she's not very confident.
But she's still promised a certain person she'll do her best, and Renée is certainly watching to see if she can deliver; Hayato meanwhile is left wondering who this "person" is but Yumi only says that he’s a wonderful man, which greatly startles the kid.
David figures Hayato’s gonna feel some unrequited love if he’s not careful and, while David says he’s got no such problem, Saburouta quickly calls him out on his lie.
Either way, Renée tells them all to shut up as the Radam have just entered the area.

The enemy don't have one of those Alien Tekkamen yet, but there's surely one lurking nearby...
Renée, Kouryu, Anryu and Yumi are ready to charge right into the fray.

We’ll just carefully move forward. Yumi has taken 18 kills over the past deployments, so I’ll try to give the others some time to do stuff.

Enemy Phase!

Which translates to “let Gaofighgar kill everything on his side”.

Sounds good to me.
Aside from the one above, two more Mothers and Monsters attack Gai; both monsters get dropped and the Mothers are heavily weakened.

Vesna gets pestered by a few mooks but, without lucky crits, she falls just short of a oneshot.
Still, the new Tekkamen need their time in the spotlight.

Hm...I was hoping for more after those two weapon upgrades but Tek-Lancer IS their weakest attack.
A total of three Monsters get weakened, not killed.

Can Yumi do better than Natasha?

Well, she almost tied for damage without a crit but it’s still low…

Player Phase!

All those tightly packed Radam make for a tempting target.
Sadly, Ryouko’s piddly assist fails to finish off the Mother.

However, the kill is enough to give Natasha and Goliath a level, giving her Support Attack and Multicombo L2.

Gai Daigouji will show how it’s done.

Bah, even with the chain-attack penalty, it should’ve been enough damage to kill all three!

Once enough enemies are downed, Harry detects more incoming bogeys but they’re not the Tekkamen – it’s the Eviluders, including one using what Michi recognizes as a Solid Armor.
Ruri and Shihomi warn everyone to be careful as, while the enemies are hostile to each other, it’s likely we’ll be caught in the crossfire of both attackers; of course, Renée sees it as a chance to get rid of two enemy groups in one go and Ryouko is right there to back her attitude.

The Eviluder leader is Leave, who wants to see with her own eyes what Orgun was so fascinated by.
She also recognizes Kazuma from their previous battle and the feelings he triggered in her.

The Eviluders are way too far away for me to care. We’ll keep focusing our efforts on wiping the remaining Radam.

David’s “Lancer” (what is that thing?) isn’t his weakest attack but it doesn’t fare much better than the others.

Yumi chains a couple of mooks, killing a Monster.
Now, I could totally blast through the rest of this map with a Reactor Voltekka rampage but I said I would give the rest of our people some time to shine!

Like Kazuma, who moves over and finishes off the Mother

As for GGG side, the Valstork can provide assistance.

When a battleship gets more crits than the melee characters, something is wrong.

Ruri takes out a stray Monster and Harry recovers Valor (I didn’t get it back after reloading last mission).

Ryouko kills something, if only to show that she can still do stuff.

Volfogg will show how it’s done.

That’s much more like it!

Gaofighgar’s massive crit falls just short of a oneshot but Kouryuu is nearby to support him.

Time for Kouryuu to take the front.

Very good.

Finally, the last Radam is quickly dispatched by Anryuu.

Once the Radam cannon fodder are taken out, the Alien Tekkamen show up.
They immediately start aiming for Yumi – it seems they bear a grudge against her.

: Yumi, they’re coming!
: I-I can’t…! It's like before, I…

: Yumi!

: Tch…As I thought, that girl isn’t cut out for this. Let’s go, Kouryu, Anryu!
: Please wait, Renée! It’s my duty to protect her!
: Chief!

: Step aside, Yumi!

: Chief…! Is that really you?!
: Yes, it’s me.
: Aki also became a Tekkaman?!
: I couldn’t let the kids fight on their own…
: Aki is the first true product of the New Tekkaman Project…
: So we could have another Earth-made Tekkaman on our side, she willingly gave herself to a Radam Tree…
: What…?!
: Aki…you…
: This is what I wished for. To share his pain, to be burdened with the same battle as him…I have no regrets.
: That is your battle…?
: I understand, that man…he endured something far worse than Hell.
: And you’ve been trying to teach this to us…that THIS is his fight…!
*Sword enters with some Alien Tekkamen*
: Tekkaman Sword!
: Don’t be so pleased with yourself!

: No matter what you say, I will fight! For him and for myself!
: Chief! I'll keep going! To protect what’s right and what’s important to me!
*Hiver charges at Sword.*
: Move, girl! Don’t get in my way!
: I won’t! Because I am a Tekkaman!
: Nice, Yumi!
: Renée…what is this? Watching Yumi, I’m feeling a fire coursing through my body…!
: Me too, sister!
: Could it be…!
: Kouryu and Anryu’s Sympa-Rate has risen over 90%!
: Kouryu, Anryu! Show us the proof of your courage!
: Whatever it is you’re up to, I’ll put an end to it with a Voltekka!
: That won't happen! Kouryu, Anryu – GO!


: Urk…!
: Kouryu, Anryu!
: Thank you, Aki, Yumi. Your courage gave me strength.
: (Once again…I’m feeling these unanalyzable emotions welling up inside me…)
: (I must be sure…I must know what these feelings are…)
: Damn you…! If you insist on getting in the way of Lord Omega’s plan, then I’ll deal with all of you!
: Be quiet, Sword!
: We’re fighting for what’s right!
: Because of that, we’re not going to lose!
: What a great view…a fight between beautiful women.
: Then you better not forget about me!
: Well, we’re also beautiful so we should join in.
: Carry on, everyone. Please initiate your counterattack at once.
: Roger that! As a man, I won’t lose!
: (Damn it…I completely missed out on the female bonding…!)

Aki just might be one of our more reliable units until everyone else joins back.
This is due to the fact that, unlike Yumi and the others, she takes her upgrades from Blade, which means she has quite a decent amount invested into her weapons!

We’ll put her to the test next update, though.

See you all soon!