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Part 10: Post-Mission 3 Upgrades

This update will be kind of short because, since the Nadesico didn’t join the team, I can’t do a proper Unit Analysis.

We’ll begin as usual, checking out our top aces:

Kazuma is back on top. Attaboy!

Nothing much that I can do on BP since most of the kills on that last mission went to Mu and the Aestivalis. Kazuma gets 2 points in shooting and 1 in melee.

Now, for Unit Upgrades:

Duo gets an EN boost for extra slicin’.

Quatre gets an HP boost for when I needpport defense (and because it’s cheap!).

Blade gets a boost to his Mobility and EN.

Valhawk/Valstork get a boost of HP, EN and 2 points in Armor.

No new parts were gained, still.

That’s all that we can do for now. I’ll get the Mission 4 Prologue going ASAP to make up for how short this one was.