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Part 155: Post-mission 43 Intermission (Includes Unit Analysis #19 - "Orgun" Edition) and Mission 43.5 - Route Split

It’s time for another route split, folks. Before that, though, let’s have our intermission:

Gai and Kazuma are pretty much tied for 1st place but, considering this route split has a secret in the Gaofighgar-less path, that rift might widen a bit.

First things first, the Database mooks have dropped a lot of consumables.
As such, we make an extra 45000 bucks from selling it all.

Skill Parts:

Shihomi takes the SP Consumption -5%.

While Kira takes both Starting Morale+2 (faster SEED) and Support Attack+1.

Unit Upgrades:

Heero has been gone for a while so he takes a bit of our cash to catch up to everyone else.

And I realized that I never got around to upgrading Orgun.
Fixing that, he takes pretty much all the remaining cash for a lot of boosts in EN, Mobility and Weapons.

Unit Parts:

ReHome is back, so we give it a Cobham Armor and Sniper Scope for extra accuracy.

Quickly now, let’s take a look at Orgun:

Orgun is pretty much the closest you can get from a Tekkaman Blade clone but that’s not a bad thing: Orgun, like Blade, is a powerhouse.
At base morale, Orgun is actually stronger than Blade but, once Blasterization kicks in, they get tied in pretty much all stats (Orgun getting a very slight lead on a few) and attack power (Blade getting a slight lead on these).

Orgun’s problem is that Blade has more friends than he does – Pegas, Aki and Hiver give Blade access to much stronger combination attacks and spirit commands, something that Orgun never receives.
His weapons are pretty much the Tekkaman standard of a mix of short and long-range attacks.

Orgun doesn’t come loaded with Pilot Skills but his Spirit Commands offer him flexibility:

Conclusion: by himself, Orgun can hold his ground evenly against Blade but the second Aki or Hiver join the playing field, he gets left behind.
Nevertheless, he’s pretty damn competent and deserves a spot on any team either as a mook destroyer or boss killer – just understand that it’ll take him longer to reach targets without a Pegas giving him Accelerate and, when he does, he’ll never top your damage charts.

With that done, let’s move on with the show:

Zechs and Noin bring word from Taiga, that the missing Whispered are on the moon; this piece of information is also brought to us in part by Nergal’s secret service, courtesy of the company’s president.
Shihomi would love to thank him in person someday.
Either way, it seems their captors are being doubly cautious, which explains why they weren't just carted off to Mars straight away; this leaves us with a very narrow window in which to rescue them, since the Successors are sure to use the escalating war between Earth and Zaft as a cover for their final plans.

Presumably those plans include some kind of terrorist strikes at the Security Council and the rest of the executariat.
Kazuma then figures that it might be simpler to just head to Mars and shut the Successors down but Clouseau sternly warns trainee Kazuma against it (Noin is quite impressed that Kazuma is showing such discipline, even with her long absence) – Clouseau has him scared stiff of another round of intense training).

Despite our issues with the Blue Cosmos and the Successors, the biggest fish to fry are those 11 Sol Lords, followed soon after by The Database and the Galra.
We haven’t heard anything about the Sol Lords since the Pas-Q Machine incident but the folks at Orbit Base are working around the clock to find their base of operations (no results yet).
Ruri suggests and the others agree: we need to split up: one half to head to the moon for the Whispered, and one to guard the Earth and moon against possible external threats.

Kazuma is a bit distracted with thoughts of The Database, but he's able to decide on the Moon or guard duty.

After the decision, Murrue announces that the Archangel wants to escort Athrun back to Plant briefly, to figure out what are his father’s real intentions regarding the war.
Ruri grants permission, saying that it's best if one confirms this kind of thing with their own eyes and ears.

As the Archangel splits off, Shihomi literally smacks Kazuma out of his reverie, telling him that even if Applicant really is their dad, he's still on the enemy team now.
He certainly didn't hesitate to try to kill Kazuma after all; Shihomi is sure that if it really is their father, he'll try to get them some kind of message, and in any event Kazuma mustn't forget his responsibilities as part of the Neo-Wärter.

Michi will accompany Freeman and the other non-combatants back to Orbit Base, the better to further her research into the Eviluders.
It seems Leave sent her an image just before dying in Orb - something pertaining to the Cygnalite mission, which is the key to everything that's happened.
Freeman tells her that the perfect person to bring her image to life is on Orbit Base, and tells her that he's hanging all his hopes on her, including fixing D-Boy.

Speaking of D-Boy, Evil is begging his brother Kengo for another chance to fight with his brother, using Blasterization.
Kengo, aka Tekkaman Omega, tells Evil that he doesn't need that double-edged sword; rather, he has only to wait for the trees to bloom and the Earthlings to become Tekkamen, in preparation for the showdown with the Eviluders.
Evil yells that without the Blaster power, he won’t be able to defeat Blade to which Omega says it doesn’t matter – Blade’s life will be over soon anyway.
Evil isn't content to let Blade die in peace like that and Omega calls Sword over and orders her to take Evil elsewhere.
Sword complies, though she inwardly understands what Evil wants.

She thinks she can both grant his wish and advance Omega's agenda.

Meanwhile, Inference has summoned Sinclyne to account for his failure in defeating Golion - and for possibly plotting to use it against his "allies".
They observed the whole debacle via the bugs they'd planted on his ship, and don't reckon him for very smart.
Things look especially bad for Sinclyne given that his father is also on hand, relating that Galran law allows for such failures to be executed on the spot, no matter the culprit’s standing in the empire.

With that, Sinclyne turns the table on his father: he says that the order to capture Golion came from the Emperor and, as per their own laws, he should suffer the consequences for the failure.
Obviously, Sinclyne has no proof regarding any of his accusations but the Prince’s testimony is all the proof Inference needs – he orders the Emperor arrested on the spot, pending execution as per Galran law.
As he’s arrested by The Database’s soldiers, Sinclyne proclaims the Empire will be better off without the senile leader and Dai Bazaal says that Sinclyne doesn’t have what it takes to be Emperor.

Sinclyne vows to lead his empire to victory over Golion, but Inference, suddenly shifting to a much hostile tone of voice, yells at him to shut up.
He tells Sinclyne to get the hell back to Earth already and to stop wasting their time with his power-plays, lest he decide the Galra are not worth having as useful allies.
As Sinclyne runs off, Regulate tries and gets him to calm down.

Abel asks if it’s wise to keep trusting Sinclyne, especially considering all recent events, but Inference says he's just curious about someone so interested in self-preservation he'd sell out his own father.
Critic thinks it’s a stupid justification to such a high-risk action, but Inference says it’s the first enjoyment he's had in a good ten millennia; Regulate thinks he’s gone rather far astray of his original mission as a Recorder
Inference, however, still thinks of him and the others as carrying on the tradition of roaming the galaxy and unifying its knowledge, as per Applicant's commission - he's merely spicing things up a bit before they finish the job.
Suffice to say, Regulate seems unconvinced.

Here we go, our second-to-last route split brings us to another voting time!

Go to the Moon or Patrol Duty? Here are the series for each path:

Moon Route:
Patrol Duty:

Voting will remain open until Wednesday/Thursday, when I’ll post the prologue to the chosen path.

See you all then!