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Part 158: Mission 44 (Moon Route) - Returning to the "Day By Day" - Part 2

Before we go after Yu-Fan, I want to kill this other Behemoth. Before we kill this Behemoth, I need to get rid of these support-defending pricks.

Hm. Needs a bit more “oomph”.

Muu isn’t enough but, adding Clouseau to the mix, we get things done.

Mao and Kurz start giving the usual service.

We’ll get him down in a jiffy.

This should be enough.


Fine, Ryouko takes the guy down and Aki, with Kira’s support, kills a Sekishiki.

While that happens, Vesna can handle this weakened one.

And that provides Kira with the last bit of morale to activate SEED.

Then, its MAP time: the Sekishikis get blown to bits while the Rokurens lose around 50% HP.

Decombining, Valstork moves to kill the weaker one.

Sumbitch…I think I’ll save some cash and spend it all on Valguard (and may Gaofighgar as it’s been a while).

Sommer finishes that guy and Kazuma gets working on the last Rokuren.

Pre-battle picture didn’t run but it doesn’t matter: Gai used Strike and finished the job.

Which bumps him a couple of levels and teaches Soul and Prevail L7.

Courtesy of Blade, the last mook goes down.

Most units have already moved but Dearka can still take a potshot at Yu-Fan.

Eh. It’s free damage.

Enemy Phase!

Round 2!

: He’s a completely different man from a while ago…!
: I have a mission…no, this is something that I simply MUST do!
: I’ll remove all obstacles to it!

Much better.

Akito is still there and goes after her. I guess it’s cheap dam-

Oh, thank god.

Player Phase!

Alright, enough playing around.

That’s how I like it.

Clouseau takes an assist from Sousuke and Aki, wrecking pretty much all of Yu-Fan’s remaining HP.

This also gives Aki Prevail L8.

Off with ya!


Yu-Fan is worth a Biosensor and a Support Request +1.

: Yu-Fan, give me your strength!

: There’s more…!
: That’s as far as you’ll go, kitten!

: Those are all Lambda Driver-equipped units…!
: That red Arm Slave…it’s that crazy guy!
: You did real good, kitten. Now, let’s go back to Mama’s house…
: …NOT!! You stole that Codarl from Amalgam, so you’re gonna have to be punished!
: Urk!
: Make sure to get along with Yu-Lan and your teacher once you meet them in the other world!!

: Bye, byyyyyeee!!
: Yu-Lan…

: Aallllrighty, then! The star player has entered the field!
: I’ve no business with someone as ridiculous as you.
: Hold on right there! That white AS…it’s been slowly becoming an annoyance!
: So, they gave me the OK to take you out, baby!!
: I refuse! After this, I have to get to Mars! I don’t have time to play with you!
: OK! How about, instead of Mars, I show you to the other world!

We’ll deal with the crazy man later. For now, Yumi will bombard three out of his four mass-produced Codarls.

They’ve a decent bunch of HP but nothing like the Behemoths.

Blade’s right there, so he wrecks two before moving closer to Gates.

Sommer and Vesna can deal with the other weak Codarl.

Only one left.

Using his new Soul, Gai teams up with Dearka to nearly kill the last mook.

This is actually good, as it allows me to show off Dead’s Voltekka (and Dynamic Kill).

Going after Gates right now would probably result in him surviving with low HP and a lot of Prevailed stats, so let’s wait one turn.

Enemy Phase!

Gates still spams Zeal and Focus but, luckily, he wastes both moves going after Valguard, Blade and Aki.

Player Phase!

Let’s get this show on the road.

: Hey, are you THE Kira Yamato?!
: Why do you know my name…?!
: I knew it. Your head will fetch a nice price on the black market, my dear!
: Show me your lovely power, Mr. Super Coordinator!

: Oho! This is the guy with that Earth-made Solid Armor?!
: If I bring this home, Mr. Silver will be very happy, I think!
: This body has the soul of a proud man! I would never hand it over to a fool like you!

: Did you know? They say a red unit is three times faster than the others!
: I know a “red man” and he is a demon. You’re small fry compared to him!
: Hold on a second! You don’t get to treat me like “small fry” while my sideburns are this long!

: You’re seem well, Baby! As your Santa, I’ve got a one-way ticket straight to Hell to give you!
: I could never stand to look at that shiny brow of yours…
: Since I returned, though, I’ll quickly pluck those ridiculous sideburns off you!
: You can’t! I’ll die if I lose my sideburns!

: Cutie-pie! How would you like a Christmas-eve date with the wonderful Mr. Gates?
: Eeew! Weird old men like you totally gross me out!
: Hey, hey, hey, hey! I am NOT a weird old man – I am a DISTINGUISHED old man!

: Get outta here, ya freak! You’re a bad influence on Mihiro!
: Oooh! What an adorable little sister! I looooooove girls like that!
: A-as much as I look forward to Christmas, the company for this year’s just too awful!

: Hey, aren't we bursting with cheer today! Something nice happen?
: It's about to happen...once we defeat you…!
: Yeah, keep talking. We’ll see how far you get with that unstable Lambda Driver!

Gates is worth a Super Alloy New-Z and a Support Defense +1.

Sousuke also learns Prevail L8.

: Oof! Too bad! I cannot die as long as I have these long sideburns!
: What?!
: Is that so…?

: What the hell is going on?! I thought Mithril’s Lambda Driver was unstable!
: How can it be so strong?! Bastard…who the hell are you?!
: I...
: If you want to know, I’ll tell you: my position as a member of Neo-Wärter is just a disguise…
: I am from the Jindai Tokyo Municipal High School, class 2-4. My student ID is 41…I’m in charge of the trash and umbrellas!

: Heh…maybe my sideburns were too short…

While we may have been victorious, the Successors have made off with both Whispered - Ruri knows that Tessa’s actions were a ploy to buy us time to rescue them, though..

Akito's assistant, Lapis, seems to have finished maintenance on the Eucharis.
Akito tells Ruri, before leaving, that neither of them have much time.
Saburouta’s guess is that we’ll all meet again, when it’s time to hit the Successors; Kurz hopes for a happy end to this story.
Sousuke says that won’t be the end and Kira agrees, saying we’ll still have plenty of other threats to defeat before that; that’s not what Sousuke meant, though, since, when it’s all over, he’ll have a bunch of classes and field trips to catch up on.
Our people are, at least, surprised and happy to see Sousuke so eager to return to normal life.

Ruri has everyone get ready to return to Orbit Base but Sousuke asks to stay behind on the battlefield: he needs to take care of some unfinished business.
Clouseau gives him the go-ahead, so long as he’s not late for the next mission.

: …
Come out.

: Very nice, Kashim! You sensed my presence!
: Anyone would’ve felt your unbridled malice.
: Heh…either way, I got on this here unit so we can finish things.
: Very well, I feel the same.
: You’re my first and last kindred spirit… Come, Kashim!
: Gauron! This is the end!!

: It’s been really fun, Kashim…

Ruri thanks Erina for the help, deliberately not prying about Akito or Nergal's other internal affairs - she knows she'll meet him when we reach Mars.
Erina will send ahead parts for maintenance, since we couldn't do it here - not so much out of goodwill, but on the president's orders; Our people would love to give him your thanks, though it seems he's the shy one.
Either way, the Valstork has gone on ahead and they’ve already received news of the Archangel’ eminent return – as soon as everything’s cleared, they’ll meet up.

Al congratulates Sousuke on the battle, but says it's got a question.
How did Sousuke do so well in battle when he's never done anything like that before; Sousuke says that he's solved a problem - not just his problem, but a problem for everyone on the team.
Al doesn’t understand and Sousuke tells his partner to ponder this statement and prepare for the long battle ahead; he vows to make good on his promise and rescue both Kaname and Tessa, no matter what.

Back on the moon, Leonardo notes that Sousuke seems to have liked his Christmas present to him.
He's counting on Sousuke to take care of his sister from now on.

The Successors aren't going to forgive his interference and one of Hokuten’s men has already tracked him down to pay for what he’s done.
Leonardo asks if he couldn’t forgive and forget, considering it is Christmas Eve but, of course, this is not something that can be forgiven without blood!
The Hokuten Cronie doesn’t get to do anything, however, as he’s struck down by Aria.

It seems that they cannot allow him to die just yet – The Database is very interested in what's in his head...
Leonardo doesn’t resist and goes with her, since he was interested in meeting them.