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Part 70: Mission 20 - Accelerating Space - Part 1

Mission 20 - Accelerating Space

GGG's orbital installation "Orbit Base" has just been surrounded by unknown foes; Fuuryu and Rairyuu are the only defenders but are holding back while TAIGA is trying to ascertain the attacker’s identities.
Said unknown forces won't reveal who they are, but announce their mission: to take over the space station.
Hyuuma figures they’re terrorists and Lady Une explains that the base was built to cope with the threat of alien invasion; as such it's the property of all mankind, and not to be occupied by any group with individual aims.

The bad guys figure it's pointless talking any further, and start blasting: Lady Une tells Taiga that they’re likely the Marimea Army, judging by their tactics.
With no choice, Taiga clears Fuuryuu and Rairyuu to counterattack and protect the base.
Rairyu is eager to show off their skills as the newest members of Wärter but Fuuryu warns him of their previous decision: since they’re determined to preserve human life, they’ll avoid direct hits on the enemy’s cockpits.

Well, this isn’t very hard but I haven’t upgraded the GGG Brothers enough to send them head-first into such a large group.
As such, let’s take advantage of the Orbital Base’s massive terrain bonus.

Enemy Phase!

You’d think major international terrorists would’ve realized how much Mobiuses suck.

Nothing that can’t be fixed with some mecha kung-fu.
Like fish in a barrel, two more Mobius charge in and get destroyed.

The brothers gain a level and learn Hero L3.

Player Phase!

Fuuryuu and Rairyuu are holding the line but it’s clear that they won’t be able to handle all the enemies by themselves .
Lady Une is sure that a fire-extinguishing wind is about to blow, and urges them to hang on just a bit longer.
The brothers are doing their best but, as more and more enemies charge in, they’re at their limits.

That’s when Une’s expected ally arrives: Zechs.
The brothers recognize his Talgeese, from their databases on the revolutionary war; Zechs quickly gets in touch and reorganizes the brothers, telling them to follow his lead.
When Rairyu asks, he introduces himself as Preventer Wind but Fuuryu has tagged his flight patterns as the same ones used by the former Milliardo Peacecraft.
Zechs tells them that the man died long ago on the battlefield, alongside with that name.
Considering the extreme circumstances, Fuuryu decides to trust into Zechs tactical acumen and, since Fuuryu is ok with it, Rairyu agrees.

Yay, we get Zechs. You guys like Zechs, right? Of course you do!

: Heh...It seems even a man who doesn't understand peace can be useful.
: Treize, I will strike down anyone who distorts your ideals.

Eh, I don’t think he takes upgrades from anyone…

I don’t really remember how much HP that Delphinium has so we might as well set Rairyuu to assist.

Never mind.

Rairyuu doesn’t keep the crit-train going, though.

Enemy Phase!

Oh, god. It’s a Taurus and it’s coming after meeeeeeeee…!

Piss off, peasant.

Might as well take this chance to show off Zechs’ Mega Cannon and its dynamic finisher (also, my first instance of an on-screen Shoot Down activation).

Another four mooks attack and a Birdmen gets killed.

Player Phase!

The Marimea-Officer starts getting pissed at the trouble only 3 units are causing.
Meanwhile, Zechs praises the brothers for avoiding cockpit hits and doing this well, though they claim it's because of the precision of his tactical orders.
The leader knows they can’t delay “their” appearance any longer but figures it’s past the point of worrying about it – he gives a signal.

That’s the cue for a new wave of enemies to show up: Jovian Lizards; Taiga gets pissed at their awful timing but Freeman knows something is up: they’re ignoring the terrorists and heading straight for Orbit Base.
Why they’re doing it isn’t clear but the base’s Protect Shades can’t withstand this much concentrated firepower.
However, Taiga tells everyone not to give up as “they” have arrived!

That would be Wärter, with Gai and Mamoru being very relieved to see their friends alive.
Raibul also gets in touch and tells Fahra that both him and Hys are well.
Bless tells everyone not to lose focus; our friends being alive and well just adds more reason for us to join forces with Zechs and the brothers to push the terrorists and Jovian lizards back.
Akito doesn’t understand if the Lizards have joined with the Terrorists; Ryouko calls him an idiot for suggesting something so ridiculous, saying that it’s probably a coincidence that they’re attacking at the same time.
Of course, if that’s the case, why aren’t they attacking each other?

In any case, the terrorists, afraid to tangle with the bulk of Wärter, get ready to pull out with the Jovians when Noin detects something coming our way.

It’s a massive battleship that arrives, the flagship of the Marimea Army, captained by Dekim Barton.
He's very surprised to see Zechs alive, and Zechs tells him that in fact he was dead; but since the ghost of his friend Treize is abroad, he can't exactly sleep in peace either.
Zechs is about to put an end to Dekim’s plans before it comes to fruiting but is stopped once Dekim reveals that Relena, Zechs’ sister, is also aboard the ship.
His plan is to make her the queen to unify the Earth Sphere to pave the way for Marimea.

Bless knows that this isn't an entirely idle threat, since Relena's unifying influence on the peoples of Earth and the Colonies is well established.
Quatre relates who he and Duo went to gather information on this group, and found out about Treize’s alleged daughter.

Indeed, Marimea Kushrinada is Treize's daughter and she has the technical knowhow on her side to hack into even Mithril's secure communications systems on Orbit Base and the rest of the world.
Marimea introduces herself as Treize’s heir and proclaims her desire to continue her father’s dream of a unified Earth Sphere Federation under the position of a Sovereign Ruler.
There's no doubt to Mao and Sousuke about what her proclamation of a return to the monarchies of old holds: racial discrimination, economic ruin, and so forth.

Marimae claims that mankind's recent state of cooperation is impeding progress by oppressing the true nature of man: a being evolved to fight.
Anyone who does not accept the declaration will be oppressed by force.

Taiga orders the ship captured to stop this insanity from happening but Marimea's ship withdraws; Bless orders the Valstork to pursue.

Except it's not that easy: One of the Jovian Lizards uses some sort of technology and "blink" into the Valstork's path.
Yurika doesn’t understand what happened, seeing how it was nowhere near it a second ago but Ines explains: that was a Boson Jump.
Erina claims it’s impossible, seeing how not even Nergal was able to miniaturize the technology required to allow individual machines to perform the Jump which, to Horis, almost makes it sound like Nergal and the Jovians are rival companies.
Akatsuki smoothly defers this conversation until later, and our people are certainly eager enough to defend the base from the Jovians and Terrorists.
Hyoryu is surprised to find the brothers in Space once again but Fuuryu relates how they got permission from Prof. Yang to be reassigned to Wärter and Riryu says we can count on them.

Enryu agrees, saying that since Gaogaigar can’t fight, they’ll have to work extra hard (causing Gai to apologize for his absence).
Meanwhile, Akito finds himself thinking that the Boson Jumping mecha somehow seems to resemble Geki Ganger...

The game needs to stop being a dick towards Gai and let him get back to being THE BEST.

Either way, we’ll begin with the usual entrée of Mike.


Heero keeps bending the laws of mecha-reality and killing shit using his Vulcans.

The Jovian’s Tetsujin doesn’t regen so we can start chipping off his HP with Blade.

That Distortion Field will prove increasingly annoying as ???’s level 5 Prevail starts acting up.

Mind you, no one else can get in range of anything so they all just move up.

That birdman is leeching off GGG resources and is executed with extreme prejudice.

The brothers level up AGAIN and get Support Defense L2.

Using Rairyuu, we get Gekiryuujin going and charge straight into the rest of the mooks (with Iron Wall cast).

That attack is always awesome.

Zechs takes advantage of shoddy enemy positioning to kill the last Birdman and greatly weaken the Delphinium.

Enemy Phase!

The Serpent tries to attack Zechs and gets blasted.

The other Serpent tries its hand at Gekiryuujin.

What does Wanrei mean? I guess it’s Chinese…

The only problem with Gekiryuujin is that all of its attacks, save for its Melee, take 30/50 EN a pop so you can’t abuse it.
All remaining terrorist troops gun after Gekiryujin and one Taurus and Two Delphinium get killed.

Heero starts getting swarmed by Jovian Battas.

Three of them get killed, but there’s a new model of Batta (with some weird hat-thing) that has slightly more HP and manages to survive.

Regardless, Heero levels up and gains Prevail L4.

His morale also starts soaring and he triggers the Zero System.

Oh. Hell. No.

The bugs keep doing their job as morale fodder admirably.

They also provide Pegas with level 22 which gives him the Exhaust (reduces target’s morale by 10 per cast, remember?) spirit.

The Jovian commander snipes at Tetsuya but he defends that shit like a pro.

Player Phase!

Zechs chains his beam saber and gets two mooks for the price of one.

Which propels him to level 23 and makes him the first unit to learn Valor (Doubles the damage of your next attack).

Mike gives Kouji the last morale boost he needs to activate Mazin Power.

Let’s see how our teleporting friend likes this.

Boom. Also, interesting thing, the commander calls his attack “Gekigan punch”.

The Battas’s new hat gives him a boost to HP, so we’ll need Sousuke to weaken them a bit.

Volfogg finishes the first one.

Back to the commander, Getter is moving in to soften him up some more.

Good, good.

All 3 pilots level up but, unlike Zechs, all that Hayato and Ryouma get is an extra Prevail level.

I want to kill this guy with Akito to boost him level a bit. As such, Bless weakens him a bit more.

Right here I realized that all Aestis were in Air Frames…needless to say, the Commander will live for one more turn as they run inside the ship to swap back to 0G.

Might as well keep cleaning house before going in for the kill.

Good man.

Golion nabs a free kill from that Bug Heero left around.

Kazuma has better things to do, though. With Multicombo L2, he can hit all these 3 bugs.

That’s good, that’s good.

That’s even better.

Still capitalizing on chain attacks, Blade kills one of the weakened bugs and leaves the other crippled.

Hmm. Only Heero left but maybe he can still kill that Katonbo.


Finally, Gekiryuujin makes yet another victim.

Enemy Phase!

The Taurus decides to commit ritual suicide and Kouji oblidges (he blocks the entire hit with his barrier).

Zechs promptly dodges and destroys the last one of the Marimea troops.

Batta in the Hat decides to go after Blade.

How sad.

Golion still has alert going and blasts the other Katonbo some. Not a lot but it’s still something…

These bugs are getting some impressive numbers against Volfogg.

Still, no surprises here.

Heero’s weakened Katanbo decides to go after the Nadesico when it could’ve easily attacked a bunch of other units from outside their range.

Sucks to be him, then.

Oh? I didn’t even see that there was another one up there.
The last bug bumrushes Heero and gets a mouthful of led as his reward.

Uh oh…I had completely forgotten that the Jovian “super robots” have MAP attacks.

Ow. That’s what I get for leaving him so low that he gets the full bonus of his Prevail L5…

Player Phase!

Enough faffing about. Yurika gets Cheer going on Akito and he moves in for the kill (while I could use Gekigan Flare, this guy has his Prevail working with a Distortion field so he can get quite the damage reduction – Field Lancer pierces barriers).

: They... sort of look like Gekigangar, but...
: Argh! It has to be a coincidence! I can't let it hold me back!


The Jovian leader is worth 3 levels, a Power Extender, a Cartridge, a SP Usage -5% and a Support Attack +1.

Akito also learns Multicombo L1.[/i]

The Boson Jumping mech, momentarily, stops in its tracks, and Erina wants to catch it for research purposes.

Unfortunately we don't have time to grab it nicely, since the mystery enemies that attacked the Bay Tower base, the Primevals, are back.
Pagliacchio, the data-collecting voice from before, commands them to open fire on Orbit Base.

As the Orbit Base puts up its Protect Shades in preparation for the attack, a surprised, human-like voice from within the supposedly unmanned Jovian mech marvels at these invaders from outer space.
Each of the Nadesico members drop their jaws and pilot sounds frustrated that his Tetsujin is out of action when it's needed most - when his Geki Gan Soul is crying out at him to defeat the aliens!
Yurika and Akito both wonder how do the Jovians know about Geki Ganger.

They don’t get a chance to find out as the Jovian commander regretfully departs the battlefield.
There’s no possibility of going after them as we can’t ignore the Primevals; of course, Kazuma is slightly worried to fight them considering that they took Gaogaigar down with one hit.

: Gai…you’re shaking…
: I know their strength from the first time we fought…I…I…!
: I’m detecting a growing magnetic field! They’re going to use that attack again!!
: Damn it…DAMN IT!!

: Eh…that battleship, is it from the Federation?
: Unknown affiliation. Though, it seems to be coming from Earth.
: 31 Machine Primevals detected.
: You escaped the other today but, today, I’ll take you down…!
: Jewel Generator – full power! J-Ark – full speed ahead!
: Roger!
: Abel’s Calamity…danger level: 100.
: What…is that white battleship?
: Fusion! J-Bird, plug out!

: King! J-Der!
: That battleship…it transformed!!

: He destroyed it in one attack!!
: Unbelievable power…
: Amazing! It’s so strong…so huge! What an amazing robot!

: They’re creating Zondars out of desperation.
: That voice…!
: It’s been a while, Cyborg…Gai.
: You’re the Machine King Pizza! You’re still alive?!
: …You are mistaken.
: What?
: Now, my name is Soldato-J. I have abandoned the name Pizza.
: Tremble in awe, as I show you how a real warrior fights!!
: Huh…?!
: I assume that none of you have a problem with this.
: He truly seems to be an ally…
: Even if he was a Machine King before, his current enemy seems to be the Primevals. This isn’t the place to question his motives.
: Pay attention, everyone! Provide assistance to Soldato-J and intercept the Primevals!
: B-but… with that guy around, is it even necessary for us to fight…?
: Keep your head high, Kazuma!

: Gai!
: Gai! You’re supposed to still be resting!!
: Do not leave the fighting to someone else…! If you want to protect something, you must do it with your own power!
: No matter the enemy, you must face it yourself! That is our mission!!
: Gai!
: Gai!
: Let’s go, everyone! We’ll fight with our own power!!
: Understood, Captain Gai!

: Those are…Gao Machines?!
: Operator Utsugi! Final Fusion, operation APPROVED!
: Roger! Final Fusion, PROGRAM DRIIIIIVE!!

: This is…?! My body is overflowing with power!!
: This is Star Gaogaigar! The equipment added with Stealth Gao II will give Gaogaigar space combat capabilities!
: Fight, Gai! With Star Gaogaigar!
: Alright, I got it! Dad, Mikoto!
: You’ve been reborn, Gai.
: Ha…not bad.
: Everyone! Your enemies are the 31 Machine Primevals! Protect this Earth, Wärter! Begin the attack!!
: Let’s go, 31 Primevals! We won’t let you do as you please with our beloved Earth!!

Fuck, yeah! We got our MVP back and Mista J is here to lend us a hand with his HUGE/BADASS Ship.
However, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to cliffhang ya’ll here as this has gone on for quite a long time.

See you all next update!