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Part 52: Mission 14 - For Whose Sake Do You Live? - Part 1

Mission 14 - For Whose Sake Do You Live?

Sayaka wins the battle of the beauties in short order, but before she can bask in Kouji’s praise….

…a combined force of mecha-beasts and Galra is not far behind.
Sayaka plans to hold the bad guys off while the rest of you sortie, which doesn't seem to worry Ashura too much.

Nor does the rapid approach of a large object under water: the Tuatha de Danaan.

Ashura is about to find out how big a mistake this is, and Tessa tells her crew to pummel the bad guys so hard they'll never want to fight again.

Aaah, it’s always nice to hear Tessa’s lovely song.
Let’s celebrate with the age-old tradition of firing nukes near highly populated areas.

The Danaan has the home-field advantage when fighting underwater mooks so this is perfect.
Tessa also has Hit & Away so she moves closer to the main group.

Now, let’s move over to Sayaka. The Diana A is pretty much identical to the Aphrodite A but with a slight boost in stats.

Nevertheless, let’s park Sayaka on top of a building for a 10% boost to Defense and Evasion and go for the nearby Galra Fighter. Her Melee attack will not hit flying enemies, mind.

: My father built Venus Alpha based on my own body!
: I won't let you put a single blemish on it!

Eh, that’s the damage I always expect from her…

Enemy Phase!

The other nearby Fighter and Sayaka exchange laser blasts as well.
The weakened one is less fortunate when and gets destroyed.

All other enemies stand still.

Player Phase!

Tessa is now capable of Sniping around half the enemies. Her first target is one of them Fighters.

Bleh…Also, yes, I do need to play her song this often. That’s how much I like it!

Sayaka takes the chance to finish off her second Fighter buddy.

Enemy Phase!

The main group finally starts moving and split up inbetween Sayaka and Tessa.
The Fighter gets in range…

Gainaxing Missiles…JAPAN!

Uh oh…this could be bad. Better have Sayaka defend.

Thank god.

Also, as luck would have it, the snapshot ran right when the enemies flickered out of the shot due to the underground effect.
Just know that the Garada is in the center part of the circle and Tessa is in the reticule.
Tessa’s weakened Fighter suicides against her and a Doublas deals píddly damage before eating some torpedoes.

Player Phase!

It seems the Galra are taking a while executing on whatever their role in the mission is, greatly annoying Ashura.

Meanwhile, inside the base, despite some disagreements on what order to ready all the armaments, the maintenance crews are in full swing and our armada is almost ready to go.
Fahra watches this organized chaos, fascinated, as Levin tells her as that this is the battlefield mechanics tread on every day.

Before the pilots get to fight, the mechanics have their own fight first.
As Levin hurries back to work, the concept that everyone has their own battlefield echoes in Fahra's mind.
Raibul then shows up to escort the princess somewhere safe, followed in short order by...

… another Raibul!

With the jig up, Honerva undoes the sorcery that made her resemble Raibul.
Her plan is to take out the symbol of the Leo Union's resistance and, with it, the last beacon of hope for those who oppose the Galra!

This almost works, until Shirogane throws his own body in the path of Honerva's killing blast.
Honerva is quick to deride this heroic gesture, pointing out that without him Golion is going nowhere slow.

Even without the princess dead, this should spell the moral defeat of the Leo Union, and Honerva vanishes, promising to take the princess' life next time.
This gives them a chance to rush Shirogane to the infirmary...

...while our forces pour forth, outside.

Voting time is upon us. There are 15 slots available, one goes to Kazuma, which means you guys get to choose 14 units.

As always, any unit is good except for Noin’s Taurus and Noal’s Sol Tekkaman:

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Voting will remain open until Saturday afternoon.

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