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Part 41: Mission 11 (Japan Route) - Clash of the Devils - Part 2

Let’s begin this update by quickly doing a Semi-Boss Analysis for Ashura and his Ashuramazinger (Dr. Hell isn’t very creative with names):

This machine is really the Mazinger but with extra HP added. It’s defense is high-ish (but still lower than Great Mazinger or Mazinkaiser) and it can’t dodge worth a damn.
Ashura is actually a good pilot but it’s machine is rather underwhelming – Mazingers have the issue of being rather innacurate and this one follows suit (even though Ashura has a lot of accuracy, being 6 points behind Kurz, our top marksman).

Ashura comes with some skills of his own:

Conclusion: Ashura is the weakest boss we’ve fought thus far. He could’ve been a much bigger threat with a better unit but that’s not the case.
The low accuracy and the fact that the Ashuramazinger will chug through its EN quickly means that it’ll only be a threat to Shin Getter (and they have a good bunch of defensive measures).
Send your powerhouses up against him, make sure they don’t get hit and it’ll go down without much trouble since his Prevail is rather low.

Mind you, Sadak is still the same weakling he was on mission 10.

Now, when I was putting the previous update together, it hit me that I still had my Aestis in the 0G forms (which has a B rating in Air). I was planning on sending Akatsuki and the Nadesico girls down to deal with The Galra, so they all go into the Nadesico and Yurika flies over to pick up Akito.
They’ll all get their forms swapped to the Air Frame and be on their way next turn.

Sousuke pulled the Uruz Strike on the Mazinkaiser but Mao and Kurz are still good to go.
She runs over to tag a Garada.

Think Kurz will be able to get it finished?


Let’s switch over to Shin Getter 2 and have him finish off the Garada, in style.

What do you mean the music is different? I can’t hear anything over the awesomeness.

Now, let’s make use of Bless sniping skills and the fact that he’s pretty much invincible over the Photon Lab and have him weaken a Garada.

Tetsuya is out of range to attack so Kouji steps over to finish it off (they both have Iron Wall cast).


Enemy Phase!

The Galra Fighters start coming closer and go for Boss – he fails at dodging but Sayaka is there to bail him out.
Another Fighter also attacks and forces Boss to defend.

A couple of Doublas decides to go for Tetsuya.

The following formula is a staple of SRW games: Mazinger + Iron Wall = Invincibility.

Sad little creatures.

Don’t bother Big Daddy.

Another Doublas also suicides against Bless and awards a level up plus Prevail L4.

A Garada steps up against Kouji; his hit has the proportion of a Doodle Bug slapping a Giant, Robotic Rhino.
A Rhino that answers with a rocket punch.

Ashura comes over to have talks with Kouji.

: Baron Ashura! You'd better be totally ready!
: I've been resting for two months and now I'm bursting with energy!
: I don't know or care how you survived, but if you challenge us, you will die this time!
: Come at me if you think you can! But I don't think Kouji Kabuto and Mazinkaiser can lose to you!

Rust Tornado will reduce Ashuramazinger’s armor by 30% for the next turn.

Player Phase!

These Galra made the mistake of group-hugging while near Bless. They get MAP’d.

Golion swoops in to grab the Death Hell.

Now, normally, I would’ve sent Akito down with the rest of the Nadesico crew (to make use of the friendship bonus) but I couldn’t let this bit of dialogue be skipped.

: Whoa! How can it be half man and half woman?
: Are you awed, boy? Take this knowledge with you to Hell!
: I was a couple in ancient Mycene! Dr. Hell revived me and brought me back together!
: What?! If you're a couple, then, like... how do you kiss?
: T-that is none of your business! I shall not tell the likes of you!

Even Ashura can’t handle the Nadesico’s insanity.
The damage is decent, too.

Down below, the Three Angels start working on the remaining Death Hell. Ryoko goes first.

Followed by Izumi.

I’m trying to spare her EN since the Nadesico is too far to recharge them.

Still, it’s weak enough for Hikaru to finish it off.

Akatsuki tries and fails to oneshot a Fighter...

Upstairs, our stronger team is at work.

You can’t go wrong with Sousuke and his shotgun…now, if only he learned how to use the damn Lambda Driver!

Kazuma will show off his level 2 Multicombo skill and fly through Ashura and the two Doublases nearby.

: You're Baron Ashura? I'm taking you out of that cockpit and making you apologize to Kouji!
: You stand no chance against my mighty Ashura Mazinger!
: Eww! You actually like Mazinger with all those weird little bumps all over it?
: I've had enough of your stubbornness and your messed-up fashion sense!


Kurz takes this change to snipe at an unsuspecting Garada.

Switching back to Shin Getter 1, they fly over to finish the weakened Doublas.


The other Garada is put out of his misery by Kouji.

Well, lookie here: Tetsuya has reached 130 morale and got his Mazin Power going: his damage is increased by 25%!

I’m getting the sinking feeling that Ashura is gonna get destroyed before Sadak.
Seeing as how the mission ends when he’s wrecked, I’m gonna start sending the Uruz squad down.

We’ll slow down on Ashura to give the other team time. Tetsuya only Atomic Punches him.

: Baron Ashura. You've really made me mad this time, and I hope you're prepared for the consequences!
: You hate my Ashura Mazinger that much? Good, that's just what I customized it for!
: Enough banter! This time... I'm going to make you wish for Hell!

Tetsuya takes a bit of damage but it is fine…

Since Boss is right there and promptly repairs him!

Sayaka is still in good position to snipe at him.

Enemy Phase!

Three fighters haven’t learned their lesson and get dropped by Bless.

The Ardyguns get ANOTHER level and Shihomi learns Iron Wall.

This one Fighter guns for Golion.

He gets punted into oblivion.
A Garushia also goes after them – Mao support defends (forgot to turn it off…) and Golion hits them back nicely.

A Galra Fighter decides to play smart and not attack Invincible Daddy; his prize is a Gravity Blast.

Finally, someone to give the girls some morale.

Would’ve been better if it was an oneshottable Fighter but someone needed to take care of that other Garushia.

Contrary to what I would’ve expected (with Kouji being right there), Ashura goes for Shin Getter.

Thankfully, I had cast Alert/Flash with Hayato so we get a free use of Getter Tomahawk on him (like I said before, Getter’s armor is piss so you really don’t want him to take a clean hit).

Player Phase!

Kazuma also gets switched to the Galra group and starts working on Sadak with an assist from Izumi.

Good, good.

With Bless’s Fighting Spirit and Shihomi’s Iron Wall cast, let’s introduce Sadak to the Dual Proton Cannon.

I'm pretty sure that Iron Wall was unecessary due to the regen.

Hikaru goes for the Garushia with some help from Ryouko.

Illustrated above: the sound of a million mook voices crying out in panic.

Akatsuki, do you even crit? Mao cleans up his mess.

Unfortunately, the Nadesico girls are at rather low energy and can’t use their team attacks. Izumi and Ryouko will go in with their Field Lancers.

Golion kills the remaining Fighter.

Everyone gets a level, Kogane gets Prevail L4 and Suzuishi learns Strike.

Changing my mind, YET AGAIN, I decide to have Sousuke Shotgun Ashura a bit with some help from Kurz.

Very good.


: Come on, Baron Ashura! We'll show you the ultimate Getter's power, just like we said!
: Not yet, Getter Robo! I'll turn the tables on you like before!
: We also have to show you how that loss made us stronger!
: We've been retempering ourselves these two months, waiting for the day we would fight again.
: And now we're back and ready to control Shin Getter's power!
: Baron Ashura! You're going to get a taste of all of our and Getter's combined power!

Kouji then steps up show Ashura his Fire Blaster.

Still, It works out just fine (Kouji had another cast of Iron Wall, mind).

The bottom group needs one more turn to finish off Sadak so Tetsuya will sit still (with Iron Wall).

Enemy Phase!

Can’t take you seriously, Sadak.

Prevail’d bosses always pack a punch…

Player Phase!

Golion gets a helping of Cheer from Mihiro and Kurogane casts Lucky before going for Sadak.

: Come, GoLion! You may have escaped from Altea, but you won't today!
: Shut up, Sadak! You won't get your hands on the Earth...
: And the day's coming when we'll wipe the Galra off the face of the Galaxy!

Sadak is worth a Study OS and an Infight +1 and more levels!

Akito also had some lines against Sadak but I had him go over to Ashura:

: Your attack on Mars is why Gai... why Admiral Fukube... why everyone on Mars...!
: A survivor? Oh well. Your borrowed time has run out.
: You'll regret this! This is for Gai!

Sadak flees as his ship sinks, and Ashura belittles him and the Galra for the weaklings that they are in the end.
Kouji tells him to shut up as he’s gonna get it just as badly.

Ashura assures Kouji that Hell has made some very special modifications, and that this Mazinger is now totally unlike what Kouji piloted.
Kouji yells that the only thing Dr. Hell did was put warts on Mazinger’s body and there’s no way he’s gonna alow this to continue.

Sayaka gets Bless on Kouji and Yurika casts Cheer - off with you!

Kouji gets a level and Ashura drops Large Generator and a Max SP +5.

There were also a few bits of dialogue for people that went after Sadak:

-Golion Vs. Ashuramazinger-
: So you're that Golion that the Galra were pursuing!
: I'll defeat you before Sadak and rub his face in the mud!
: That's not going to happen! We're fighting for our home!
: And if you threaten our home, we won't show any mercy!

-Sousuke Vs. Ashuramazinger-
: It's truly laughable that you would bring that pathetic machine against Ashura Mazinger!
: If you're shouting while piloting, you're likely to bite your tongue.
: Though I predict you are going to scream in pain soon.
: You... you annoying little man!

Despite Ashura’s panic, Ashuramazinger stops moving and Kouji rushes over to the cockpit.
Yelling that Ashura will no longer defile this cockpit, he kicks him/her out – Ashura flees, yelling that he WILL REMEMBER THIS.

Jun informs that the rest of the mechabeasts attacking Japan have been beaten back, and that Admiral Misumaru and the rest at the Far East base are safe.
It's becoming clear to Erina that Misumaru is more than just a daughter-crazy old guy: he really knows how to command.
Kouji thanks everyone for their help, saying that he wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for them.

Everyone heads back to the lab for a more thorough debrief and Sayaka gives Kouji a properly warm reception, not caring how many of the others are watching.
Kouji explains that when he lost consciousness right before Mazinger's self-destruct, the Pilder apparently went onto autopilot and flew off...ending up at the base of Mt. Fuji at Aoki-ga-Harakikai, one of the least well-known part of Japan.

Someone had built a laboratory there, and put Kouji into some kind of fluid-filled capsule where his injuries healed - requiring the full two months due to the degree of damage.
Kouji was asleep for all of this, but had learned that the lab itself was basically uninhabited.
He knows who built it though: Professor Kabuto Juuzou, his grandfather.
Yumi, when he was Juuzou's assistant, heard bits and pieces of the demon being built there, a power to surpass God and to smite the Devil.

Of course, Kouji was still on the mend when he tried to pilot Mazinkaiser, and when the strain knocked him unconscious the rest was, as they say, history.
This was the threat that Shin Getter was made to counter - and it was indeed Professor Kabuto who was Saotome's unnamed collaborator.
Just as Mazinkaiser activated on its own upon sensing Mazinger's defeat, Shin Getter sensed Mazinkaiser's activation and in turn activated itself.
Presumably it would have worked the other way round as well.

Of course, what both these powerful super robots are really for is for defending the Earth, and Bless wants both of them in Wärter.
Their pilots are a bit uneasy at Bless's authoritative tone, but with little encouragement from Yumi agree to join Project W.

Except for the fact that the stoic Tetsuya is actually bleeding to death as he stands.
He can be saved of course, but he's not going to be doing much fighting for a while: Ashura was able to wound him at least that badly.
Kouji figures that this was partly his fault for being asleep at the switch, and vows to make up for it by helping the Wärter kick ass (especially Dr. Hell and Ashura).
Jun and Tetsuya will rejoin our team when Tetsuya is fit for combat again, and Kouji and the Getter team will head on ahead.

Back at G-Island, Shihomi and the others relate the goings-on from the other path (We’ll deal with that soon enough).
With all the super robots and Japanese teenagers piling up, Kurz asks Sousuke if he wants to trade in his real robot.
Akito certainly wishes he was chosen to pilot a Geki-ganger-like Super Robot but no, he had to become a cook; Sousuke will do so if ordered, but given the types of missions Mithril takes on, he doubts such orders will be forthcoming.
Hayato and Kouji wonder about him and try to introduce themselves – Sousuke refuses the handshake, on grounds that it leaves him open for a surprise attack of unknown threats; Mao has to explain to the rest of the nervous crew that all Sousuke has known since childhood is combat.

One area he is more normal than the super robot pilots is the fact that he's actually attending high school as befits his age – something Sousuke hadn't realized was so important to normal folk.
Still, the Mazinger and Getter team are eager to get a bit of normalcy while they aren’t focusing on their Wärter duties and hope that they can join in on the classes.

Thanks for watching, everyone. Next time, we’ll start going over the prologue of the North America mission to rescue D-boy.

See you all then.