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Part 172: Mission 42 - The Beginning of the End - Part 2

Turn 4

The turn starts with Gainer's Overskill starting up.

And so, Roger answers the question of what to do when you want to punch something in the air.
That works.

It only took the coordinated effort of four units, but that squad is dead.

And wow, Duke was able to remove in a single attack half of this battleship's HP.

Quattro taking down two jets gets Gauli his third level of Oversense. I think he's hit the bare minimum to use Overmen's overskills!

Well, at least the biggest one is dead.

And hey! Gain learns Valor(35).

With that TRI, Jiron learns his final level of Prevail.

And another one is dead.

Kamille hits the other battleship.

Are you feeling any better Kappei?
No, I guess not.

Gainer's turn.

After all that couldn't you have just a little less HP?

And with that, I'm done for the turn.


Teral still doesn't attack.

Turn 5

Teral knows if he falls here, there’ll be no way to stop Gagarn's rampage – he won’t allow the proud Eldar to fall so and recovers some damage. (Well, he would if I had damaged him.)

Kappei’s about to charge in when Banjou spots a group descending upon us: Zeravire!
They’re here to help Teral and Gagarn phones in to explain that these are a present from that ally he made during the trip here. Leets is confused, seeing how these things are only known for showing up at random and attacking everything in sight – how can there be anyone who can control them?
It is what it is and Gagarn tells Teral to get to work, lest the Zeravire hog all the glory.

It’s the first time anyone in Rand’s group have seen these things and Tetsuya warns that they’re very tough – Runa can tell they’re even stronger than our last encounter but Eiji tells her that taking these things out is precisely what the God Gravion is for.
Toga reminds them that their duty is to protect this world from them…this is the only thing he can do for Leele and Sandman. Banjou realizes that Toga's mental balance is breaking down: can he truly fight like this?

Well, it's time to beat Teral.

: Teral! If you want to settle this now, then I'm game!
: Toshiya Dan! Meeting you was the one good thing about coming to Earth!
: And so I will do you the honor of striking down God Sigma myself! Consider it my thanks!
: Oh, we're honored, Teral! But this is a fight we're not about to throw!

: It doesn't matter who the Eldar are. They are our enemies, and we will fight!
: What's the matter, child? I sense doubt in you.
: I will show you that in battle, doubt is fatal!
: Don't try to knock Toga off balance!
: Maybe we do have some doubts, but we've also got a reason to push on!

: Lord Teral, we can’t go on! We must retreat!
: Even if I did, all that awaits in the Skull Moon is Gagarn’s coup!
: As such, I’ll fight to the very end! I’ll gladly lay down my life as part of the foundation for Eldar’s future!

: You’re still going for it, Teral?!
: I will not retreat! Ever!

*Kappei charges in!*

: Damn it, fine! Then, I’ll just take you out! Get ready!
: What’s going on, Kappei?! Why are you this angry?!
: I finally…finally saw Aki again and she…she…
: She’s been turned into a human bomb!
: What?!
: And there’s no way to save her! There’s nothing I – or any of us – can do!
: Then at least I’m gonna get revenge for her, goddamn it!!
: A human bomb… was she sent to Earth beforehand…?
: I let you go back then because you promised you’d stop these, Teral!
: Was it all a lie?!
: No…! I DID recover all of Butcher’s prisoners!
: She must’ve been modified before I had a chance to rescue her!
: Enough of your excuses!! I’ll never forgive any of you!!
: Kappei, let me help you!
Space Combination is a Combination Attack between Zambot 3 and Daitarn 3. It has the Ignore Size Penalty property, which really only matters for Kappei, since Daitarn 3 is 2L.

: Leets, Jeela…you must escape.
: Teral…why didn’t you try to dodge their attack?!
: I swear to you, on my pride as an Eldar…I did stop Butcher’s creation of human bombs…
: But the fact remains that some still existed… this is my answer to that.
: So this is you making up for it?! You’ll apologize by dying?!
: No, child…
: Everything I did...was futile...

: Teral…

: Aah…Lord Teral…
: He fought until the end as a proud Eldar warrior…
: We must retreat for now. But we will surely see him again someday…

: Gh…you frickin’ show-off… damn it…
: Kappei…
: …
: Damn…this feels awful…
: It’s unbearable...
: Kappei...

So, now that Teral's... done.... we still have those Zeravire to take care of. Thankfully, through the magic of "knowing when reinforcements spawn in advance" a large chunk of units are ready to meet them.

Especially troublesome is this big boss Zeravire, with 30K HP. Let's start taking that down.

: So this was what was waiting for us in all the stars we used to gaze at?
: Well, if you've come to pick a fight, you'd better turn around and go home!

Benkei casts Rouse, which gives enough Will for a Shine Spark!

: Zeravire! I'd heard of them, but they're even stronger than I'd imagined!
: But we're going to grant Sandman's wish! You won’t have this your way!
Dang. 10k damage on a crit. Ryouma hasn't learned Valor yet, after all.

: I can't match it in strength, but I have the advantage in speed...
: It may be my first round with them, but I'm not going to back out!

: I've fought more than enough guys that're bigger than Mobile Suits!
: Being that big only means I gotta aim less! That's all!

The Zeravire is still alive and, when Toga tries drawing it closer for us to attack, starts doing something to Gravion.
Apollo tells them to quit messing around anddrov just punt the egg-thing away but Eiji says they’re not generating enough power to do so - Eina then explains that the Zeravire s draining their Graviton Energy.
Kouji is about to head in to help when Toga tells him to stay back and starts pushing the Zeravire far away: the thing is filled with the energy it absorbed from them and if we don’t deal with it in the right way, it’ll explode and destroy everything nearby.

: Damn it, are we gonna have to die along with this thing…?
: Don’t worry, Eiji… I’ll keep everyone safe…
: What are you going to do, Toga?!
: I’ll force our gravitons into the redline. That’ll make Gravion separate…
: The shock should be enough to push the Zeravire away.
: But if you do that, the Gran Kaiser's gravitons will misfire and…!
: But there’s…no other way to save everyone…
: Ya huge idiot! You actually thinking of saving us by getting yourself killed?!
: It’s fine…if I can protect everyone else, then—
: Enough of that crap, Toga! We all need ya!
: I…can’t fight anymore. It’s like my heart’s… broken with Leele and Mizuki gone.
: Whatever, it’s not about fighting! I just don’t wanna lose you – a friend!
: Thank you, Eiji… but…
: Mistress Runa… I’ll operate the G-Driller’s ejection systems as soon as we separate.
: “Operate”… you’re not ejecting?!
: Once you’re out, I’ll gather the discharged energy with the G-Driller’s Graviton distribution systems and focus it on the Zeravire.
: If I’m successful, we might be able to save the Gran Kaiser…and Master Toga.
: You can do something like that?!
: I can…because I’m a Proto Gran Diva created by Master Sandman.
: “Proto Gran Diva”…? What’s that?!
: There’s no time to explain…!
: Eina…
: Switching to Proto Gran Diva mode…assuming command of all graviton controls…

: God Gravion’s--!
: Separating?!

: Eina!!
: All other Gran Divas have been detached. Take care of Master Toga…
: Eina, stop!!
: EINA!!
: All that I am is for Master Toga…!

: Master Toga…live…

: I’m…
: Empty…

: The Gran Kaiser and Gran Divas have withdrawn… but, I’m not getting any response from the G-Driller!
: Th-that’s a lie, right…?
: No…it’s…
: Eina’s…gone…
: It happened right in front of us but...there still wasn’t anything we could do...
: How did this happen…

Seems like that Zeravire was targeting Gravion from the onset but we can’t ponder this, as Umee detects something else coming over: Faye and her Gran Trooper. She seems disappointed that Toga wasn’t able to hold on until her arrival but vows to deal with the aliens in Gravion’s place.
Toshiya’s surprised that she’s going to lend a hand but it’s a simple decision to her: these Gran Troopers were all created with the intent of protecting Earth from threats. And, if anything, fanboy Alex is eager to get revenge for Gravion.
Gengoroh won’t look a gift horse in the mouth and tells our people to work with them while Heizaemon tells Ichitaro to send a recovery team to scour the surrounding areas and bring back the Gran Kaiser and Gran Divas.

So yeah, that happened. Anyways. We got a new unit to look at.

Super-Heavy God Gravion
Faye Lin Xu - Gran Trooper
Voiced by Saeko Chiba (Japanese), Stephanie Nadolny (English)

* Prevail (Level 6) - As the character takes damage, hit rate, evasion, defense, and critical rate will increase.
* Support Attack (Level 2) - When Adjacent to an allied character before having attacked that turn, can perform a Support Attack after the ally attacks. The support attack will be slightly weaker then a regular attack.
* Support Defend (Level 2) - If adjacent to an ally on the enemy phase, if an attack will hit the ally, the character will perform a Support Defense and the attack will hit the character at reduced damage instead. The number of times this can be performed depends on the skill's level.
* Battle Spirit - Starting from the second turn, will gain 3 Will every turn.

Spirit Commands:
* Gain(15) - The caster's squad will gain double the Experience Points from the next attack.
* Alert (10) - The caster gains 100% evasion rate for the next attack that targets the caster.
* Strike (20) - The caster will have 100% Hit rate for that turn.

Squad Leader Bonus
Evasion Rate +10%

Faye is another character who's good enough to be a squad leader if you like her. Her stars are after all, on par with Toga. Plus the Gran Trooper has some good attacks. Of course, it has some problems, namely that all its good ones aren't post move. She really needs Hit&Away badly so you can switch her to the front and take advantage of all those long range attacks. Plus, she has an incredibly cheap Gain as a nice bonus.

Confuse pops up to make the last turn as smoothly as possible.

Loran heads up too.

Faye's turn!

Not bad damage, the Zeravire just have massive amounts of HP. 20K for the leader and 10K for the squadmates.

Using the Gekko Go's MAP even if there's just one unit isn't that bad an idea if you have the EN to spare. It makes it effectively an ALL attack that lacks ALL damage reduction.

I'm starting to notice a pattern on this stage.

The Aquarion and Mazinger can't reach any enemies, so into the ship they go to be carried further afield next round.

: It seems my greatest weapon is of no use against machines without intelligence...
: But I have a second weapon to fall back on: the Big O!

: I will not let you ruin this world's starry sky and deep blue sea!
: So, I'll defend this planet! You're not going to send it the way of Llambias and Serius!

Baldios dodging always makes me feel a little bit happier.

: The Genocidron system... a devil that has already consumed two worlds!
: But now you have me to deal with! I won't let you despoil this beautiful world!

I just did two Spin Saucers.

OK Shinn's starting to hit Super Robot level damage.

And I end the turn.

Turn 6

Not a lot left. But what is left is pretty tough.

I speed things up a bit. The issue of Friendly Fire is handled by all in range casting Alert/Focus first!

Thank you Zeal and Soul. Such wonderful commands.

Since this is the last turn, I can just burn any spare SP on Valor. It's great.

Like so!

And Gaulie levels up again! He learns his Level 3 Support Defend and his final Spirit Command. Confuse(50)!

And I got the Battle Mastery... in another sad stage.

Bloodman sniffs that ZEUTH finally drove off the aliens. Is he thankful? Nope, only wondering where are all the other troops they called over as they could easily defeat our battered selves now!
As Fitzgerald and Mizuki watch, frustrated, Heizaemon and Gengoroh ponder this victory that came at such a high price- Kappei tells Aki that he’s coming back right away. As for the Gran Knights, Fa says they’ve already found Eiji and Toga but Runa’s MIA after the graviton outburst.
This hardly feels like a victory but one interesting thing is Jamil’s news that our search groups managed to find Teral; mind, he’s badly injured and had to be rushed into surgery right away.
Either way, there's no point in waiting here any longer for the Feds to get you, so ZEUTH starts to pull back. Suddenly, Umee tells Heizaemon that we’re getting a transmission from a Diana Counter envoy and it seems they’ve something they want to give us.
As Heizaemon gives the OK to meet up, everyone leaves and Faye can only hope Sandman saw everything and now understands her strength: “I’m the one you should’ve chosen and I will not be bested – not by Toga or by anyone else.”, she says with a satisfied smirk.

: So…Hamamoto was made into a bomb, too, and died…
: I’m…so sorry, Aki… we don’t know any way to deal with this…
: …
: Chin up, Kappei. You’re our hero - it’s too weird for you to be crying like that.
: But…but…
: I’m…glad that I could meet you again in the end…
: It would’ve been too sad if I died without apologizing for before and thanking you…
: Aki…
: Well, I should get going… don’t know when that bomb’s going to explode, so staying here would just put everyone in danger…
: Kch…damn it… I’m sorry, Aki…
: Hold, child. You must come with me ASAP.
: Who the hell are you?!
: Lt. Poe Aijee of the Diana Counter. I came here with a device that can stop the bomb in her.
: Really?!
: But I must warn you: it’s quite possible the two of you will never see each other again.
: Huh…

: So this bed is your device…?
: Yes. It’s what the Moon Race uses on those who undergo cryogenic sleep.
: The bodily functions of anyone who sleeps in it enter a near-death state.
: I see…! You put them in suspended animation, so they’re neither living nor dead…
: And, by doing so, it’d halt the timer on her bomb!
: We brought this to Earth as a precaution, in case one of ours caught an illness we could not treat.
: But why would the Diana Counter bring it over to us?
: It was the decision of our commander, Phil Ackerman.
: Huh…
: Once we learned of the existence of human bombs, we couldn’t simply ignore such cruelty.
: Furthermore, we had a debt to the King Beal for helping the Soleil when it was beset by aliens.
: That’s why I’m delivering our cryo-sleep pod to them.
: I see…
: So that soldier isn’t just hard-headed, eh?
: We’re all the same and it’s that human heart we share that would save Aki…
: Lt. Poe…I still won’t accept the methods of those who’d endanger Her Majesty.
: But I do believe the people of the Earth and Moon can, someday, get along.
: …
: I came here simply to deliver the device. Once I know it’s operational, I’ll be taking my leave.
: Thank you, Lt. Poe… I can say that I’m proud to be one of the Moon Race.
: Is that so…

: Kappei…I’ll stay in this machine and wait for the day when the bomb can be turned off.
: Aki… we’ve no idea when that’ll be.
: Still…I want to think it’ll be soon…
: So, we’ll just be separated for a bit… I’m sure we’ll see each other again…
: …
: And I believe that, the next time I open my eyes, the world will be at peace…
: Then, we could all live together in a seaside town just like before…me, you, Michi and everyone else…
: ...Yeah.
: Keep it up, Kappei... I’ll be waiting, so promise you’ll bring peace back for us…
: Of course…
: I know we’ll see each other again…so I won’t say goodbye here.
: I’ll see you soon, Aki… and I’ll have world peace handy as your welcome-back present.
: I’m sure I won’t take long before we can get you back to us… So, wait just a lil’ bit.
: I will… good night, Kappei.

Secret Found!

Another secret series of points you can gather throughout the game. You get points by doing the following:

At the start of Stage 42 if a Setsuko Route player has seven or more of these points, or a Rand Route player has four points and thirty two Battle Masteries, then you'll unlock this secret. The secret is... Aki living. You make the world a little happier. That's about it. Well, OK, there's one other element.

ENDING POINT ALERT: Save Aki. +1 Ending Points.

You'll note that this secret is a lot easier to do on Setsuko's Route. There's not only a lot more stages to get points, but you can get large chunks of points on it. I've had this secret ready to be unlocked since Stage 15. While Brunom only secured it by 40. This is yet another reason why a Rand Route player should always take the Galia route.

Back on the Argama, Talia informs Bright that Zaft has recalled them back to Gibraltar to answer for defending the enemy Federation's government.
Since it's a Zaft matter, only the Minerva and its crew are being summoned, during which time the rest of ZEUTH will try to get over the shock of recent events – we’ll also need time to repair our units and for Toga and Teral to recover.
We can’t do that with enemies at our heels, so we must reach a safe port…Jamil suggests Trinity City as he’s sure Tsukikage will understand our plight and they might also have useful data on the aliens’ activities for us to consult. Once Zaft’s inquiry is finished, the Minerva will rendezvous with them and Bright can only hope that this is all a mere formality on Zaft’s part.
As Talia cuts the comm, Jamil confesses that he’s a bit concerned with Durandal: having such a political powerhouse on our side is excellent but he can be an equally tough foe if he turns on us; granted, none of them have any hard evidence outside of their hunches so it could very well be nothing.
They’re interrupted when Torres comes running in: Toga has vanished from the med bay and Jamil fears the shock of losing both Eina and possibly Runa may have been too much for him…

Location: Siberia – Wulgusk Domepolis, Duke Medayu’s Residence

We find old Cid getting an audience with the Duke himself and he’s very thankful for it; Medayu says she should be the one being thankful, considering Gwen’s help in looking after his daughter during her trip.
Furthermore, he’s heard that Cid’s been looking for relics of the Cataclysm/Black History in his digs and, as a fellow connoisseur, Medayu wanted a chance to talk with him – people with such eccentric tastes are a rare find with the world in upheaval, you see.
That said, Medayu HAS received one such eccentric visitors the other day: a man covered in bandages who wanted to peruse through the Duke’s collection of artifacts (Cid, inwardly, had expected this).

Mikhail, who’s accompanying Cid, asks where this man is but he left after reading only one book in said collection; when Medayu asks if Cid knows him, the old man stammers and says they’ve met a few times in his travels.
Horace is certainly impressed from what he’s heard of the Duke’s collection and would love to take a look at it – the Siberian ground is filled with artifacts from the Cataclysm, including rare treasures you won’t find anywhere else.

Before anything, though, Mikhail has a letter from Gwen that he was asked to deliver…and it’s a threat against Ana’s life if Medayu doesn’t give him free reign over his collection! Cid wasn’t expecting anything of the sort but Mikhail says it’s all according to Gwen’s command.
Medayu certainly isn’t happy with this man taking a child hostage just to satiate his own greed but he’ll do as told; Gwen only wants one thing, though, and it’s that book they were speaking of.
An insignificant thing to threaten a child over but, apparently, it’s very important to Gwen. It seems that the bandaged man told Cid and co. about this book’s existence during one of their run-ins and, when the info reached Gwen’s ear, it changed him.
Just who was that bandaged man and what’s the purpose of this book…?


If you really want to see what happens if you don't see Aki, click here.