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Part 43: The Siege of Limonesia

In New York, Treize, Alejandro, and Schneizel get the news that GOONZ is shaking off their pursuit and heading to the Republic of Limonesia. They figure GOONZ can take on their forces if they wanted to, but that would make GOONZ the bad guys.

Treize doesn't mind leaving us alone for now. Because he still wants to pull their strings, asks Alejandro? No need to get our hands dirty, replies Treize. "I just have great expectations for them. Greater than Elgan Roddick's."

Besides, Shioni Regis has made it clear that she won't stand for U. N. forces occupying her country. What for? She certainly doesn't have the power to repel GOONZ herself. Is she protecting us, or does she have a deeper game?Alejandro has Ribbons send a recon team to Limonesia, just in case. (The others are a little surprised at the responsibility he's investing in a secretary, but Alejandro vouches for his trustworthiness and ability). The conspirators decide to sit back and watch. Whether Limonesia or GOONZ comes out on top, it's clear something big's about to happen.

Meanwhile, GOONZ' scouting team in Limonesia is identifying former terrorists left and right posing as civilians - members of organizations that got the business end of Celestial Being. Lockon is ready to shoot them all right now, but Crowe talks him down. We need them to take their WLF bosses a message on behalf of GOONZ: we're here to destroy the WLF, so let's all keep the civilians out of it. Fight us away from civilian soil, or Lockon here will make them wish they were never born.

Crowe wonders, like so many others, what gets Lockon so worked up about terrorists getting innocent bystandards in their crossfire. Lockon refuses to answer, but remembers his family, killed or scattered in terrorist attacks. As for what Crowe's business is here, he just says he's looking for someone he knows. Not an old friend in with the wrong crowd or anything, just someone he wants to check on.

Crowe. You like this world?
It sucks, but I can't complain.
This isn't about making up for past mistakes. Just, as long as I'm in GOONZ, I want to do my part to make it better.
Let's do this. Snipe all the distortions off the face of the world.

And Shioni is taking a walk alone on the beaches of Limonesia. The sun is rising, and with it, a new chapter of history. She's worked so long and hard for her country. The DEC helped, but it's soon to run out. So she clung to Ime's plans and Project Uzume as the way to save Limonesia, and that's not going to change. Once the project goes online, Shioni Regis will go down in history as the savior of Limonesia - no, its messiah...

Chapter 22: The Siege of Limonesia

So the WLF sure is here. All their forces in the country have been gathered here, at the capitol. A soldier suggests that maybe they would have had an easier time fighting if they gave up the city, but the captain barks that they will not be cowed by threats. The WLF is an amalgam of losers, and it's important to send the message that they will be ordered around no longer! Except by, uh, Axion, and the Foreign Minister of Limonesia, and sure, maybe they're using the WLF as bait, but...

he doesn't really have anything to continue that with.

In fact, they all probably know they're screwed. Still, this map presents some problems.

In a moment, I'm actually going to talk about unit arrangement. Anyway, the WLF is trying to hold the city, but their units are all off the borders and on the coast. So they were cowed by threats. Even so, GOONZ is impressed by how much firepower they've pulled together. Looks like Ime's tip was right. Holland and Talho mutter that if shit goes down, they're very willing to ditch. We didn't need them anyway! Takeru, as Crowe predicted, has pulled himself together in the name of truth and justice.

Carlos is all but nuking popcorn. Shioni has evacuated all her citizens and is totally ready for Project Uzume. Ime wants to see us and the WLF take each other out, or so he says, but Carlos says that after Uzume goes off, it won't matter. "I'm so excited to see how this shakes up our rotten world."

Anyway, our special win condition tonight is your standard 3-turn mop-up, but as I was saying, there are some complications.

Mainly, the Cancers at the corners of the map. They're about as far from us as they can be, have low movement and range, and can't leave the water. We'll have to go to them.

That's why I've placed Getter-2, Mazinger, Wing, Kyrios, Nova, and Alto at the corners of the formation. They're going to be the flank assault.

North team might need a little more. Besides, Chain Actions is good for mobility, not just damage and cleanup.

The less pressing issue is the sniper Tieren at the center of the map, who will take a little focus because they like to avoid counterattacks.

But that's a problem for later. Main team, charge!

This is what's wrong with Cancers.

So anyway...

The WLF grunt mechs are as weak as ever. The majority exploded or almost exploded uneventfully, but the Genocidrons are still chilling at the back and I have yet to deal with the Cancers.

You know who's supposed to rock in the water?

This is like the only chapter I get to use Getter-3.

I think with Musashi on the job, we can focus on all the guys on land now.

Even hit some Genocidrons.

The right advance team is having a bit more trouble with the Cancers.

Well, maybe not Heero, who attacks twice and roasts the hell out of--

Right. Beam weapons diffract in water.

Seriously, every enemy on this map is eight billion miles away. All these relatively slow units (how dare they have an average speed of 6) are lagging behind while the quick ones are stretched thin.

Enemy phase, turn 2.

Musashi murderates his Cancers.

Kouji and Aoi finish off theirs.

And, uh, a Leo goes underwater to fight Getter-3? What the hell?

All the snipers fall.

I always underestimate the number of Genocidrons on this map, but they are certainly not as scary as they used to be.

At this point, the only real pain point is this lazy asshole over here who has been refusing to do anything.

Never mind!

Wow. They don't make these like they used to.

Oh, look at that. One of the Genocidrons dropped a lump of a bonus 10000 Gs.

There are two of those on the map. In this case they're so certain Genocidrons can give rewards above and beyond their template. As a "bonus," Gs dropped like that aren't affected by any money boosters (Luck, Crowe's Ace, etc.).

Executive summary: GOONZ destroys the WLF.

The final one drops a very special equipment: a Haro from Gundam. These are really really good and extremely coveted in Super Robot Wars. It adds 2 movement, 1 weapon range, and 25 points of Mobility and Accuracy for whatever robot it's equipped on. Obviously, they're quite rare, and we might pick up a small handful ever over the course of the game.

So yeah no one is surprised that the WLF are a bunch of weaklings. Looks like external damage was kept to a minimum, too. All that's left is for Chairman Roddick to take the necessary steps against the Embassy of Limonesia and Axion Corp., and all our problems are over.

Only Crowe is suspicious. Did Ime seriously just help us out of the goodness of his heart?

But wait! A massive energy signature appears on the scanners - and it turns out to be a flying fortress!

Turns out our pals are on board the "Great Axion." Carlos is enjoying our shock immensely.

Then, Arietes sorties from the airship and begins Project Uzume.

It's another absolutely tremendous dimensional thrash directly between the ship and Arietes, bigger than any previously recorded, and we're caught right in the middle of it! Jeffrey orders a full-speed retreat. Carlos says again that he's going to change our messed-up world, and Ime exults that the gate to Insaraum is about to open...

and an enormous amount of energy is released right over Limonesia.

It's looking bad in the Quarter. There seem to be no casualties, but the ship has sustained heavy damage and the dimensional break knocked out most of their sensors. But the few that are left are reading something truly bizarre - what looks like a person moving at the epicenter of the event!

And that's it for a dull chapter with an explosive ending. Sit tight!