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Super Robot Wars Z2: Destruction

by Caphi

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Original Thread: Terrorists and Office Workers: Let's play Super Robot Wars Z2: Destruction



The Game
The game is the first half of the second chapter of Super Robot Wars Z. Super Robot Wars is a tactics game franchise about giant robot anime series crossing over, teaming up, and beating the hell out of every villain.

In Super Robot Wars Z, an interdimensional disturbance caused the barriers between parallel universes to weaken. These universes began to fuse and overlap together, throwing countries and armies into chaos and causing instabilities in the fabric of existence. One such amalgamation was the setting of Super Robot Wars Z; another is the stage for Z2.

This alternate Earth is beset from within by political turmoil from within and alien invaders from without. A rebellion threatens to overthrow the vast Britannian Union, a mad scientist wants his hands on a revolutionary new technology, alien attackers are cutting swaths of destruction across the globe, and the dimensional eddies are constantly throwing up strange and dangerous new entities.

Down-on-his-luck ex-soldier Crowe Brust finds himself dragged into this pandemonium, but he's soon to find himself at the forefront of a battle with a terrible threat from beyond the dimensional veil, and caught in the middle of a vast power play that spans the multiverse. All he and his comrades have to resist with is giant robots and burning passion. Will it be enough to save the world from the coming era of destruction?

The Format
This LP will be screenshot-based. Particularly important/dramatic events will be recorded and posted by video.

The Rules
I'm starting from a third playthrough. This means a very large amount of starting cash, experience for most pilots, and an Ace Bonus for most pilots. As a result, I intend to do a 100% SR Point/Battle Mastery playthrough. That said, spending money and PP is optional and I may choose to use the money fully, moderately, or even very little.

The Language
This game is in Japanese. I will translate particularly amusing, amazing, or important scenes, and summarize the bulk of the game so that what's happening can be understood. I won't be doing a line by line translation of every scene in the game. Where possible I'll stay consistent with Atlus' Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation for gameplay elements.

The Spoilers
By its nature, any Super Robot Wars game is going to include heavy spoilers for several of the anime series it contains. Most series in this game start at their beginnings, so there should be plenty of warning should anyone realize that they want to watch a series that's spinning up in the game world without spoiling themselves on anything important.

Also this game is a semi-sequel, so even though it's new characters in a new chapter of the story, plot points from Super Robot Wars Z will eventually arise.

The Choices
There are several moments in the game where the crossover characters split up to do different jobs, and the main character Crowe (and the player) are given the choice which path they want to experience. All of these choices will be left to the thread. However, since the splits are parallel, I'll also briefly summarize whatever was happening in the alternate routes go down each of the alternate routes too.

There's an awful lot of room in Super Robot Wars Z2 to pick and choose which units will be primarily used in missions. These will also be generally left to the thread, I expect to the extent of "That robot's really cool! Use him more!".

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The One Million G Man
Chapter 1 Intermission
Chapter 2: The World Changes

-Japan Route-☆
Chapter 3: Launch! Mazinger Z!
Chapter 4: The Disaster Arrives
-Celestial Being Route-
Chapter 3: The Meteor That Started A War
Chapter 4: Chaotic Battlefield

-Japan Route-☆
Chapter 5: We're the Space Handymen
Chapter 6: A Power Awakens
Chapter 7: The Incredible Six Gods Combination
Chapter 8: Resolve Tested
-Celestial Being Route-
Chapter 5: Beast Formation!
Chapter 6: Towards A Faraway Peace
Chapter 7: Take Off!! Getter Robo!
Chapter 8: For Whom Would You Pull The Trigger?
-Area 11 Route-
Chapter 5: Battling
Chapter 6: A Demon is Born
Chapter 7: His Name is Zero
Chapter 8: The Princess and the Witch

Chapter 9: Dimension Shock

-Dark Continent Route-☆
Chapter 10: Pierce the Heavens With Your Drill!
Chapter 11: All High An' Mighty With Your Two Faces!
Chapter 12: That Makes No Damn Sense!
-Space Route-
Chapter 10: Close Encounter
Chapter 11: On Your Marks
Chapter 12: First Attack

Chapter 13: The Black Knights
Chapter 14: Trust and Conviction
Chapter 15: A Shadow Over the World

-Public Route-☆
Chapter 16: Bird-Human
Chapter 17: Night Battle at Shinjuku
Chapter 18: Opening Stage
-Shadow Route-
Chapter 16: Contact
Chapter 17: The Dream Continues
Chapter 18: Crossing Futures
Chapter 19 Intermission Part 1
Chapter 19 Intermission Part 2
Chapter 19 Intermission Part 3
Chapter 19 Intermission Part 4

Chapter 19: Shared Ideals
Chapter 20: Malice in the Sands
Chapter 21: The Truth Revealed
Chapter 22: The Siege of Limonesia
Chapter 23: The Curtain Rises on a New World

-WPC Route-☆
Chapter 24: A Visit From Afar
Chapter 25: A Faraway World
Chapter 26: Gathering Power
Chapter 27: Accursed Wanderers
-Space Route-
Chapter 24: Irreconcilable Methods
Chapter 25: New Visitors
Chapter 26: The Way Back Shut
Chapter 27: The Hunter in Black (Aquarion intermission)
-Area 11 Route-
Chapter 24: The Battle of Narita
Chapter 25: Connections
Chapter 26: Geass vs. Geass
Chapter 27: The Island of God

Chapter 28: Wanderers of ZEUTH
Chapter 29: The Beacon of Resistance
Chapter 30: Straight Fulcrum
Chapter 31: The Battle of Mars and Marg!
Chapter 32: So Long, Little Buddy...
Chapter 33: A Life to Pierce the Heavens

Route Split

-Celestial Being Route-☆
Chapter 34: Memorial Debut
Chapter 35: The Gunpoint of Evil
Chapter 36: Mission Entrusted
-Japan Route-
Chapter 34: The Father I Remember
Chapter 35: Onslaught! The Mechabeast Stratagem!
Chapter 36: At The End of a Life
-Area 11 Route-
Chapter 34: Imprisoned Mind
Chapter 35: Flames
Chapter 36: Euphie, Stained with Blood

Chapter 37: Noble, and Beautiful
Chapter 38: A Promise Fulfilled
Chapter 39: The Last Red Shoulder
Chapter 40: The Advent of the Omega!! (Translator notes on "Omega") (Additional dialogue)
Chapter 41: The Life of Marg

Route split

-Dark Continent Route-☆
Chapter 42: A Song of Victory for Tomorrow
Chapter 43: To The Royal Capitol, Teppelin
Chapter 44: The Spiral King, Enraged
-Space Route-
Chapter 42: To Space, Together
Chapter 43: Rose's Decision
Chapter 44: Flight into the Future

Chapter 45: Little Queen
Chapter 46: The Incarnation of Hatred
Chapter 47: Welcoming the Victors Home
Chapter 48 upgrades
Chapter 48: Daybreak's Bell (part 2, 3)
Chapter 49: Rainbow (part 2) (additional dialogue)
FINAL Chapter: Era of Destruction Part 2
Epilogue (part 2)

Songs (BGM versions from Brunom1, animation links pulled blindly from Youtube)
-Invincible Superman Zambot 3-
Go! Zambot 3

-Invincible Man of Steel Daitarn 3-
Come Here! Daitarn 3

-Invincible Robot Trider G7-
Theme of Trider G7

-Space Emperor Godsigma-
Fight! Space Warrior!

-Space Warrior Baldios-
Baldios, Live To Tomorrow

-Six Gods Combination Godmars-
Ruler of Space Godmars

-Warmachine Xabungle-
Xabungle the Gale

-Armored Trooper Votoms-
Fate in Flames

The Universe End M-14

-Super Dimension Century Orguss-
Drifting - Sky Hurricane

-Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam-
MS in the Flash

-Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack-
Main Title

-New Mobile Report Gundam Wing-
Just Communication

Wings of a Boy who Killed Adolescence

-After War Gundam X-

-Turn A Gundam-
Turn A Turn

-Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY-

-Mobile Suit Gundam 00 S1-
Daybreak's Bell


-Super Beast Machine God Dancouga-
Burning Rage

-Beast Machine Assault Dancouga Nova-
A Bird's Song

Main Theme

-Getter Robo Armageddon-

Now is the Time!

-New Mazinger: Crash! Z-
Feel the Knight1

-Saving the World, Inc. Dai-Guard-
Back-Alley Space Boy

21st Century Security Anthem

-The Big O-
Sure Promise

-Overman King Gainer-
King Gainer Over!
Animation (warning: giant robots dancing the monkey)

-Grand God of Gravity Gravion Zwei-
Scarlet Fang

-Genesis of Aquaroin-
Genesis of Aquarion

-Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion-

Previous Notice

-Pierce the Heavens! Gurren-Lagann-
Sky Blue Days

-Macross F-

9 PM at Sagittarius (Don't Be Late)


Interstellar Flight

What 'bout my star?

-Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN: Pocket Full of Rainbows-
A Man's Battle

Birth of the Saint

-SRWZ Original-
Close Game Life


World Encroaching Alert

Untrue Crystal

Tears of Pearl

Impenetrable Emerald

Black Stranger

Battle Choir

(Links to game and original versions forthcoming someday, will add over time)

1 The song is a remix of an earlier song with a title you can translate as "Feel the Night" ("I can feel the night with you, I can do it all with you"), with the lyrics changed from love and sex to kicking ass. Fun fact!
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