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by Caphi

Part 78: The Advent of the Omega!! (Additional dialogue)

Due to holidays and shit, I don't know when I'll get to do the next full chapter, so have this in the meantime.

Be careful, Toshiya! That thing's a dense concentration of Getter rays!
What does that mean? It exists to do nothing but scatter Getter rays everywhere?
You have no need to know its true purpose!
Omega Dragon is a message to the universe! The bringer of Armageddon!
You're not exactly convincing us that you don't need to be stopped!
Okay, Getter monster! It's a showdown, Getter radiation versus Trinity Energy!

The flora in the area is withering... it must be the Getter radiation!
Death is the fate of all beings who cannot adapt to the Getter's power!
Their fate is not for you to decide!
It was not my decision! It is a natural law!
There's nothing natural about that! If you despoil the beauty of nature, if you take innocent lives, I will stop you!

What are you trying to pull combining all those Getters into this freak!
There's no point explaining to a child... or to any of humanity!
What are you talking about! Last I checked, you're a human too!
Or what, did you go to deep into your research and lose your humanity or something?

You jerk! I thought you might be mean, but you're still a good scientist! And then you turn out to be a bad guy!
Good and evil are irrelevant to my ultimate objective... the genesis of life itself!
You can't confuse me with your weird science words! I don't get any of them anyway!
All I know is that I gotta stop you or you'll destroy the whole planet! Here I come!