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Part 91: Daybreak's Bell (Part 1)

The Ptolemy is still out in space. Crowe reports on how rough it's been out here.

Well, good job. It's paid for itself in terms of data.
Right to the data and not a word for my health?
Oh, of course, dear. I know you work hard to provide for us.
I'm sorry, honey. It must be so hard with a guy like me...
By the way, why am I the husband here?
I didn't ask to be the wife, you know.
Not that kind of wife, anyway. You'd be the biggest nag on Earth.
Which means I should be complaining about how much you bring home.
Yeah, here it comes...
Time to add up your payout.

This time it's just a single chime.

Awfully solemn this time, isn't it?
Sorry. I just barely managed to save enough to buy a triangle.
This sucks! You're out there busting your butt and all I've got is a triangle!
Damn it! Damn it to hell!! *ding ding ding*
I appreciate it, honest! Thanks a bunch!
I'd rather have a triangle than all the castanets and tambourines in the world!
Man, this is something else. It's perfect, Esther.
Y-yeah! Thanks! *ding ding ding*
I got it! That's enough, come on!
Let's get to the total!





It's 500,000 G this time, so that leaves you 600,000 in the red.
Awesome! I think taking out the Imperium will get me all the way there!
Way to go, Crowe!
Hey, save the congratulations for the real deal, okay?
Keep up the good fight, Crowe. For Scott Labs, and for the fate of the world.

Yeah... I can see the end now.
The end of our fight for the world? Or of your debt?
What did you hear?
Just so you know, I'm not alone.
What a cheapskate.
Um, it looks like you've got a lot to deal with, so hang in there.
I don't know if you know this, Setsuna... but if you don't say anything, it just makes it more awkward.
I have nothing to say to you right now.
I feel so judged.
My judgment of you has not changed since we met.
You mean you've never cared for a second.

The girls want to tell their managers they're okay; Setsuna won't say who he wants to contact, but it's somebody. Lockon's not here to talk to anyone; "some people you can't get in touch with even if you want to," he says cryptically. Crowe assures him that he'll be able to once the world has peace again.

Crowe also mentions that the other snipers have been worried about Lockon's performance now that he's got an eye out. He, of course, knows that it's not going to stop Lockon from fighting, so he's just going to leave it at this: "don't be stupid."

Right now, though, they've got to get to the Quarter, where GOONZ is celebrating their victories thus far and the one step they have left...

I mean, all we have left to do is take out the Imperium, and the UNF and their GN-Xs have already got them against the ropes. Celestial Being may have assumed the mole leaked those fake GN Drive plans for their own benefit, but it looks like they really are fighting for world peace.

The question is whether we're even capable of defeating Gaioh, at least to Rossiu, but the answer he gets back in chorus is: we will win. We're stronger than we were back then, we've got ZEUTH and GOONZ working together, and we're on the same side as the brave soldiers fighting all over the world. ZEUTH still hopes to get back home, of course, but not a one of them isn't determined to fight as GOONZ nonetheless - to save this world, and honestly, because they've got a serious problem with Ime Liard. He's one of the Imperium, though, so we can just subdue him while we're sinking it. (For a moment, Kappei admits he'll miss Watta, but he misses his family and friends - and Aki - more.)

Speaking of Ime Liard, Holland's working for him in the hopes of triggering a quake and recreating the Agony of Doha. To be honest, Renton may not have served too long a term with the Gekko, but he still sort of misses them. Renton and Gainer tell him not to worry about it. They'll surely cross paths with Holland on their way to the Imperium as well, but until then, we'll all focus on the fight ahead of us.

It's not a party without the music though! As always, Sheryl's music lifts the GOONZ' spirits and focuses their drives, but Ozma insists he prefers Fire Bomber, a legend of a rock band from another Macross, over all else. The funny thing about the legend is how it ends: the band just stopped one day and that was it. It hasn't stopped them from inspiring Ozma, right down to the names of all his squad maneuvers. ("Still obsessing over them?" mutters Cathy.)

Ranka's up after Sheryl, and that brings us back to the fact that her dad used to sing her Aimo. She has no idea where he could have learned it (long, long before Ranka made her debut though), but Simon plans to go digging into the Dark Continent after the war. They'll let her know if they find anything out about her song.

That very Aimo is up next; it's a very different atmosphere from Sheryl. The peaceful music gets GOONZ thinking of what they'll do when the world's at peace. Duo and the other Gundam pilots were going to return to the fight for colonial independence, but Elgan Roddick is a step ahead, already setting up talks between the Colonies' rulers and administrators. Still, they'll be standing ready in case the talks go south, all the while hoping for the best.

And the Black Knights? Zero hasn't forgotten that the world war is only a more pressing matter between him and his own goal to liberate Japan. He's prepared for Celestial Being to come after his Knights, but maybe destroying armaments is still on their radar or maybe not. So their goal is to make themselves Public Enemy Number One? It's still Zero's best guess, but they won't say one way or another.

Whatever happens, Lockon feels one thing for sure: if the whole world could be a little more like GOONZ, working together for common goals despite their varied origins and methods, the world would be a slightly nicer place. Idealistic, says Zero - but it's best for people to spend their lives in the service of ideals, anyway.

Heero knows exactly who Setsuna was sending a message to... have no message for Relena Dorian?
She and I are from different worlds.
A question, then. What do you see for yourself after our fight is over?
Is it so different from the peace Relena Dorian is working for?
...I don't know.
Then think.

Crowe and Lockon break them up though. This is a party! It's no place for that heavy stuff! It's time to smile and enjoy! "I think that's the hardest mission yet for these two," quips Duo. Well, at least it's true that there's no need for Heero to rush his answer.

Mostly, Setsuna just keeps seeing a shadow of his own former self in Heero - himself back in the KPSA. Lockon says he's different now - he, and Celestial Being, are fighting for something greater...

Chapter 48: Daybreak's Bell

The Earth is in sight, and we can see both moons, too. It seems the Dark Moon has always been surrounded by an impenetrable dimensional barrier. Hmm. But the barrier could always go away, like the one around the Dark Continent did.

Oh, and there's a group headed for us.

It's the U. N. Forces, and they don't look friendly.

Sergei says we are under arrest for cooperating with terrorists. Whoops! But Sumeragi sees the puppetmaster's hand in all this...

GOONZ scrambles; Quattro alone believes that this was Treize's decision. But still, the UNF is prioritizing GOONZ over the Imperium?

There's no point trying to negotiate, but Sumeragi thinks we can break through - and when we get back to Earth, we'll have some questions for Elgan Roddick. This is obviously too convenient to be anything but deliberate - is the one pulling the strings really the Chairman?

No one wants to fight Suzaku, in particular, but he's in no mood to talk.

And Setsuna's will to fight for the world that would treat us like this dips for a moment, but Lockon brings him back. "If the world is twisted, it's our mission to destroy the distortion!"

This chapter will feature special guest Quattro Bajeena in the Turn A.

Oh yeah, and we've just got four turns to crush the whole UNF. It's all good.

Especially since Touga learns Courage.

All hail Britannia! Wh - but you're Zero! What luck! What a twist of fate! What misfortune!
Are you Orange?
I, I, I, Iiiiiiiiiiii beseech you! Please kindly die!
He's lost control of himself?!
Zero, I must destroy all enemies of the Britannian people! Therefore... all hail Britannia!

I know this fight won't make the world any better, but...
But I have to fight Zero! The man who polluted Euphie's heart!

Another stage with lots of low-level bosses, but this time I'm prepared.

Really, the problem is going to be the huge mass of GN-Xs.

Okay, I should check in.

Tauruses are a couple of hits each. GN-Xs are probably three. Other than that, we're dealing with Suzaku, Jeremiah, Zechs, Noin, Sergei, Soma, and Patrick.

Out of my way, Karen! If you defend Zero, I won't hesitate to go through you!
I never wanted your mercy to begin with! If you're going to wage this war, I guess you've shown your true colors!
But I still... I still have to destroy Zero!
Then I'll fight to defend him! Zero brought us hope!

I think I want to just take down Suzaku.

It's cool, I've got like six of those left.

Zero! I'll be happy if I can just take you out!
I thought you were better than this, Suzaku! Dancing to a puppetmaster's tune, fighting this foolish war!
Shut up! I'll kill you with my own hands - for Euphie!
(That passion... I have to assume that Suzaku knows Zero manipulated Euphemia!)
(But who would have told him that? Someone else who knows about the Geass?)

Suzaku drops an Yggdrasill Drive and an apology to Euphemia.

Zero learns Soul. C. C. learns Love.

That's enough, Suzaku!
What are you doing this for? Answer us!
I... can't even avenge Euphie...
Zero! I'll never forgive you!

So he fought because of his hatred and anger towards you.
What else could we expect? He was Euphemia's knight.
(Suzaku... I think you've begun to suspect that I'm Zero deep down...)
(But Suzaku, I'm past the point of no return. Even if I have to fight you...)

Anyway, you know what sounds like an awesome idea? Sending Setsuna into a mass of GN-Xs, at the bosses who are also in GN-Xs.

End of turn 2. (I wish there was an easier way to do this.)

a.k.a. the enemy phase where stuff starts dying en masse.

(They may say this is necessary, but do we have to fight like this?)
(A rite of passage for the new world to come... but I still...)

The pilot of that Mobile Suit is Zechs Marquis of OZ...
Colony Gundam... now is not the place for me to question your battle.
But the warrior's blood in my veins calls me to fight you!
I'm not going to die here. My mission is not yet over!
Locked on... target: Zechs Marquis!
Good, Gundam! Forget your duty, your role, and fight me!

Ooh, Zechs is actually kind of strong.

Zero... oh, Zero... Zero!
I yearn for you... you are my purpose of existence!

All hail Orange.

Even if I use Karen in the last mission, I should let Zero get the experience, though.

Although if he keeps taking down these GN-Xs...

My darling Colonel Mannequin is directing us from base!
Are you watching me, Colonel? Patrick Colaseur, the ace of the AEU, is going to bring home some trophies!

Celestial Being is part of GOONZ...
Just a little longer, Howard! I'll avenge your death!

Meanwhile, the common GN-Xs are dying out.

Come on, Soma, nothing for me? Maybe Sergei...

(The world has been united in the form of this U. N. Forces against a common threat. But I sense someone's ambition behind it...)
(A soldier must always follow his mission. But this battle...)

Another turn down, time to start seriously worrying about some bosses.

Subject E-57! I've confirmed that you came from the super soldier laboratory!
I'm against that pilot, but my head doesn't hurt!
(I'm absorbing her brainwaves for you.)
(Nothing in your way now. Rip her apart, Allelujahhh!)
He's blocking out my brainwaves!
But I'm still a perfect super soldier! A failure like you can't possibly beat me!

She's not wrong. He might need some help.

She's strong...
Then back off, Allelujah!
You're worthless here, like you're always worthless when it's down to life and death!
I'm going to live... even if I have to drink blood to survive!
I'm going to live too.
I don't know anything about the world yet. Not even why we're fighting right here.
And I want to see the future for myself, with Celestial Being, and with GOONZ!
I won't die until I have those answers!
It's about time you got serious! All right, then let's show that girl how a real super soldier operates!

He's moving differently now!
Things are about to change!
That's right, Hallelujah!
How could this be? I'm a perfect super soldier!
Don't you get it, girl?
You're no perfect super soldier!
Your quantum brain waves may give you superhuman reflexes, but your rational mind can't keep up with them!
You're just moving on instinct, like an animal!
But how--
So we can read your moves!
Thought and reaction working as one...
That's what a soldier should be!
But you're about to experience that firsthand!

He's got both of his Ace bonuses now! And the higher of both of their stats, too.

But I'm going to move my attention back downwards.

Specialist Zechs of OZ...
What's the matter, Lieutenant Quattro? I can see doubt in your maneuvers!
Doubt? I suppose I have started to doubt myself after meeting Treize Kushrinada...
I know I don't have the conviction to do what he's doing for my beliefs.
I don't care about that! I want to do battle with you as a warrior!
While you hide your true intentions beneath that mask?
I warn you, Specialist Zechs! Yours will be a false soul unless you take off that mask!
And yet, all I am now is Zechs Marquis! En guarde!

Answer me, Specialist Zechs! What's the point in us fighting like this?
My only thought as a soldier is to carry out my mission!
Drop it! You know there's no purpose to this battle, so why are you fighting?
Why am I fighting? To cross swords with fellow warriors like you!
Zechs Marquis! I didn't think you were so blind not realize this is not the time to be rash!
Say what you like! As long as I wear this mask, I am the Lightning Baron of OZ, no more or less!

Special International Relief Force GOONZ... you've accomplished a great deal.
But this is what it's brought about! I have no ill will towards you, but you must pay the price for a unified world!

And finally,

Zechs drops a Gundamium Armor.

(Treize... even if it's to change the world, I can't convince myself that this is the right way.)
(I cannot call you my friend...)
(Zechs... You're still not sure.)
(But you've fulfilled your obligation to Lord Treize.)

Oh, Noin left too.

Zechs Marquis... even Treize's closest friend fought in this operation...

There's only one way to finish Orange.

He drops a Spinal Connector.

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh! Zeeeeeeeerroooooooooooo!
That... that was Sir Jeremiah, right?
A dead man returned from the pit. How unfortunate.

I like this boss-eliminating spree. Let's see how Setsuna does against Patrick.

Whoops. Patrick drops a Propellant Tank.

C-colonel! I'm so sorryyyy!

I wonder if that'll work on Sergei.


He had an ISC unit.

Ugh! It's over for me!
Lt. Colonel!

What are you doing, 2nd. Lieutenant? Don't worry about me! Keep fighting!
I can't!
If you go away, I... I'll be alone...
Relax, 2nd. Lieutenant. I won't die.
Really? Do you promise?
I promise.
Roger, Lt. Colonel. Soma Pieres, returning to battle.

Uh oh.

Lt. Colonel, I swear, we will drink the sweet wine of victory!
I'll be waiting, 2nd. Lieutenant. Just don't go further than you can handle.

Maaan. She healed up and took Focus and Invincible. This always happens. And Setsuna's out of SP, by the way, but he did a lot for us.

At least the Invincible's gone.

Just for perspective, Gurren-Lagann with Valor can't do to a GN-X what Setsuna did (albeit with the extra advantage from Soul).

Anyway, all the generic GN-Xs are down (and by the way, Bobby learns Valor for the Macross Quarter)...

I'm going to leave Pieres right here, though.

Tauruses are down, leaving just Daryl and Pieres.

Just Pieres.

Howard... I'm done for too...
Lieutenant Graham... it's up to you now.

Poor Howard.

In the meantime, I was sure Pieres would go for Allelujah. I'm just going to give it to him, there's time.

He's... overwhelming me?
Give up! I don't want to have to kill you!
I... I won't... I won't kill any more of my own kind!
Enough! I don't know what happened to you after you escaped from the enhanced soldier program, but we're enemies now!
If you won't stop fighting, then I...!

She drops a Sniper's Kit.

Gh! I... I can't...
The cockpit hatch opened!
How dare you, Celestial Being!
You're... Marie... but why... why you...
I'm sorry, Lt. Colonel... I have to retreat!
How... how could Soma Pieres be Marie, the girl I grew up with...
Did you know this, Hallelujah?
(If you'd known, you wouldn't have fought. You'd just have died.)
(She's gone now. I don't give a crap about this battle anymore.)
Marie... my only friend... I fought against you...

We may have fought off this wave, but the UNF is supposed to have 30 solar furnaces. We've only seen 19 so far, so there must be more coming. Right?

"You got it!"

Ali slams into the Ptolemaios, hitting its thrusters directly and sending it spiraling into space.

Laughing, he says Setsuna has no time for revenge just as the UNF reinforcements arrive and flies off to chase the runaway ship - to "finish off my prey." Celestial Being peels off to go after the Ptolemy, leaving the rest of us to break through all the Tauruses the hard way. We'll go after them as soon as we're free.

One phase of this chapter is over...

And the game joins Celestial Being as they reach the Ptolemaios. But I'll save this battle for another week.