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Part 73: Euphie, Stained with Blood

Despite the fact that, again, Euphie has brought peace to Area 11 in a single move, Cornelia is personally opposed. Schneizel points out that she's assigned Dalton to her sister's defense; Cornelia explains that what's done is done, and now that Euphie's made her intentions public, the best thing she can do as Viceroy is not to undermine it, but to try to get the rest of the citizens on board. Having a knight stand in her defense should help. Continues Schneizel, is that also how she feels about Euphemia's next proposal? Because Schneizel remembers that humanity is threatened, and he thinks Euphie might be able to unite the whole world. Cornelia has no response, and hangs up.

Schneizel's glad Cornelia's hesitating, though, since it means he can leave Area 11 out of his "experiment." Speaking of experiments, he orders Bartley to have a "subject" transferred to the Rosenberg facility along with the prototype. There's still the matter of Kaminejima, too, but we can save dealing with that for after Area 11 settles down. He is terribly glad there's one less thing imperiling the world, with the threat of the Imperium looming...

Both Ohgi and "Chigusa" are on board with the Special Administrative Region; with the Japanese and Britannians able to live together in harmony and equality, they can finally be together...

The rebellion is as impressed as Schneizel; Euphemia has all the cards. She's more trustworthy than the mysterious masked man, and with her plan, no one gets hurt. In fact, that Kyoto corporation that secretly runs the resistance is already on her side, and it's not hard to see why. If you just want to rebuild Japan, the SAR guarantees a safe space to do it in. And not just safe from Britannia - with the Imperium, Invaders, and all those other creepy crawlies on the loose, the citizens will be keen to take an option that makes sure they have a stable place to live.

Which means, just as the Gundam boys promised last chapter, that they're ditching the Black Knights. To be precise, they were never Black Knights themselves, and now that the Area 11 resistance is toothless, they don't really have anything to gain by sticking with them. Karen can't believe they'd just cut ties like that. Ohgi, of course, wonders why they don't just back her up.

And Roger? Roger says that words like freedom and equality are very attractive, "but that's just all the more reason to be skeptical of the person saying them." But there are exceptions - like when you can trust the person saying them to follow through. And by Roger's judgment, Euphemia deserves their trust.

"Whose side are you on?" yells Tamaki.

"I always endeavor to remain on the side of nothing but the truth," smiles Roger.

And honestly, it's not like the Black Knights could back out anyway. If they participate, it would mean peace for Japan; if they oppose it, they would be opposing those words, freedom and equality.

Then we should join, right?
Whoa, Ohgi. What do you want to go in so badly for?
I bet it's a woman!
Can't blame him, that Euphemia's kinda a cutie!
All I want is peace...
But do you know she's telling the truth?
I don't know she's lying.

The most important voice has been missing from the vigorous debate, and at last, all eyes turn to Zero. He simply says that the Black Knights will march to Mt. Fuji...

Where a stadium full of people eagerly awaits Zero's answer themselves.

At last, he arrives, to Suzaku's surprise, and requests a private audience with Euphemia - alone. Suzaku warns Euphemia against it, but Euphemia asks him to believe in her. Zero tells Suzaku that he's part of the reason all these Japanese are gathered here - his presence, as a Japanese representative to Britannia, gives it credit in their eyes. He and Euphemia go up into her chambers...

Euphemia tells Lelouche that she's got the cameras shut off, so she wants him to remove his mask. Reluctantly, he does, then shows her a ceramic-and-bamboo gun he brought with him. But he would never shoot her - she's going to shoot him. If Euphemia were to shoot Zero here, at this event being broadcast across the world, she would lose faith and Zero would become a martyr in one swoop; if Zero then made a miraculous recovery, he would become a messiah. "Reason doesn't move people, but miracles do..."

Suddenly, Zero's eye burns. Euphemia rushes to him, but he snarls that he doesn't need pity from Euphemia li Britannia. Euphemia cries back that she's renounced her name and inheritance to the throne!

"Do you mean to say you did that for me?" growls Lelouche.

"You always were self-centered," she giggles. "No, I did it for Nunnally."

Euphemia spoke with Nunnally while Zero was abroad, and what Nunnally said was that as long as she can be with Lelouche, that's all she needs. After talking to Marina and Relena, who were both trying to figure out how they could find their own peace, that's what settled it for Euphemia. "Lelouche, understand that I have not given up a single thing that is truly, truly dear to me."

Lelouche has to admit defeat. Despite Euphemia never having been as smart or skilled as him, she's still possibly the greatest threat he's ever had to face. She wins.

...but really, do you have any faith in me at all?
You thought you could ever convince me to shoot you?
Not at all. But no one can disobey my orders, you see.
Shoot me. Fire Suzaku. I could tell you to do anything.
Please, stop joking...
It's true.
In fact, even if I told you to kill all the Japanese, it wouldn't matter what you wanted...
All right.
Wh... no... I can't... no! I can't kill them! I won't... ugh...
What just happened? Did the Geass trigger?
I have to kill the Japanese...
(I can't control my Geass, just like Mao!)
Argh! Forget that order, Euphie!
I have to kill the Japanese!
Damn it! Wait, Euphie!

Excuse me, anyone who considers themselves Japanese?
Could I trouble you to die, please?
I would appreciate it if you would kill yourselves, but I suppose that's unreasonable. Soldiers, kill them all!
Every single one!
Stop, Euphie!
I order you in the name of Euphemia li Britannia!
Kill every person who calls themself Japanese! Don't leave a single one alive!
Yes, your highness!

Chapter 36: Euphie, Stained with Blood
(Area 11 route)

Zero has the Black Knights standing by, awaiting his signal, and they have no choice but to trust him. Ohgi understands the importance of being sure of Euphemia's intent, but Todo believes Zero has them standing by precisely because Zero's already seen how this ends and that he'll need them. Quattre's the only one to suggest that Euphemia might be sincere. Roger is more interested in Zero's intent - will he accept a peaceful solution, or will he insist on achieving his goal by force?

Ime Liard just couldn't keep his nose out of ceremony, and he is positively excited for something major that is soon to happen at the stadium. No sooner than he finishes, Diethard reports from ground zero that Euphemia's ordered the extermination of the Japanese!

Diethard, for his part, is absolutely impressed at the show Zero's put on. However he did it, he's managed to get a far, far better reaction than the plan they originally discussed of having Euphemia shoot him. Lakshata can't disagree, but she's understandably disturbed by Diethard's excitement. But how could he not be? Remember, this whole thing is going worldwide - it's going to take the whole world by storm, with Zero at its eye!

Meanwhile, Dalton catches up with Zero, who decides, since he can't fix the situation, to make the most of it.

Suzaku frantically sets his handlers looking for Euphemia, who is somewhere in the confusion and riot. He himself intends to get as many Japanese as he can to safety. The Euphemia he knows would never order this...

But a strange man tells him to find Euphemia and stop her himself. He'll take care of the civilians.

The Black Knights figure this is another of Ime's tricks, but Ime says he's merely the peanut gallery. It must have been our commander. Who else could it be? The Knights refuse to believe him, but whether or not we do doesn't particularly matter to him. Crowe tells him to cut the crap and deal with him directly, but Ime, once again, says there's a reason he's going through Crowe's comrades - so Crowe's heart will waver between fighting to survive and wanting to die. Either way, more pressing is mounting a rescue operation. "This is gonna be a cliche, but I'm saying it anyway," Crowe tells Ime. "This isn't over!"

Todo orders us to break down the stadium walls and open an escape path for the Japanese.

Unfortunately, Britannian soldiers are covering Euphemia's massacre. Can we break through them in time?

Daitarn, come here!

Luckily, we don't have to! Banjou Haran summons his gargantuan robot, Daitarn 3, to do just what we were planning to, and what's more, keep the Britannians from gunning down the Japanese as they flee.

How dare you!
Daitarn 3 will crush the plots of evil in the name of all the people of the world!
If you have no fear of the Sun's radiance, then face me!
Banjou! You came to this world too...
Sorry I couldn't join you earlier.

It's a good thing Banjou's on our side, but he seems saddened that the Black Knights are burning with righteous fury at the Britannian's cowardly plot. Both he and Roger know that they have no choice but to fight, at least for now.

Speaking of righteous fury, the Black Knights are raring to exterminate Britannia in just two turns.

Daitarn 3/Daifighter/Daitank (Banjou "The Motherfucking Storm" Haran)

Prevail L7
Daitarn Snapper (5 EN, mobility)
Daitarn Missile (8 ammo)
Daitarn Cannon (6 ammo)
Daitarn Hammer (10 EN)
Daitarn Javelin (20 EN)
Sun Attack Storm (35 EN, 120 Will)
Sun Attack (80 EN, 130 Will, armor)
Ace Bonus: Gain 30000 G funds after finishing a scenario.

Behold your new hero.

Invincible Iron Man Daitarn 3 is the third entry completing the Invincible cycle from which we got Trider and Zambot, and probably the best - as a unit, there is very little to hate about the gargantuan Daitarn. It's all-terrain and has a variety of moves, including a good one that strips armor. Banjou is an excellent pilot with good Spirits and, rare for super robots, high Skill. And using it for Attack Again is unfair, since Daitarn, whose 120 meters puts him at size 2L (a scale normally occupied by battleships), hits with tremendous force even on a single attack.

Also, Banjou is loud, brilliant (with Roger, he untangled the misunderstanding at the heart of ZEUTH), charismatic, and prints money.

You will never use the Daitank, and you may use the Daifighter occasionally for extra movement, but it's not like it stops Daitarn from being great.

Moving on, all the GOONZ have been kicked to full Will by their outrage - even Roger and Banjou.

Damn it, you dirty Buttannians! That was low!
I hope you're ready for a beating, 'cause the Black Knights ride with the anger and hatred of the true Japan!

(Chigusa... it looks like I'll have to take down Britannia for us to be together...)
(I will fight! I'll take back Japan and make us a home where we can live together!)

You can say the Japanese who came here because they believed in Britannia were foolish...
But the real villain here is Euphemia Britannia! She'll pay for trampling on the hopes of our people!

How could you... all those people who came here today wanted was to live in peace!
Euphemia li Britannia! You'll pay for this, I swear it!

(Euphemia li Britannia. You were one of Relena's friends.)
(Why did you do it? Why did you give that order?)

Roger... it seems that your judgment was mistaken.
My judgment of Sub-Viceroy Euphemia still hasn't changed.
Are you being a poor loser?
Of course not. But this still doesn't make sense.
Why did she do what she did? I want the truth.

A world ruled by violence, fear, and chaos. But it's my world now.
So Daitarn 3 and I will clear the mist of terror that chokes this world!

You may think these units are to scale. They really, really aren't.

There's something to be said for the anger and hatred of the true Japan - the Black Knights (and co.) tear through them in a berserk rage.

In fact, by turn 2, there are just a few wrecked Gloucesters left standing.

Banjou gets his next Spirit already: Guard.

Obviously, those last few knights don't last long.

Meanwhile, Euphemia is still gunning down all the Japanese she can see.

Oh, goodness, I thought you were Japanese. Now, about the Special Administrative Region of Japan... oh my, it's Japan, isn't it?
I would have made it happen. By your side.

Zero points the gun at Euphemia.


And pulls the trigger.

Why... Lelou...
(Goodbye, Euphie. I think you were my first love.)
Euphie! Euphiiiiiiiie!

C. C. comes to get Zero out, leaving Euphie in Suzaku's arms...

She didn't think Lelouche would actually do it, but soon realizes what actually happened. Zero begins to blame C. C. for making the pact, but composes himself and informs the Black Knights that he ended Euphemia's life.

Ime, of course, is very pleased with all the wavering, as well as what he knows to be Zero's ever-expanding list of sins, and of course, he's got another fight lined up for us.

Marguerite, as always, wants Crowe's head; Zero takes command instantly, ordering the Black Knights to display a majestic victory and restore hope to the Japanese after it was dashed by Britannia.

Have I mentioned, lately, how much I hate DAMons?

And not having anyone I normally use? Duo gets Fury. (I could have sworn I actually use Duo.)

En guarde, Crowe Brust!
I think she's serious this time... she wants my blood, huh?!
You took from me the last thing I had! You will pay!
...I don't care if you're some fancy honorable knight, you gotta stay frosty on the battlefield.
If I'm fighting for my life, I fight like I want to live. That means giving it all I've got...


On the bright side, there aren't... that many DAMons. And... "only" two Rhinodamons. Though I do have to take them all out. And I've already lost a few D-listers.

A good first step is to knock out as many Bulldamons as I can.

Roger gets Fury too, and Dorothy gets Bless.

And here is some DAITARN 3.

Aaaa no goddammit.

I really dislike this stage.

It takes the entirety of one agonizing turn to finish the DAMons.

All there really is left to do is finish Pearlnail.

The usual happens.

Zero calls his men back to his base, and can't fully keep the sadness out of his voice. Banjou has a few questions for him, too...

From his mysterious perch, Charles looks on.

Heh heh... ha ha ha ha ha ha! He did it!
Fight, Lelouche, my son! No, Zero!
Your Geass is the power of the King! But the extent of its power is in your hands!
Struggle! Fight! Until you can no longer, or the world is united!

Cornelia is on her way, so Lloyd and Cecille give Suzaku and Euphemia some privacy.

I'm here, Euphie.
Just tell me one thing. Why did you give those orders?
Orders... what orders?
But Suzaku... aren't you... Japanese?
Uh... yes...
I... can't... kill Suzaku... why... I couldn't...
Suzaku... the ceremony. Japan. How did...
Don't you remember, Euphie?
Were the Japanese... happy?
Was... was I good?
Euphie, the SAR...
...was a huge success. Everyone in Japan was really happy.
But it's strange... I can't see... your face...
Go... to school... I... never finished...
Euphie, you can still go! You can even come with me to Ashford! It'll be fun! We'll go together...
Go... for me...
No! Euphie, no!
I... I'm really... happy to...
Euphie! Euphie!!
(Why? Why did you...)
Do you really want to know?
What's a kid doing here?
Hello, Suzaku Kururugi. My name is V. V.
V... two?
Everything is his fault. Zero's the one that made Euphemia go wrong.
How do you know...
I'll tell you, and I'll you who Zero is too.
In fact, Zero is someone you know.
Suzaku Kururugi... if you want to know the truth, fight. Fight to change the world.

Diethard wants to know just what Zero did, but Zero changes the subject to world events. Well, of course, terrorism is spiking while DAMons overrun the globe. Speaking of, Banjou's been following the Imperium at F. S.'s behest, and it was on Ime's trail that he came to Area 11. He's ascertained that there's a goal behind their seeming capriciousness - this exact thing was their aim, to plunge the world into endless war.

Diethard does not appreciate Banjou interfering at the stadium; he was hoping for "a panorama of carnage." The Black Knights have no interest in minimizing casualties. Of course, the actual Black Knights have every interest in minimizing Japanese casualties and tell him so, but Diethard simply says that they were necessary sacrifices to Zero's new Japan.

Zero himself doesn't agree with Diethard either, and he thanks Banjou for the help - of course, anything to limit the damage he caused through Euphemia.

Kagura - the defacto "Empress" of the Kyoto group that controls the Japanese resistance - has come to meet Zero, and she was quite insistent. You see, she wanted to see her "future husband" in person. Oh, of course they were going to. If he's going to rule Japan, he needs someone at his side.

"You think I can win?" asks Zero.

"Indeed, because I am a goddess of victory."

"Unfortunately," says Zero cagily, "I've already sold myself to the devil. I'm in no position to follow a goddess."

Zero has a less poetic alternative - he's going to rejoin GOONZ. He knows Elgan should be gathering it back together in response to the Imperium's latest move. Diethard protests that now is the time to strike while the iron of Japan's fury is hot, but Zero says, as always, that as long as the Imperium is allowed to run loose, neither Japan nor the world will know any kind of peace. Besides, the Black Knights have to represent a force for good. The other GOONZ agree - now is not the time to worry about Britannia. Meanwhile, Zero orders Diethard to organize the remaining resistance for the upcoming battle, and not to make a big deal of today's events. He's resolved to defeat the Imperium - as a step to reclaiming Euphie's dream of peace, and a tiny fraction of recompense for crushing it.

Lelouche swings by Ashford; he claims it's to mourn Euphemia.

Lelouche. Have you ever hated someone so much you would kill them?
I always thought that was wrong. I thought you had to follow the rules or it was just murder.
But now I find myself fighting to kill someone because I just hate them so much.
And that would be...
Go ahead.
It's for Euphie, isn't it? But I'm prepared. I won't take it back.
Thank you, Lelouche.
Of course. We're friends, aren't we?
For seven years now.
Sorry. I won't be able to see you go.
I'm going off to battle.
That's all right. Be safe.
Yeah. Goodbye, Lelouche.
(Suzaku... do you suspect me, deep down?)
(Well, that's fine. I have nothing left to lose.)
(Suzaku, my hands are stained. Come at me if you want; I'll respond in kind.)
(Because we're friends. Hahahahahaha... bahahahahahahahahaha!)
(Maybe I've wanted this ever since then... to destroy, to lose...)
(But you have to destroy to create. And if emotion gets in the way, I'll get rid of it.)
Are we going, Lelouche?
Let's. It's all I have left.
(You look sad, Lelouche. Is this how you plan to atone?)

Well, wasn't that fun?