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by Caphi

Part 99: Epilogue (Part 2)

Ptolemaios Hangar

So the Black Knights are back in Area 11.
Aren't you Colony Gundams going to join them?
The situation's changed on us. Area 11's not half as important as it used to be.
And our Colonies have been accepted into the Federation. Our job is to stand by.
Those talks Chairman Roddick arranged between the Colonies and their administration bore fruit, then.
That tricky bastard actually kept a promise for once.
But it may only be an illusion.
Ostensibly, the Colonies are going to be a member of the Federation equal to the countries.
But the three great nations are going to appoint a new Colony representative.
A puppet, you mean.
We're only agents. We don't know what our superiors are up to.
But if that's true, I at least will reject the Federation.
And then what? The Colonies want to join the Federation.
Then we'll fight ourselves, without any backing.
Our mission is the liberation of the Colonies.
Is that what you fight for?
Even if it is not what Relena Dorian wishes for?
I'm not fighting for her.
Then what do you wish for?
...the same thing you do, most likely.
I see.
Hey, thanks for everything, Ms. Sumeragi. We should be going, though.
Thank you too. We wouldn't have been able to fight this long without you.
All humans joined as one... in a sense, Celestial Being's mission succeeded.
What will you do now?
We're still thinking about it.
If we start a new fight, will you come to stop us?
Still thinking about it.
But I hope it doesn't come to that.
Hey, we don't want to fight you either.
So long, Celestial Being. Let's meet again somewhere that isn't a battlefield.

The pilots of other Gundams... and their fight continues...
The world needs them too, if it's going to change.
So where are we headed, Ms. Sumeragi?
Like I told Quattre, we need to think about it.
Both Celestial Being and GOONZ were carried along the waves of change.
As I see it, our real fight starts now.
The world was changed. But we still don't know what happened to the stolen Veda...
Finding out is our new mission, then.
I'm not sure we have that luxury.
Unlike most of GOONZ, we and the Black Knights are still considered terrorists.
So we're on the run from the Federation?
I thought the Chairman was going to take care of that for us.
And we can hope for the best, but...
We still have a reason to exist.
If this world is at peace, let us fade into the shadows. But if war breaks out once more...
Then we'll come right back.
That is our duty, left us by Lockon Stratos.
We must carry it out. We, as Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being.

World Federation Council Office

...I've set aside the perfect position for you.
Commander-in-Chief of the World Federation Military... a proper title with bite, unlike World Peacekeeping Council Chairman.
I see the drug is working. Even you can't muster up the strength to speak.
Now, much as I do regret this, I'm afraid I have to make an informal movement against the office of Commander-in-Chief.
Elgan Roddick. I was shocked to find you in the data in the deepest level of Veda.
You were Aeolia's oldest co-conspirator... you've lived for over 200 years.
No wonder Veda approved cooperation with the U. N.
Gh... h... ah...
I don't know who or what you are, but I'm putting you under observation.
You'll be unconscious for a while. And afterwards, you'll tell me...
All about the Black Revelations.
Aug... gh...
I'm already guiding the Romfeller Foundation. All I need now is a working control system, and the world will turn just fine.
I will bring about the future you and Aeolia designed.
U...ugh.... ah...

OZ HQ Office

So the Commander-in-Chief of the World Federation Military is Elgan Roddick.
Yes. Likely due to his role as WPC Chairman during the Destruction Event.
Sounds like a good choice, if his policies are usable.
What do you mean?
Maybe later. Lady, send them in.
Of course.
Colonel Zechs Marquis reporting.
Thank you for coming, Zechs... and gentlemen of ZEUTH.
Quattro Bajeena, Amuro Ray, Camille Bidan, Fa Yuiri, and soldiers of AEUG...
As well as Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, Shinn Asuka, and Lunamaria Hawke...
I'm Treize Kushrinada, commander of OZ. I believe we've met, so I'll avoid a long introduction.
With the establishment of the Federation, the nations are pooling their military resources into the World Federation Military.
The World Federation... Military...
The largest armed forces in history, tasked with protecting every citizen of the Federation...
OZ has been recognized as an independent task force within the Military.
Elgan Roddick has recommended all of you to be considered for membership in OZ.
I am Colonel Zechs Marquis, tactical commander of OZ. I will be leading the operative squadron.
I'm Lucrezia Noin, his second in command.
(We're joining OZ?)
(This Treize Kushrinada... I guess he's not too wrapped up in our past.)
I would like to appoint Quattro Bajeena as subcommander and Zechs' backup.
Yes, sir.
The world is entering a new era. I have high hopes for all of you.
(Hopes? But what exactly does Treize hope we'll do?)
I will now introduce you to the existing members of OZ. This way, please.

I'm sending them down a cruel road...
And I will be the loser.

Master Treize...
I hear those ZEUTH Gundams have joined OZ?
From Duke Dermaille? He does have a weakness for his granddaughter.
Hee hee. Is that a good idea when the world is changing?
Dorothy, what do you want the new world to be like?
Don't you know?
I suppose...
Hee hee... ha ha ha...
I want there to be war again!

Scott Labs Transport

Choo! Is someone talking about me?
Maybe it's Marguerite. She ditched us before we even got back to Earth. Wonder where she went?
Or maybe Asakim... he did say he was after my soul.
Oh well. I'm out of debt and free as the wind, and I'm even gainfully employed for 1000 G a month.
Peace and freedom at last. I can go where the mood takes me.
Come on, Brasta. The DAMons can't start their party without us.

Hey, Crowe. I almost forgot something important.
What's up, chief? Is the mission off?
Not quite. You owe me for keeping my mouth shut before that last one.
I completely forgot. 300 G, right?
Just take it out of my salary.
With pleasure. So no pay this month, got it.
I thought my salary was 1000 G!
We made the agreement a month ago. At 50% interest every ten days, your tab comes to 1012.5 G.
But you can keep the extra 12.5.
Wait a minute! This is some nasty sharking here!
I never said I was fair. You should have read the fine print.
I thought you were trying to make me feel better before the battle.
Don't try to pull that on me! I'm paying the lab's bills out of my own pocket!
Not lab funds, my actual money! So you're not skipping out on yours!

I guess no matter how much the world changes, I'm never going to...
Damn it! Why am I in debt again?!

I've lost sight of my dream
In the blinding pain of my wounds
The dream I once had is fading away

Give me a reason to fight
Until I can finally have peace
Because I am allowed no doubts

A drop of water floats up to the sky
Stars cry out into the silence as they fade
Each one like a brilliantly-colored flower
Showing me my one single wish

Why do we hurt each other? We're all beings with life,
We all hurt, we all bleed
I'm a soldier who doesn't know his name
And the last thing I think of in my final moment
Is the same thing you do - the ones precious to me

Your smile is my dream
Lighting up the darkness of battle
You live in my dreams

Echoing through the universe
A voice wanders in between, and I don't care if it's false
The thread of time is warm and soft
It brings us one single hope

If I were born again, I would find you
Even if we find ourselves in hatred
We will reincarnate over and over
Until the world is free of war
Into a future where all our hands are joined

Why do we hurt each other? We're all beings with life,
We all hurt, we all bleed
I'm a soldier still without a name
Holding onto my one single wish
Another flower scattering into the sky
I'm a nameless, lonely star