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by Caphi

Part 86: Flight into the Future

Moon WILL, of course, looks just like WILL. As Gaioh suspected, WILL knows him, and something stirs in his own mind looking at WILL. WILL says it's because they're "comrades... and enemies."

But Gaioh doesn't want to hear the spoilers from him. He says the same thing he said to Lordgenome, that he wants to reclaim his memories himself, and Lordgenome gave him a clue: the key to everything is on the second moon.

WILL says Gaioh won't get his memories if he has anything to say about it; that would make Gaioh remember his true mission, as well, and he can't have that. Nor will he bother to fight Gaioh himself, though. "With the humans extinct, it will all be over. Your mission will fail, and you can sleep once more."

Gaioh likes the cut of this alien's jib, and now he wants to leave WILL alone and watch him fight GOONZ. Whichever one wins will be worth his time to fight.

Chapter 44: Flight into the Future
(space route)

Rose has taken a seat on the Cosmo Crusher, bringing support Spirits Attune and Bless to the table. If you deploy the jet, the crew mentions this.

GOONZ stands before the crevasse Moon WILL calls his fortress. The trip here was suspiciously quiet, but reports from the Dragon's Hive say that those white unknowns are attacking all over the world, and even crossing with the Imperium. The CBF wonders if their successors are nervous.

Instead, Team D is looking at the Earth, thinking how small it is for people to be fighting over. Meanwhile, it's Dancouga Nova's responsibility to save it. All five members of the elder Dancouga agree that they can't let Nova show it up.

Something's bothering Faye: Moon WILL knows that we're backed by Earth WILL. If he's still willing to fight, that must mean he has something extreme up his sleeve, something that can overcome Dancouga's might. Even so, the fate of the world rides on our ability to rise to the challenge.

Reguluses pour out of the trench - there's 24 of them, outnumbering all the GOONZ present. And for all we know, Moon WILL still has a trump card. For now, we need to wreck the welcome wagon as quickly as we can.

Okay, Moon WILL! Why don't you see what us pathetic humans can do!

I'm given four turns to destroy all the Regulus Alphas; there's, without a doubt, more coming.

They're tough, they're fast, and they have us surrounded. Oh, they all have jammers, and they stack.

They're also too nimble for a pilot of Amuro's calibre to hit twice.

Even if they stack their jammers, it would probably be best to let them come to us.

Oh, wait, not only that, they support each other!

And some of them are just rude. Do I need to send someone up there?

At least I have supports too.

And they defend each other.

This has always been true, but there's never been a stage with this many of them all at once. At least they only have one of those, but my strategy is mostly to ignore them until they reposition. (This is probably a bad strategy.)

Don't worry about Takeru. He'll pull through.

At least Crowe can double-strike these things (his Skill's been trained to several points over Amuro's, but it takes many, many points of training to make Attack Again work on guys like this).


In spite of which, this is actually going all right.

The thing about MAP weapons, though, is that they don't come online until long after you need them. (I've been replaying Z, of course, and this isn't true in Z. The Argama's Mega Particle Cannon tends to become available right when I want it.)

Against these things is a perfect time to cause some Panic, though!

Supports are one of the best ways to respond to supports. The defender will take the main hit, but the original target will be forced to absorb the second strike.

End of turn 3: we're almost down to one page of bunnies!

There's something to be written about how SRW stages curve as Will and other things advance. This was looking really hopeless back in turn 1.

Whereas by turn 3, GOONZ' damage output is through the roof. (Also, without Panic, there would have been, uh, a lot more deaths just now.)

But as before, the real fight is just getting started...

With Moon WILL himself, in a robot everyone can tell is intensely powerful - a robot Moon WILL calls Original Dancouga.

Excuse me, we're right here.
Dancouga. Its power fascinated me. I believed in humanity...
And I found only despair instead. The people of your blue world drove me to despair.
So I made a new Dancouga. A new power, modeled after its majesty. My very own, original Dancouga.
Oh, that kind of "original."

Moon WILL really didn't expect us to reach him, though, but Team D doesn't need his praise. Once again, Moon WILL says that the natural state of life is to grow, spread, and ultimately, kill other life for resources. What kind of entity has to destroy others to survive? And these creatures are trying to reach out into space?

I cannot comprehend how you creatures, who cannot control yourselves, wield such power!
But this is the horrible truth...
Is that all?
You spurn the truth? But you must comprehend...
What a threat to the universe you are! But behold the proof for yourself!

You see? The galactic travelers, too, see that you are a blight upon the universe.
They have come to this world to exterminate you.
That's not...
That's not true? Can you say that?
Look at the endless battle taking place on this speck of a world!
The strong take from the weak. The weak kill the weaker still! What future do you have, then?
Oh, shut it, already!
We don't have to listen to you lecture us!
Generalizing the whole from a small part. Your judgment is biased and flawed.
You're not looking hard enough!
You judge us through your prejudice and have the nerve to call yourself a guardian of the universe?
Inorganic life or whatever, we're not going to sit here while you kill us on your stupid whims!
Fools! Can you not comprehend my point?
No chance we can comprehend your scrambled logic.
Maybe we're a threat, but we're living creatures!
It's our responsibility to fix ourselves!
That's what I... that's what we've been fighting for!
We'll fight... against anyone who thinks they can just drop the death sentence on us!
We'll fight you and the Vajra and anyone else! We'll fight to protect what's important to us!
You hear that, Moon WILL? This planet doesn't need you!
I am the guardian of the universe! I maintain peace across its domain!
Enough with the guardian thing! You're the one who started this war!
All units, engage the Vajra and destroy Original Dancouga!
Our objective is to defeat Moon WILL! Neutralize him and this battle is over!
Moon WILL! You'll see our power now!
The unlimited potential in each of us!

Let's destroy Original Dancouga!

Wait, it's their turn.

So it's worth destroying the Earth to "maintain peace in the universe"?
Some sacrifice is necessary to preserve the whole.
And the liberty and happiness of those sacrifices doesn't mean anything?
I don't believe that! You're just killing people for your own ends!
You're my enemy... humanity's enemy! I won't let you destroy mankind!

This'll be interesting.

Oh, and there are some Vajra, too.

Apollo learns Valor.

Hey, I might actually get to use the Satellite Cannon at some point.

Original Dancouga (Moon WILL)
Double Action
Counter L9
Will+ (Damage)
EN Save
HP Regen (S)
EN Regen (M)
Tormented Self (32 EN, MAP, size)
Clear Self - Perfected (8 EN, will)
Ace Bonus: -5 Will to opponent in combat.

This is not going to be healthy on the Will (ha, ha). The Ace Bonus triggers whether it hits or not and it triggers if you're in the range of his MAP when he uses it!

Oh, and his attacks both have the "kuuga" from "Dancouga," which represent a clear and empty mind.

The good news is that I am not obligated to care about the Vajra.

I'm aware of you, Gundam. What you have done itself is proof of mankind's foolishness.
Think of the mole in your ranks, twisting your world into chaos.
Then I will destroy that distortion.
It is not your duty. It is the duty of Gundams and Celestial Being!

Actually, this probably won't be that bad.

Just accept it. Mankind's history is a history of warfare.
Maybe it's been that way... but the future won't necessarily be the same!
That's why we've been fighting to change it!
Allow me to correct you. Mankind's future does not exist.
It does if we fight you to protect it!
This world isn't ready to end yet!

Maybe humans are as foolish as you say...
But they also have the ability to overcome their foolishness!
That is all you have to say in your own defense?
Sophistry! Hypocrisy! Humanity does not deserve to continue!
Fine, Moon WILL! Here's another ability we have!
The ability to stand up against oppression! That's the power that will end you!

I can feel the great energy inside your machine.
If I allow you to live, you will use that energy to bring war out into the universe.
That's exactly what the Eldar said!
There may be some universe out there where we used Trinity Energy for that...
But that's not us! We promised Professor Kazami we'd use this power for peace!
That's why we fight with Godsigma! Against people just like you!


The Zentran used to say the universe isn't big enough for two races...
They were right. You are a cancer that will spread violence throughout the universe.
You don't know that! How many lives are you going to take with that excuse?
You reaped your sentence with your own imperfection. This is your own doing.
Where do you get off judging us when you don't believe in us?
I'll fight you to the end to protect what's important to me!

Foolish organics. Your procreation is a blight upon the universe!
You think we're foolish? You think falling in love, getting married, and making a family is a blight?
Precisely. I cannot allow you to multiply further.
Well, tough! I don't need your approval to feel what I feel for Tifa!
You're no guardian of the universe in my book! I'll live my life my way!

A holder of a fragment... what are you doing in this world?
A fragment? What?
It was shattered into twelve souls and countless revelations and fell across the cosmos.
And those twelve souls are...!
A threat! Before it can fully awaken, I will destroy you and send it to another universe!
So you know something about the Spheres...
Too bad, but if you're still trying to exterminate humanity, I'll resist with all I've got!
You've got your great mission, and I've got a lot of debt I'm not skipping out on!

Maybe you're right, and humans are foolish creatures who will never cease their fighting...
So you understand. Then accept your--
But no matter how many wars there are, there are always those who are trying to fix things!
I won't let you take the chance to do that away from us!
I believe in the future of mankind! I won't let you cut our history short!

We're approaching the end of this round of assault, which is a shame, because all the best attackers are the ones left behind out of reach. Before the end of the turn, a couple of points:

Camille learned Soul.

Since WILL and the Vajra spawned after the last cast of Panic, they weren't subject to it. This turn, it'll be active.

Finally, while the Armor Pack's new move has a proper name, I prefer to call it "All The Missiles."

I might be begging to get MAPped, but I think he'll only do that on his first turn...

Not bad. Not too much damage done. Physically, anyway.

I've seen many encounters end in fighting.
Exactly. That's why I must destroy humanity before it encounters another race.
But I also know that encounters bring growth!
If we let you do your job, the world would become a lifeless wasteland!
And peace would flourish throughout the universe.
That's ridiculous! By your logic, we should destroy all life in the whole universe!
I'll fight anyone who doesn't recognize the preciousness of life! I believe this world can get past its war and reach an era of growth!

Time to wrap this up.

Did I miss Eiji having Valor? Crap. Eiji has Valor. This is actually completely accurate to his role in Gravion and his relationship with Touga.

The power to forge worlds! Too great for humans to wield!
Maybe! But we're not taking that from a guy so arrogant he thinks he can just end humanity!
We're going to use Gravion's power for good!
That's the duty Master Sandman entrusted his Gran Knights with!
Duty? Humans who cannot even control themselves have no right to speak of such a concept!
None of us asked you. We're fighting because we decided to ourselves.
Touga! Use our power to defend the Earth and all its people!
Sol Gravion is a scarlet fang that bites in defense of the fangless! It's time to unleash its power!

Why... why don't you accept your sins?
I've always fought my hardest to survive. Working with my friends, giving food to the little ones when we were hungry!
So don't give me this deadly organism crap! I've never lived with anyone like that!
Then you simply don't know humanity.
Are you saying my friends weren't humanity? Then I don't have to listen to you anymore!
Get ready for a taste of the power of the humans you're trying to destroy!

Earth WILL believes in humanity! That we can have peace and harmony!
He is an optimist. And an obsolete creature who has forgotten the role of a WILL.
You don't think the WILL who's trying to destroy humanity is no longer a "guardian of the universe"?
I am WILL. Therefore, my judgment is flawless.
If you're going to enforce your will with might, then we'll meet you in kind!
Because we believe in humans' potential too!

That was fast, wasn't it?

Takeru learns one of the other best Spirits in the game: Zeal. Like all the best Spirits, it has a simple but potent effect: it gives him another turn.

(It's what Aoi gets when she hits 130 Will, but this is the first time someone's been able to activate it at will.)

Dancouga! Your grace, your beauty, your form of a god itself brought me hope!
What do you mean, "brought"? Dancouga's still mankind's hope!
It's the power to protect our world and humanity... in this or any universe!
Then as a guardian of the universe, I will sever my ties with Dancouga!
Your Dancouga and the Dancouga bestowed us by Ross Igor... ours will win!
Shinobu! Show him how wild humans can get when we're fighting for our lives!
Moon WILL! You forgot what potential humans have... and this is it!
Let's go wild!

Sorry, gotta save it for Aoi.

Earth WILL's Dancouga! Accept your powerlessness!
There we go! Bad guys always resort to force when they don't get their way!
Forget it, Kurara. He was never interested in talking.
You won't destroy the Earth! My friends and loved ones are there!
Hey! Isn't your loved one right here fighting with you?
That's right, Sakuya. And so is mine.
Aww, that's sweet, Johnny...
What is this? You stand before Original Dancouga, yet I sense no fear in you...
I guess it's pretty strong. Maybe we can't beat it...
But we've got hope! Hope to fly into the future!
And you're in our way, so all we've got for you is our anger!
And what can you do, organics?
Our answer's always going to be the same...
We're going wild!

She gets the S-Adapter, a preposterous amount of money (which, regrettably, we will not be keeping)...

And both Aoi and Sakuya gain Valor (this is a pretty good reason to use Nova, I think).

Impossible! I am the guardian of the universe...
Don't worry about it, Moon WILL! If humans are the bad guys in the universe, we'll beat them up ourselves!
So get outta here! We don't need a self-made god who doesn't believe in us!
You will regret this... if humanity continues to grow, they will come!
And when they do, this universe...
Oh, just give it up already!
This universe... this universe will... wwrrrrraaaaaagggh!

The Vajra just wander off; "They didn't see humanity's potential themselves, did they?" quips Michel.

Eida's glad their battle is over, but the others in Team D know it's just begun. They have to make good on their promise to both WILLs, and demonstrate humanity's potential.

Happily, the moon robots all over spontaneously exploded, presumably when Moon WILL fell. But F. S. says that Moon WILL was just one of the "oncoming threats" he's so worried about. And the fights here aren't over either, so we're all headed to the Gishin base.

To Vladimir, too, F. S. repeats that the world is not out of danger. Dancouga has one this one, but sooner or later, a new enemy will come that will force them to use the full power of the Dragon's Hive itself.

They will all have to stay sharp for the trials ahead, but for now, humans have won. They pray that they will continue until peace truly comes at last.

Moon WILL seemed to know something about the Vajra, but unfortunately, Earth WILL has no such knowledge. Still, we know the Vajra are on the move; we'll have to deal with them as well to protect the Earth, and the sooner, the better.

An emergency transmission comes in from Mishima. He's here to pass on a mission to the Quarter; the crew has not forgotten that he drove them out of the Frontier fleet, but he's got Chairman Roddick's authorization. That mission is the destruction of the Vajra hive in this solar system.

The Other Chapter 44 posted:

Ranka's paying a visit to Sheryl in San Fran, but her time off is getting increasingly precious; Eida's taking a break, and she, Ranka, is getting flooded with offers as a result. She asks how Sheryl's feeling, and Sheryl's sure she can make it to the show by next week.

Ranka's been invited to the show as wel, by Grace, who also asked her to see her personally for something important. Sheryl guesses that Grace is trying to take her for herself. See, Grace and Sheryl came to the Frontier on tour from the Galaxy, but since it was just the two of them that got warped, Grace may well intend to start up her own operation. Ranka's free to refuse the offer, of course, but Sheryl doesn't want to talk about that right now. She'd be glad if Ranka could come to the show, though!

Then Ribbons walks in and knocks out Ranka. He quickly does the same to Sheryl, quipping that he hates stubborn women.

He accuses Grace of having been able to carry this out herself. She doesn't deny it, but says she needed this to look like a break-in. That doesn't tell him why she asked for Ribbons by name.

Grace says she can't believe a cute, smart boy like Ribbons is working for a man like Alejandro; Ribbons says he owes the other man. Grace knows what a man he is; it was her who introduced him to the President's aide. She's been a big help to his master, and that's why he's helping her in return.

His next task is to get the girl to point XY 2039 - near that Vajra hive. Not to kill them, oh no - "they're my precious princesses." Quite the opposite - she's sending them with a guard. Though if she's right, the Vajra won't kill them - "one of them, at least. The other is an imitation."

It's not time for her to reveal what that means - not to him or us. "When the world is in your grasp," though, she smirks.

Gaioh doesn't seem to be coming back, and Carlos is curious about Cheval's burning loyalty to a man who destroyed his world. And the Archsabres, too, for all they're worth, given Margie's current state.

"Dame Marguerite," Cheval growls. Ooh, Carlos didn't expect him to take her side. Quite a change from his ruthless lectures, isn't it?

Shioni sends him away, still growling like a dog, on her authority as the acting commander of the Imperium in Gaioh's and Ime's absence. Then she rounds on Carlos and orders him to fucking bow in penance or she'll execute him. "The Imperium no longer needs you."

And we're back on the joint path, the last leg of the game! And to look ahead, the thing about the finale is that there are 33 "main characters" in it, and you can only take 24 into the final stage. I intend to fully upgrade exactly twenty-four of the main character units before that stage (and as many more as I can afford to, I guess, to showcase their unique bonuses) and send them up against it.