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Part 45: A Visit From Afar

Crowe decides that he has a responsibility to the WPC. Traia reminds him that he's caught Ime's eye, so he's likely to run into DAMons no matter where he is. Crowe smirks and says that's just what he's hoping for. For the sake of his debt, too.

Esther locked herself in her room after seeing the footage of Harnes. It must have brought back some terrifying memories for the poor girl. Crowe leaves her a message with Traia - "I haven't forgotten what I promised."

Ime doesn't seem to broken up that GOONZ has disbanded. Carlos is surprised that Ime went from doting to disinterested so fast, but Ime assures him that he's far from done with GOONZ. "I believe our experiment has stamped the prerequisites into them. We shall see whether it brings them good or ill." Prerequisites for what? "You could say it's a brand signifying those who have broken the Law. Though, if one thinks on it, we are guilty of the same sin." Carlos asks him to stop speaking in riddles. "Don't concern yourself with it," Ime continues, doing the exact opposite of that. "You'll meet others who have committed that sin soon enough."

"Yes, the bearers of the Stigma will soon come to visit."

Not knowing a good exit line when he sees it, Ime says that he has places to be. After Crowe again? No, Ime has a much, much bigger fish to fry. "The Accursed Wanderer has come to this world for my soul."

This time, the curtain actually drops as it should.

Between missions, I'm going to have to use the Nirvash a little, I might as well make it not a delicate porcelain doll.

The Crushers finally return to their base on the Izu Peninsula. It's been a week since the battle with Gaioh, and everything has been too quiet since then, apart from a wake of destruction wherever someone looks at the Imperium funny. They're not actively trying to ruin the planet, they're just carving a score line of violence. What's their game? Kamina wants to go punch them in the face, but all of GOONZ couldn't scratch Gaioh, and we're barely half of that.

There's a time when a man has to fight even if he knows he's gonna lose!
And now's that time!

Aoyama and Ibuki compare the Imperium to a force of nature. It's pointless to stand in their way. But Akagi doesn't buy it - natural disasters don't have it out for anyone. The Imperium is consciously, deliberately starting shit, and that makes them different. Watta and Kouji agree...

But it's Ryoma who talks some sense into our heroes. As it stands, we've got no chance against the Imperium... but Crowe, silent all this time, says that's only for now. "If we can't win today, we'll win tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the next day." That's what Ryoma was getting at too, and it makes a lot of sense.

Yoko asks what that actually means - upgrades for the robots? Yes, but there's more to it than that. GOONZ - sorry, the Crushers - have to train themselves as pilots. Meanwhile, they can gather more soldiers and study the enemy. There's lots we can do to prepare. But where are we going to get more soldiers? And what happened to that Asakim, anyway?

Crowe's doesn't like that idea, and that gets the team wondering what Asakim's deal is, anyway. He can't be from the same place Gaioh's from, because he didn't seem to recognize the DAMons...

Hey, we've got orders! The Birth of Calamity has the dimensional barrier bubbling like a boiling stew, and we need to go investigate one disturbance on the Dark Continent. The eddies haven't thrown up any DAMons that we know of, but that doesn't mean they won't throw up something else - maybe something as dangerous as the King of Destruction himself. Simon, Kamina, and Yoko are looking forward to seeing home again.

Kouji decides to kill the time until the ship leaves at the Kurogane Bathhouse. Resting in the hot bath sounds great to Akagi, but Kouji wants to get some training in. The Getter Team decides to help him out - and training with these guys isn't going to be a stroll in the park, but Kouji thinks he can handle it.

Takeru's mom heard the story about Takeru meeting his brother and learning of his real parents. He assures her that he's made up his mind to fight for peace and righteousness. She just wants him to come home safe.

Chapter 24: A Visit From Afar
(WPC route)

These Beastmen aren't sure what's up, but they've been ordered to keep an eye on the area just like we have.

Just as they're getting tired of waiting, the dimensions open up, and out comes...

A robot?!

The machine lands with a thump. Last thing they knew, the pilots were at home, and suddenly they're all suited up and in their mecha, Zambot 3! They wonder if this is the work of a dimension shock, so they have an idea of what's going on.

Also, I guess their dog is there. It warns them about the Beastmen, who have never seen anything pop out of a dimension shock before. But whatever it is, they smell human on it, so they go on the attack!

But the mysterious robot is all riled up to go!

Well, we got a boring win condition (clear the full map within six turns). Let's meet our new friend!

Zambot 3 (Kappei Jin, Uchuta Kamie, Keiko Kamikita)
Prevail L7
Will+ (Hit)
Arm Punch (4 ammo)
Buster Missle (12 ammo)
Zambot Buster (4 ammo)
Zambot Blow (5 EN)
Grapp Combo (20 EN, 110 Will)
Zambot Moon Attack (60 EN, 120 Will)
Ace Bonus: Deals 1.2x damage with counterattacks.

Yep. Zambot.

Sorry. It's a fairly normal super robot and it never really caught my eye in Z.

Oh, right. Zambot is our first returner from ZEUTH, the hero team in the first Super Robot Wars Z. It's useful to note here that, among other things, the Invincible Superman Zambot 3 plot is already over, the Super Robot Wars Z plot is already over, and Kappei and co. know some things about the Z mythology that they will shortly explain for those of us that came in late.

It's going to be a pattern that ZEUTH returners have generally lost access to their best attacks, or occasionally another high-end attack or upgrade, for one reason or another. In Zambot's case, it's combination attacks with their mothership, King Beal, and Zambot's big/little brother, Daitarn 3. Zambot also has some caveats around that because while he's returning, new to Z2 is Zambot's and Daitarn's other brother series, Trider G7.

Also, I don't normally mention full upgrade perks, but Zambot's is a powerup to the Moon Attack whenever a full moon is out. The full moon is a flag on specific stages and Zambot is the first robot in the game that can conceivably be affected by it in gameplay terms (and one of only two).

Oh, and I think this marks the beginning of new robots coming in pre-upgraded. It's not nearly enough, even for a first play, and don't question where all the money it surely got in Z went, but it's something.

Anyway, Zambot can't hit the enemies right now, so we'll have to let them come to us.

And so they do.

I don't know where we are or who you guys are, but you'd better not mess with Zambot 3!
Let's do it, Uchuta, Keiko! There's no way we're going to die here! We don't even know where here is!

I'm surprised the Ganmen can tell Zambot's a combiner. (Much like your Getter or Dai-Guard, it pretty much never combines or decombines onscreen throughout most of Z or Z2.)

Zambot takes hits all right for a new unit.

It hits all right, too.

It does even better using a real attack.

Kappei's Prevail starts kicking in to give him some defense.

It also ups his damage and crit rate.

It's turn 2 of 6.

This time, I'll draw them northward.

Zambot continues to get increasingly badass, and stuff dies.

The Zambot kids still don't know where they are, and Keiko can't match the terrain up to anything in Zambot's database. Looks like they did get pulled to another universe. What Kappei can't figure out is, he was with his friends when the shock hit. So why did it take him and Chiyonishiki (the dog), but not any of the others? Uchuta has the same question...

But there's no time for that now. We have Beastmen incoming!

Fortunately, the WPC forces come to the rescue!

Team Zambot recognizes the Gekko! They wonder if it was sucked to this universe too. Meanwhile, none of the GOONZ recognize the new robot, but...

Hey, you! If you wanna help us, get over already!
Didn't your mom teach you your manners? Why don't you say "please"?
Whatever! I don't have to listen to you!
Fine! We just won't help you!
Fine! We didn't want your help anyway! Pbbbt!

Whatever's going on, Shirota orders the team to take down the Beastmen and capture that robot. And that's just what Kamina wanted to hear.

Yo yo yo yo! You Beastmen sure had a party while my Gurren Gang was out!
But fun time's over now that Chief Badass Kamina's back in the house!
Kamina! Stop beating your chest and get in there already!
Come on, Miss Yoko!
Yeah, that was awesome!
Hey, who died and made you Kamina's bud?
Butt out! It's none of your business!

Ahh, memories of Kamina and Ryoma.

Oh, and it's still their turn.

Zambot doesn't seem in much danger of dying, though.

Anyway, back to GOONZ action.

We send the fast units ahead and start collecting the bulk of the army from its spread-out state.

Kappei is having no Will problems, so he spends one of his two Gutses healing Zambot all the way up - to be safe.

He could regroup with the team, but I want to draw the battle northward if possible.

In practice, that doesn't really work. The Beastmen keep going for the main army rather than Zambot.

That's not their best idea.

Turn 4 of 6.

I'm going to skip to the part where the Beastmen are nearly gone.

(Pausing to note that Watta finally learns Strike.)

And another huge wave charges in.

Bring 'em on! I'll keep crushing as long as they keep coming!
Oh, my. Maybe someone heard you; there's another pack coming.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. (Although it's weird that they came on foot instead of appearing out of nowhere.) The Beastmen run with their tail between their legs.

But the GOONZ remember their vow to build their power. We're taking this one head on!

Kappei's psyched up too. Let's go!

Dai-Guard and 21st Century Security are here to save people when they're in trouble!
No matter what it is, even if it's the Imperium! As long as you do evil, I'll be here to stop you!

Let's do this, Damons! I made a promise to my mom and dad!
I'll use my powers and the six gods to fight for peace! I won't hold anything back!

Hey, King of Destruction! We'll make you regret not finishing us off!
Next time we meet, we'll be strong enough to destroy you! You'd better be ready by then!

Ryoma learns Invincible. This is because Getter was too easy to kill.

Damons! I'll always remember my anger from that day!
You'll pay for what you did! We'll show you where to shove your new world empire!

This is our turf, Damon! You don't make a mess here!
Yeah, we love this planet!
You got that? Well then...
Go back to your own universe!

What's the matter, Eureka? Are you hurt?
I don't know. When I look at the Damons, I have this strange feeling...
Are you scaring Eureka?
I'll destroy you all! Everyone that makes Eureka scared or sad!

Renton learns Strike. I think he thinks he's a super robot pilot.

The more you hold a human down, the higher they end up flying. Or at least, that's what we do around here.
Don't underestimate us, Imperium! We're going to take you out!

Oh, and just for fun, here's a video of the Moon Attack.

Yeah, that was it. Worth 60 energy, right?

Keiko helpfully learns Guard.

2.5 turns left to kill... eight Damons, three Bulldamons, and two Rhinodamons.

The counter turn isn't interesting as usual.

Less, really. Many of the Damons are out of range.

Bulldamons are still awful, though.

Zambot survives quite an onslaught.

Luckily, the other Rhino ignores him and he lives.

This isn't your universe! Go home!
Or else Trider and I will beat you up!

Poor Trider.

Well, that's an extremely dead Rhinodamon.

Kamina takes over and goes on to perforate.

Second Bulldamon down.

There's the last one.

Plus all the Damons are primed to end themselves.

I guess I'll end some now to put my supporters into position.

Talho, goddammit.

Renton, goddammit.

At least there are only two left.

Gurren-Lagann: Even the countering attacks will kick your ass.

Last turn. Whee.


I guess we'll ping him to make sure he dies.

I'm handing Ryoma the kill, because he is narrowly beating Akagi for main fighter unit with lowest xp (by about 4 points!) and has a copilot who can cast Gain and Luck.

It's not exactly the Final Dynamic Special, but it'll have to do (when he steps in to support, Kouji even mentions how awesome the Getter/Mazinger combo is).

Getter Team is just short of a level.

But that's okay. The chapter is over.

As predicted, Watta and Kappei have forged a bond over the battle. But Shirota won't let them chat - he demands Zambot's pilots identify themselves. Kappei gleefully invites himself onto the Gekko to explain, but of course, Talho doesn't recognize any of them. Holland has a theory of his own...

It's been a long time since we've gotten our share of PP and Snacks.

Team Zambot is trying to figure out why the inside of the Gekko seems different. They joyfully greet Holland and Renton as fellow ZEUTHers, but Holland just gets mad and Renton is confused. Uchuta and Keiko soon realize that they're not talking to their Renton and Holland, but versions of them they've never met from parallel universe. That settles it, all right - the dimensional rift pulled Kappei, Uchuta, and Keiko into another world again.

Holland and Talho realize that the kids are from the very universe they'll need to "restore the legend."

We have Zambot, and Getter is up to bat next chapter.