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Super Robot Wars Z2: Destruction

by Caphi

Part 95: Rainbow (Additional dialogue)

Ime Liard! We're gonna catch you and make you take us back to our world!
Then I suppose you can't afford to let me die.
Heh. You see, you cannot attack me... if you ever wish to see your world again, that is.
Whatever! That doesn't mean we'll let you keep doing bad things!
We won't let you go even if it means we can't go back!

We'll teach you to keep showing up and spewing your lies!
Lying is the trade of the very finest of humanity. I don't expect a child to understand that.
I don't care if you think it's fine, but I know lying only leads to bad things!
Trider and I will give all you lying weasels what's coming to you!

Takeru Myojin... no, I should say Mars. Do you really think Emperor Zuul is dead?
He is the incarnation of all the evil in the universe. It is impossible to destroy him completely.
You won't sway me with a lie like that! I'm not listening to you!
And even if Zuul is still alive, I'll just destroy him again when he comes back!
But before that, Ime Liard, I'm going to finish you!

Is this the time, when your kin of Planet S-1 are suffering a living Hell?
Stop fighting and join me, and I will send you to your kinsmen.
Shut up! I don't believe that!
Even I do not lie all the time. Are you certain I am now?
I can find out for myself afterwards! But right now, I have to take you out!

I've been taught since I was a kid not to trust anyone who can lie with a straight face!
I deeply regret having to deceive you.
That's just another lie! This is why I can't trust you!
I never get along well with honest men like you.
I suppose I will have to use Arietes' might instead!
A straight fight, huh? That's just fine with me!
I'll make sure you never tell one of your lies again!

There is no point in this battle. In one week, a tremendous dimensional quake will return all existence to the void.
The first omen will be the breaking of the southern ice cap in exactly one hour, revealing beneath it...
Here I coooooooooome!
He isn't paying attention to a word I say, is he?
Not to a liar like you! All I'm paying you is a solid smack!

Judgment time, you lying rat! Your stories aren't going to work on us anymore!
No, I suppose I wouldn't be able to stop an experienced boy such as yourself.
Then I will destroy you with Arietes instead.
I'm all for a straight fight! We'll end this right here, right now!

Why are you fighting with the Imperium? For the Spheres?
I don't believe you'd understand if I told you. I fight for all the worlds in the cosmos.
Tell us more! We might even be able to help you!
Then kill Crow Brust.
He is a much greater threat than the King of Destruction.
You're still telling lies even now?
Certainly to the ones most vulnerable, like you.
Why, you...!

What's the point in this fight? You haven't the power to defeat Lord Gaioh anyway.
You won't make me hesitate like that.
You don't understand that with feelings as strong as ours, anything you say is meaningless to us.
You no longer have an ear for my lies? What you must have seen...
In which case, now you will experience the power of my Sphere.
You can't beat us! We have reasons and the determination to fight!

Well, Roger Smith? Will you barter with me?
I refuse.
You decline to pursue diplomacy? Have you given up on your role as a Negotiator?
It's my pride in that very role that keeps me from sitting at the table with someone who only speaks in falsehoods.
You're trying to manipulate me even now! I'll treat you exactly as your kind deserves!

The more he talks, the harder this'll be... let's finish this quickly!
You're an honest man. Too honest to simply ignore what I say.
Listen to me. If you obey me, I can send you and your friends back to your world.
You expect me to believe that? I have a strong will that denies your lies!
The same strength I'll use to defeat you! Come on, King Gainer!