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by Caphi

Part 96: FINAL Chapter: Era of Destruction (Part 1)

Pearlnail (Marguerite Pisteil)

Offensive Support L3
Chain Attack
SP Up L7
Sense - 15
Spirit - 30
Bless - 30
Valor - 40
Hope - 50
Awaken - 50
Willful Archers (2 ammo, 125 Will, map, size)
Valkyria Spinners (10 EN)
Faithful Archers (8 ammo, mobility)
Bloom In Heaven (40 EN, 110 Will)
Ace Bonus: 1.2x damage dealt on counterattacks.
Full Upgrade Bonus: Movement +1.
Custom Bonus: Range of MAP and range 1 weapons +1.

It's Marguerite! She doesn't have Accel, but she's got some great other Spirits. I've trained her accordingly.

Azadistan has received the news that the Imaage are dealt with. Diana guesses what happened, that GOONZ showed them what humanity is capable of.

In Area 11, Cornelia and Schneizel are handling the fact that GOONZ has saved the world, and they'll probably be recognized by the U. N. Schneizel invites Cornelia to blame him for it. It was partially his decision to make them deal with the situation, after all. The same goes for Suzaku. Neither of them can say he did anything wrong, though.

That's good, because the Imperium is also our problem. Suzaku is to join Cornelia's forces, in preparation for the aftermath...

Ohtsuka explains to Shiro that as regrettable as it is, the U. N. has no choice but to have GOONZ take care of the Imperium. And Tsubasa reminds him that Kouji surely wouldn't refuse to fight so the rest of the world can live on. And we all know GOONZ can win.

Marguerite explains that she is from another fused Earth, one united under the rule of the Holy Kingdom of Insaraum. The Archsabers are tasked with the defense of its King as well as the world itself if necessary. And it was - the Archsabers, along with the rest of that planet's forces, had many battles with threats from without. Ultimately, what destroyed their land and shattered their pride was the King of Destruction.

He came from a rip in the spacetime walls that they created by accident during their world's experiments in dimensional energy. He razed their world before anyone could respond with his army of DAMons. And all of their proud warriors were Violated and added to his own forces - forces which are now even stronger than they were back then. He seems to handpick the strongest warriors he fights to become DAMons - like her brother, who challenged Gaioh himself. He seems to be building his own army, but the question is, why? He always acts like he simply enjoys the fight.

It was in the ruins, alone, that Ime Liard came to her and Cheval. Like Gaioh, he came from another universe; none of them know anything about his past or his true goals. Not that it matters now that he's dead. Anyway, Ime took them to the King of Destruction and promised to bring him to a new battlefield. Well, we know what that battlefield turned out to be. The King accepted Ime's terms, including sparing Marguerite and Cheval for their service; the liar probably wanted minions of his own. Gaioh lent him DAMons from time to time, but the monsters don't follow orders other than from their one master.

She doesn't know why Cheval feigned loyalty to Ime and Gaioh, but she was simply afraid - and who wouldn't be after what happened to her brother? Crowe grimly tells her that either she can forget her brother, or dedicate her life to stopping Gaioh. It seems like her decision has already been made.

There's nothing more she can say about Gaioh - a man who doesn't even know himself - but Crowe doesn't care. He has to be defeated, or our Earth will go the way of Insaraum. It's as simple as that.

The only problem is that we still don't know where they are! Luckily, we've got a lead...

Carlos whines that Shioni's seized control of Axion and all his riches. Oh right, the woman who went from ambassador from a tiny little country to a tyrant who had the whole world quaking in fear. Luckily, we're not after his money (well, except for Crowe, anyway). He shrugs and says there's nothing he can do about what's already done. What a jerk.

Nor does he particularly want to correct his mistake by telling us where the Great Axion is. It's not that he has any loyalty to the "country" that threw him out. "I just want to see what Gaioh's up to. I kind of like the guy." What, the guy who's trying to destroy the world?

"I think this world could use some shaking up," says Carlos, suddenly dead serious. Is that any different from the Black Knights, or Celestial Being? It couldn't be through Axion, either. It had to be something direct, and it happened to be a monster no one could control, but oh well. It certainly was big enough to shake the world. Celestial Being, in particular, should know what he means.

There's an awkward silence, and then Setsuna speaks up: "Revolution is not destruction. Enough blood has been shed in this world." Carlos disagrees. All this much blood bought us was Alejandro Corner.

He has a point, says Zero, but if you make a move like that, some things won't come back afterwards - like life. Gaioh is taking lives that didn't need to be taken. And yes, that means he's resolved to stop Gaioh, and become a force for good, if only his own view of good. And first, he will get his answers. Carlos, flippant again, claims he won't respond to torture. He even has a tooth capsule, he says.

It's looking like we'll need Chairman Roddick's backup. Zero thinks otherwise. "Carlos Axion Jr.," he shouts suddenly, "answer all my questions!"

"Okay," says Carlos. He tells us the Imperium has most likely gone to the second "dark" moon. Gaioh seems to think there's a key to unlocking his memories up there.

The dark moon is surrounded by a dimensional barrier that won't be easy to penetrate - or so it was, but there's something off about it now. Traia inspects the data and marks a point in the disturbance where we might actually be able to get down there. Plus, it's very likely Gaioh's trail.

Only the Black Knights wonder why Carlos suddenly blabbed. But anyway, we're on our way to the dark moon - for our final battle with Gaioh, King of Destruction!

Alto says goodbye to Ranka and Sheryl; there's no way we're taking them with us. Eureka also says goodbye to Ranka, who helped her get her memories back.

What's up, Marguerite?
Do not take my name lightly, Crowe Brust. I am a knight of Insaraum.
Well, right now, you're one of us GOONZ. Up until we actually beat Gaioh.
We've got this saying about what to do when in Rome. You'll have to do things our way.
Your way?
Start with just "Crowe". That's what all my friends call me.
Perfect. A little stiff, but we can call that our thing.
When I lost my country, imagining that white DAMon was my brother was all that kept me going.
So you hated me because I took out M.D.?
I knew it... that Chene... that my brother was gone...
The person that DAMon once was is dead. The only way to give them peace is to destroy it.
I had no right to hate you for that...
But that... was all I could do! I... I was his sister!
Yeah, I know.
Thank... you... You... released me... gave me a... reason to live...
Come on, don't cry. You can't cry, you're an elegant lady knight.
But... but...
Come on, Marguerite. Where's that reason to live?
Of course... let me wash my face.

So you do have a nice side.
I saw that, Crowe. What about you and women, now?
Hey, what does that mean?
Esther's back in the lab. Can you imagine if she got wind of this?
I can hear it now. "Sorry I'm a rude, inelegant bumpkin and not a lady knight!"
Come on, chief. How can I fight when I know that's what I'll have waiting for me when I get back?
I'm glad you plan to come back in one piece.
What'd you expect?
I'm going to finish Gaioh, pay off my debt, and enjoy the peaceful world. It's all going up from here.
And you don't want Esther's jealousy to ruin your peace? I suppose we couldn't have that...
All right, I got it! I'll pay, just keep it down!
Wait, seriously? This is really important to you, huh?
I'm powerless before a crying girl and a debtor. What do you say?
Fine. How does 300 Gs sound?
More than I would expect, but cheaper than I'd expect from you.
What kind of miser do you think I am?
My boss, that's what.
Can't argue with that. Just come back soon, because I'm applying interest.
Roger. Well then, here goes the DM Buster Brasta on its last gig.

Final Chapter: Era of Destruction

We're here on the dark moon - the only region of the dark moon where the dimensional barrier is softened. Could Gaioh be nearby? The funny thing about the moon is that, now that we're on it, it just seems like another moon. Same surface, same composition, same gravity... but why does it exist at all? Maybe it's like the two Japans, physically dislocated just enough that they couldn't simply merge.

Don't let your guards down, though. The Imperium could be anywhere, getting ready to pounce.

Suddenly, we're surrounded by powerful DAMons...

And the Great Axion, captained by an enraged Shioni, who is all too ready to crush us and be rid of us once and for all! Wow. She screams that we're worthless, that the world wouldn't miss us if we were gone. But then, she'd know about having an effect on the world, wouldn't she? One that we're here to put an end to.

You are beyond pardon! All who oppose the Imperium will be put to death!
As I declared to the world, so long ago, you have come to your graves!

Crazy. Even Roger can see she's not going to be reasoned with. But if we have to get through her to find Gaioh, I guess that's how it's going to be.

Shioni meets our challenge with two new gargantuan DAMons, huge enough to be strategic weapons in their own right.

Did you really think you could scare us with those things?
Then you really don't know us, Imperium!
We've come all the way to the dark moon to protect our world...
And all we care about is your boss, Gaioh!
If you're in our way, we'll go through you with the drill of our spirits!
We know Gaioh's in that valley behind you, so...
All units, charge! Destroy the Great Axion and the Leviadamons and draw out Gaioh!
Shioni Regis! I will not let the tragedy of Insaraum repeat itself!
You... you curs!
Move aside, Your Brattiness. We don't have time for you.
Or else we'll make you pay for what you've done to our world!

No more SR Points, just taking out the Great Axion and both Leviadamons.

This isn't going to be too much fun. The Great Axion is placed at the upper edge, while the Leviadamons occupy the southern corners.

The Great Axion isn't that... great... apart from Shioni's powerful Prevail level.

The Leviadamons are actually more dangerous. Each is the size of a battleship or strategic weapon, and that's exactly what they are - all the metal, flesh, and souls of an entire battleship or strategic weapon Violated into a single enormous monster.

Each giant is also flanked by two Dinodamons, four Rhinodamons, and eight Bulldamons.

Incidentally, if you want to cheat this late in the game, the Great Axion is worth a disproportionate amount of money. If you lose a stage, you can retry it while keeping all earned experience and money at the cost of losing the SR Point for that stage forever. That downside doesn't apply to this stage, though.

And we will be causing a lot of Panic, obviously.

I will falter no more, my brothers...
With the honor within me rekindled, I will carry out my duty as an Archsaber!
Go to your rest, brothers and sisters! And may the memories of our home, Insaraum, sleep with you!

It's Karen and Simon, of course, who get the first shots on the Great Axion.

Jesus, Shioni.

Long story short, I'm going straight for the Great Axion. The Leviadamons can come to me; it'll be easier to hammer them (both at once!) after GOONZ has their blood pumping. In the meantime, I'll also go through her attendant DAMons, since I lied about their formation - the numbers are right, but in fact, apart from the Dinodamons, they're split evenly between north and south. I don't see any reason to split my forces the same way.

Especially since the Leviadamons and their Dino and Rhinodamons aren't moving, so I'll get a chance to chew up all their Bulldamons before they get anywhere close.

By the way, DAMon accuracy is pretty much like this; on top of Panic, even the most heavily armored GOONZ have maxed mobility. And for that matter, the smallest have maxed armor (but also maxed mobility so they almost never get hit at all).

Shioni uses her MAP weapon, the DEC reactor cannon. It does minimal damage to GOONZ and wounds a few of her DAMons.

But then, she's shown herself to be the opposite of a good tactician.

Anyway, this is happening, but let's worry about Shioni.

I'm going to skip to the end but I would like to point out that the Militia will apparently just follow around anyone who pilots the Turn A.

Although the end takes an entire turn, since Shioni's Prevail really is that annoying.

Open your eyes, Shioni Regis! If Gaioh is unleashed, he will destroy this world!
Silence, Insaraum mongrel! I will never allow Gaioh to do that!
What do you plan to do, a little girl who depended on Gaioh and Ime?
How dare you speak so to the ruler of the new world! You should have remained bowed to us!
The woman you once knew is dead! Before you stands the Seventh Archsaber, Marguerite Pisteil!
Shioni Regis! I will pass, so that the tragedy of Insaraum does not befall another world!


Crowe Brust! I will avenge Ime with your blood!
You know, I feel sorry for you.
You gave up your entire country to work for Ime, but you were never more than a pawn to him.
Silence! I did not work for him! He raised me to my rightful place - to rule over the new world!
You really want to rule the shithole the Imperium's going to leave behind that bad?
That's not even funny. We don't have time for the kind of idiot that dreams of being Queen of the DAMons.

On top of the Great Axion's money, it drops a fortune in un-multipliable bounty.

How? How did the Great Axion...
No! This ship is the Great Limonesia!
The Imperium will change the world... just like what happened to Limonesia! I... I will...

Interesting. Is that sympathy I hear, from you of all people?
Not at all. I pitied her because she couldn't see what she really wanted, right to the last moment.
So long, Imperium. All that's left is to finish Gaioh and put an end to this.

But not until those Leviadamons are gone.

At least they're moving in now.

One Dinodamon down, notable because Roger learns Soul. Poor guy's underleveled and I'm not completely sure why.

The GOONZwarm moves to meet the Leviadamons. The next turn is not going to be friendly. Hopefully we can knock them both out quickly.

As most of the Bulldamons explode, Kei learns his final Spirit, which is also Soul.

And so does Zero, Awaken.


Slowpokes with range, at that. Leviadamons' shooting range is 9 squares (marked), and if they use that, they won't move - plus, that attack also happens to cut their targets' stats by half. It's best to let them approach.

Quattro is even further behind than Roger, but he finally learns his Valor.

So here we are, Rhinodamons having gone the way of their lesser cousins, and GOONZ arranged very carefully to avoid any Leviadamon sniping.

There are still four Dinodamons, of course.

But long story short, the plan works, and the Leviadamons enter the fray.


I suspect I'll be okay.

Seriously though, ew. Let's knock these jerks out.


There's more than enough Valor and Courage to go around, though, that's what I'm trying to demonstrate.

So I'm inclined to skip to the end again, since it's not like the things talk, either.

We've taken out all the big enemies.
All right! Everyone into the valley!
Wait! Someone is there!
What do you mean, someone?

No way! But the atmosphere's practically a vacuum!
Gaioh's voice is overriding our communications!
Who is that guy?
We already knew he was inhuman, but...
Sorry I kept you guys waiting so long.
Gaioh! Your fortress, the Great Axion, has fallen!
Now is your only chance to surrender.
Surrender? Are you kidding me?
We've already defeated your secret weapons, the Leviadamons!
The king has no clothes. Even so, do you intend to fight us?
You bet I do. That's my mission.
Your mission?
You guys all have something to protect, don't you?
And someone you have to beat to do that?
What the hell are you talking about?
If you want to protect, you have to defeat...
Anyone who's pathetic enough to consider surrender has lost their battle before it began.
What did you say?
Besides, you guys know damn well that you can destroy all the DAMons you want, but it's not worth a crap if I'm still here.
Nah, wait a minute... are you guys scared of me?
That's crazy!
Don't think we forgot how you beat us for one second.
That's why we've worked to get stronger! To beat you... to save the world!
The whole world? Well, then.
Yeah, I guess I do look like that to you, huh?
Gaioh! Your memories have returned?
Yeah, Marguerite. Just like you found your honor again, huh?
Something in that valley holds a clue to Gaioh's past!
But how? He's from another dimension, right?
Why is something that can unlock his memories in this world?
My memories. My past. My mission.
My father's name, my mother's love, my memories of my friends... what I have to do... what I have to defeat...
Gaioh! What are you trying to do? Why are you creating DAMons?
Even if I told you, it wouldn't change a thing!
Honestly, it's better if you didn't know.
Are you making fun of us?
If you don't want to talk, we'll beat the answers out of you!
First, tell me something. What are you here for?
To defeat you and the Imperium, what else?
But is that for whatever your idea of peace is? Or because you want to fight with a powerful enemy?
What is he talking about?
You think we just want to fight someone strong? That would make us just like you!
That's enough. Tell me honestly.
What do you think, Sphere Reactor?
Sphere Reactor? Is he talking to Crowe?

Answer for peace and Gaioh will go easy on you. To make it interesting, I choose "to fight a powerful enemy."

Sorry. Call it a gut feeling.
You're sort of right, Gaioh... I do care about the world, peace, liberty, all that...
But something in me wants to see how good I am by fighting you.
Are you serious?

Crowe gets one more chance to go back on that decision. Choose wisely - Gaioh is legitimately far more dangerous if he has an excuse to go all out.

>, that would be a different story.
>I really, truly just care about the fight.