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Part 83: The Spiral King, Enraged

Actually, Lordgenome and Gaioh are quite cordial - the Spiral King tells Gaioh he can "consider me a comrade of sorts." You see, Lordgenome knows of Gaioh, or at least, has heard of him. However, Gaioh turns down his offer to just explain everything directly. His memories are his own, and he'd really like to get them back himself. He just came to see if talking to Lordgenome could unlock some.

And he is beginning to remember, dimly, but he just can't reach them. Lordgenome gives him a clue: to go to the Moon. Gaioh says he's already spoken to the WILL up there (whoops, that's the other route), but no, says Lordgenome. "The other moon. There, you'll find the key to your past... though to be honest, I hope you never remember."

Gaioh growls, but he's not prepared to get his answers from Lordgenome by force. He wants to see Lordgenome fight first. Lordgenome warns him that if he wins, Gaioh will never get his memories back. "If you do, then we can have a round," chuckles Gaioh. "Nothing about my memories. Just for me."

But for Lordgenome, Gaioh's thirst for battle is the biggest sign of all that his memories are in his grasp. "Then I must destroy the spiral man. To defend this world... and this universe."

Chapter 44: The Spiral King, Enraged
(Dark Continent route)

Oh, just who I wanted to see.

Simon is still leading the charge; the capitol, Teppelin, is literally in sight. They just have to get through the final line of defense, but this is going to be the hardest part. Especially with not only Timp, claiming he always sees his contracts through to the end...

But Viral, who has been given a new, more powerful body that needs no rest. "I am more than beastman! And I'll take you to your grave, Simon!"

We've certainly got all the actors here for a good final battle...

The pattern here is the usual boss pattern: defeat Enkidudu (really?) to win, defeat him last for the SR Point. Or so it seems - I'm going to knock down Enkidudu pretty quickly, because despite what Viral may think, he doesn't end the map.

Making the charge - Simon and the Getter team taking the lead, of course.

Timp is kind of pathetic!

Simon! You will face me!
Step aside, Viral! I'm here for the Spiral King!
I will not! You will fall to the new power I was granted by the Spiral King, and to this Enkidudu!
Then I'll make you get out of my way...
By drilling straight through you!

Viral actually puts up a fight! He's the rival and it's his best attack so here's a video.

I swear I upgraded these guys. Dammit, Timp.

Just gonna finish him. And no, Jiron literally has nothing to say to him before he beats the hell out of him.

He generously drops a Cartridge (?) and a lump of 30,000 Gs. Timp flees - "I'm used to it at this point," grumbles Jiron. Wonder what douchebags he'll hook up with by the next time we see him!

Viral is still a bit more of a challenge.

Banjou joins the ranks of pilots who can throw Valor around. I think we already had Simon, Kouji, Ryoma, Crowe, and Akagi (Soul).

Oh, wait, I can look it up. Yeah, we have five people capable of using Valor. It's an important Spirit!

Wow, Viral was pretty annoying.

He drops a Muscle Cylinder though. Wonder where he got that.

Oh, and Rossiu learns Valor.

This is not going to be healthy.

Why? Why can't I defeat them?
Please, Spiral King, tell me! Why... why can't I...
Viral... poor Viral.
Then that's...
That's the Spiral King...
Viral. The power I granted you was not to defeat the humans.
You were never to be a match for the humans wielding the Power of Spiral.
Viral, I granted you an immortal, deathless body. But not for battle.
You are to become a storyteller, and tell the tale of the Spiral King's victory for eternity.
A storyteller?!
Stand and watch the end of foolish humanity.
Tell the tale forever... the tale of the foolishness of rebelling against the Spiral King!

Well, that looks like what Gurren-Lagann does! Kinon says the same thing: Lordgenome is emitting exactly the same readings the Gurren-Lagann does!

There's another Gurren-Lagann over there!

Unfazed, Nia demands to know why Lordgenome kills all humans on the surface. Lordgenome just laughs: "The danger of ignorance!"

He's laughing at us as well, he says. "You may believe you are on the side of right, but I am defending this planet. I, Lordgenome, am the true protector of humanity."

It sounds like bullshit, but Roger says he's completely convinced of what he's saying. Lordgenome continues: the only hope for humanity's survival is to live under his guidance. If our aim is to break down that structure, then for him to kill the GOONZ would be a mercy to humanity.

No one cares. We'll stop him by force! Again Lordgenome looks grim: we don't even know that the Spiral Power welling up within us will lead to the world's destruction. "But you are not the only ones who wield the Power of Spiral. I will show you its true might... through the Rasengann!"

It looks like Gaioh sent him a parting gift, too - though one he didn't ask for, by the sounds of it. Lordgenome refuses to tell us what he knows about Gaioh, but murmurs: "There was once a man who fought as you fight. He, too, didn't realize that his actions were dooming humanity."

Lordgenome is the actual endpoint of this chapter, so in this case, we are going to have to take out every enemy and then finish off the Rasengann. And that does include the Dinodamons.

I hate Dinodamons.

And because this is a very special arc boss...

Rasengann (Lordgenome)

Spiral Power L5
Double Actions
Break Will Limit
HP Regen (M)
EN Regen (L)
Full Block
Spiral Drive
Full Drillize (20 EN, 120 Will, MAP, size)
Spinning Strikes (5 EN, Will down, size)
Ultimate Art: Clear Mind Spiral Spin (10 EN, 110 Will, Barrier, size)
Ace Bonus: Will limit +30.

Hoo fucking boy.

He has pretty much every awful boss skill except Prevail, his 20% HP regen is really 30% once his Spiral Drive kicks in, he can drain Will, and he has an Ace Bonus. Late game bosses gain Ace Bonuses on Hard - on lower difficulties, they begin with just a few kills shy. Lordgenome dares to have exactly the same bonus as Kamina did!

Plus he has nearly 100,000 HP, so the regeneration is measured in twenty or thirty thousands.

Oh, and of course, the S-Adapter gives him S ranks in all terrains with all weapons.

It's gonna be a bit of a fight.

At this stage, it might be a bit of a fight taking down all those Ganmen in time to crush those Dinodamons and Lordgenome, but it's only turn 2. I've got time.

Zero just learned another incredibly important late game Spirit: Panic, which cuts the accuracy of all enemies in half for the entire round. I might have to start using it right away.

Anyway, that's two Cannon Gannons down to Photon Beam. Mazin go!

How good is Lordgenome? He can't miss Gurren-Lagann when it's evading.

Spiral man, you will regret your actions if you continue.
You will lead this planet to an inescapable fate.
An inescapable...
Don't listen to him, Rossiu! We'll figure it out after we take him down!
Even now, you insist on fighting...
Very well! The time for words is over! I will use my full power!
Bring it ooooooooooon!
Your Spiral Power and mine! I will show you which is stronger!

...that was defending.

And then he does it again.

I really hate Dinodamons.

All of GOONZ spends all of turn 3 dealing with them. Forget it.

Rossiu can help by using Alert, which combined with his Ace Bonus free Invincible, buffers Gurren-Lagann against two attacks. Which is good. Because Lordgenome has two attacks.

Should probably heal up to be safe though.

And draw Lordgenome back into GOONZ' formation (this will open me up to his MAP attack, but it'll help with the pile-on).

Or I guess he could just go after Crowe!


Bearer of a fragment.
A fragment? What are you talking about?
It was shattered into twelve souls and countless revelations and fell across the cosmos.
And those twelve souls are...!
I am one of those who has seen the end! I cannot overlook your power!
So you know something about the Spheres...
Then we've got something to talk about! I can't let you break this machine!

Oh, come on.

Damn it! Now I'll never pay off my debt...


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Okay, fine. Let's do this thing.

Panic is, of course, expensive, but now's as good a time as any to use it.

You have the power of the King.
You know about the Geass?
He is a King himself, is he not?
The Power of the King isolates men. What do you hope to gain?
What a foolish question. I intend to gain the world!
I see. You are just like me.
I'll make you take back those words. I refuse to be anything like you!
Lordgenome, Spiral King! You have no place in the world I will create!

Wielder of the power of God. Why don't you realize that your war will lead humanity to its ruin?
You mean Photon Power?
The God who sided with humans long ago... your power is too great for them.
It gave them something they did not deserve... hope!
I don't have to take this! How can there ever be anything wrong with having hope?
If you wanna deny us our hope, you're our... all humanity's enemy! And Mazinger Z and I will be there to stop you!

This might be easier than previously thought. Not less dangerous, but not as long.

Okay, Your Royal Beastiness! We're gonna beat you up and put an end to this war!
A child? Striking blindly at the darkness, ignorant of the law of the universe.
I am a kid! But you may be a thousand years older than me, but you're still way more stupid!
'cause you think you can protect the world by making innocent, hard-working people suffer!
You wanna save the world? Then butt out!
Purity of heart born of ignorance. Indeed, something I have long lost...
But that means it is all the more crucial that I destroy you!

Come on, king! You gotta deal with me and Zambot!
Foolish infant. You do not realize the difference in our power.
Kappei! We have to admit, he's crazy strong!
I don't know if Zambot can handle it...
Shaddup! You gotta have faith or we'll never win!
I don't know about you, but I'm fighting! We can't back down no matter how strong he is!
I misjudged you, child. You are a true warrior.
So face my true might! I will duel you with my full strength!
Get me if you can! But I'm not gonna lose!

Thank god for Alert.

Lordgenome, the Spiral King. Once we defeat you, we'll get all our answers!
I respect your spirit... but are you capable of defeating me?
I have no fear at all of a man who kills and excuses it saying he is defending humanity!
You're just avoiding your problems! I won't let a man like you best me!
He's... like the Sun... powerful... blazing hot... and high, higher than any other!
I see your true danger! Humanity has no need of the sunlight!
Spiral King, the great shadow over the world! I will take the sunlight back for this world's people!

Under the rule of a king who doesn't love his own daughter? Sucks to be the beastmen, huh?
Love? Do you know how perilous it is to let it lead you astray?
Couldn't tell you. I can't think of anything more important than love.
The love between people is the strongest force in the world!
I refuse to accept that power! Or respect any who let it blind them!
Yeah? Then we'll prove that power humans have by defeating you!

Lordgenome, Spiral King. I'm afraid you're immune to the effect of my most potent weapon.
Declaring defeat before the battle begins?
Not quite. I only meant that you're not one to sit at the negotiating table.
You don't understand me? I suppose one who does not know the truth wouldn't.
That arrogance, to not even treat your peers as human, is the greatest of your crimes.
I can't allow such a man to rule over and oppress humanity!
Then face me with force! If you are capable of defeating me with force rather than words!

The strands of fate twist around you. Are you...?
Interesting. To find one of the humans he desires here.
But if you dare face me in battle, your life is forfeit... my powers far exceed yours!
I cannot afford to die. I have goals beyond this battle.

Locked on. Target: Spiral King.
Not wasting energy on needless words. You are a true warrior.
But know that this war will bring you only sorrow.
I don't know or care for the future. Just that my mission is your death.
Very well! Then I will visit your sorrow upon you now!

We just have to defeat him and we can end the fighting between the humans and the beastmen!
And begin a new war, a bitter war without end.
Though it won't happen, since you will not defeat me.
People refusing to understand each other like that that starts wars in the first place! Don't you get it?
Wars begin because people won't understand each other? I know that quite well.
How dare you presume to lecture the Spiral King!
You don't get it, do you? Looks like you don't get how hard we're willing to fight, either!
Come on, King Gainer! He may be the Spiral King, but we're the King too!

That's the Spiral King...
That energy... it's heavier than the King of Destruction's!
Foolish humans. I will send you to your peace.
I've had just about enough of your selfishness!
All of us want peace and happiness and liberty! We're not just going to give it up with a smile because you demand it!
Smile? I can't remember the last time I truly smiled...
We'll fight you for a future where all of us can live with smiles on our faces!

I can feel the presence of something inhuman.
That's enough! Eureka's a person with a heart!
A heart? And what use do you think that is?
Are you serious? You don't know it gives you power when you think of somebody?
I'll fight anyone and anything to protect Eureka!
And when a foe comes which even that power cannot stand against, humanity will meet its end.
A heart won't help you then! Allow me to demonstrate!

I sense it... the power of evolution.
What's the matter, Hayato?
The Invaders... the Getter radiation... Professor Saotome... evolution... the threat that connects them all...
Is none of your concern. Humanity will stop in time.
Sorry, Spiral King. We don't let anyone tell us how to live our lives.
We'll deal with old man Saotome later! If you want to hold humanity down, we've gotta throw you off our backs!
Evolution, a force that drives creatures forward... it has you in its grasp!
That's enough blabbering! My blood's running hotter and hotter, Spiral King!
Let's find out who's stronger - you or me!

Lordgenome's not quite dead yet, which is fine. Honestly, I could have taken him down easily (with different ordering of attacks, to surround him faster, and use of Analyze, that's several thousand extra damage right there). There's a turn left, I have to knock out some Ganmen first anyway, and there are a few more conversations to have, too.

The downside, of course, is that he's likely to use is MAP attack, and it's likely to take down a few units. Also, he'll gain back another 30k or so HP, but that's actually fairly easy to deal with if I can keep a few super robots on their feet.

Yeah, stuff like this.

Eureka! Eurekaaaa!
C-Continue... that's not going to work, is it?
No... I can't fall now...
Whoops! I'm gonna have to pay for this!
It may be a new world, but it's still tough to be popular...
Cannot continue mission. Retreating.

At least Roger's alive.

(And that was with Panic on him, of course. His accuracy was halved and he hit every target.)

G-good enemy turn?

You'll pay for everyone the beastmen killed - for Kamina!
Revenge, then? You cannot defeat me over something so petty.
And you can't beat me if you think peoples' lives are petty!
You know what a life is worth?
Then I will take your life - to protect this world!
That doesn't make any sense! But we'll keep going! Right through you!

There you are, Nia.
Father... no, I cannot consider you my father any more!
Did the spiral wielder give you that strength?
Not Simon alone! The Great Gurren Gang and all of GOONZ taught me to be strong!
Tell him, Nia! You're not alone!
Everyone, charge! We'll take down the Spiral King with the Great Gurren Kamina won for us!
So you dare stand against me, humans... and Nia!
Then I will take your hope before you have a chance to know true despair!

Okay, so, time for some housekeeping.

Finish those Ganmen...

Refill the boat...

Weaken the Spiral King a bit, of course.

And set up Courage for the finish!

WHEW. He drops his S-Adapter and a mountain of experience. (Yes, I had to post that move again.)

As, you know, always, Lordgenome has a bit of fight left him him. He declares that he is invincible and immortal and thus cannot be defeated! Simon refuses to give up, but the Spiral King is stronger, and Gurren-Lagann is drained just withstanding the assault...

Simon! If believing in you gives you power, then I will believe with all my heart!
Us too!
You can do it, Simon! Spin that drill!
Just do it, Simon!
You gotta do better than your bro!
You're the one holding that drill!
Wherever you go, you leave a tunnel behind!
Simon! This is on you!
You must win, Simon!
It was my first challenge in a long time, boy, but it's time for you to return to the earth!
Not yet!

I'm Simon! Simon the Digger, chief of the Great Gurren Gang! If you're going to be a wall in my way...
Then I'll put a big hole right through you!


This ends here!





This is my drill!
So I was defeated... by a Spiral Power greater than my own...
Hah hah hah hah! You will come to regret this!
Hey, we're not done with you yet!
Simon beat you, and now you're going to give us some answers!
I'll tell you just one thing.
When ten billion monkeys crawl upon the earth, the Moon will become the envoy of Hell and bring the world of spiral to ruin.
What does that mean?
You'll find out for yourself! You who now bear the burden of defending humanity!

Goodbye, Lordgenome. And with all the beastmen commanders dead, the war is over. Nia allows herself a moment of grieving, but she knows that all of us have to look to humanity's future. The world isn't safe yet, but we can continue to fight.

And the Nirvash is expensive. Or would be, but for Negotiator.

First up on the list, the Frontier's discovered another Vajra hive. A hive sounds like serious trouble - mere clusters of them were bad enough - so Ohtsuka would like us to rendezvous with the Quarter and the Ptolemaios up in space. We'll get there through the base in Japan, he says, but Leeron figures s/he (?) can fix up the Great Gurren and its complement to be spaceworthy with a little time. They'll still have to do it at the Japan base, so that's where we're headed for now. The Great Gurren Gang can't believe they're really going past the sky, but hey, says Dayakka, Simon's drill really is going to take them straight through the heavens. Leeron is the only one worried about Lordgenome's last words, though. Once it's all over, s/he'll have to go through the ruins of Teppelin in search of a clue.

Ranka's paying a visit to Sheryl in San Fran, but her time off is getting increasingly precious; Eida's taking a break, and she, Ranka, is getting flooded with offers as a result. She asks how Sheryl's feeling, and Sheryl's sure she can make it to the show by next week.

Ranka's been invited to the show as wel, by Grace, who also asked her to see her personally for something important. Sheryl guesses that Grace is trying to take her for herself. See, Grace and Sheryl came to the Frontier on tour from the Galaxy, but since it was just the two of them that got warped, Grace may well intend to start up her own operation. Ranka's free to refuse the offer, of course, but Sheryl doesn't want to talk about that right now. She'd be glad if Ranka could come to the show, though!

Then Ribbons walks in and knocks out Ranka. He quickly does the same to Sheryl, quipping that he hates stubborn women.

He accuses Grace of having been able to carry this out herself. She doesn't deny it, but says she needed this to look like a break-in. That doesn't tell him why she asked for Ribbons by name.

Grace says she can't believe a cute, smart boy like Ribbons is working for a man like Alejandro; Ribbons says he owes the other man. Grace knows what a man he is; it was her who introduced him to the President's aide. She's been a big help to his master, and that's why he's helping her in return.

His next task is to get the girl to point XY 2039 - near that Vajra hive. Not to kill them, oh no - "they're my precious princesses." Quite the opposite - she's sending them with a guard. Though if she's right, the Vajra won't kill them - "one of them, at least. The other is an imitation."

It's not time for her to reveal what that means - not to him or us. "When the world is in your grasp," though, she smirks.

Gaioh doesn't seem to be coming back, and Carlos is curious about Cheval's burning loyalty to a man who destroyed his world. And the Archsabres, too, for all they're worth, given Margie's current state.

"Dame Marguerite," Cheval growls. Ooh, Carlos didn't expect him to take her side. Quite a change from his ruthless lectures, isn't it?

Shioni sends him away, still growling like a dog, on her authority as the acting commander of the Imperium in Gaioh's and Ime's absence. Then she rounds on Carlos and orders him to fucking bow in penance or she'll execute him. "The Imperium no longer needs you."

That was the Dark Continent! Next, we'll double back and spend a few chapters in space, fighting Zuul - and the dark WILL on the Moon.

I sure hope I can finish this before Z3 comes out!